Volume-8 Issue-6, March 2020

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Volume-8 Issue-6, March 2020, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Corporate Social Responsibility in India: with Special focus in North East India
Bipul Kumar Das

Secure Key Agreement Protocol for Multi-Drone Communication
Varshini P.1, Lakshmy K.V.2

Collation of Decision Support System (DSS) Models used for Bid Decisions in Construction Industry
B. S. Mandanna1, B. R. K. Holla2

Intelligent Water Drop Algorithm based Relevant Image Fetching using Histogram and Annotation Features
Saket Jain1, Rajendra Gupta2

Reconfigurable Filter Bank Design Techniques for Hearing Aid Performance Improvement
Anjali A. Shrivastav1, Mahesh T. Kolte2

Machine Learning Algorithms for Detection of Parkinson’s Disease using Motor Symptoms: Speech and Tremor
Neharika D Bala1, Anusuya S2

“The Impact of Shadow Banks on the Commercial Bank Lending in India with Reference to the Housing Finance Sector.”
Sreelakshmi P1, Nidhiparpiani2

Detecting Predominance of on-Street Parking Payment Schemes by Means of Linear Regression
Amtul Waheed1, P.Venkata Krishna2

Two Level Intrusion Detection Mechanism For Context and Trust in Wireless Sensor Network
Ranjeet B. Kagade1, P. Balamurugan2

Forming of Organizational and Economic Mechanism of the Cryptocurrency Market for the Countries with Position of Anticipation
Makarchuk Innа1, Perchuk Oksana2, Yaremenko Lіudmylа3

Risk Methods Applied to Electricity Distribution System in the UAE Electricity Markets
Ahmed Husain Al Marzooqi

Geotechnical and Morphological Properties of Lime-stabilized Fly Ash Mine Overburden Mixtures for Subbase of Haul Road
Sunil Kumar1, Anand Kumar2, Sanjay Kumar Sharma3, Brind Kumar4

Load Frequency Control Optimization using PSO Based Integral Controller
Vandana Dhawane1, Rajankumar bichkar2

Inflation on Two Shops Under One Administration with Displayed Stock Level
Kapil Kumar Bansal1, Ompal Singh2, Pravinder Kumar3

Implementing IT Risk in ITSM Tools using Octave Allegro Method Based at ITSM Project
R. Arga Tristian1, Antoni Wibowo2

A Multimodal Biometric User Verification System with Identical Twin using SVM 2
B.Lakshmi priya1, M.Pushpa Rani2

The Improved Radiations in Planar Microstrip Patch Antenna using Linear Slot Etched Ground Plane
Poornima S1, Chandramma S2

Analytical Hierarchy Process Based Decision Support System for Ensuring Sustainable Service Delivery by Piped Water Supply Schemes in Rural Areas of India
Abhishek Parsai1, Varsha Rokade2

Opinion Relation Co-Extraction Based on Partially-Supervised Topical Relations Word Alignment Model

Asset Pricing and Volatility of Indian Stock Market
P. Sumalatha1, Settypalli Raghavendra2, Telugu Sudharani3

A Scientific Pore over a Solar Cooking Systems
Piyushkumar M. Mistri1, Kedar A. Pathak2

The Impact of Technological Changes on Partial Factor Productivity of the Asean-5: A Panel Regression Analysis
Jaqueline R. Cayamanda Ballesteros1, Ricardo L. Dizon2

The Impact of PV Power Plants Implementation on Electricity Cost and Shadow Price Minimization
Nathalie Nazih1, Walid El-Khattam2, T.S.Abdel-Salam3

Intuitionistic Fuzzy IFP Ideals of N-Groups
Deepak Shetty M.

Sensor Technology for Night Sky Brightness Measurements in Malaysia
Ngadiman N. F.1, Shariff N. N. M.2, Hamidi Z. S.3

Application Layer DDoS Attack Defense Methods with a New Method against Flooding
Sreeja Nair M. P.1, Mathew Cherian2, Preetha Mathew K.3

Design of Photovoltaic System with Different Power Point Tracking Techniques for on-Grid Applications
Shaik Rafi kiran1, Thirupataiah N.2, M. V. Bramhananda Reddy3

Various Electricity Load Forecasting Techniques with Pros and Cons
Mandeep Singh1, Raman Maini2

Variation of Speed and Torque Response of Closed-Loop Classical Controlled Different Rated BLDC Motor
Upama Das1, Pabitra Kumar Biwas2

Application of Ground Penetrating Radar for Underground Utility Detection
Ranjit Singh Dharam Singh1, Mohamed Abdalla Adam Mohamed2

Machine Learning Techniques for Prediction of Lung Cancer
Nikita Banerjee1, Subhalaxmi Das2

Technology Integrated in Interactive Entrepreneurship Activity to Enhance Students Mastery in Mathematics Concept for Active Mathematics Teaching
Mohamad Ariffin Abu Bakar1, Norulhuda Ismail2

MIMO OFDM Blind Channel Equalization using Multilayer Neural Network in Impulsive Noise Environment
S. P. Girija1, Rameshwar Rao2

The Effect of Vibration against Geometrical Characteristics for Rotation Shaft System
K. Jafri1, R. Ramli2, A. H. Azman3

A Spreadsheet Template for Forced Grading System
Surajit Ghosh Dastidar

Bone Cancer Detection from X-Ray and MRI Images through Image Segmentation Techniques
Abhilash Shukla1, Atul Patel2

Design of a Cloud Based Information System For Education Institution using TOGAF ADM
Segaf Husein1, Ahmad Nurul Fajar2

A New Enhanced Template Protection Algorithm on Iris Recognition
Monis Khan1, Suraj Yadav2

Interference Behaviour in Steel Concrete Composite Construction
K. Vidhya1, M. Vignesh2, P. Dhamodharan3, S. Manishankar4

Influence of Experiential Marketing on Shoppers Behaviour at Gvk Mall –Hyderabad
Prashant pogul1, A. Udaya Shankar2

Design of Static CMOS 16 Bit High Speeds and Low Power Consumption Hybrid Adder Circuit using Brent Kung Adder
M. Ramana Reddy

Optimization of Immobilization Media of Thalassospira Profundimaris: Diffusion and Strength Applications
Josephine Lai Chang Hui1, Rubiyah Baini2, Nor Hasmaliana Abdul Manas3, Azham Zulkharnain4

Shear Strength Parameters of Cement Stabilized Amorphous Peat of Various Water Additive Ratios at Different Natural Moisture Contents under Consolidated Undrained Triaxial Test
A Rahmi1, SNL Taib2, F Sahdi3, MJ Mapplati4, MK Ghani5

Effects of Different Losses on Satellite Systems
A.Usha1, G. Karunakar2

A Model of Factors Influencing E-learning Usability in Toastmasters International
Ayu Ratna Lalitya Sudjana1, Sfenrianto2

Eye Blink Detection System for Paralyzed Patients
Kavitha H. S.1, Suguna G. C.2

Impact of Land Conversion on Oil Palm Production and Income

Weed Detection and Removal based on Image Processing
Rincy Johnson1, Thomas Mohan2, Sara Paul3

Disease Prediction using Enhanced Hybrid Algorithm with Manifold Dimensional Data
Dhivya S1, Anguraju K2, Suvitha K3, Preethi P4, Saravanabhavan C5

Performance Analysis of Opposition Based Particle Swarm Optimization with Cauchy Distribution in Minimizing Makespan Time in Job Shop Scheduling
Anil Kumar K. R.1, Edwin Raja Dhas2

Implementation Success of an Indoor Navigation with Location-Based Augmented Reality
Mashael Khayyat1, Saadiah Yahya2, Muna Alsharabi3, Atheir Aljahdali4, Arwa Alshehri5

Design and Construction of an Inverter for University ICT Loads
Mbunwe Muncho Josephine1, Madueme Theophilus Chukwudolue2

Performance Characteristics: The Phase Mimo Radar Technique
Chhabilal Singh

Modeling of Kahayan River Bed on the Section of Kahayan Bridge in Palang karaya City, Center of Borneo Province, Indonesia
Fery Moun Hepy1, Very Dermawan2, Diah Tri Utami3, Gloria Dihan Utomo4

A Novel on Classification Techniques of News with Help of Sentiment Detection
Shailja Joshi1, Mayank Patel2, Manish Tiwari3

Enhancing Data Base Security in Cloud Computing
Balakrishna Reddy Kanakanti1, Subramanian EK2

GIS based Landslides Susceptibility Mapping using Probabilistic Certainty Factor for Hazard Zonation in Mandakini Valley
Seema Joshi1, J.K. Garg2, Amarjeet Kaur3

Algebraic Construction of Powerful Substitution Box
Eslam wahba afify1, Wageda I. El sobky2, Abeer T. Khalil3, Reda Abo Alez4

Automatic Content based Classification of Speech Audio using Multiple Instance Learning
Vivek P1, Lajish V L2

Automatic Penalty of Vehicles for Violation of Traffic Rules using IoT
Baluprithviraj. K. N1, Idhikash. S2, Kirubaharan. S. R3, Ashwin. V4, Guru Prasad. R. S5

Predicting Service Outages using Tweets
Sunita A Yadwad1, V. Valli Kumari2

An Energy Efficient Binary Magnitude Comparator for Nanotechnology Applications
Divya Tripathi1, Subodh Wairya2

Design and Implementation of RFID Authentication Protocol based on Simple Symmetric Key (SSK) algorithm
Prakash Kuppuswamy1, Peer Mohamed Appa M A Y2, Saravana Raju3

Rigid and Flexible Pavement Designs in Construction
Sarvesh PS Rajput

Data Profiling Model for Assessing the Quality Traits of Master Data Management
Dilbag Singh1, Dupinder Kaur2

A Three-Layer Privacy Preserving Cloud Storage Scheme Based On Computational Intelligence in Fog Computing
Sherin John Weslin TR1, Gino Sinthia DJ2

Developing a Model for Sentiment Analysis Technique in the field of Tourism using Deep Learning
Harsh Arora1, Mamta Bansal2

Assessing the Effectiveness of Agricultural based Entrepreneurship Development Programmes at RUDSETI
Harshida K. S.1, Archana Bhasi2

Prediction of Best Traffic Route using Supervised Classification Machine Learning
Palvai Sai Kumar Reddy1, S.Christy2

Effective Video Saliency Mapping for Object Detection using Deep Learning Neural Networks
R. Vedha Priyavadhana1, G. Shanmuga Priya2, N. Renee Reddiar3, M. Mano Priya4

Van Hiele Level of Geometric Thinking among Secondary School Students
Muhammad Ammar Naufal1, Abdul Halim Abdullah2, Sharifah Osman3, Mohd Salleh Abu4, Hisyam Ihsan5

Packtech Industry-An Industrial & Environmental Issue
Bindu Sharma1, Shikha Sharma,2 Dhirendra Sharma3

Implementation of Dual Stage Multi-rate Filter
Latha R1, Sharmila.M2, P.T.Vanathi3

An Efficient Data Stream Analytics Model for Real Time Internet of Things (Iot) Applications
K. Kranthi Kumar1, E Ramaraj2

Detection of cracks in Micro structured Cantilever Beam using Wavelet Transforms
Ravikumar. K1, Ithaya Priya. B2

Enhancing IoT Security for Smart Energy Meter using Blockchain
Vasa Vinay1, Sendhil Kumar K S2

Fuzzy Positional Function Via Fuzzy Filter
Mohammed Majid Najm1, Luay A. A. AL-Swidi2

Determinants of Micro Finance Bank Stability in Pakistan
Muhammad Ali1, Jimisiah Jaafar2, Hassan Jahangiri3, Ahmad Fakhruddin4, Noor Farris Aqmal5

Optimization of Multi Objective Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows using Total Time Balance
Dereje Dejene Mengistu1, V.V.S.Kesava Rao2

Computational Efficient Method for Denoising of Salt and Pepper Noise for Image Enhancement
Neetesh Raghuwanshi1, Bharti Chourasia2

Different Machine Learning Models Based Heart Disease Prediction
Arunpradeep N.1, G. Niranjana2

Analyzing Role of University/Institute Support and Organizational Environment in Industrial Training Satisfaction of Hospitality Students: with Reference to Uttarakhand
Ravish Kukreti1, Rakesh Dani2

Accessibility Utilizing Private Key Verification with Steganography over Difference Methods of Secure Information
B. Hemanth Kumar Reddy1, V. Parthipan2

Road Pothole Detection using Deep Learning Classifiers
Surekha Arjapure1, D. R. Kalbande2

Financial Performance of Bharat Co-Operative Bank – An Appraisal
Aarathi K. U.1, Aarya T. M.2, Shabu K. R.3

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Promoting E-Commerce Start Aja. Com
Adrian Kosasih1, Lorio Purnomo2, Oscar Sidanta3, Sfenrianto4

The Effect Celebrity Endorser and Brand Equity to Purchase Decision in E- Commerce Tokopedia
Yulyanty Chandra1, Roy Willis2, Calvin Windoro3, Sfenrianto4

Parametric Output of Penetration Length in De-Laval Nozzle using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Rishab Kumar Agrawal1, Sivaram Munagala2

On Appraisal of Spectral Features Based Supervised Classifications for Hyperspectral Images
N. Aswini1, R. Ragupathy2

Data Mining Classification on Hypo Thyroids Detection: Association Women Outnumber Men
Suwarna Gothane

Examining the Properties of Natural Ester Oils with Antioxidants and Nano Powders for Power Applications
K. S. Lincy1, S. Senthil Kumar2, M. Willjuice Iruthayarajan3

Use of Cognitive Learning Activities to Enhance Vocabulary Acquisition of Engineering Students
I. Jerlina1, M. M. Uma Maheswari2

Various Methodologies Available to Secure the Software Piracy and Discussion on a New Technique to Protect the Software
Makam Radhakrishna Nandasai Kumar1, V Parthipan2

A Cross-Sectional Analysis of the Application Sustainability and Current Practices of Value Management at the Briefing Stage
Ibrahim I. Falqi1, Abdullah M. Alshehri2

Due Diligence Deployment Model for HR Transformation
Kalpana K. Deshmukh1, Kavita Chaudhari2

Disturbance Observer Assisted Error Sensitive Predictive Control for Induction Motors in Sensor less Environment: A Vector Field Control Model
B. Meghya Nayak1, Anupama A. Deshpande2

Totobuang Music Enculturation in Ambon City Community Arts
Ketrina Tiwery1, Tjetjep Rohendi Rohidi2, Totok Sumaryanto3, Wadiyo4

Diverse Cell Association Schemes for Fifth-Generation Wireless Networks
Siddhant Ray1, Budhaditya Bhattacharyya2

Significance of Bonded Logistics Parks in China, Enabling Indian Retail Industry for Effective Logistics
Arivalagan R1, V.A.Anand2

Automated Tele-Health Monitoring System for Animal Health using Image Processing
Ravichandra. B1, Lakshmi Narayana Reddy. B2, B. Keerthi Priya3, D. Akhila Reddy4, A. Daisy Rani5

Cloud based Secure Storage of Files using Hybrid Cryptography and Image Steganography
Vinay Poduval1, Ashish Koul2, Daniel Rebello3, Karunesh Bhat4, Revati M. Wahul5

Deep Learning Iris Recognition Method Based on Capsule Network Architecture
Kavya. C1, Divya. G2

Simulation and Analysis of a Quadrotor UAV while Landing
P.V.Sawalakhe1, J.A. Shaaikh3

Single-Sided Braille into Corresponding Text
A. Pandian1, Bipasha Biswas2, Abhishek Kumar3

Solar Desalination Technology: Physicochemical Parameters Estimation of Contaminated & Treated Water of Gomti River, Lucknow (U.P.), India
Suresh Kumar Patel1, Deepak Singh2, Brajesh Kumar3, Dhananjay Singh4

Monitoring of Various Crucial Parameters and Control of Salinity Damage in Banana Crop (Banntex) using WSN and IoT
Lina Desai1, R.P. Singh2, D.G. Khairnar3

Trust based Intrusion Detection System Architecture for WSN
Abhishek Jain1, Vishal Jain2, Khushboo Tripathi3

A Modified Method for Predicting Relative Permeability
Mohamed Ameen1, Mahmoud Tantawy2, Ahmed Gawish3

IoT Based Drip Irrigation System for Farming using Cloud Data
Kiran Kumar1, Anitha G.2, D. Malathi Rani3, Pallavi Paladugu4

Green Consumerism: A Special Emphasis on Purchase Behaviour towards Eco-Friendly Products in Bengaluru, India
Milana B.1, Roopa K. V.2, Sridevi M.3

Exploring Classification Techniques for Sentiment Analysis
Mahesh G.1, Satish Kumar T.2, Shreya S.3, Sushmitha N.4, Sripad T.5

FPGA and MATLAB Based Solution for Retinal Exudate Detection
Vasanthi Satyananda1, Narayanaswamy K. V.2, Karibasappa3

Cover Song Identification through Symbolic Representation and Classifier
D. Khasim Vali1, Nagappa U. Bhajantri2

Giga-Scale Integration System-On-A-Chip Design: Challenges and Noteworthy Solutions
Ishtiaq Ahammad1, Md. Ashikur Rahman Khan2, Md. Saifur Rahman3, Tanvir Zaman Khan4, Nishu Nath5

Technological Developments for Lake and River Water Contamination Monitoring Systems Across the Globe
Dinesh M.1, Prakash S.2

Non-Dissipative Snubber Circuit Based SEPIC Converter for High Static Gain Applications
Kamal Singh1, Kuldeep Sahay2

Self-Automated Agriculture System using IoT
K. Swarna Krishnan1, K. Jerusha2, Poonam Tanwar3, Shefali Singhal4

Simulation of Crack Propagation in Some Self-Compacting Concrete Structures and Determination of Their Strength and Ductility Performances
Vijayakumar Halakatti

Organizational Ergonomics and its Framework
Sharad Chandra1, Irfan Khan2

Smart Storage Container for Solids
A. Vinora

Palm and Fingerprint Based Multimodal Biometric Technique
Mohd. Saif Wajid1, Gaurav Kumar Srivastava2, Neeraj Baishwar3, Akanksha Singh4, Pooja Verma5

Design & Verification of Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Protocol
Pallavi Polsani1, V. Priyanka B.2, Y. Padma Sai3

Methods for Optimal Separation of Income in Consumable and Accumulated Parts
Chernyaev A. P.1, Meerson A. Yu.2, Sukhorukova I. V.3, Fomin G. P.4

LPDE/Alumina Based Bio-Nano Composite Materials for Food Packaging Applications
Manojkumar M.1, Ashok M. R.2, Karthikeyan K.3, Tamilarasan U.4, Anandha Moorthy A.5

A Semi-Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Integrity Checking of Relational Databases
Murugan R.1, John T. Abraham2, Ibrahim Salim3

Digital Business Planning for Waste Recycling using Service Oriented Architecture
Sri Hesti Mahanani1, Sofia Alatas2, Tuga Mauritsius3

Higher Order Compact Schemes for the Spatial Discretization of Linear Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
E. Dhananjaya1, R. Bhuvana Vijaya2

The External Value Creation Factors in Indonesian Fintech E-Wallet Based on Customer Perspective
Sfenrianto1, Ilham Al Fajri2, Radityo Bismoko3, Yonathan Gunawan4

Automatic Fish Feeder System for Aquaponics using Wi-Fi Based WSN
Linet Rose A. S.1, Thomas Mohan2, Vinodkumar Jacob3

Efficient Design of Control Logic Block in Dual Port Memory
A. Chandrasekaran1, K. Senthil Kumar2, N. Vishnu kumar mani3, S. Tilak Raaj4, K. Suryaprakash5

Numerical Modelling and Validation of Railway Vehicle
Bouhlal Laila1, Touati Mohammed2, Lamdouar Nouzha3

Footprint-Based Health Monitoring Database using Raspberry PI
C. Lavanya1, S. Christy2

Digital Infrastructure of Commercial Banks with Special Reference to Vellore District
B. Lavanya1, D. S. Selvakumar2

Association on Supervised Term Weighting Method for Classification on Data Twitter
Imroatul Khuluqi Izzah1, Abba Suganda Girsang2

Bibliometric Analysis on Emotional Intelligence Research
Heamalatha Krishnan1, Siti Rahmah Awang2, Norhayati Zakuan3, Khalil Md Nor4

A Semi-Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Integrity Checking of Relational Databases
Murugan R.1, John T. Abraham2, Ibrahim Salim3

Digital Business Planning for Waste Recycling using Service Oriented Architecture
Sri Hesti Mahanani1, Sofia Alatas2, Tuga Mauritsius3

Higher Order Compact Schemes for the Spatial Discretization of Linear Parabolic Partial Differential Equations
E. Dhananjaya1, R. Bhuvana Vijaya2

The External Value Creation Factors in Indonesian Fintech E-Wallet Based on Customer Perspective
Sfenrianto1, Ilham Al Fajri2, Radityo Bismoko3, Yonathan Gunawan4

Automatic Fish Feeder System for Aquaponics using Wi-Fi Based WSN
Linet Rose A. S.1, Thomas Mohan2, Vinodkumar Jacob3

Efficient Design of Control Logic Block in Dual Port Memory
A. Chandrasekaran1, K. Senthil Kumar2, N. Vishnu kumar mani3, S. Tilak Raaj4, K. Suryaprakash5

Numerical Modelling and Validation of Railway Vehicle
Bouhlal Laila1, Touati Mohammed2, Lamdouar Nouzha3

Footprint-Based Health Monitoring Database using Raspberry PI
C. Lavanya1, S. Christy2

Digital Infrastructure of Commercial Banks with Special Reference to Vellore District
B. Lavanya1, D. S. Selvakumar2

Association on Supervised Term Weighting Method for Classification on Data Twitter
Imroatul Khuluqi Izzah1, Abba Suganda Girsang2

Bibliometric Analysis on Emotional Intelligence Research
Heamalatha Krishnan1, Siti Rahmah Awang2, Norhayati Zakuan3, Khalil Md Nor4

CCEODSP-Cloud Computing Environment Observation for Data Security and Privacy
Ramalingam Sugumar1, L. Leelavathy2

Application of Oobleck as a Speed Breaker
S. Revathi1, A. Senthil Kumar2

FT m RP-NCS: Fault-Tolerant And Reliable m RPL Routing Protocol For W-NCS Communication
Vishal Sharad Hingmire1, Santosh R. Desai2, Yuvraj Krishnrao Kanse3

“Design of Automatic Organic Waste Shredder for Composting”
Ashwini M. V.1, Robinson P.2, Nithin P. S.3, Seella Charan4

Financial Appraisal of RRBs: Evidence from Eastern Uttar Pradesh
Satish Chandra Tiwari1, Kishan Jee2, T. Sita Ramaiah3, Neeti Mathur4

Future Challenges in Energy Management System for Hybrid Renewable Energy System
Sibi R S1, Khaja Najumudeen A2, Sharath T V3, Rajeshkanna R4, Muthuram G5

Power Flow Regulation by UPFC in Networks with Voltage Dependent Loads
Samina Elyas Mubeen

On Riemann-Liouville Fractional Calculus and F-Function
Cristina Gammeng1, U. K. Saha2, S. Maity3

Enhancement of Range Resolution using Two Receivers in Continuous Time Frequency Modulation Technique
Kapil Dev Tyagi

Ensemble Models for Classification of Coronary Artery Disease using Decision Trees
Pratibha Verma

Performance Analysis of Plug-in Electric Vehicle Supported DVR for Power-Quality Improvement and Energy Back-Up Strategy
T. Ganesh1, L. Shanmukha Rao2

CNN Architectures: Alex Net, Le Net, VGG, Google Net, Res Net
M. Swapna1, Yogesh Kumar Sharma2, B M G Prasadh3

Blockchain Technology towards the Mitigation of Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
Darshi Patel

Electric Three-Wheeler: A Next-Gen Transport System for Developing Countries
Bhushan Magar1, Anshul Gangele2, Gokul Mahajan3

Para ESSU Game using Performant Internet-of-Things (IoT)
Dexter James Coles1, Arvin Anthony S. Araneta2, Charito B. Lacasa3, Renato A. Padullo4, Antonio C. Pelicano5

Adopting Numerical Models for Prediction of Ground Movements Induced by Deep Excavation
Mona A. Mansour1, Ahmed S. Rashed2, Ahmed A. Farag3

Driver Drowsiness Detection System using Machine Learning Algorithms
Shivani Sheth1, Aditya Singhal2, V.V. Ramalingam3

Tensorflow Based Image Classification using Advanced Convolutional Neural Network
Pradumn Kumar1, Upasana Dugal2

A Research Paper on Human Resources Planning, Process and Developing
Atyeh Mohammed Alzhrani

Power Quality Improvement using Intelligent Fuzzy-VLLMS Based Shunt Active Filter
J. Vara Lakshmi1, L. Shanmukha Rao2

A Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID Antenna Design for Food Quality and Safety
Vijayalakshmi.J1, Dinesh.V2, Sivsankgari.P.A3, Saranya.S4, Sanju shree.V5

Smart Parking System Based on Rules
Nikita Hatte1, D. G. Khairnar2, M.R.Kalyanshetti3

Effect of Sisal Nanoparticles on Single Cylinder Spark Ignition Engine Combustion
G. Arun Manohar1, Raghuveer Dontikurti2, G. Indu Priya3, D. Nageswara Rao4

Implementation of AMBA Based AHB2APB Bridge
Bhagvati Panchal1, Yogesh Parmar2, Haresh Suthar3

Color Edge Detection Based on the Fusion of Intensity and Chromatic Differences
Mansoor Farooq

Sentiment Classification System of Twitter Data using Python
G. Adhithya Balaji1, Rashmita Khilar2

Application of K-Means Algorithm to Mapping Poverty Outline by Province in India
Pushpendra Kumar Verma1, Preety2

Design of Sliding Mode Controlled Bi-directional DC-DC Current Source Resonant Converter for an Inductive Contactless Battery Charging Application
L. Pattathurani1, Subhransu Sekhar Dash2, Rajat Kumar Dwibedi3

Design of an Offset Posts K- band Bandpass Filter using Substrate Integrated Waveguide for Microwave Applications
Aman Dahiya

Research Trends in Hand Gesture Recognition Techniques
M S Srividya1, Anala M R2

A CSRR DGS Loaded Dual-Frequency Microstrip Antenna in Ground Plane for Application in PCS and WLAN Communication System
Jyoti Ranjan Panda1, Sandeep Kumar Dash2, Satya Narayan Mishra3, Sambit Prasad Kar4

Optimization of PID Governor Coefficient for Turbocharged Diesel Engine
Jagannath Hirkude1, Mrinal Manoj Borkar2

The Application of Bonang Gamelan Music Based on Mobile Application
Wan Hassan W A S.1, Rosli D.I.2, Ariffin A.3, Ahmad F.4, Jamin J5

Effect of Computerized Cognitive Remediation in Patients with Schizophrenia
Jaskirat Singh1, Sukhwinder Singh2, Bir Singh Chavan3, Savita Gupta4, Priti Arun5, Damanjeet Kaur6, Navneet Kaur7

Determinant Factors Audit Delay: Evidence from Indonesia
Yuliusman1, Wirmie Eka Putra2, Muhammad Gowon3, Dahmiri4, Nurida Isnaeni5

An Integrated Strategy for Data Mining Based on Identifying Important and Contradicting Variables for Breast Cancer Recurrence Research
Avijit Kumar Chaudhuri1, Deepankar Sinha2, Kousik Bhattacharya3, Anirban Das4

Real Time Implementation of Third Generation CRONE Control Strategy for Air Pressure System
V. Velmurugan1, N. N. Praboo2

T1 and T2 MRI Brain Images Registration and Fusion Technique
Sunanda Dixit1, Mahesh B V2, Suma V3

Using Soft Set Relations and Mappings of Kernels and Closures
K. Geetha1, N. Anitha2

Elastic Technique for Load Balancing in Cloud Computing
Sovban Nisar1, Deepika Arora2, Navneet Verma3

Geopolymer Concrete by using Fly Ash, GGBS, Quarry Dust and 10mm Aggregate
G. Jayarajan1, S. Arivalagan2

Benefits of Smart Traffic Systems(STS) and Different Techniques used for It
S. B. Honrao1, U. D. Shiurkar2

Fuzzy Cognitive Maps based Mathematical Model for Prediction of “Parkinson Disease”
Dhirendra Kumar Shukla1, Manoj Sharma2

Phishing Website Detection using Neural Network and PCA based on Feature Selection
Deyanara Tuapattinaya1, Antoni Wibowo2

Measuring Success of Heterogeneous Ensemble Filter Feature Selection Models
Noureldien A. Noureldien1, Einas A. Mohammed2

Lean Labour in AEC Industry: From Theory to Implementation
Siba Prasad Mishra1, Saswat Mishra2, Mohammed Siddique3

Homogenous Finite Element Modelling and Seismic Analysis of A Massive Unreinforced Masonry Heritage Building and Its Proposed Rehabilitation
Saba Shamim1, Shakeel Ahmad2, Rehan A. Khan3

Water Quality Monitoring for Goldfish Aquarium using IoT
Alias Masek1, MizanAdilliah Rudi2, SuhairawaniSekeri3

Instantaneous Reactive Power Theory Control Scheme for Reactive Power Compensation using DSTATCOM
K. Srinivas1, N. Rani2

Arabic Handwritten Digit Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network
Amsal Pardamean1, Dewy Yuliana2, Sri Watmah3, Sisferi Hikmawan4, Sfenrianto5

Mechanical Properties and Tribological Behaviour of Reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites
Nithyanandhan.T1, Kannakumar.R2, Sureshkumar.P3, Pradeep.S4, Prakesh.V5

ER-KFPSO: Energetic Routing Technique Based Kernel Fuzzy Latency Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
Deepa N.1, Devi Aruna D.2

Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing on Productivity of Gas Condensate Wells
Ahmed A. El-Gibaly1, Mahmoud Tantawy2, Abdelrahman Atef3

Disaster Risk Reduction: Lessons from Traditional Knowledge
Nayana R. Singh1, Ajay Khare2, Ram Sateesh Pasupuleti3, Gaurav Singh4

Information Manipulation as a Category of Communication Recipient’s Information Discomfort
Оlena Rosinska1, Oksana Zhuravska2, Olha Bykova3, Vitaliy Gandziuk4

Factors Affecting Internet Purchasing Behaviour in Jorhat District of Assam
Mayuri Dutta

Congestion Control Through IDA Process for Malicious Node in MANETs
Seyed Amin Ahmadi Olounabadi1, Avula Damodaram2, V Kamakshi Prasad3, PVS Srinivas4

Future Application of Block chain Technology in Verification for Recruitment
Nurhidayah Abdullah1, Nor Hazana Abdullah2

Adoption of Digital Marketing Practices in Micro Small Medium Enterprises for Inclusive Growth
Datrika Venkata Madhusudan Rao1, K.Rajeswari2

Changes of Indicators in Fiber and Cotton Seed Quality in Separating Cut Fractions on Cotton Fiber Mass
M.Kulmetov1, T.A.Toyirova2, Sh.S.Mengnarov3, J.T.Xasanov4, H.X.Komilov

Mechanical and Geotechnical Properties of Recycled Waste Materials: The Feasibility of using Steel Slag – Cathode Ray Tube Glass as Aggregate Replacement for Road Pavements
Ahmad Yusri Mohamad1, Maslina Jamil2, Nur Izzi Md. Yusoff3, Mohd Raihan Taha4, Abd Rahim Awang5

Critical Line based Optimal Allocation of UPFC to improve Voltage Stability of the system
K. Manoz Kumar Reddy1, A. Kailasa Rao2, R. Srinivasa Rao3

Risk Management & Mitigation Plan for Data Center Environment
Jarot S. Suroso1, Alkaton Sutikno2, Friska Giovanny Br. Ginting3, Natasha Angelica4

Improving Thermal Power Plant Efficiency
Bandi Dayasagar1, Madhu Latha Nookabathina2, Maddu Murali Krishna3, Pilli Praveen4, Akkimsetti Somaraju5

Artifact Removal and of EEG Signal Classification for Brain Computer Interface (BCI) using Back Propagation
Rajashekhar U.1, Neelappa2, Rajesh3

Evolutionary Algorithm Technique to Optimize Configurational Cost in Reconfigurable Manufacturing System
Suresh Babu G1, N. Chikkanna2

Characteristics and Performance of Microstrip Patch antenna for C Band and X Band
Sarabjeet Kaur1, Bharti Chaurasia2

Type-2 Duality Triangular Fuzzy Fractional Transportation Problem using Goal Programming Technique
P. Priyadharshini1, A. Anju2

Prediction of Bitcoin using Recurrent Neural Network
Pratik Mehta1, E. Sasikala2

Fuzzy Geographical Model for Visualizing Crimes Hot Spots
Mahmood A. Mahmood1, Sherif M. Akl2, Nagy Ramadan3

Feature Based Face Recognition using Machine Learning Techniques
Bhanushree K. J.1, Meenavathi M. B.2

Document Retrieval and Cluster Based Indexing using Rider Spider Monkey Optimization Algorithm
Madhulika Yarlagadda1, K. Gangadhara Rao2, A. Srikrishna3

Model-Based Synthetic Sampling for Imbalanced Data
Haamid Fazil1, Gino Sinthia2

UAE’s Labor Market Snapshot | Skills and Educational Mismatch During Industry 4.0
Ghada Goher1, Maslin Masrom2, Astuty Amrin3, Noorlizawati Abd Rahim4

Rule Descriptions for Soil Quality and Soil Fertility Assessment using Fuzzy Control System
Himanshu Pant1, Manoj Chandra Lohani2, Ashutosh Bhatt3, Janmejay Pant4, Manoj Kumar Singh5

Integrated Management System for JSW Steel Melt Shop of 5 MTPA Capacity
Kommireddi Avinash1, S. Bala Murugan2, Sachin Vaidya3, Venkataramana Kota4

Predicting and Preventing Recommender System for Telangana Road Accidents
V. Kakulapati1, Srikar Bharade2, Nikhil. M3

Identification of Extreme Guilt and Grave Fault in Bengali Language using Machine Learning
Aloke Kumar Saha1, Jugal Krishna Das2

Geometric Tolerance Applications and Analysis Method in Rotational Mechanical Components
K. Jafri1, R. Rizauddin2, A. H. Azman3

Multi-Modal Route Recommender System for Bangkok Public Transportation
Kittiya Poonsilp

The Mechanical Properties on Partially Replacement of Cement by Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag and Fly-Ash in M40 Grade Concrete
S. Prakash Chandar1, A. Ramnath Reddy2, R. Ramasubramani3

Stability Enhancement of TLBO Tuned SMIB System
Kapil Parkh1, Vinesh Agarwal2

Modeling the Activity of Small and Medium Enterprises using Set Theory
I. S. Pinkovetskaia1, I. N. Nikitina2, T. V. Gromova3

Thermal Performance on Parabolic Solar trough Collector by using Rgo/Water Nanofluid
Ananda Gowda1, Shivappa Dassappa2

Trustworthiness of Cloud Service Provider and Efficient Third Party Auditor in Cloud Computing using Access Control
K.Indhu1, M.Gayathri2, G.Annapoorani3

Computational off loading through 5G Enabled Edge Computing in IIOT
P Thanu Krishna1, G Kasi Viswanathan2, N Harihara Sudhan3, P Vinoth Kumar4

Investment Decision on Renewable Energy with Reference to Rooftop Solar PV- Household Prospective
Janardan Das1, Anup Kumar Samantray2, Duryodhan Jena3

Accounting Information and Non-Accounting Information in Financing Decision: in Islamic Banking Indonesia
Mukhzarudfa1, Wirmie Eka Putra2

Chemical Analysis of Silica Fume Infused Self Healing Concrete
Depaa RA B1, Felix Kala T2

Digital Transformation of the Process of Creation of Aviation Techniques based on the Mind Sphere Platform
Sergey V. Novikov1, Andrey A. Sazonov2

Parametric Optimization of Medical Plastic Wastes Conversion into Transportation Fuel using Mamdani Fuzzy Inference Systems (FIS)
Amar Kumar Das1, Saroj Kumar Rout2, Dulari Hansdah3, Achyut Kumar Panda4

Evolutionary Algorithms in Stabilization of Inverted Pendulum
S.Suganthi Amudhan1, Dwivedi Vedvyas J2, Bhavin Sedani3

Impact of Leadership on Worker Satisfaction in UAE Public Sector, A Confirmatory Examination
Saleh Abdullah Sale Al Zeyoudi

A D-STATCOM for Power Quality Improvement Under Different Fault Conditions
Chandragiri Radha Charan1, Diddi Ramya2

Modeling and Analysis of Zenith based Passive Solar Tracking Mechanism
R. Rahul1, T. Srinivas2, Himanshu Mishra3, N.Tamiloli4, B.V. Dharmendra5

Experimental Examination of Process Parameters During Fabrication and Machining of Powder Metallurgy Aluminum Component
B. R. Pattanaik1, P. P. Debata2, M. Behari3

Branded Cosmetic Usage Amongst Women in Ernakulam, Kerala
Devi R1, Diana Jolly Jose2, Preetha R3

Role of FDI on Employment Scenario in India
Ronismita Mishra1, Swapnamoyee Palit2

Paddy Crop Disease Prediction- A Transfer Learning Technique
Siddharth Swarup Rautaray1, Manjusha Pandey2, Mahendra Kumar Gourisaria3, Ritesh Sharma4, Sujay Das5

Spectroscopic and Antimicrobial Examine on LaNi1-xFexO3 (x = 0.1 & 0.2) Nanoparticles Synthesized By Sol Gel Combustion Method
A. Sahana Fathima1, S. Sharmila2, V. Senthil Kumar3

Behavioural Based Safety Practices at Small Manufacturing Units at Chennai
J.Krithika1, K.R.Sowmya2, P.Prabadevi3

Impact of Landscape Elements in the Selected Soundscape of Urban Parks
Banu Chitra1, Minakshi Jain2, Faiz Ahmed Chundelli3

Pure Power Integrated Manager
M.Deepa1, M.Angulakshmi2, K.Brindha3, M.Vanitha4, R.Mangayarkarasi5

Application of Markov Process for Prediction of Stock Market Performance
Lakshmi G1, Jyothi Manoj2

Mammogram Pre Processing and Data Manipulation using Novel Threshold Based Pre Reduction Technique
S. Thilagavathi1, S. Ahamed Johnsha Ali2, S. Lashmidevi3, K. Brindha4

A Novel Method for Infrared and Visible Image Fusion using Filters
G.Prema1, S.Arivazhagan2

Design and Implementation of Reversible Vedic Multiplier with Trlic
Hridya.S1, S.Bhavani2, G.R Mahendra Babu3, K.G Dharani4

Green Synthesis and Characterization of Gold Nanoparticles using Ethanolic Turmeric Crude Extract At Neutral Ph
Sameera Abbas1, Muhammad Sohail Latif2, Ida Idayu Muhamad3, Faridah Kormin4

Design Aspects of Standalone PV System with Two Simulation Tools
Jeraldine Viji A.1, R. Rajendra Kumar2, G.G. Muthu Kumar3, R. Nakkeeran4

Classification of ECG Signal using Artificial Neural Network
G. Thippeswamy1, Biradar Shilpa2

Land use Change on Storm-Water Characteristics of a Watershed in Northeast India
Sudip Basack1, Upasana Kashyap2, Sanjay Bhuyan3, Khairuz Zaman4

Composite Feature Vector Assisted Human Action Recognition through Supervised Learning
K. Ruben Raju1, Yogesh Kumar Sharma2, Birru Devender3

Analyzing and Managing the Impact of Risks using Multi Fuzzy Inference System
Malaya K Nayak1, Arka K. Das Mohapatra3

Effect of Accounting Practices on Trade and Information Technology in Calabar Metropolis
Asuquo1, J. O. Udoayang2

The Effects of Crowding Towards the Domestic Tourist Satisfaction at Pangkor Island
Ahmad Nazrin Aris Anuar1, Norasniza Suriansa2, Norajlin Jaini3, Firdaus Chek Sulaiman4, Nur Idzhainee Hashim5

Fuzzy Based Enhanced Medium Access Control protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks
N. Tamilarasi1, S. G. Santhi2

Automatic Image Colorization using Deep Learning
Abhishek Pandey1, Rohit Sahay2, C. Jayavarthini3

Automated Fuel Pump System using UPI Payment
M. Saravanan1, D. Yuvaraj2, K. Lokesh3, R. Mahesh Ashwin4, S. V. Kavin karthik5

Analysis and Estimation of Interaction and Reusability Complexities of Components in Component-Based Software Engineering
Nidhi Mehra1, Divya Kapil2

Integrating E-Governance with Big Data Analytics using Apache Spark
Poonam Salwan1, Veerpaul Kaur Maan2

Adaptive Enterprise Management Strategy in Terms of Crisis
Sergey V. Novikov1, Gennady V. Tikhonov2

Prediction of Lung Cancer Risk using Random Forest Algorithm Based on Kaggle Data Set
Gururaj T.1, Vishrutha Y. M.2, Uma M.3, Rajeshwari D.4, Ramya B. K.5

Identifying Structural Features of Sulforaphane Derivatives Based on QM Force Field for Predicting the Anti-Cancer Activity
Neena Elsa Eapen1, Md Afroz Alam2

Performance Analysis of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms on Medical Dataset
Amit Juyal1, Chetan Pandey2, Janmejay Pant3, Ankur Dumka4, Vikas Tomar5

Analysis of Transformational Leadership Characteristics of Cimahi Regional Head, West Java, Indonesia and their Implication for Subordinates Commitments in Achieving Organizational Goals
Idi Jahidi

Mediation Effect of Career Planning and Development and Organizational Development on Quality of Work Life: using Structural Equation Modeling
A. M. Mahaboob Basha1, B. Ankaiah2, J. Srivani3, U. Dadakalandar4

A Model of Factors Influencing the Acceptance of Fintech Payment DANA Indonesia
Joshua Alvaro Fitzhan1, Yohanes Farley Viriando2, Jessica Cleine3, Sfenrianto4, Gunawan Wang5

Environmental Impact of Fire Forest and Land, Lole of Government in Land Control of West Sumatra Province
Susi Erianti1, Indang Dewata2, Dedi Hermon3

Machine Learning Techniques for Speech Recognition using the Magnititudes
Angeline Valentina Sweety A.1, Gopala Krishnan C.2, Mukesh Krishnan M.3

Applicability of Traditional Classification Techniques on Educational Data
Balwinder Kaur1, Anu Gupta2, R. K. Singla3

I2P Forensic Analysis
Sneha Soney1, C. Balan2, Priya P. Sajan3, Elizabeth Rose Lalson4

Automatic Annotation of Instructional Videos
D. Bhavitha1, A. Kalaivani2

Emerging work on Smart Speaking System for Dumb People using BCI
G. Aarthi1, D. Ammu priya2, R. Dhanalakshmi3, A. R. Miradevi4, B. Shunmugapriya5

The University Recommendation System for Higher Education
Aishwarya Nalawade1, Bhavana Tiple2

A Novel Gmtds Algorithm for Dynamic Management of Transaction under Different Workload Condition
Mohammad Sharfoddin Khatib1, Mohammad Atique2

Insights of JSON Web Token
Pooja Mahindrakar1, Uma Pujeri2

Blockchain Design for Logistics & Supply Chain Management in Developing Regions
Neeraj Nautiyal1, Sandeep Bisht2, Bhavesh Joshi3, Harshit Pandey4, Narendra Bisht5

Object Classification using SVM and KD-Tree
Kalpitha N1, S Murali2

A Statistical Analysis of Fuzzy Balanced Incomplete Block Designs with Intra-Block Analysis using Trapezoidal Method
K. Gnanapriya1, S. Kavitha2, M. Pachamuthu3

Emotion Recognition using Convolutional Neural Network
Praveen.R1, Benjula Anbu Malar M.B2

Indoor Navigation of Unmanned Grounded Vehicle using CNN
Arindam Jain1, Ayush Singh2, Deepanshu Bansal3, Madan Mohan Tripathi4

Noise Removal and Enhancement of Digital Mammographic Images for Visual Screening
Muhammad Hameed Siddiqi

Sustainability Reporting to Integrated Reporting: The Relationship between Total Integrated Reporting Disclosure Quality (TIRDQ) and Firm Performance
Mira Susanti Amirrudin1, Mazni Abdullah2, Zakiah Saleh3

Estimation of Geodynamic Properties using Seismic Techniques at a Steel Rolling Factory, Northwestern Gulf of Suez, Egypt
Mohammad Sharfoddin Khatib1, Mohammad Atique2

Hook Worm Detection and It’s Classification Techniques
Rashmita Khilar1, S. Muthu subramanian2

Effectiveness of Crop Assurance Methods of Various Smart Crop Protection Systems
D surya1, Rashmita khilar2

A Hierarchical Attention Model for Social Contextual Image Recommendation
D Sachin1, Rashmita khilar2

Policy and Attribute Based Deduplication System
K .Keerthana1, E.Sowmiya2, N.M.Saravanakumar3

Energy Efficient Technique for Data Aggregation in Internet of Things
Manisha Pundir Sajwan1, Anuj Kumar2

Computation of Power Transformer Reactance using Finite Element Method
Vibhuti1, Genius Walia2, Deepika Bhalla3

Securing the Network by the Intruder using Predictive Accession
Vaibhavi Pandya1, Jitendrasinh Raulji2

A Novel Method to Monitor Electricity Restoration in Orissa Affected by Cyclone Fani using Image Processing with VIIRS DNB Data
N. Srinivasa Rao1, Sambasiva Rao Baragada2, Nayana N3, G. Geetha4

Citizen Unique ID Based Real Time Face Recognition for Surveillance and National Security
Kartikeya P Malimath1, Soumaya L G Joshi2, Ravikumar H S3, Chethan M4, Divya C D5

Modeling the Impact of Foreign Investment Flows Taking into Account Time Lags in the Context of their Impact on the Regional Production
Liubov Vodianka1, Vira Kozak2, Valentyna Skulyak3

Three-Layer Data Clustering Model for Multi-View Customer Segmentation using K-Means
Afgan Fazri Handoko1, Antoni Wibowo2

Design and Development of Competency-based Instructional Model for Instruction Delivery for Learning Disabled using Case Based Reasoning
Akanksha Bisht1, Neelu Jyothi Ahuja2

Full Scale Modeling of Footing Supported on Expansive Soil using Concrete Pile Anchor Foundation (CPAF).
Osama M. Ibrahim1, Mohamed I. Amer2

Skolem Mean Labeling of Six Star Graphs Κ1,η1 ∪ Κ1,η2 ∪ Κ1,η3 ∪ Κ1,η4 ∪ Κ1,τ1 ∪ Κ1,τ2 where 0 ≤|∑i2=1 τ— ∑i4=1 η| ≤ 1
J. Vinolin1, D. S. T. Ramesh2, S. Athisayanathan3

Method for Estimating the Performance of Enterprise Architecture Implementation in an Upstream Petroleum Industry
Mochammad Zuliansyah1, Mohammad Ishak Desa2, Sabrina Ahmad3

Structural Behavior Due to Hybridization of Sisal and Nylon Fibers in Concrete
Syed Viqar Malik1, Anil Achyut Kunte2

Nigeria and China Bilateral Currency Swap: Perceived Economic Implications and Prospects:
Clementina Kanu1, Anthony Chukwuma Nwali2, Johnson Nwoke3, Charles Ogbaekirigwe4, Chinonso Ugwuoke5

Spatio-Temporal Limnological Analyses Resulting to Sustainable Development
Pradip Kumar Prusty1, Yashaswi Nayak2, Annapurna Sahoo3, Gagan Kumar Panigrahi4

Design a Smart Faucet for Reducing the Water Wastage using IoT
Lalithmohan S.1, Kavinprabhu L.2, Jayaseelan T.3, Naveen Kumar V.4, Suresh babu Y.5

On Applications of Some Special Functions in Statistics
Radhe Shyam Prajapat1, Indu Bala Bapna2

Smart Energy Meter and Data Logger
Anadi Shankar Jha1, Anish Agrawal2, Mohammad Rizwan3

Intrapreneurship Among Malaysian Organizations in Retail Industry
Muhammad Ali1, Ishamuddin Mustapha2, Jimisiah Jaafar3, Muhammad Hassan4, Shafiq Ur Rehman5

Response Surface Optimization of Yield of Agarwood (Aquilaria Malaccensis) Leaf Extract using Soxhlet Extraction
Nur Aimi Aliah Zainurin1, Nurhusna Samsudin2, Yumi Zuhanis Has-Yun Hashim3, Ma’an Fahmi Rashid Al-Khatib4, Nor Fadhillah Mohamed Azmin5, Mohd. Hafidz Mahamad Maifiah6

Using the Discount Cash Flow Model in Preliminary Assessment for Gold Mine Projects
Helal H. Hamd_Allh1, M.R. Moharram2, Mohamed A. Yssin3, A. Kh. Embaby4

Simulation of Partially Filled Liquid in A Moving Tank
Atul Bhattad1, Payal Bhattad2, Ankur Bhattad3, Kshitij Maheshwari4, Ayush Maheshwari5

Pertinent Exploration of Privacy Preserving Perturbation Methods
Vijaya Pinjarkar1, Amit Jain2, Anand Bhaskar3, Prateek Srivastava4

Real-Time Simulation of Static VAR Compensator and Static Synchronous Compensator
Anjali A. Bhandakkar1, Lini Mathew2

Hybrid Techniques for Object Detection using Deep Learning
Swetha M S1, Muneshwara M S2

An Effective Stratified K-Fold Algorithm with Logistic Regression for Drug Feedback Data
D. Naga Swathi1, Kumaran.U2

Design and Implementation Web-Based System for Course Files Management by using WEBML Methodology: A Higher Education Perspective (King Khalid University)
Osman A. Nasr1, Mohammed A. Hassanen2, Ahmed A. Ahmed3, Fath Alrahamn T. Ebrahim4

Dbscan Assisted by Hybrid Genetic K Means Algorithm
Suresh Kurumalla1, Chandusha Kanda2

Enhancing the Efficiency of Gasoline Engines using Solar Powered Supercharger
Kamal Kishore Pathak

Impact of GST on Textile Shops in Ernakulam District
Sreelakshmi V. S1, Varsha Baiju2, K.G.Rajani3

Symmetrical Components of Transmission Line Parameters based on the Installed Tower Ground Resistivity
Lambe Mutalub Adesina1, Ganiyu Adedayo Ajenikoko2, Olalekan Ogunbiyi3, Tosin Samuel Oluwafemi4

Contribution of Tourism Industry in Indian Economy: an Analysis
Rajender S. Godara1, Durafshan Jaihoon Fetrat2, Azatullah Nazari3

Capital Structure Trends in a Cement Engineering Company
Venkateswararao. Podile1, R.Padmavathy2, N. Bindu Madhavi3

A Novel Gmtds Algorithm for Dynamic Management of Transaction under Different Workload Condition
Mohammad Sharfoddin Khatib1, Mohammad Atique2

Exploration of Groundwater Quality to Promote Sustainable Environment
M. Satish Kumar1, Ambati Dattatreya Kumar2, M. V. Raju3, K. Maria Das4, D. Satyanarayana5

Transfer Learning for Classification of 2D Brain MRI Images and Tumor Segmentation
Onkar Rajesh Mulay1, Hemprasad Yashwant Patil2

Spam Detector: A Solution for Finding Bogus Opinions and Spammer Classification in E-Commerce
Nisha Kshirsagar1, Amol Phatak2

Concept and Method for Determining Economic Security Level of Innovative Enterprises
Nikolenko Tatiana Yurievna1, Semina Lydia Viktorovna2

Simulation of Photovoltaic based DC-DC Converter Topologies
Richa Khera1, Anita Khosla2, Dheeraj Joshi3

Image Colour Prediction using Deep learning
K. Vishnu Prakash1, S. Siva Prakash2, H. Vishnu Harichandran3, S Petchiappan4, I Muthu Selvi5

Descriptive and Predictive Analytics on Adventure Works Cycle: A Corporate Decision Making
Yew Liong Lim1, Raheem Mafas2

Construction of High Precision AC-DC Power Supply
Akinpelu A.1, Usikalu M. R.2, Onumejor C. A.3

Travel Route Recommendation System using user Keyword Search
Ashishika Singh1, S. Babu2

Optimizing Drill Bits Performance in Highly Unconfined Compressive Strength Formation, Sinai Oil Field, Egypt
Ahmed Yasin1, S. E. Shalaby2, M. S. Farahat3, A. M. Salem4

Optimizing Drill Bits Performance in Highly Unconfined Compressive Strength Formation, Sinai Oil Field, Egypt
Ahmed Yasin1, S. E. Shalaby2, M. S. Farahat3, A. M. Salem4

Active Phase of Cobalt Oxide (Co3O4) as a Promising Catalyst for Graphene Growth by Alcohol Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition
Mohd Asyadi Azam1, Nor Najihah Zulkapli2, Noraiham Mohamad3, Mohd Shahadan Mohd Suan4, Ghazali Omar5

Managerial and Organizational Factors Influencing Organizational Learning
Raid Moh’d Al-adaileh

Effect of Exposure Time of Near Infrared Light Radiation (NIR) on Human’s Vein Visualization
Floressy Juhim1, Fuei Pien Chee2, Abu Bakar Abdul Rahman3, Abdullah Bade4

Design of Lean Burn Engine for Scooters
S. Dhamotharan1, S. Selvakumar2, K. Kathirvel3, M. Sivaraman4, G. Bharath5

Relationship between Technological Advancement and Agricultural Production: Evidence from India
Chumki Handique

Factors Affecting the Effective Functioning of Public Procurement in Public Universities of Ethiopia
Tirualem Awoke1, Amanpreet Singh2

Dimensional Multivariate Statistics on Quality Enhancement Systems Embraced for Rapid Transit Systems
Priyanka Prabhakaran1, S. Anandakumar2

The Customization of an Oracle-Based Enterprise Resource Planning System in Pharmaceutical Distribution Company
Richard1, Via Pricella2

Behavioural Finance: a Literature
B. R. Manasa

The Concrete Incorporated With Zeolite for Reducing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide
Hanusha Durisety1, Kiranmai Palcham2, K. Prasad Babu3

E-Commerce Model for Sme

Big Data in Healthcare
Mohammad Kamal Hussain1, Mohammad Jabed Hussain2, Mohammed Bakri Osman3, Taher Mohammed Abdurraheem4, Mahmoud Al-Areefi5

Content Validation and Item-Score Reliability of a Trait Emotional Intelligence Scale in Teacher Leadership
Bala Salisu1, Siti Rahmah Awang2, Tahir Ahmad3, Heamalatha Krishnan4

Preparation and Characterization of Chemically Modified Vegetable Oils as Liquid Insulation in Transformers
S. Ajmal Ahamed1, S. Mohamed Riyaz2, A. Mahadevan3, J. Mohamed Hathim4, M. Bakrutheen5, M. Willjuice Iruthayarajan6

Software Reusability of Object-Oriented Systems using Data Mining Techniques
Bharti Bisht1, Parul Gandhi2

Appraisal of Ferry Terminals Design Compliance to Guidelines for Universal Accessibility in Lagos State Nigeria
Olatunde D. Babalola1, Wonders N. Eke2, Akunnaya P. Opoko3, Oladunni O. Izobo-Martins4, Osahon J. Ediae5, Adedotun Oyebola Akinola6

Measurement of Total Factor Productivity in Commercial Airlines Sector using Malmquist Index and Data Envelopment Model
AbhijeetAgashe1, Gayathri Band2, Rupesh Pais3

Blockchain Technology Factor for Improve Good Distribution Practice in the Pharmaceutical Industry
Erick Fernando1, Meyliana2, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars3, Edi Abdurachman4

Wear Analysis of Compression Ignition Engine using Mesua ferea linn Methyl Eseter
Biswajit Shyam1, Dilip Kumar Bora2, Kalyan Kalita3

Critical Succsess Factors Decision Support System for SME

Assorted Model of Sentiment using Mapreduce Framework
Saurabh Dhyani1, G. S. Thakur2

The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Protection and Promotion of Child Rights in the North Lakhimpur Sub-Division of Lakhimpur District of Assam
Devaraj Dutta

Accuracy, Recall, Precision of SVM Kernels in Predicting Autistic Spectrum Disorder In Adults
DidikSetiyadi1, Muhammad Dwison Alizah2, Yulius Paulus Dharsono3, SabarSautomo4, Sfenrianto5

Effect on an Aluminium Plate with V-fins under Natural convection heat transfer conditions
S. A. Wani1, P. A. Mane2, S. P. Mane3, A. P. Lad4, S. R. Patil5

Long Method and Long Parameter List Code Smells Detection using Functional and Semantic Characteristics
Randeep Singh1, Amit Bindal2, Ashok Kumar3

Satellite Based Ais (Automatic Recognition System) Front-End Receiver for Ships
K Muthulakshmi1, S.Nithya Devi2, N.Archana3

SVM and KNN Based SGO Feature Selection Algorithm for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
P. Srihari1, D. Lalitha Bhaskari2

Internationalization of Higher Education: The Activity-Process at Malaysian Technical University
Nurshaidah Bt. Mohamad Sari1, Nur Sofurah Bt. Mohd Faiz2

System Dynamics Modeling for Sustainable Water
Wahyu Sardjono1, Harisno2, Widhilaga Gia Perdana3, Tri Pujadi4, Nilo Legowo5

Utilization of Gardner‟s Multiple Intelligence Theory for School Counselling System with Usability Testing
Nik Azlina Nik Ahmad1, Sharifah Nina Shadzrina Syed Dzulkarnain2

Model to Measure the Success of Climate Change Mitigation Performance through the Knowledge Management Systems
Wahyu Sardjono1, Widhilaga Gia Perdana2, Erna Selviyanti3, Astari Retnowardhani4, Ditdit Nugeraha Utama5

Agriculture Robots using Deep Learning
Prashanth M V1, Nida Susan A K2, Sanjana M S3

Algorithm for Decreasing the Large Peak to Average Power Ratio in Mimo-Ofdm
Yogeshver khandagre1, Sanjeev kumar Gupta2

Managing Student Performance: A Predictive Analytics using Imbalanced Data
Usman Ashfaq1, Booma P. M.2, Raheem Mafas3

Voice Based Medicine Remainder Alert Application for Elder People
M. Mehala1, J. Viji Gripsy2

Passenger Satisfaction towards Indian Railway in Kerala with Special Reference to Aluva Junction
Parvathy Asokan1, Girish S.2

A Dynamic & Combined Framework for Predicting Phishing Attack
G. Ashwinraj1, Sitaraa Krishna Kumar2, Devansh Sharma3, C. Ambhika4

Biometric Iris Recognition System using Multiscale Feature Extraction Method
K. Harini1, G. Yamuna2, V. Santhiya3

Numerical Computation of First Three Frequencies for Circular Plate with Transcendental Thickness
Neetu Singh1, Vipin Saxena2

Impact of Ind AS Adoption on the Financial Position of Companies in Pharmaceutical and Health Care Sector
Amrita Dutta1, Ratan Borman2, Subit Dutta3

Addressing Web Application Security Issues and Vulnerabilities Assessment Pen Testing
Matthi Naveen1, Pragnyaban Mishra2

IMC and GA Based Fractional Order Controller Design for Load Frequency Control Problem
M. V. Maheswaramma1, P. Sujatha2, P. Bharath kumar3

Integration of the PageRank Algorithm, Sequence Processing, and CPT+ for Webpage Access Prediction
Nguyen Thon Da1, Tan Hanh, Pham Hoang Duy2

The Vital Role of Virtual Private Network (VPN) in Making Secure Connection Over Internet World
Yogesh Kumar Sharma1, Chamandeep Kaur2

Natural Frequency for a Composite Structure Made with a Combination of Metal and Laminated Composites
Kale Dipak R.1, R. R. Arakerimath2

Extraction of Spread Surface Water Body using Supervised and Unsupervised Classification Techniques
B. Chandrababu Naik1, B. Anuradha2

Systematic Transfer Plan (STP): An Alternative Investment Strategy to reduce Risk of Market Timing
G. C. Venkataiah1, K. Venkata Rami Reddy2, Tilak Kumar Vadapalli3

Improving the Quality Sla of Customer Services in Enterprise System using Dmaic Method at Pt. Telin
Yogi Osadhani1, Nilo Legowo2

Soil Erosion Modelling using SWAT and GIS Interface: Case of Weib Watershed
Tesfahun Addisu Messele1, Golla Sreenivasu2

Brain Computer Interface Controlled Voice Assistant
Rahul Sarkar1, M. Prakash2

Optimization of Bio Degradable Nano Cutting Fluid Parameters during Machining of Titanium Alloy
C. Venkatesh1, Mengistu Gelaw2, Soloman Dufera3

Analysis of UWB Systems for Synchronization and Fine Timing
Vishal B. Raskar1, S. L. Lahudkar2

Power Loss Reduction using Instantaneous Network Reconfiguration and DG placement with Cuckoo Search Algorithm in Distribution System
Damershetty Jithender1, Jami Sridevi2

Third Level of Organization of Environmental Protection Systems: Scientific and Literature-Philosophical Flows
Dmitry Mikhailovich Astanin

Software Product Quality Management Methodology & the Quantitative Assessment of Analyzability Indicators
Boumedyen Shannaq1, Richmond Adebiaye2

Monitoring the Proportion of Degraded Land over the Total Land Area of Gombe State, Nigeria
Ishiyaku Abdulkadir1, J. Satish Kumar2

Financial Transactions in the Banking Industry Various Digital Initiatives at Axis Bank
Komal Singh

Make Malta an Attractive FDI Destination: A Perspective
Baljeet Singh Nayyar1, Gaurav Jindal2

Effective Way to Analyze and Rupture the Assessment using ESB Algorithm
P. J. Beslin Pajila1, C. Karpagavalli2, G. Vijayarani3, T. Mangaiyarkarasi4, R. Madhubalashanmu5

Consumer Attitude of People towards Commercial Center with Special Reference to Oberon Mall, Kochi
Athira K Thampi1, Athira V Menon2, K G Rajani3

Role of Irrigation in Development: The Rajasthan Experience
Priyanka Payal1, Poonam2

IoT Based Smart Irrigation Monitoring & Controlling System in Agriculture
Md. Mehedi Islam1, Md. Al-Momin2, A. B. M. Tauhid3, Md. Kamal Hossain4, Sumonto Sarker5

Design and Attainment Assessment of Different Protocols for Smart Industry to Observe and Control Gas Leakage Employing WSN
Suvarna Vashistha1, R K Sharma2

Gesture Recognition: towards Making Future Retail Buying Experience Stimulating
Preeti Mehra1, Balpreet Kaur2

Use of Social Feedback to Improve Product and Service Quality
G. Vikram1, F. J. Peter Kumar2

A Multi-Attribute Trust-based Authentication Model for Internet of Things based Military Environment
B.Shadaksharappa1, Prabhudeva V2

Lidar Based Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance System for Autonomous Ground Vehicles
P. Shunmuga Perumal1, M. Sujasree2, K. Siddhardha3, K. Gokul4

Interview Feedback System
Eswari S1, Anusuya Devi S2, Gayathri P V3, Jayalakshmi M4

Recommender System for Topic Articles based on Forum Trending using Multilayer Perceptron
Sri Hesti Mahanani1, Tuga Mauritsius2

Shear Behavior of Concrete Beam Reinforced with Carbon Coated Steel Fiber
V. Sureshvel1, S. Suchithra2, B. Ponmohankumar3

An Analysis of Challenges in Character Recognition on Palm Leaf Manuscripts, and their Solutions
Nagendra Panini Challa1, Lakshmi Kalyani2, Vasanth Kumar Mehta3, Lakshmi Mounika4

Solar Feasibility for Urban Households- Space Limitations for Solar Installation
Himanshu Saluja1, Rakesh Kumar2, Pratheek Sudhakaran3, Nishant Saxena4, Ishani Gogoi5

Allelopathic Effects of Imperata Cylindrica Aqueous Extract on the Germination of Cucumis Sativus and Lolium Perenne
Mohamed Ali A. Salim1, Alona Cuevas Linatoc2, Suzi Salwah Jikan3, Shajarahtunnur Jamil4, Muhammad Sohail Latif5

Environmental Impact Statement on Kolleru Lake Water
M. Satish Kumar1, V.Lakshmi Prasanna2, K.Madhu Sudana Vijaya bhaskar3, J.Naveen Kumar4, N.Venkateswarlu5

Ship Detection Based on Information Theory and Segmentation from Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Images
Somaya Jafari1, Anisha M Lal2, Jagalingam P3

Friend Suggestion using Graph
Manishka Gautam1, Himanshu Sharma2, Mayank Chauhan3, Himanshu Shukla4, Nidhi Tawra5

Air Quality Sensing Network in Smart City using Lora Wan
Shriram S.1, P. Sai Prasanth2, Meghna Anand3

Aircraft Aviation System Environment Impact Factors Prediction using Machine Learning
S. Krishna Mohan Rao1, B. V. Rama Krishna2, V. G. Sai Krishna Desharaju3

The Changes of Runoff with DEM Resolution Variations
Elvi Roza Syofyan1, Bambang Istijono2, Amrizal Saidi3, Revalin Herdianto4

Structural Behaviour of G+6 Building with Weak Storey on Top as Tuned Mass Damper
Vanishri A. Patil1, Deepa A. Joshi2

Job Stress Among Laboures at Malabar Spinning and Weaving Mill Limited, Kozhikode
Haya Jumana N. Anzad1, Devika M.2, Rashmi J. Menon3

A Zero-Proof Knowledge Based on NFC for Data Authentication/Protection using Blockchain for Mobile Edge Computing
Hanumantharaju R.1, Shreenath K. N.2, Srinivasa K. G.3, Swetha N.4

An Efficient Social Spider Optimization for Data Clustering using Data Vector Representation
T. Ravichandran1, B. Janet2, A. V. Reddy3

Relation Dynamic Shear Stress and Wake Boat Waves Energy
Mohammad Fadhli Ahmad1, Mohd Sofiyan Sulaiman2, Che Wan Mohd Noor Che Wan Othman3, Khalid Samo4, Mohammad Fakhratul Ridwan Zulkifli5

Research of Loop Transferred Structures on V-Bed Flat Knitting Machine
N. R. Khankhadjaeva1, A. G. Nabiev2, F. M. Riskalieva3

Analysis and Recognition of Bilingual Handwritten Scripts
Panyam Narahari Sastry1, G. Akhil2, Vaishnavi Suthram3

Wireless Sensor Networks for Monitoring Indian Railways Trains
Dipankar Mishra

Technology Impact on Banking Sector Performance with Reference to Select Private Sector Banks
J. Sai Sudha1, P. Venkata Durga Rao2

Optimal Threshold Estimation using Grey Wolf Optimization for EMD-DTCWT Based ECG Denoising
Deepak H. A.1, T. Vijayakumar2

Challenges and Innovations in Fruits and Vegetable Operations in Indian Organized Retail Industry
Shilpa Sarvani Ravi1, M. V. Ram Prasad2

A Cost Improvement Rule Victimisation
J. Antony Vijay1, Trishansh Srivastava2, Manpreet Singh3, Aman Kumar Soni4

A Novel Automatic Journal Recommender System
S. Prasanna Priya1, M. Karthikeyan2

Analysis of Melanoma Lesion Images using Feature Extraction & Classification Algorithms
Manjunath Rao1, Calvin Joshua Fernandez2, Sreekumar K.3

Biomedical Data Mining for Web Relevance Checking
Khatera Mastanzada1, Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib2

Enrichment of Expanded Granular Sludge Bed Reactor during Start-Up Phase
Vijay Babu S.1, Inbanila T.2, Asha B.3

Stock Market Analysis using Data Visualization
Bharat Gupta1, Shefali Bhardwaj2, K. Govinda3, Rajkumar. R4

Secure Verifiable Outsourcing Collection of Big Data in IoV using Cloud Environments
N. Valarmathi1, S. Annapoorani2

Watermarking for Images using Alphanumeric Technique
Deepti Varshney1, Mamta Bansal2, Birendra Kumar Sharma3

Quality Improvement through ICT based Admission Process in Open and Distance Mode of Education
Arvind Tiwari1, S. M. Ghosh2, Saurabh Mitra3

Betel Nut Production as an Occupational Pursuit: A Regional Paradigm on its Manufacturing and Marketization
Durlove Borah1, Jayanta Dutta2, Sukanya Hazarika3

Algorithmic Modeling of Arts and Other Hard-to-Formalize Subjects
Irina Gorbunova1, Sergey Chibirev2

Analysis of Engine Radiator Performance at Different Coolant Concentrations and Radiator Materials
Hiyam Adil Habeeb1, Ahmed Esmael Mohan2, Nor Ayu Mohamad Norani3, Mohd Azman Abdullah4, Mohd Hanif Harun5

A Hybrid Detection Model for Epilepsy Seizure using FCM with MPSO and Decision Tree
C. V. Banupriya1, D. Deviaruna2

Exploring Domestic Tourism in Ethiopia: Trends, Prospects, Promotional Marketing, and Challenges
Berhanu Esubalew Bayih1, Apar Singh2

Analytical Assessment of Fatigue Strength of a Dental Crown
K. D. Ganvir1, N. D. Pachkawade2

Stock Market Forecasting Technique using Arima Model
Bijesh Dhyani1, Manish Kumar2, Poonam Verma3, Abhisheik Jain4

Microstrip Patch Antenna Design for Early Breast Cancer Detection
Manjot Kaur1, Sonia Goyal2

Vehicle Fleet Management System and Safety Functions
Kharanshu Bhavsar1, Satish C. J.2

Transfer Learning with Pretrained Neural Network Between Unrelated Tasks for Machine Health Diagnosis
Youssef Maher1, Boujemaa Danouj2

An IoT based Application for Real Time Monitoring of the Crops for Agriculture Lands
N. Gopinath1, M. Vikram2, J. Andrew3, R. Goutham4

Automatic Sentiment Analysis Model Creation using Multi Kernel Improved Extreme Learning Machine
Srinidhi B. S.1, Suchithra R.2

Collision of Cognitive Quotient on Employee Turnover in it Sector
Juby Thomas1, M. Kavitha2

Questions Generation for Reading Comprehension using Coherence Relations
Anamika1, Vibhakar Pathak2, Vishal Shrivastava3, Akil Pandey4

Analyzing Political Trending Tweets for Opinion Extraction
I. Lakshmi Manikyamba1, A. Krishna Mohan2

Encoded Hybrid PSK/FSK Waveform for LPI Radar
Shaik Maznu1, I. A. Pasha2, P. Chandrasekhar Reddy3

Modification of Adapter in Auto Cone Winding Machine for Better Performance
Hosne Ara Begum1, Toufiqua Siddiqua2, Abul Kalam Mohammad Mazed3, Abu Bakr Siddique4

A Theoretical Background on Consumers Impulse Buying Behaviour
Jisha Vijay1, Indu Manish Kumar2

An Amalgamated Probabilistic Structure for Unconstrained Facial Activity Utilizing Dynamic Bayesian Network
Ponnila P1, Raihana A2, Karpagavadivu K3, Mervin George G4

A Framework for Grading of White Chali Type Arecanuts with Machine Learning Algorithms
Kusumadhara S1, Ravikumar M S2, Raghavendra P3

Measurement Accuracy Assessment for Laser Triangulation 3D Scanning Machine
Khairul Azri Azlan1, Mohammad Rafi Omar2, Mohamed Saiful Firdaus Hussin3, Muhammad Ilman Hakimi Chua Abdullah4, Eswaran S. Chinniah5

Performance of Rotary Inverted Pendulum by Different Tuning Methods in PID Controller
S. Arumuga Raj1, S. Dhanush2, P. Balachandran3, G. Gailainathan4, R. Muniraj5

Information System Governance in Higher Education Foundation using COBIT 5 Framework
Agustinus Tantiono1, Nilo Legowo2

NSGA-II Based Multi Objective Design Optimization of Resistive Superconducting Fault Current Limiters
Tarun Shrivastava1, S. C. Gupta2, A. M. Shandilya3

The Impact of Board Composition on Firm Performance with Reference to Selected Indian Companies
Pallavi Kudal1, Sunny Dawar2

Customer Satisfaction using Mobile Telecommunications Services: An Empirical Research at Mobifone Quang Binh Branch, Vietnam
Tu Luc Tran1, Van Chung Nguyen2

Fraud Pentagon Model for Detecting Fraudulent Financial Reporting in Banking Sector
Bambang Leo Handoko1, Ang Swat Lin Lindawati2, Margaretha Vienna3

Examining the Development Processes of Learning Spaces in Higher Education
Nurkhamimi Zainuddin1, Rozhan M. Idrus2, Ahmad Farid Mohd Jamal3, Helmi Norman4, Harwati Hashim5

Graph Based Brain Network Structure and Brain MRI Segmentation Techniques
Mamatha S K1, Krishnappa H K2

Mergers of Banks in Economy – Indian Scenario
Patil Jaya Lakshmi Reddy1, Mahesh Chandra2

Analysis of U shaped MEMS Micro cantilever using COMSOL
K. Durga Aparna1, N.Amarnath2

Sentiment Analysis on E-commerce Product using Machine Learning and Combination of TF-IDF and Backward Elimination
Tommy Willianto1, Supryadi2, Antoni Wibowo3

Happiness Indicator of MTUN Staff’s Success Factor
Ahmad.F1, Khairunesa ISA2, Sarala Thulasi Palpanadan3, Siti Sarawati JOHAR4, Jamin. J5

Functional Analysis of Selected Ion Electrically Conductive Hydrogel: Production and Applications in Seawater Treatment
Mohamed H. Sorour1, Marwa M. El Sayed2, Abdelghani M. G. Abulnour3, Shadia R. Tewfik4, Hayam F. Shaalan5, Heba A. Hani6

Development of Light Weight and Seismic Performance of Light Gauge Cold Formed Steel Structures by Different Types of Moment Resistant Steel Connection
A Jayaraman1, N Sathyakumar2, K Murugananthan3, T Gowtham4, K Siva Sankar5

Application of Machine Learning and Deep Learning Methods for Brain Tumor Identification and Classification
Hetal Barad1, Atul Patelx2

Influence of Customers Brand Judgement on the Brand Image in Television Industry
V.Vetrivel.1, D. Kesavan.2, V. Pon Indira.3, K.Malarvizhi4

VFD Based Performance Analysis of the Pump
Viswanathan Ganesh1, S. Senthilmurugan2, Akash Prabhu3, Ajay Krishna V.M4

Lossless Tamil Compression using ASCII Substitution and Modified Huffman Encoding Technique
B. Vijayalakshmi1, N. Sasirekha2

Design and Aggregation of Computer Science Syllabus using XML-based Learning Repository
Mona G Dave1, P V Virparia2

Quantum Key Distribution Based-on Refraction and Polarization Entanglement
Gunasekaran M1, Gopalakrishnan B2, Amitabh Wahi3

A Step Towards Green Innovation
S. Ramachandran1, S. Rabiyathul Basariya2

Navigation Aid for the Blind and the Visually Impaired People using eSpeak and Tensor Flow
Nishkala H M1, Anu S H2, Ashwini B V3, Kavya C M4, Monika B S5

Approbation of Leaves with QR Code
Praharsh Gowrishetty1, Arepalli Gopi2

Enhanced Web Log Data Mining using Probability Density Based Fuzzy C Means Clustering

A Robust Automated Vision Based Filamentous Steel Strip Crack Detection System Based on Neuron Model Segmentation
Asha Bharathi S1, Ravi Kumar M.S2

Design of Aerial Probe for 3D Mapping of AQI Index of Carbon Monoxide Levels
Aditya Chaturvedi1, Shaleen Jain2, S. Indu3

Predicting the Network Traffic flow using Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM)
E. Saraswathi1, S. K. L. Srinivas2, G. Trinadh Kumar3, T. Hemanth4

Modeling and Simulation of PEM Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle with Multiple Power Sources
Ajayan S1, A Immanuel Selvakumar2

CDARGA: Cluster-Based Data Aggregation with Genetic Routing Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
R. Kowsalya1, B. Rosiline Jeetha2

Effectively Diagnosing Malaria by Optimizing the Hyperparameters of CNN using Genetic Algorithm on the Multi core GPU
Manjit Jaiswal1, Aditya Sahu2, Md Tausif Zafar3

Implementing Machine Learning – Artificial Intelligence for Optimizing Solar PV with Conventional Grid
Arpita De1, Anoop Kumar De2

Design and Modeling of Automatic Cow Dung Log Making Machine
S. Kannaki1, S.Nithyapriya2, M. Abinesh3, N. Gayatri4, V.Harish5,  R.Manikandan6, M.S.Kailash7

Penetration Testing on WPA2
R.Sam Jasper1, P.P Amritha2, M. Sethumadhavan3

A Compact Multi-Frequency Circular Patch Antenna Embedded with Metamaterial Resonators
Asit K. Panda

MANET Security Appraisal: Challenges, Essentials, Attacks, Countermeasures & Future Directions
Rashidah F. Olanrewaju1, Burhan U Islam Khan2, Farhat Anwar3, Bisma Rasool Pampori4, Roohie Naaz Mir5

The Effect of Earning Per Shere and Exchange for Profitability and its Impact on Return of Food and Beverage Companies Listed on BEI (Indonesia Stock Exchange)
Rina Ani Sapariyah1, Achmad Choerudin2, Ridwan Wahyudi3

Existential Methods on Diabetes Detection using Machine Learning
Vaishali Yogesh Baviskar

Musical Informatics Course for Musicians with using Music Computer Technologies
Irina B. Gorbunova1, Andreas Kameris2, Elena N. Bazhukova3

Numerical Technique for Sloshing Velocity in a Partially Filled Moving Tank
Atul Bhattad1, B. V. Dharmendra2

Performance Analysis of Power Electronic Distribution Transformer using Adaptive Pi-Fuzzy Logic Controller
Vishnupriya K.1, Ramya G.2

Design of Secure Blockchain Convolution Neural Network Architecture for Detection Malware Attacks
Sharifa Nawroozi1, RA. K. SaravanaGuru2

Water-Electricity-Light System: Technology Innovations
Paul M. Cabacungan1, Gregory L. Tangonan2, Nerissa G. Cabacungan3

Plant Disease Detection and Localization using GRADCAM
Ninad Shukla1, Sushila Palwe2, Shubham3, Mohit Rajani4, Aaryan Suri5

Identity Based Data Sharing and Profile Matching using Probabilistic Key in Cloud
Reshmi Paul1, A. Jeyasekar2

Durability Properties of Kaolinite Clay – Metakaolin in Concrete
M. Narmatha1, S. Muralikrishnan2

Impulse Purchase Behaviour towards FMCG Products- Eying From Generation Y Lenses
Sanjay Rizal

A Future Solution for Block chain Based Distributed Electronic Health Record Data with Confidentiality and Security using Blake2b
Majji Vikram Raj Kumar1, Duvvada Rajeswara Rao2

Plant Monitoring System for Vegetable Growers
Cereneo S. Santiago Jr.1, Jake Alexander V. Murray2, Larslie Z. Dela Pieza3, Saxby Dizon4

Real Time CHIS Model for Efficient Sugarcane Plant Growth and Yield Estimation Model using Satellite Images
J.Saranya1, N. Thenmozhi2

Signal Enhancement of Acoustic Signature of Lutjanidae Family Species in Indian Waters
R. Kannan1, M. Prashanthi Devi2, G. Karpaka Kannan3

Impact of Demographics and Personality traits on Regret level of Investors: Determinants of Regret Aversion Bias
Janvi Gondaliya1, Mamta Brahmbhatt2

Human Behavior Prediction based on Opinions using Machine Learning Techniques
Sanjay K S1, Ajit Danti2

Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Concrete and Conventional Concrete
K Srinivasa Rao1, U.V. Narayana Rao2, G.Yaswanth Kumar3, A. Dattatreya Kumar4, G .Sridhara Babu5

An Innovative Device to Monitor Material Quality using Magnetic Permeability
Kadripathi K N1, K S Kiran2, L Yethinder Ragav3, Manu Kiran B4

A Vision based Indian Traffic Sign Classification
Altaf Alam1, Zainul Abdin Jaffery2

Design and Implementation of Vedic Multiplier
Akshay Savji1, Shruti Oza2

Seismic Analysis of Multi-Storey Irregular Building with Different Structural Systems
Vishal N1, Ramesh Kannan M2, Keerthika L3

Stress Indicator in Professional Teaching-Perception and Semantic Interpretation
V. Jothi Francina1, G. Padmanaban2, S. Vijayanand3, A. Irene Martina Edwards4, U. Komal5

Object Detection and Classification for Autonomous Drones
Harit Ahuja1, Vedant Kuhar2, R. I. Minu3

Factors Affecting the use of Mobile Application in Tourism Industry
Sangeetha K. S1, Sowmya Sarasan2, Indu Manish Kumar3

Analysis of Blast Induced Ground Vibration under Varying Controlled Blasting Parameter
Abhishek Kumar Tripathi1, Gadhi Durga Nookaraju2, K. S. Siva Subramanian3

Strengthening Cloud Performance by Applying Load Balancing Methodology and Security Automation
Vijaykumar B. Gadhavi1, Kalpesh H. Wandra2, Dushyantsinh B. Rathod3

Symmetric Hash Encryption Image as Key (SHEIK)
Sheik Khadar Ahmad Mnoj1, D.Lalitha Bhaskari2

The Perceived Attributes of EMA and its Relation to the Adoption of the Practice: Malaysian Evidence
Avylin Roziana Mohd Ariffin

Bus Tracking and Fuel Monitoring System
M.Ajoy Donison1, P.Karthick Raja2, S.Ajith Kumar3, N.Anitha Devi4

Model Reduction Techniques with RBE2 and RBE3 Connection for Structural Results of Handling/Lifting Fixtures for Satellite Payloads
Gohil Komal1, Snehal Trivedi2, Rakesh Prajapati3

Provisional Access of Workflow Scheduling With Mobile Agents in Agricultural Application
N. Priyadharshini1, V. Narayani2

Human Face Recognition using LBPH
Stitiprajna Panda1, Swati Sucharita Barik2, Sasmita Kumari Nayak3, Aeisuriya Tripathy4, Gourav Mohapatra5

Time Bank using Public Blockchain
Sindhura Arepalli1, A. Naga Kalyani2, Chandrasekhar Uddagiri3

IoT based Speed Monitoring System based on Location of the Vehicle
Vikas Yadav1, Ashish Unadket2, B. Sivakumar3

Performance Analysis of Solar Desalination System for Improved Productivity by using Waste Heat of Household Chimney
Taranjeet Sachdev1, Vivek Kumar Gaba2, Anil Kr Tiwari3

Prediction of Patient Readmission via Machine Learning Algorithms
Samah Alajmani1, Kamal Jambi2

Mapreduce: Simplified Data Processing on Clusters with Privacy Preserving By using Anonymization Techniques
Ashutosh Dixit1, Nidhi Tyagi2

New Technique of Applying Ultrasonic Frequency on Drilling Chemical Treated Glass
R. Izamshah1, A. R. Firdauz2, M.S. Kasim3, M.S.A. Aziz4, M. Rafiq5

Pollution Control in Water by using IC Technology
B. Gopinath1, R. Archana Devi2, S. S. Sharmila3, C. Mothika4, T. Gangothiri5

Design and Finite Element Analysis of Differential Multi-Gauging System
Nishant Neve1, V. K. Kurkute2

Deflection on Diaphragm Wall Because of Site Condition, Soil Condition, Construction Technique & Seismic Load
Aakash Rajesh Kumar Suthar1, Y S Patel2

Strategies for Improving Urban Fabric in Core Area of Mysore City
Shobha R.1, Shankar B.2

Brain Computer Interface Signals Classification for Right and Left Hands Imagined Movements
Mohammad Rafi Barakzai1, Manjaiah D.H2

Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Fluid Flow in Microfibers
Madhusmita Ghadai1, Subrat Kumar Barik2

Prediction and Analysis of Extracting Relations using Spacy Model
G. Suganya1, R. Porkodi2

Predicting Cardiovascular Disease as a Long-Term Diabetes Complication using SOM
K. Rajathi1, R. Asmetha Jeyarani2, K. Blessing Christiana3, T. Vijaya Vahini4

Bypassing Wired Port Security
Vishnu V.1, Praveen K.2

Machine Learning & Mechanics of “Investment Matrix”: “Performance Optimisation & Risk Measurement of Bank Nifty”
Nitin Kulshrestha1, Vinay Kumar Srivastava2

Design and Fabrication of Gloves for Cold Temperature Field Work
Anupama1, Chandan Kumar2, Vijay Bhutani3, R. K. Ranjan4

IoT Sensors: Perspectives & Appliance
Pratima Manhas1, Shaveta Thakral2, Jyoti Verma3

Implementation of Popular Techniques for Movie Recommendations
G. Naga Sujini1, D. Gyana Deepika2

Identification and Recognition of Rotavirus- A Particles in Microscopic Images using Enhanced Hybrid Segmentation Methods
Anoop Benny1, Manjunatha Hiremath2

Stock Price Prediction using Reinforcement Learning and Feature Extraction
R. Sathya1, Prateek Kulkarni2, Momin Nawaf Khalil3, Shishir Chandra Nigam4

Dynamic Traffic Light Control
S. Sasi Priya1, S. Rajarajeshwari2, K. Sowmiya3, P. Vinesha4, A. Athithya Janani5

Vibration Signature Analysis using Rough Sets and Analogy-Based Reasoning Classification
Chhaya Grover1, Neelam Turk2

A Sublime Technique to Solve DNA-Repair Model
Mohit Arya1, Amit Ujlayan2, Mohit Yadav3

Memory Arbitration in DDR3
S. V. Vijayalakshmi1, A. Apsara2, K. Preetha3, S. Cammillus4

An Efficient Non-Invasive Method for Fetal Ecg Extraction from Abdominal Signals
S. Rajalingam1, Varsha D2, Suvetha M3, Veerabathiran P4

Detection of Metal Landmines using Unmanned Vehicle through Bluetooth Nodes
Nishi K. U.1, S. Hemalatha2, P. Sonia Lakshmi3, Amrutha K.4

An Internet of Things based Software Defined Security Service Provisioning Framework
A. Saibabu1, V. Anantha Krishna2, V. Prabhavathi3

Alumni Info-Com with Distinct Classification of Data using Support Vector Machine Algorithm
R. Sasikumar1, B. Haritha2, T. Borshiya Vincy3, M.Kamali4, S. Deva Priya5

User’s Perspective about Mobile Fitness Applications
Sakitha Anna Joseph1, Reshma Raj K.2, Sony Vijayan3

High Frequency Design and Analysis of Long Power Cable Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive Method
R. Ragul1, N. Shanmugasundaram2, S. Thangavel3

An Area Efficient Wallace Tree Multiplier using Modified Full Adder
Abdul Bari M.1, Baskaran M.2, Siva Nandini B.3

Advanced Security Model for Internet of Things Environment
S. Mani1, V. Saravanan2, T. Samraj Lawrence3, G. R. Sakthidharan4, M. Veluchamy5

Validation of Hybrid Network-on-Chip Architecture for Optimized Performance using BookSim Simulator
Talla Vamshi1, T. Satya Savithri2

Adaptive Virtual Learning Environment based on Learning Styles for Personalizing E-learning System: Design and Implementation
Renato R. Maaliw III

Suppression of Vibration and Noise of Picking Mechanism in Power Loom
Prahalad S. Badkar1, M. M. Benal2

A Recapitulation of Different Text Classification Algorithms
Riya Bajpai

Big Data – An Innovative Tool for Meeting Business Drivers in the Modern Era
M. Ananda Rao1, U. Raghunath2, P. Bharath Kumar3

A Flower Shaped Frequency Selective Surface for WLAN Screening Applications
Vahida Shaik1, Shambavi Krishnan2

Characterization of Mechanical Properties and Corrosion Resistance of SAF 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel Groove Joints Welded Using Friction Stir Welding Process
Khaled A. Abdelazem1, H. M. Abd El-Aziz2, M. M. Z. Ahmed3, I. G. El-Batanony4

Cancer Prediction Method using Effective Feature Extraction and Supervised Classification Techniques
S. Supraja1, N.Vasuki2, N. J. Vishwa Dhakshana3, N. Kiruthiga4

A Circular Shaped Fractal Patch Antenna for Multiband Applications
Vivek Singh Kushwah1, Narendra Kumar Garg2

Electricity Generation from Dairy Farm Wastes In a Dual-Chamber Microbial Fuel Cell Using Aluminium Electrodes
Pruthviraj Gadhave1, Rajesh Sasane2, Gopal Wagh3, Nisargendu Bhatt4, Parag Sutar5

Gig Economy in India: State of Contract Workers in it Industry
Sobhit S.

Use of Modified Entropy Index and Logit Transformation Model to Access Non-Crop Enterprise Diversification in the Flood Affected Areas of Assam, India
B. Gogoi1, S. Saikia2

A Secure Data Transmission in VANETs using HC12
Kalkundri Ravi1, Rajashri Khanai2, Kalkundri Praveen3

Moment Redistribution in Continuous RC Beams Top Strengthened with Steel and CFRP Plates
Amr Ibrahim1, Ayman Khalil2, Shady Salem3, Mahmoud El-Kateb4

Advanced Driver Assistance System
K. Gopalakrishnan1, S. Afrin Fathima2, K. S. Matheshwari3

Wireless Sensor Network Localization using Artificial Intelligence and Simulated Annealing Optimization
EL Abkari Safae1, Jilbab Abdelilah2, EL Mhamdi Jamal3

Image Enhancement using Generative Adversarial Networks
Yash Prakash1, Bhavesh Phumbhra2

Self-Concept Artists Jemek Supardi in Constructing Indonesian Pantomime Techniques
Indar Sabri1, Muhammad Jazuli2, Totok Sumaryanto F3, Autar Abdillah4

Control of a Robot Manipulator using Model Following Control
Rajesh Layek1, S. Mukherjee2

Behaviour of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks using Alkali-Resistant Glass Fibre as Additive.
Anayatullah Bhat1, Zishan Raza Khan2

Experimental Examination of Weld Hardness Profile with Various Tool Pin Probes using Friction Stir Welding of AA 6082-T6 Aluminium Alloy
K. Vijaya Krishna Varma1, P. Sneha2, B. V. R. Ravi Kumar3, M. Venkata Ramana4

An Analysis of Factors Affecting the Adoption of E-Banking Services in Small Finance Banks in Karnataka
Aparna J. Varma1, Ashwini J.2, Ranjith P. V.3, Jayan V. K.4

Multi Band Minswoki Fractal Antenna for 5G Applications
Kolli Venkatrao1, Seera Hari Priya2, Rayi Raghavendra3, M. N. Sai Kiran4, Diddey Sumanth5

Design of Low Power 6T Sram with and without ROFs
C. Gangaiah Yadav1, K. S. Vijula Grace2

An Analysis of Percentage Share of Foreign Exchange Earnings from Tourism in Balance of Payments of India
Pallabi Bharali

Supply Chain with Blockchain Technology-Based at Automotive Industry
Surjandy, Meyliana1, Harco Leslie Hendric Spits Warnars2, Edi AbdurachmaEdin3, Abdurachman4

An Intuitive Platform for Implementing Cloud Brokerage Architecture using Aggregate Algorithm
K. Ramya1, M. L. V. S. H. Pavan2, D. Avinash3, T. J. Bhargav4

Student Classification Based on Cognitive Abilities and Predicting Learning Performances using Machine Learning Models
K. Sangeeta1, T. Pandu Ranga Vital2, Kalyana Kiran Kumar3

Mobile Banking Adoption in the Millennial Customers: a Revised UTAUT Model
Merugu Pratima1, G. N. P. V. Babu2

Insights on the Operational Efficiency of Women Entrepreneurs among Self Help Groups in Coimbatore
Sudha. A. G.1, Peter Kumar F. J.2, Aruna A. G.3

A Critical Synthesis Over Natural Fibers, Include Bamboo and Hemp Flavoured with Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic
Satya Ranjan Patnaik1, Manoj Kumar Pradhan2

Significance of Contemporary Core Logics for Measuring Learning Outcomes in Computer Science and Engineering
Bruce Mathew1, T. Gnana Sambanthan2

Forecasting Cloud Resource Provisioning System using Supervised Machine Learning
Frishta Mirzad1, Muhammad Rukunuddin Ghalib2

Performance Data Analytics for Contact Cooled Rotary Screw Air Compressors
Xavier Chelladurai1, Suraj S. Jain2, Aryan Soni Burman3, Sonal Kumar4, Sindhu Srinivas5

Exploring Chatbot Implementation Methodologies used in Customer Support Industry
T. Suganya1, N. S. Ashwin Kumar2, Kavijha R.3

A Wi-Fi Based Indoor Positioning System for Hospitals using Fingerprinting
El Abkari Safae1, Jilbab Abdelilah2, El Mhamdi Jamal3

Image Fusion Based Multimodal Biometric Recognition
Sunitha Nandhini A.1, Suhashini M. S.2, Yasvanthini B.3, Sharmila Devi M.4

Optimal Linear Arrangement of Turán Graphs
Arul Jeya Shalini1, J. Nancy Delaila2, J. Maria Julie3

Elastic and Elasto-Plastic Contact Behavior on Ball Bearing
Leong Chee Yau1, Wan Fathul Hakim W. Zamri2, Muhammad Faiz Md Din3, Intan Fadhlina Mohamed4, Azman Ahmad5

Decision Support System for Choose Provider Partners Goods / Services

Brain Tumor Classification using Convolution Neural Network and Size Estimation by Marker Based Watershed Segmentation
Sathesh Kumar K.1, Arun Kumar R.2, Saranya S.3, Deepika R.4, Divya V.5

Comprehensive Models Towards for Feature Extraction and Recognition in Machine Learning
K. Kishore Kumar1, H. Venkateswara Reddy2

Automatic Attendance System with Face Recognition using Machine Learning
T. Nagamani1, S. Logeswari2, B. Gomathy3, P. Sathishkumar4, K. V. Kiruthikaa5

Reversible Data Hiding on Image Encryption with Index Boundary for Partial Confidential Documents
G. Preethi

Perceptual Digital Gaps in Generations between Adoption and Usage of Different Modes of Payment in Digital Economy
Mukund Jakhiya1, Bhawna Gaur2, Raeesa Bashir3

Enhancing Building Design Strategies to Contribute in Wireless Communications
Banafsha Quadri Rajput1, Amna Rafi Chaudhry2, Sonakshi Ruhela3

Classification of Brain Tumour in MRI Images using BWT and SVM Classifier
Yash Agrawal1, Vijay Birchha2

LabVIEW Based Model of Switched Reluctance Motor using PI Controller
Padmashree V. Kulkarni1, Jyoti Koujalagi2, Babitha S.3

Wormhole Attack Isolation Access from Mobile Ad hoc Network with Delay Prediction Method
Shruti Thapar1, Sudhir Kumar Sharma2

Regression Based Software Project Effort Estimation with Reusability for Startups
O. Rajalakshmi alias KarthiKa1, C. Rekha2

Design of Charge Controller for Electric Vehicle
L. Chitra1, M. Prabhu Raj2, B. Keerthivaishnavi3, G. Madhusowmiya4, P. Rathna Praveen5

Autonomous Robot for Delivering The Orders in Restaurants By using Raspberry Pi
Anjali M. Yelasange1, Husain K. Bhaldar2, Kirti A. More3, Anjali P. Katkar4

Location-Based Credit Card Fraud Detection with Two Way Authentication
K. Vineela1, K. Mounisha2, S.Prayla Shyry3

E-Cart Design for Controlling Cart Abandonment in E-Commerce: A Conjoint Experiment
Gratel Anna Paul1, Harsha K2, Rejikumar G3

An end-to-end Novel Forecasting Model for Crime Prediction based on Big Data
M. Vinodhini1, Dhruv Srivastava2, Sameer Hirani3, Shubham Arora4

Patient Health Record Security Based on Blockchain
R. Mythili1, Revathi Venkataraman2, Akkudalai Priyanka3, Ruchika Prasad4, Archit Bhandari5

Optimisation and Reliability for Geometrical Tolerance Value against Positional Characteristic in Rotational Shaft System
K. Jafri1, R. Ramli2, A. H. Azman3

Consumer Preferences and Purchase Decisions towards e-Retailing
B.Sarath Simha

Ranking of Cloud Service Providers using Multi Layered TOPSIS
Kanagaraj K

Predicting Consumption Patterns with Repeated and Novel Events
Siva Prasath V1, Santhosh Kumar K2, Vijay Anandh S3, Sujatha R4

Computational Analysis of Composite Material for Load Carrying Element
Yamini S1, Senthil Kumar K2, Sivakami Sundari M3, Kalicharan Rath4

Synthesis and Microstructural Characterization of Cu2MnSnS4/Se4 Nano-Thermoelectric Material
Hany R. Ammar1, S. Sivasankaran2, Abdulaziz S. Alaboodi3

Improving the Performance of Brain-Computer Interface using Deep Learning Algorithms and Event-Related Spectral Perturbation
Abdulmajeed Alsufyani

Charging station location finding using Estimated Distance to Empty Prediction Algorithm
Yamini V.1, Ajayan S.2

Energy Management System Controlling over demand in Houses using Wireless Technology
Manikanta R. V. S.1, Ramya G.2

Significance of Responsible Tourism with Reference to Thenmala Ecotourism Project, Kollam
Angel Roy1, Aparna M.2, S. Girish3

Effects of Fuzziness on an MHD Fluid Flow over an Exponentially Accelerated Inclined Plate
Palash Dutta1, G. C. Hazarika2, Joydeep Borah3

User Interactive Application for Public Transportation
S. Dhanalakshmi1, G. K. Anu Keerthana2, G. Sivasakthimeena3, A. Saravanaselvan4

Safe Route Discovery for Vehicles using VANET
Noble Mary Juliet A.1, Arun Soorya. K2, Berciya. S3, Praveen. R4

Machine Learning Method for Detecting and Analysis of Fraud Phone Calls Datasets
S. Sandhya1, N. Karthikeyan2, R. Sruthi3

Accurate Breast Cancer Prediction using Machine Learning Techniques
Vinoth S. M. E.1, P. Valarmathi2

E-Waste Management with Special Reference to Household Products in Ernakulam District
Athira Prakash1, Athulya Chandran2, P Balasubramanian3

Local Non Zero Eigen Value Preservation Based Expression Recognition
G. P. Hegde1, Ashwin Kumar H. V.2, Nagaratna Hegde3

Impact of Internet Banking on the Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from the Indian Banking Sector
Bhupendra Singh Hada

Design Issues and Challenges in Indoor MIMO Antenna Systems
Lingaraj Duggani1, Udaykumar Naik2, Vijay Rayar3

Experimental Test of Circular Hollow Sections Solid Flanged Splice
Ahmed M.Ibrahim1, Tamer H.Radwan2, Sherif A.Ibrahim3, Abdelrahim K.Dessouki4

Blueprint of Enterprise Architecture on Project Management Information Systems using TOGAF in ERP Provider Company
Mozari Putri1, Zahrotur Rohimah2

Implementation of 5S to Improve the Productivity of Detergent Manufacturing Industry
P. Sundharesalingam1, B. Hemalatha2, P. Vidhya Priya3, M. Mohanasundari4

Automation of Trainee Life Cycle in the Corporate World
Shivakumara T1, Muneshwara M S2, Rajshekhar M Patil3, Nirupama B K4, Chethan A S5

Design and Simulation of High-Gain DC-DC Converter using P&O Algorithm with Bi-Directional Converter for Minimum Voltage Standalone Solar PV System
Rajesh kumar K S1, Usha S2, Karthik M3

Utilization of Topographic Imagery using Watershed Transformation in Watersheds Prone to Natural Disasters
Muhtar1, Hanafi2, Aditya Surya Manggala3, Suhartinah4, Irawati5, Pujo Priyono6

Optimized Complexity Problem Based on Combined Fully Blind Self Adapted Method using PSO for Cognitive Radio Spectrum Sensing
Rakesh Singh Rajput1, Rekha Gupta2, Aditya Trivedi3

Squid Species Matching using Fuzzy Edge Based Algorithm
K. Himabindu1, Raju Anitha2, K.Sekar3, G.Vasavi4

Motion Detection to Preserve Personal Privacy from Surveillance Data using Contrary Motion
Pavan Kumar Vadrevu1, Sri Krishna Adusumalli2, Vamsi Krishna Mangalapalli3

An Efficient Supervised Method for Fake News Detection using Machine and Deep Learning Classifiers
Sruthi. M. S1, Rahul R2, Rishikesh G3

Smart Electric Sensing in Infrastructure
K. Premkumar1, Sagana R2, Sharon E3, Prianga S4, Sushma Suvetha Mary M5

Disease Prediction using Machine Learning
S.Sai Kumar1, B.V.Subba Rao2, J.Sirisha3, B. Anusha4, A. Sai Akhil5, K.Venkata Suhesh6, K.Bhavana7

Stock Picker using Machine Learning
Nambirajan M1, Rajdev R2, Santhosh R3, Sharon Raja D4, Sivakamasundari G5

Reactive Power Control in Grid Connected PV System using Phase Locked Loop Control
Nourhan M. Elbehairy1, Rania A. Swief2, Amr M. Abdin3, T.S. Abdel-Salam4

Efficient and Reliable Communication to Reduce Broadcast Storm in Rural and Urban Scenario using RGHN and UGHN Protocol
V. Velmurugan1, J. Martin leo manickam2

Deep learning in Dermatology for skin Diseases Detection
Upma Yadav1, Ashok Kumar2, Anamika Tiwari3, Saurabh Mukherjee4

Optimization of Process Parameters for Biodiesel Production from Waste Cooking Oil using DOE Techniques
Sunil S1, Shrishail Kakkeri2

A Probe on Crime Data in Various Domains
Sukumar P1, Robert L2

Abnormal Human Activity Detection using Unsupervised Machine Learning Techniques
Mounika Chalapati1, A. Raghuvira Pratap2

Mechanical Properties of Thermal Ash Aggregate Content in Geopolymer Concrete
Brightlin K E1, Felixkala T2

Forecasting the Finest Firmness of Biocomposites using Response Surface Design Methodology
A. Parre1, B. Karthikeyan2, A. Balaji3, P. Sudhagar4, R. Udhayasankar5

Electronic Vaccine Monitoring System
P. Karthikeyan1, C. Ashwin2, R. Sai Vishnu3, N. Ravi teja4

Analysis of Impact of Laser Linewidth and Chromatic Dispersion on Carrier to Noise Ratio in Radio over Fiber

Enhanced Convolution Neural Network for Tomato Leaf Disease Classification
C. P. Saranya1, D. Palanivel Rajan2, M. Mythili3, K. Pushpalatha4, V. Saranya5

Effect of Impeller Parameters on the Flow inside the Centrifugal Blower using CFD
Yogesh R Pathak1, Kailas D Deore2, Rohan R Ozarkar3

Synthesizing and Hot Deformation Behavior of Novel Al-X Wt.% Zn Alloys for Advanced Casting Industries
S. Sivasankaran1, Fahad Al-Mufadi2, Osama M. Irfan3

Side-by-Side Analysis of Key Exchange Algorithms for Load Optimized Security in MQTT Protocol
Suja P Mathews1, Raju R Gondkar2

“A Learning Method for Object Detection from Low Resolution Image”
Yash Munot1, Mrunalinee Patole2, Chetan Jadhav3, Abhijeet Raut4, Namita Rode5

Student Analysis System for Training and Placement
Navaneeth Kumar B1, Vamsi Kandula2, Praneeth Ambiti3, K Hema4, Kishore Buddha5

Grey Area of Unplanned Purchase –Experimenting Rationality with Unplanned Purchase?
Sanjay Rizal

The Role of Bukhara in the Development of the Global Karakul Sheep Industry
Akhmedov Bekzod Abdirakhmonovich1, Muminova Gavkhar Esonovna2

A Useful Power open Market Solution for Power Investment Strategies using the IEEE 30 Bus System
Archana Shirbhate1, V.K.Chandrakar2

Understanding Customer Behaviour with Machine Learning
Rohan Bali1, Satyajee Srivastava2

Perception and Preference of Students towards E-Learning with regard to Web-based Supplemental Courses
P. Kalyanasundaram1, C. Madhavi2

A Unified Analysis of Bank Customer using Machine Learning
R. Veeramani1, P. B. Pavani Reddy2, Nikhil Raj3, Mehul Jain4

Simulation of NZE Green Building Design through Optimization of HVAC Systems
V. Baby Shalini1, Rajesh Merugu2

A Novel Encryption Scheme for Securing Data in HDFS Environment Inspired By DNA
Shahrabanu Haidari1, Amiya Kumar Dash2, Jitendra Kumar Rout3

Smart Vehicular Parking System
Nirbhay Gupta1, Somnath Mishra2, Prateek Porwal3, Budhaditya Bhattacharyya4

Design of Multi Tool Holding Attachment for Radial Drill Machine
Vijay Khawale1, Abhishek Mandaogade2, Abhishek Mishra3, kartik Wakalkar4, Mayur Khobragade5

Best Suited Machine Learning Techniques for Software Fault Prediction
Devika S1, Lekshmy P L2

Voice Assistant and Security based Smart Mirror
U. Chaitanya1, K.V. Sunayana2

Predictors of Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedure Consideration among Indonesians
Alim Chandra1, Alvin Sebastian Agis2, Giovani Sutanto3, Rini Setiowati4

Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Safe Holder and Cam Dies in Injection Molding
B Joga Rao1, Ch Rupendra2, D Vivek3, D Yuva Sai4, B Sudhakar Raju5

Static Analysis of Climbing Formwork System for High-Rise Building Construction
Venkat Ramanan R1, Ramesh Kannan M2

An Innovative Recommender System for E-Commerce Websites using Natural Language Processing
Sushmita Bose1, Chaitali Choudhary2, Ashok Behra3, Sumit Kumar Sar4

SIFT Image Feature Extraction for an Efficient Image Registration
Sanjeevakumar Harihar1, Manjunath R2

Allocation of Tasks in Crowdsourcing Problem using Parallel Tasking
A. Punitha1, A. R. Visagan2, R.P.Mahesh3

Optimized design and Performance Analysis of Three Phase Induction Motor using Maxwell Software
A.Nandha kumar1, R.Senthilkumar2, K V Santhosh Kumar3, T Alex Stanley Raja4

Fog Cloud Model Based Healthcare IoT
S. Siamala Devi1, K. Vishnunandh2, R. SriVignesh3

Social Media Marketing Strategies influencing Customer Engagement – Structural Equation Modelling
R Esther Hepziba1, Florence John2

Rural Investor’s Behavior and Satisfaction Level of Financial Saving Schemes towards Post Office
S. Shanmugapriya1, S. Saravanan2

Crop Selection and it’s Yield Prediction
Aksheya Suresh1, K. Monisha, R. Pavithra, B. Marish Hariswamy2

Load Balancing at Fog Nodes using Scheduling Algorithms
Mujthaba GM1, Manjur Kolhar2, Abdalla AlAmeen3

Technology for Determining the Effectiveness of the State Industry Development Program
Anna A. Burdina1, Moskvicheva Natalia V2, Melik-Aslanova Narmina Oktaevna3, Alexander Ten4

Optimization of Solar Energy Utilization, System Reliability and Utility Savings using a New Framework
Lakshmi Nambiar1, Vinod Kumar Gopal2, Ashwin D3, Subramaniam Ganesan4

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Integrated System for Security Measures in IoT Applications
Santosh Kumar Upadhyaya

Ambient Air Pollution Forecasting System using Deep Neural Networks
Geethika Jujjavarapu1, Siddhartha Duggirala2, Anulekha Kavutarapu3, Ravikishan Surapaneni4

Performance Based Seismic Analysis of Steel Frames
Srushti Bagal1, Prashant Pawar2, Vidyarani Kshirsagar3, Avinash Kokare4

Detection of Distracted Car Drivers using Convolutional Neural Network
Sangeetha1, R.Ambrish2, M.Madhav3, J.Karthick4

Air Quality Measurement using Computer Vision and CCTV Footage of Road Traffic
Viral Tagdiwala1, Muhammad Umair Siddiqui2, Maithili Bhuta3, Juhi Shah4, Kriti Shrivastava5

Relevance of Big Data Technologies to and users in Context of Social Networking Applications
Pawan Saxena1, Rajiv Pandey2

Fabrication and Estimation of Mechanical Properties of Composites with Varying Proportions of Carbon and Kenaf Reinforcement
A.C. Arun Raj1, S. Senkathir2, V.Thulasikanth3, T.Geethapriyan4, Kunal Goyal5

Conversion of Sign Language to Text and Speech and Prediction of Gesture
Bharath A Manoj

Anti fuzzy Bi-ideal of a Near Algebra
B. Jyothi1, P. Narasimha Swamy2, Rakshita Deshmukh3

Smart Security Device for Women using IoT
KR. Senthil Murugan1, R. Raghulkrishnaa2, D. Sri vaishnavi3, R. Nivetha4, Shreya Suresh5

Design and Development of Drivers Driving Pattern Analysis for Automatic License Issuing System
B. Thiruvaimalar Nathan1, V. Jai Kishor2, D. Srikanth Reddy3, K. Satya Sai Kumar4

Profitability and Development of Indian firms based on Financial Dynamics
Ankur Agrawal1, Ashish Saxena2, K R Gola3, Sunil Joshi4

Diabetic Retinopathy Diagnosing using Fuzzy Image Processing
Himal Chitara1, Raksha K Patel2, Tejas V Bhatt3

Multi level Authentication for secure Attendance System
Ashish Chauhan1, Shruti Khosla2, Muskan Sharma3, Sarthak Sahni4

Optimization of Diesel Engine Performance by Taguchi Grey Relational Analysis using Fuel Blends
A. Naresh Kumar1, K. Madhu Babu2, B. Prasanth Kumar3, S. Kiran Kumar4, P. S. Kishore5

Development of Fire Exit Brick using Waste Candle Wax
N. Anuja1, A. Senthil Kumar2, M. Manikandan3, G.Yogesh4

Implementation of Graph Colouring Technique in Crime Science
B. Logeshwary

An Intelligent IoT Based People Evacuation Guidance Model for Fire Hazard
Faritha Banu J1, Yuvarani K2, Suvetha B3, Nyle S4, Srilekha A5

Financial Inclusion: An Application of Machine Learning in Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems
Girija Sankar Das1, Bhagirathi Nayak2

Mechanical Properties of Benzoylation Treated Sugar Palm Fiber and Its Composite
A.S. M.Latiff1, M.R. Ishak2, Norkhairunnisa M.3, A.M. Ya’acob4

Assessment the Quality of Genome Assemblies by using QUAST Tool for Metagenomics
Swapnaja More1, Ajit More.2

Accident Damage Prevention Technology
Anna A. Burdina1, Anna A. Nekhrest-Bobkova2, Boris A.Gorelov3, Stanislav S.Burdin4

A Probabilistic and Deterministic based Defect Prediction through Defect Association Learning in Software Development
Rohini B. Jadhav1, Shashank D. Joshi2, Umesh G. Thorat3

A Conceptual Model for Automated Attendance Marking System using Facial Recognition
Rupavathy.N1, G.Nivedhitha2, M.J.Carmel Mary Belinda3

Multi Constraints Optimal Path based on Routing Protocols in VANETs
Vibha Oberoi1, Praveena Chaturvedi2

An Effective Method to Understand Bank Customer Retention System
Tushar Suri1, Shailly Singh2, Tejkaran Singh3, Arul Kumar R4, S. Metilda Florence5

Multi-Model Biometric Authentication System for Smart Attendance
K.RaviTeja1, Brahmananda S H2, Swasthika Jain T J3

Buckling Sensitivity of Ultra Fine Grained Material AA2618 Connecting Rod
Prem Kumar Chaurasiya1, Nitin Kumar Sahu2, Rashmi Dwivedi3, Sanjay Kumar Singh4, Sanjay Chhalotre5

Optimization of a3D Aircraft Morphing Wing with highly controllable Aerodynamic Performance
Anmol Krishna Mohan Chaudhary1, Deepan C2, Latshathipathi A3, Arun S.R4, Rakesh Kumar Shah5

Automating Network Simulation Tool and Data Processing in Ad Hoc Networks
Halim Berradi1, Ahmed Habbani2, Mohammed Souidi3, Hicham Amraoui4, Nada Mouchfiq5

File Management and Transparency System using Blockchain
Samjana Acharya1, S. Sreethar2, Pramod Thapa3, Shweta Shah Sonar4, M. Aarthi5

Artificial Intelligence for early Detection of Breast Cancer and Classification of Mammographic Masses
Sujata Patil1, Shweta Madiwalar2, V M Aparanji3

Performance Analysis of Classifiers in Identifying NREM Sleep and Awaken Stages from EEG Signals
Harikumar Rajaguru1, Sanjai Khan N2, Vinitha Krishnamoorthy3

Mechanical Behavior of Double Fillet Weld using Finite Element Modeling
Nancy Mary Prakash1, Mukesh Kumar Pandey2, Nadeem Faisal3

Iterative SARSA: The Modified SARSA Algorithm for Finding the Optimal Path
Prajval Mohan1, Pranav Narayan2, Lakshya Sharma3, Tejas Jambhale4, Simran Koul5

PAPR and BER Reduction on Improving Performance for Filtered-OFDM using MSM and PSO
M. Selvakumar1, B. Sudhakar2

Machine Learning Techniques in RFID Datasets
Meghna Sharma1, Manjeet Singh Tomer2, Priyanka Vashisht3

Numerical Optimization of Half-Tunnel Concrete Formwork System using FEA
Avinash S1, Ramesh Kannan M2

Intelligent Bus Fare Management System using Naive Bayes Algorithm
S.p. Maniraj1, Anirudh sharma2, Ishika Ratnam3, Aman Kumar4

Experimental and Numerical Determination of Critical Buckling Pressure of thin Cylindrical Shells Subjected To External Pressure
N.Rathinam1, B. Prabu2

Efficient Ultra-Elastic Resource Provisioning through Hyper-Converged Cloud Infrastructure using Hybrid Machine Learning Techniques
Bharanidharan.G1, S.Jayalakshmi2

Profitability of Indian Public and Private sector Banks – Empirical Evidence
Jain Mathew1, C J Davis2

Non-Destructive Assessment of Heated Rc Columns Cooled By Two Cooling Methods
Jagath Kumari Dungi1, K. SrinivasaRao2

Spatial Correlation between Altitude & other Climatic Variables : A Climatic Model of Kashmir Region using Regression Analysis
Zubair Malik1, Sachikanta Nanda2, R. Annadurai3

Selection of Suitable Material for Journal Bearing by Tribology
S Senkathir1, A C Arun Raj2, Shyamsunder R3, Kameshwaran J4, Nagu Aravind N S5

Smart Air Fertigation (SAF) without using Fertilizers through Air Irrigation for Sustainable Agriculture
Vinita Gaikwad1, Pankaj Mudholkar2, Manohar Khake3

Cost Snipper – Predicting Prices of Online Shopping Items based on Preceding Data
KR. Senthil Murugan1, S. Nagajothi2, C. Somasundaram3, R. Sabareesan4, K. Selvakumar5

“Restaurants in Pocket”: Digitalization and Food Ordering in Bangalore
Roopa K V1, Sanjeev Kumar K. M2

NFC – Blockchain as a Secure Solution
Mahesh V

Efficient Geo-Textual Hybrid Indexing Techniques for Moving Objects and Queries
Sulbha Kishor Powar1, Ganesh Magar2

Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Risk Control in Chemical Industry
R. Panday1, B. Rachmat2

Behavior of Circular Hollow Sections Solid Flanged Splice
Ahmed M. Ibrahim1, Tamer H. Radwan2, Sherif A. Ibrahim3, Abdelrahim K. Dessouki4

Bit-By-Bit Communication Based Sensor Middleware APIs
Prevesh Kumar Bishnoi1, Dharmender Kumar2

Computation of Power Generation of Green Power Unit based on Probability Distribution Parameter
Parul Upadhyay1, Satish Joshi2

Data Cleaning Techniques for Large Data Sets
Yogita Bansal1, Ankita Chopra2

Improving Decision Tree Forest using Preprocessed Data
Archana R. Panhalkar1, Dharmpal D. Doye2

Fundamental Concepts of Driver Drowsiness Detection
Kusuma Kumari B. M1, Ramakanth Kumar .P2

Software Test Data Generation based on Path Testing using Genetic Algorithms
Tina Sachdeva1, Astha Pattanaik2

Designing Framework for Real Time Twitter Data Analytics using Apache Flume and Pig
Ashlesha S. Nagdive1, Rajkishor Tugnayat2

Measurement of Risk and Return Spillovers Effects among Sensex and Equity Based Mutual Funds in India
Pramod Kumar Patjoshi1, Girija Nandini2

An Effective Technique on Clustering in Perspective of Huge Data Set
Muhammad Kalamuddin Ahamad1, Ajay Kumar Bharti2

Cloth Folding Machine
B.Vinitha1, S.Amritha2, M.Sinduja3, M.sonia4, P.Abinaya5, M.Ravindran6

Robust Skin lesion Classification via Machine Intelligence
Prasad Thakar1, Siddhivinayak A Kulkarni2

Water Storage Assessment of Khapri Watershed through Geospatial Techniques
A.L.Guruji1, P.G.Agnihotri2

Design and Sustainability of an Earthquake Resistant G+3 Residential Building
U.V. Narayana Rao1, G.Yaswanth Kumar2, K Srinivasa Rao3

A Novel Method for Real Time Recognition of Facial Expressions using Machine Learning Techniques
Aakula Sharon Pushpa1, Duvvada Rajeswara Rao2

Parameters of Side Intrusion Beam Affecting on Crash Force Efficiency During Impact
Sanjay D. Patil1, Vijaypatil Y. Dhepe2, Dheeraj S. Lengare3, Arvind J. Bhosale4, Rashtrapal B. Teltumade.5

Task scheduling Algorithms in Multi cloud Environment
Aliva Priyadarshini

Social Media Fake Profile Detection Technique Based on Attribute Estimation and Content Analysis Method
Nitika Kadam1, Harish Patidar2

Electromagnetic Fields As An Element of Spacecraft Construction
Anton Berhulov

Key Account Management: Decisions Sciences in Practice
Semila Fernandes1, Vidyasagar A2

Data Analytics Environment in Smart Industries using ML Strategies
T.S.Sandeep1, Himanshu Kumar Diwedi2, R.Venkata Ramana3, M.Prabhakar4, S.Mohammad Rafi5

An Analysis of Drivers Affecting the Implementation of Environmental Management System in Indian Automotive Industries
Ajit Singh1, M.S. Narwal2

Understanding of Cultural Diversity and Team Performance: A Conceptual Framework
Niranjani Ruba P1, Challapalli Praseeda2

Characterization of Hemp/Glass Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composites with Filler Material for the Engineering Application
K.G. Prakash1, Ranga Vittal H. K.2, A. Thimmana Gouda3

Performance Assessment of RISC-V Architecture
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Process Parameters Optimization by using the Regression Method in Micro Abrasive Air Jet Machining on Alumina Reinforced Zerconia Composite Materials
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Monitoring High Throughput Distributed System using Statistical Data Analysis
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Image Retrieval System using Residual Neural Network in a Distributed Environment
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Fault Protection Enabled Gate Drive Circuit for 3-Phase Inverter
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Effect of Motion Artifact on Variation in Heart Rate Variability Parameters
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A Data Mining Technique for Tourist Destination Brand Image Building
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A Lightweight Cryptographic Algorithm using Pseudo Stream Cipher and Trigonometric Technique with Dynamic Key
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A Framework for Analysis of Bank Customer Records by Machine Learning
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Influence of Various Trim Conditions on Vessel’s Fuel Consumption
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Automating the CFD analysis of Reefer Truck using PyFoam
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Simulation of Distributed Smart Street System
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The Opportunities and Limitations of Human Computer Interaction in Virtual and Augmented Reality
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Impact of HRM Development: A Prospective of NCR Chain Hotels
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Practical Privacy-Preserving Content-Based Retrieval in Cloud Image Repositories
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Earthquake Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithm
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Performance Monitoring of Power Quality by using SFCL with Multilevel DVR
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Intelligent Traffic Control System
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Parallel Battery Management System for Electric Vehicles
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Iceberg Detection in Satellite Images using Deep Learning Techniques
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An Unified Method of Exploration-Based Air Quality Prediction
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Efficient key Management System using Channel Response in Wireless Sensor Network
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Marketing Strategy using SWOT and QSPM Methods
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Performance and Computation Time Enhancement of Various Machine Learning Techniques for NSL-KDD Dataset
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Employees Opinion on Various Job Search Methods with Special Reference to Afghanistan
Khaled Sediqian1, Nandini Srivastava2

Implementation of Bridge Strength Detection and Accident Prevention System using Raspberry pi
Abhishek R. Sonar1, Husain K. Bhaldar2, Rohit S. Ranaware3, Tanjim M. Sayyad4

Medical Robotics – Robots and Associated Computing Technology for Medical Applications
Chethan Sharma

Boundary Layer Control of Airfoil using Rotating Cylinder
Dharmendra P1, Abhinav Verma2, Chandana J P Reddy3, Jitvan Suri S4, Vishal M5

Modeling and Predicting of Motor Insurance Claim Amount using Artificial Neural Network
V SelvaKumar1, Dipak Kumar Satpathi2, P. T. V. Praveen Kumar3, V.V. Haragopal4

Implementation of Outsourcing Technology through Revision of Functions of National Security Governance in Russia
Dudukalov1 Egor, Martynenko Tatiana2, Ignatova Tatiana3, Ivanova Daria4, Mnatsakanova Emma5

Nonlinear Autoregressive Recurrent Neural Network Model for Quality of Service Prediction
Yazeed Ahmad Al-Sbou

PM2.5 Estimation using Supervised Learning Models
Anusha Anchan1, Manasa G.R.2

Blur Detection and Classification using Dnn
S.Nachiyappan1, Pradeep KV2, K.Anusha3

Skin Diseases Prediction using Deep Learning Framework
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Gas Leak Detection, Monitoring and Safety System using IOT
P.Kalpana1, R. Vignesh2, R. Sakthi Vignesh3, K. R. Saanjeev kumar4

Emotion Detection with Single Channel EEG Signal using Deep Learning Algorithm
Vaishali M. Joshi1, Rajesh B.Ghongade2

Digital Food ordering system based on Spring Framework
R.Karthik1, T.S.Sridhar2, R.Sriram3

Design and Analysis of PMSM Traction Motor for Passenger Car Applications
Lavanya N1, Senthilnathan N2, Sakthivadivel D3, Obuli Raj P4

Application of web Metrics and Text Mining on the IRCTC Portal
Adwaith KT1, Athira K2, Krishnapriya S3, Reuben Thomas Mathew4

Electrical Load Forecasting using SVM Algorithm
Parag Nijhawan1, Vinod Kumar Bhalla2, Manish Kumar Singla3, Jyoti Gupta4

Technology Acceptance Models with Sustainability for Commercialization
Munish Kumar Tiwari1, Amit Manglik2, Anshu Goel3, Himanshu Mittal4

Complex Power Control of Double Fed Induction Generator in a Wind Power System
Dinku worku1, Marut Dev Sharma2, Basam Koteswararao3, K Siva Kishore Babu4

Calculation of the Height of Capillary Rise of Water in Soils
Tulakov Elmurad Salamovich1, Inoyatov Dilovar Tolibovich2, Kurbonov Alijon Sarabek o’g’li3

Motivation and Satisfaction at Special Sport Event
Siti Nurhafizah Ahmad1, Zuraidah Sulaiman2, Zainab Khalifah3

An Extended Artificial Neural Network Assisted Hybrid Harris Hawks and Whale Optimizer to Find Optimal Solution for Engineering Design Problems
Someet Singh1, Anuj Jain2, Sunil Kumar Mahla3

Ductile Response of Basalt Fibre Reinforced Concrete Beams
Santhosh kumar S1, Eswari S2

The use of Machine Learning Techniques in a Web-Based Learning Diagnosis System Program
Sunil Chandolu1, S. Prasad Babu Vagolu2, D.Usharajeswari3

Fake Soft Drinks Detector using IOT
C Singaraj1, M Venu Gopal2, M Venkatesh3, Ks Vigneshwar4, V. Kalaivani5

A Neural Network for Pattern Classification using Fuzzy Set Theory
Saranya D1, Akriti, Oviya Sivakumar2, S.S. Sanjay Krishnan3

Development and Monitoring of Hydroponics using IoT
Pavan Koge1, Nikhil Deshmane2, Karan Chhatwani3, P.S. Shetgar4

Researches of Morphological Structure, Element Composition And Natural Leather Adsorption By Exposure to Laser Radiation
Kodirov T.J.1, Markevich M.I.2, Malyshko A.N.3, Zhuravleva V.I.4, Sodikov N.A.5

A Power Efficient Improved NOR-Type TCAM Design using OR-Type Match-Line Segment
Rahul Nigam1, Santosh Pawar2

EMD-DWT Based ECG Denoising Technique using Soft Thresholding
P.Naga Malleswari1, B.Renuka2, CH.H.S.Sriram3, A.Jyothirmai4, CH.Srinivas5

Genetic Algorithm Based Gabor CNN For Palmprint Recognition
John Prakash Veigas1, M Sharmila Kumari2, Gnane Swarnadh Satapathi3

Energy Efficient Mobility Aware Clustering Hybrid MAC Protocol in WSN
M.Rajesh1, B.L. Raju2, B.N. Bhandari3

Importance and Responsibilities of Internet of Everything (IOE) for Monitoring and Controlling in Smart Agriculture Systems
Amit Jaykumar Chinchawade1, Onkar Singh Lamba2

Correlations Between Compressive, Flexural and Tensile Strengths of Foamed Concrete Strengthened with Oil Palm Biomass Wastes
Siti Shahirah Suhaili1, Md Azree Othuman Mydin2, Hanizam Awang3

A New Framework for Water Supply using IoT Technology
K.S. Muthu Priya1, A. Michael Nivitha2, J. Jasmine Sugaji3, N. Arumugam4

Prediction for University Admission using Machine Learning
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Micro-Level Determinants of Livelihood Diversification in The Rural Areas of Tinsukia District of India
Parswa Jyoti Neog1, Pranjal Protim Buragohain2

Design and Implementation of Vlsi Architecture for Arrhythmia Detection
J.Lavanya1, M.Abirami2, I.Merlin3, I.Vivek Anand4

Dual Band Compact Hexagonal Microstrip Antenna with Quadrangular Slot and I Shaped DGS
Banuprakash R1, Hariprasad S A2

Design and Estimation of HTC in CD Nozzle using Bartz’s Equation
Harish Mugutkar1, Kunchum Sai Sri Harsha2, Annavajjala Sai Bhargav3, Pechety Bhanu Rajeswari Devi4, Sandru Hemanth5

Methods to Improve the Spray Characteristics of n-Butanol by Visualization of Spray in a Port Injector
Praveen Kumar1, Ashish Kumar2, Manshu Gupta3, R. Siva Kumar4, T. Venugopal5

Project Ratification System using Firebase
Jagruthi Pulipati1, Arepalli Gopi2, R. Mohan Krishna3

Regression Analysis for the Axial Strengths of Muti-Blended Steel Fiber Self Compacting Concrete from the Experimentation
S. Vijaya Kumar1, B. Dean Kumar2, B.L.P. Swami3

Analysis of the Reliability of the Butter-Oil Processing Plant using CAS Mathematica and Maxima
Shalini Jindal1, Reena Garg2, Tarun Garg3

Optimization of Geometrical Parameters of Hollow-core Slabs by Formwork-free Shaping for Construction in Seismic Areas
Mirzaev Pulat1, Mirzaev Shavkat2

An Automatic Classification of Diabetics with Multilayer Perceptron using Machine Learning
F.Sangeetha Francelin Vinnarasi1, J.T.Anita Rose2, Jesline3

Impacts of Renewable Energy Generation on Smart Distribution Networks
R. Satish1, P. Kantarao2, K. Vaisakh3

Identification of Default Payments of Credit Card Clients using Boosting Techniques
S. Sathya Bama1, A. Maheshwaran2, S. Kishore Kumar3, K. RaghulKumar4, M. Yogeshwaran5

Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction through Emphasizing on Customer Relationship Management, Brand Equity & Value Chain
P. Pinakapani1, Ajatashatru Samal2

An Unimpeachable System for Providing Credit Scores using Blockchain in Educational Institutions
Kalpana Devi S1, Bitra Sainadh, Hariharan K2, Hemanth T3

Bitcoin Referral System using Secured Blockchain Technology
Shrikant Nagure1, Aarti Pratap2, Aishwarya Bhanage3, Neha Shinde4, Saurabh Deshpande5

An Association Between Demographic Factors And Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Stress Among Nurses in Andhra Pradesh
Kahmeera Shaik

Home Appliances Control using IOT& Google Assistant
P. Sabitha1, Satyam Sharma2, Sakshi Sinha3, Arpit Srivastava4

Lightweight Blockchain to Improve Security and Privacy in Smarthome
D.M Sheeba1, S. Jayalakshmi2

A Compendium on Qos Matrices in Iot
Stitapragyan Lenka1, Sipali Prdhan2, Sujogya Mishra3, Sateesh Pradhan4, P.K. Pattnaik5

On Fundamental Algebraic Attributes of χ-Fuzzy Subring, Normal Subring and Ideal
Prasanna A1, Premkumar M2, Ismail Mohideen S3

Comprehensive Analysis of Jet Flocculator in Square and Circular Basin
P.S. Randive1, D.P. Singh2, A.G. Bhole3, V.P. Varghese4

CSS using Energy Detector in AWGN and Flat-Fading Channels in Cognitive Radio Networks: A Complete Analysis
Aparna Singh Kushwah1, Vineeta Saxena (Nigam)2

MAC-aware Loss Discrimination for Real-time Streaming Services in Wireless Networks
Seung Sik Choi

Vector Generation of Reflection and Shearing of 2D Objects: Sequencing in Column Major and Row Major Pattern
Shweta Chaku1, Monika Sainger2

Women Safety Prediction using Logistic Regression Model
V. Sushma Swaraj1, L. Bhavya2, G. Pooja3, R. Deva Revathi4

Smart Dye Inspection System in Textile Industry
K. Yuvaraj1, T. Nivetha2, J. Sushma3, T.S. Sutharsan4, M. Rajadurai Ramajeyam5

A Naval Analysis of Microstrip Antenna Array using Various Elements for ISM-Band
Chaitanya Bethala1, K Manjunathchari2

Deepfake Video Forensics based on Transfer Learning
Rahul U1, Ragul M2, Raja Vignesh K3, Tejeswinee K4

Helper an Offline Android Application for Remote Controlling and Accessing of Mobile
M. Uttam Kumar Gowda1, N. Sai Bhargavi2, Abdul Aziz Sohail3, K. Balaji Nageswara Rao4, M. Vani Pujitha5

Urban Expansion Classification using the Change Detection of High-Resolution Images, for Jeddah Province
A. M. Abdel-Wahab1, Ahmed K. Abdel-Gawad2, Alaa Al Din I. Awad3

A Dynamic Multi Label Image Classification based on Recurrent Neural Networks
Kalyanaraman B1, Kaushik G Viswanath2, M Balasaran3, Ragul SK4, Bryan John Samuel5

Urbanization and Industrialization Impact on Surface Water in Coimbatore-Sulur Subwatershed
Augustine Crispin C1, Sivakumar R2

Automated Self Navigated Dustbin Dispensary System in Smart Cities
N.Pooranam1, S.K.Sai Sabareshwar2, K.R.Shyam Sundar3, P.B.Rahav Krithik4

Consumer’s Predilection towards Online Shopping in selected areas of Bongaigaon Town of Assam
Raju Subba

Real-Time Face Detection and Tracking
R.Kantharhuban1, V.Mayandi2, K.Gomathinayagam3

Urban Growth Assessment of Chennai District by Remote Sensing and Gis Techniques
Thangaperumal. S1, Muthu Maneckam. N2, Nachiappan.G3

Smart Vision Based ATM Transaction using Deep Learning Neural Networks
Kalpana Devi S1, Pranusha A2, Priyanka S3, Ram Abhishek RS4

Securing Personal Health Records using Advanced Multi-Factor Authentication in Cloud Computing
Meena.S1, V.Gayathri2

Space Complexity of C Compiler and Lex Tool
N.Abirami1, S.Aishwarya2, Z.Mahaboob Asfia3, S.Suseela4

An Integrated Prediction of SQL Injection using Random Forest
S.Sivamohan1, L. Kali Prasad2, Vigneshwararaj. S3, A.I. Vishal4

Home Automation System using Li-Fi Technology
M. Saravanan1, J. Ajayan2, R. B. Sudharsan3, R. sangeetha4, A.Vidhyashri5, C. Swathi6

How Social Media users’ Drive Influences Purchase Intention in Indian Fashion Industry
Patel Vipul B.1, Patel Kundan M2

Structural and Thermal Analysis for Design and Optimization of Disk Brake with Alternate Materials
Ankit Bhardwaj1, Harshit Gera2, Shefali Trivedi3

Impact Response of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Concrete
A. Navya H A1, B. Nayana N Patil2

Mechanical Properties and Microstructure, in welded joints of Low and Medium Carbon Steels, Applying Rotary Friction
Víctor Alcántara Alza

Economic Environmental Dispatch of Wind Integrated Thermal Power System
Suman Kumar Dey1, Deba Prasad Dash2, Mousumi Basu3

Environmental Viability as a Service (Evaas) – An Eco-Friendly Cloud Service for Optimum use of Resources at Low Energy Consumption with Less Carbon Emission
Himadri Biswas1, Debabrata Sarddar2, Uddyalok Chakraborty3

Development of an LPG Injection System for SI Engines
Quoc-Thai Pham

Live Migration of Stateful Processes across Edge Servers
Harkiranpreet Kaur1, Kiranbir Kaur2

Vehicle Monitoring System
N. Monish Sai1, B. Vijay Prakash2, N. Renuka3, K. Deepu4, B. Jayanag5

Iot Based Health Monitoring System
K.Subbiah Kumar1, P.Subashraja2, V.Vasanth3, M.Venkatesh4, N.B.Prakash5

ECMC Rule based Software Module Defect Prediction using Support Vector Balanced Data
Kovuru Vijaya Kumar1, Ch GVN Prasad2

Quadratic Boost Converter Fed Switched Reluctance Motor with Improved Dynamic Response
Mohammad Aheraz Bin Muslim1, Neeraj Prasad2, Saugaat Gupta3, K. Vijayalakshmi4

Motor Imagery EEG Classification based on Machine Learning Algorithm
Pradeep Rusiya1, N. S. Chaudhari2

Object Detection Method by using Yolov3 with Machine Learning
S. Muthamil Selvan1, P. V. Sumanth2, U. Surendra3, Chakradhar.V4

A Hybrid Algorithm in Reinforcement Learning for Crowd Simulation
K.Pavithra1, G.Radhamani2

Customer Scattering Effect on Distribution System Reliability

A Decentralized Data Privacy for Mobile Payment using Blockchain Technology
Beena G Pillai1, Madhurya J A2

An Exploratory Examination on Small Scale Sugarcane Harvesting Machine
Amith A Kulkarni1, M K Punith Prasad2, Manjunatha s bilagi3, Rishi J P4, S A Mohan Krishna5, Amruth E6

Classification of Diabetic Retinopathy Patients using Morphological Process
V.Raja Manikanta Prakash1, J.Hima Bindu2, N.Rahul3, T.Sajana4

Remote Monitoring System through IoT and WSN for Congestion Free Access
A.Y. Prabhakar1, Sahil2, Aditi Dadhich3, Deepak Sharma4

XSS Vulnerability Assessment Procedure and Mitigation for Web Application
Y. Prathyusha Reddy1, SK. Althaf Rahaman2, K.Yasudha3

Automation of Employee Workload Management using Random Sample Partition Algorithm
M. Suresh1, R. Brainard Samuel2, T. Bhuvaneswar3, R. Hariharan Jaubin4, R. Balaji5

Optimal Synthesis of six bar Mechanism using Particle Swarm Optimization
Abdul Qaiyum1, Aas Mohammad2

An Optimized User Prioritized Service Provisioning in LTE Network
Swetha1, Mohankumar N M2, Mohana H K3, Devaraju J T4

Disease Detection in Paddy Crop using CNN Algorithm
Sharath N Payyadi1, Varun S D2, Satya Gururaj Kalluru3, Archana R Kulkarni4

Prognosis of Neurological Disorder
S.Gnanavel1, M.Sreekrishna2, Nivedha K3, Preethi S, Pranav V4

Enhanced Unsupervised Image Generation using GAN based Convolutional Nets
M Rama Bai1, J Sreedevi2, B Pragna3

FPGA based Performance Analysis of Speed Control Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drive with Pi and Fuzzy Logic Controller
Rajendra Murmu1, Arvind Kumar Singh2

Timing Closure of Memory Partitions for a Lower Nodes Technologies
Piyush Bhatasana

Spam Detection Framework using ML Algorithm
Vinodhini. M1, Prithvi. D2, Balaji. S3

Machine Learning Based Nutrient Deficiency Detection in Crops
Amirtha T1, Gokulalakshmi T2, Umamaheswari P3, T Rajasekar M.Tech4

Privacy Preserving for Sensitive Data using Data Masking Technique
Madhurya J A1, Beena G Pillai2

Sexual Offences in the Cyber World: Emerging Technological Challenges
Ajay P. Tushir

Social Sector Expenditure and Gross State Domestic Product in Assam
Kamalika Hazarika

To Assess the Effectiveness of Anti-Plagiarism Tools
Payal B. Dahotre1, Shobha K. Bawiskar2

A Hybrid Method of Textile Defect Detection using GLCM, LBP, SVD and Wavelet Transform
Chetan Chaudhari1, Ravindra Kumar Gupta2, Sapana Fegade3

Data Analytics for Substation Overloading Assessment of Solar Integrated Distribution System
Jagdish Prasad Sharma

Recognize Objects for Visually Impaired using Computer Vision
Deven Pawar1, Mihir Raul2, Pranav Raut3, Sharmila Gaikwad4

Dietary Supplement use Among College Athletes
Hardeep Kaur Saini1, Sukhjivan Singh2

BPR Based Drug Groups and Drug Interaction Extraction
Akhila Mohan1, Linda Sara Mathew2

Numerical Modeling Methods for Large Open Loop Multibody System
S. F. A. Ahmad Noh1, Mohamad Ezral Baharudin2, Azuwir Mohd Nor3, Mohd Zakimi Zakaria4, Mohd Sazli Saad5

An Improved Deep Learning Model for Plant Disease Detection
Anjanadevi B1, Charmila I2, Akhil NS3, Anusha R4

Variation of the Mechanical Properties for Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites with Different Weight Ratio of Ziziphus Nummularia’s (Ber) Fibers
Akshay joshi1, R. Mangal2

Production and Thermal Characterization of Ethanol Blends from Black Jaggery
Nitin Ralph Pochont1, Vinay Atgur2, K.M.V. Ravi Teja3, G Manavendra4, G.P. Desai5, P. Vijaya Kumar6

Small Signal Modeling and Analysis of a Dual Input Interleaved DC-DC Converter
Sivaprasad Athikkal1, Kumaravel Sundaramoorthy2

Improving Efficiency of CNN using Octave Convolution
A.V.Sriharsha1, K.Yochana2

Automated Code Inspection of Twitter Data using Software Repository Mining
Pooja Nair1, Abirami G.2

Classification Techniques for Plant Disease Detection
Vagisha Sharma1, Amandeep Verma2, Neelam Goel3

Analysis of Buffer Zones of Limestone Mines Areas using Digital Image Processing Techniques
K.S. Siva Subramanian1, Abhishek Kumar Tripathi2, Ramesh Kant3

An Analysis of Automated Essay Grading Systems
Kshitiz Srivastava1, Namrata Dhanda2, Anurag Shrivastava3

Livelihood Portfolio and Designed Intervention: the Case for Arunachal Pradesh
Lijum Nochi1, Debajit Bhuyan2

Increasing the Efficiency of Lung Cancer Detection by Improving Local Magnification Operations of the FPR Network
Maria Patricia Peeris.T1, P. Brundha2

Impact of Active Superconducting FCL on Distance Protection in Nine Bus
Sanchita Kumari1, Amrita Sinha2

Bottom Ash based Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Sujatha Takkellapati1, Tej Sai Moturu2, Haroon Ali Khan3, Chava Srinivas4

Experimental Verification of LG WAVE and Ansoft HFSS Simulation Software Using a 2 x 2 Antenna Array with EBG Structure
Shashi Kumar D1, S Suganthi2

Reconstructing Connections Among Women, Agriculture and Food in India
Bijaylaxmi Mohapatra1, Itishri Sarangi2

Access Control Mechanism for IoT using Blockchain
Pratik Patel1, Pinkal Chauhan2

Prediction of Network Attacks using Bio-Inspired Machine Learning Algorithm
Ananya Aggarwal1, Priyam Agrawal2, Kanmani Sivagar3

Fuzzy Fibrewise Homotopy
J. Mahalakshmi1, M. Sudha2

Implementation of Smart Grids: Limitations and Regulations
Alex Pacheco-Pumaleque1, Andy Reyes2, Orlando Reyes-Carrasco3, Marco Añaños-Bedriñana4

Electrochemical Performance of Molybdenum Disulfide Supercapacitor Electrode in Potassium Hydroxide and Sodium Sulfate Electrolytes
Raja Noor Amalina Raja Seman1, Mohd Asyadi Azam2, Mohd Fareezuan Abdul Aziz3, Raja Izamshah4, Mohd Shahir Kasim5

VASD2OM: Virtual Auditing and Secure Deduplication with Dynamic Ownership Management in Cloud
Geeta C M1, Nikhil R C2, Raghavendra S3, Rajkumar Buyya4, Venugopal K R5

Breast Cancer Diagnosis using Sequential Pattern Mining
Fokrul A. Mazarbhuiya1, M. Y. Alzahrani2, Ahmad H. Alahmadi3

Mathematical Simulation of the Movement of a Machine Unit of a Saw Cylinder with Distributed Parameters
F.Kh. Ibragimov1, O.A.Ortikov2, Sh.G.Madjidova3, T.A.Ochilov4, K.B.Mirzaakhmedova5

Compressed Sensing Based Spectrum Detection for Maritime Cognitive Radio Networks

Amind Wescom
J. Kishore1, T. Karthikeyan2, R. Madhav Dinesh3, K. J. Prasanna Venkatesan4

Fish Production Forecasting in India using Nested Interval Based Fuzzy Time Series Model
Amit Kumar Rana

Conventional AI Chatting Robot
M. Vinodhini1, Umang Sharma2, Shubham Mishra3, Sai Harshith Kumar4

Prediction of Customer Churn on e-Retailing
M Jaeyalakshmi1, S Gnanavel2, K S Guhapriya3, S Harshini Phriyaa4, K Kavya Sree5

Characterization of Pare Rock Mass and Support System Design for Head Race Tunnel
Pragati Goswami1, Diganta Goswami2, Ranjeet Bahadur Singh3, Pawan Kumar Singh4, Sylvia Kashyap5

Malaria Cell Image Classification using Deep Learning
Jaspreet Singh Chima1, Abhishek Shah2, Karan Shah3, Rekha Ramesh4

Cooperative Residual Battery (CORB) Resource Optimization in AODV Routing Protocol
Nagesh R.1, M.N Sreerangaraju.2, Prashanth S3

Solar PV Fault Classification using Back Propagation Neural Network
Poonam Shinde1, S. R. Deore2

Implementation of Active Noise Cancellation for Small Confined Spaces
Prathamesh N. Narkhede1, Narendra S. Pandit2, Sahil A. Palaskar3, Varsha Harpale4, Deepti Khurge5

Energy Bio-Inspired For Manet
Rohan Sharma1, Pankaj Bhambri2, Amandeep Kaur Sohal3

A Robust Hybrid Biometric Face Recognition Payment System
Yashasvi Mutteneni1, Shirisha Kasireddy2, Anurag Achanta3

Aerodynamical Optimization of Adaptable Span Wing of Telescopic Spar and Foldable Wing Tip using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Naga Surya K1, Karthikeyan N2, Joshva M3, Mortin Robert P4, Karthik S5

Soft Computing Based Ground Target Recognition
Vinod Kumar Bhalla1, Ravinanda Kumar2, Manish Kumar Singla3, Parag Nijhawan4

Machine Learning Techniques: The Need of the Hour
Parag Nijhawan1, Vinod Kumar Bhalla2, Jyoti Gupta3, Manish Kumar Singla4

Image Reconstruction and Per-pixel Classification
Gondhi Navabharat Reddy1, Sruthi Setlem3

Extractive Text Summarization for Sports Articles using Statistical Method
Sai Teja Polisetty1, K Selvani Deepthi2, Shaik Ameen3, Ravivarma G4, M Mounisha5

Recent Advances in Green Finance
Sandeep Kumar Rawat1,  Anu2

Impact of Quality of Work Life of Employees on Employee Turnover in Engineering Sector
Sanjeevni Gangwani1, Shweta Sharma2, Noore Zahra3

Energy Efficient Routing Protocol based on Clustering for Multi-Hop Infrastructure-Less Wireless Networks
Arun Kumar1, R.K. Singh2, Sandip Vijay3

Realtime Data Traffic Analyser Locomotive of Big Data Analytics
Fatma Asad Al Jarah1, Mazhar Hussain Malik2

Intellectual Capital, Literacy Sharia Banking and Banking Sharia Service Usage : A Multilevel Effect
Suseno Hadi Purnomo1, Heslina2, Muhammad Tafsir3, Rusni4

Cost Effectual Distributed Cooperative Cluster based Communication Protocol in Wireless Sensor Network
P.Durgadevi1, Akila2, Veeramakali3

Distribution Robot for Medical Applications
B. V. N. R. Siva Kumar1, M.David Vinod2, V.Venkateswarlu3, K.Anusha4,Ch.Thrinath5

Data Science Techniques, Tools and Predictions
Mujthaba G.M1, Abdalla Al Ameen2, Manjur Kolhar3, Mohammed Rahmath4

Dual Shot Face Detecting using Deep Learning
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ariation in the Properties of Spot Weldments of Cold Rolled Mild Steel Welded with Filler Metal by Preheating
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Static Pentesting of Android Application
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Job Satisfaction: Difference in Levels among Selected Industries
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Personalized Clothing Customization System Solution using Augmented Reality Technology
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Deep Learning Based Ethiopian Car’s License Plate Detection and Recognition
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Human Cognitive Bias Identification for Generating Safety Requirements in Safety Critical Systems
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Mahaviracharya Encryption Standard (MES)
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Ecofriendly Wind & Solar Portable Charger Power for Mobile Devices
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Do Equity Mutual Fund Managers Possess efficient Stock Selection Skills?
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Home Reconnaissance and Surveillance
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Importance of Context in Prediction Systems of Mobile Applications
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Literary Role of Rural Finance with Special Reference to Developing Nations
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Load Settlement Behaviour of Pile-Raft Foundation in Cohesionless Soil
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Vehicle Theft Recovery
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