Volume-8 Issue-2S10, September 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-2S10, September 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Needle and Syringe Exchange Program for HIV/AIDS Prevention : Areas to be Considered by Law Enforcement Agency for Implementation
Ezarina Zakaria1, Fauziah Ibrahim2, Norulhuda Sarnon3, Nazirah Hassan4

Inhibitory and Emotional Control Deficits as Mediators between Protective Factors and Symptoms of Problem Behaviors in Delinquency
Abdul Rahman Ahmad Badayai1, Wan Shahrazad Wan Sulaiman2, Rozainee Khairudin3

Inhibitory and Emotional Control Deficits as Predictors of Symptoms of Problem Behaviors among Juvenile Delinquents
Abdul Rahman Ahmad Badayai1, Rozainee Khairudin2, Wan Shahrazad Wan Sulaiman3

Accessibility to Facilities for Persons with Disabilities at Public Institutes of Higher Learning
Aizan Sofia Amin1, Siti Zuliana Md Zuki2, Noremy Md Akhir3

Youth-to-Youth Engagement
Mohd Suhaimi Mohamad1, Rozita Ibrahim2, Daniella M. Mokhtar3, Nasrudin Subhi4

Relationship between Emotional Disturbance, Family Conflict, Social Pressure and Drug Craving Among Former Drug Addicts
Fauziah Ibrahim1, Ezarina Zakaria2, Norulhuda Sarnon3, Salina Nen4, Nazirah Hassan5

Life Challenges and Mental Health Issues of Single Mothers: A Systematic Examination
Siti Marziah Zakaria1, Nor Hazila Mat Lazim2, Suzana Mohd. Hoesni3

Re-definition of Occupational Safety and Health Performance in Malaysian Manufacturing Industry
Mohd Nasir Selamat1, Mukhiffun Mukapit2, Siti Fardaniah Abd Aziz3, Zafir Khan Mohamed Makhbul4

Contributing Factors in Publications Among Academicians
Nasrudin Subhi1, Nor Jana Saim2, Salina Nen3, Mastura Mahmud4, Norulhuda Sarnon5

Exploring the Coping Strategies that Improve Resiliency among Flood Victims in Kelantan, Malaysia
Noremy Md Akhir1, Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin2, Aizan Sofia Amin3, Rusyda Helma Mohd4, Nur Hafizah Md Akhir5

Validation of the Malay Mental Help Seeking Attitude Scale
Norhayati Ibrahim1, A’isyah Mohd Safien2, Ching Sin Siau3

Teenage Pregnancy in Malaysia: Understanding the Importance of Social Support in Relation to Coping, Resilience and Mental Health
Saim N.J.1, Ghazinour M.2, Richter J.3

Cyberbullying Victimization and Cyberbullying Perpetration with Self-Esteem as the Moderator
Tan Kim Hua1, Nicholas Sia Heng Hwa2, Sheau Tsuey Chong3

An Experimental Examination on ohe Effects of Supplementations with Palm Tocotrienol-Rich-Fraction (TRF) and Annatto Δ-Tocotrienol on Body Weight and Pre-Implantation Embryonic Development in Nicotine-Treated Mice
M. M. Siti Syairah1, Y. S. Kamsani2, M. H. Rajikin3

Marital Satisfaction and General Happiness among urban Malays in Klang Valley
Suzana Mohd Hoesni1, Siti Marziah Zakaria2

Work Intention as Mediator in the Relationship between Work Passion and Organizational Commitment among Teachers in Malaysia
Amalina Ibrahim1, Wan Shahrazad Wan Sulaiman2, Fatimah Wati Halim3

How Low Income People Perceived Poverty? A Preliminary Findings on Poverty Attribution of B40 Group in Malaysia
Norizan Hassan1, Rozmi Ismail2, Nurul-Azza Abdullah3

Agricultural Sector FDI and Economic Growth in Saarc Countries
M. Arul Kumar1, S. Gopalsamy2

Impact of FDI as Macroeconomic Variable on the Exchange Rates with Special Reference to the Selected Asian Countries’ Currencies
A. Paul Williams

Foreign Direct Investment: A Feature Key Drive’s for India’s Growth in it Sector
M. Kanaga1, K. Uthayasuriyan2

FDI, GDP, and CO2 Emission: ARDL Bound Cointegration Relationship Examination
A.Muthusamy1, P. Jansi Rani2

Sector -Wise Performance of FDI Equity Inflows in India
A. Muthusamy1, S. Karthika2

Foreign Direct Investment and Economic growth in Member Countries of Asia Pacific Trade Agreement
A. Muthusamy1, Raghuveer Negi2

Sectoral Contribution of FDI in India (With Special Reference to Automobile, Telecommunication, Services and Computer Hardwares & Softwares Sectors)
S. Prasad1, A. Paul Williams2

Trends in Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth of India with Special Reference to Tamil Nadu
K. Uthayasuriyan

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Industrial Growth of India
Muthusamy1, S. Sundararajan2

Investment Opportunities and Challenges in Tamil Nadu for Industrial Development- An Assessment
Listin P T1, D Ilangovan2

Impact of FDI on the Development of an Economy and the Growth in the Value of Exports of a Country
S. Sridevi1, S. Chandramohan2

FDI in Indian Non-Life Insurance Sector: Boost Market Potential
M. Surya1, B. Sudha2, T. Priyanka3

FDI in India: Leading to Economic Growth
N. Ramar1, V. Prabakaran2, S.Rajendran3, C.K Muthu Kumaran4

The Progress and Achievement of Top Five Services Sectors through the Foreign Direct Investments in India
K. Pagavathi1, K. Prabhakar Rajkumar2

FDI in Agriculture Sector in India with Special Reference to Academicians
Violet Glady

Scrutiny of Breast Cancer Detection Techniques of Deep Learning and Machine Learning
Kiran Preet Kaur1, S. K. Mittal2

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Economic Development
G. Uppili Srinivasan1, V. Anandavel2

Foreign Direct Investment on Export of Leather and Leather Products in India
A. Muthusamy1, V. Ganesh2

Growth of Foreign Direct Investment in Indian Textile Sector
T. Selva Kumar1, A. Gunasekaran2, G. Vinayagamoorthi3

Impact of FDI Inflows on Export and Growth of an Indian Economy
S. Karpagalakshmi1, A. Muthusamy2

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and its Impact on Hotel and Tourism Services in India
A. Muthusamy1, Aravindaraj K2

Problem of Assessing the Investment Attractiveness of Risk Projects for Developing Artificial Intelligence
Irina Reshetnikova1, Olga Yanina2, Larisa Semenova3, Lesya Bozhko4, Oleg Veselitsky5

Diffusion of Strategic Practices in HRM and their Impact Over Productivity of Small Firms
Shobha Bhardwaj1, Ajay Jain2, Vinay Kumar3

Macroeconomic Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in Sri Lanka
A. M. M. Mustafa

Impact of Tourism and Foreign Direct Investment on Gross Domestic Production: Forecasts for the Case of Sri Lanka
A. M. M. Mustafa

Status of Financial Inclusion in India, Persisting Challenges and Way Forward
Namita Swain1, Ajay Jain2

Community Detection Algorithms for Big Data using Graph Theory
Ram Milan1, Diwakar Shukla2, Kamlesh Kumar Pandey3

Detection of Tree Crown from Satellite Imagery using Object Based Image Examination
Sujata R. Kadu1, Balaji G. Hogade2, Imdad Rizvi3

Impact of Transformational Leadership (Idealized Influence, Inspirational Motivation, Intellectual Stimulation, Individualized Consideration) on Employee Performance
Mohammed Matar1, Aldhaheri2, Mohammed Nussari3

A Better Understanding of Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Affective Organizational Commitment
Rashed Alneyadi1, Mohammed Nusari2, Ali Ameen3, Amiya Bhaumik4

Influence of Management Quality and Technology Developments on Islamic Banking Performance in UAE
Mansoor Mulla1, Ali Ameen2, Ibrahim Alrajawy3, Amiya Bhaumik4

Impact of Operational Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction on Banking Performance: Empirical Examination on UAE Islamic Banking
Mansoor Mulla1, Osama Isaac2, Ibrahim Alrajawy3, Amiya Bhaumik4

Towards a Better Understanding of Relationship between Dubai Smart Government Characteristics and Organizational Performance
Obeid Alshamsi1, Ali Ameen2, Mohammed Nusari3, Abuelhassan E. Abuelhassan4, Amiya Bhumic5

Examining the Impact of Dubai Smart Government Characteristics on User Satisfaction
Obeid Alshamsi1, Ali Ameen2, Osama Isaac3, Gamal S. A. Khalifa4, Amiya Bhumic5

Role of Judicial Specialization on Improving the Organizational Performance within Judicial Institutions in the United Arab Emirates
Mohamad Alhamad1, Mohammed Nusari2, Ali Ameen3, Valliappan Raju4, Amiya Bhumic5

The Influences of Human Capital (Knowledge, Skills, and Competency) on Organizational Performance: A PLS-SEM Technique
Mohamad Alhamad1, Mohammed Nusari2, Ali Ameen3, Valliappan Raju4, Amiya Bhumic5

Churners Prediction Based on Mining the Content of Social Network Taxonomy
Asia Mahdi Naser Alzubaidi1, Eman Salih Al-Shamery2

Importance of Interface in Creating Corpus
Toirova Guli Ibragimovna1, Yuldasheva Mavjuda Rakhimovna2, Elibaeva Lola Suleymanovna3

Problems of Ensuring Innovative Development of Credit Activities of Commercial Banks and Ways of their Solution
Azimova Shakhnoza Samukdjanovna

Examination of Thermophysical Processes in the Creation of Metal Layered Compositions
Norkhudjaev F. R1, Alikulov. A. K H2, Abdurakhmonov. K H. Z3, Tursunov. T. K H4

Formation of Technological Competence in Students: Essence and Content
Allambergenov Akhmet Janabergenovich

Development of Information Security Competency in Students
Davlatov Oybek Ganievich

Political Persecutions and Ideological Pressure on the Creative Intellectuals of Uzbekistan in Post-War Decades
Ergasheva Yu. A1, Vasieva D. I2, Murtazova S. B3

Some Important Features of Renaissance Dramas: Themes, Style and Character Examination
Khakimova Gulnora Abdumalikovna

An Examination on Customer Satisfaction Towards Air-Conditioner User in Chennai City
C. Kathiravan1, V. Suresh2, Padmaja Bhagavatham3, V. Palanisamy4

Facial Features Based Hybrid Methods for Emotion Recognition
Bharati Dixit1, Arun Gaikwad2

Hydraulic Scaling and Similitude from Model to Prototype
Ajim A. Mokashi1, Piyusha S. Hirpurkar2

Mining of Completion Rate of Higher Education Based on Fuzzy Feature Selection Model and Machine Learning Techniques
Tahseen A. Wotaifi1, Eman S. Al-Shamery2

An Examination on E-Service Quality in Online Shopping
K. Krishna Kumar1, P. Ranjitha2

Examination and Forecasting of Drug Consumption Based on Recurrent Deep Learning
Hadab Khalid Obayes1, Nabeel Al – A’araji2, Eman AL-Shamery3

Disruption in Indian Cellular Telecom Market: Critical Success Factors
Abdhesh Kumar Singh1, Pramod Pathak2, Saumya Singh3

Security Enhancement of Online Accounting Data from Cyber Attacks
S. Gopalsamy1, A V. Karthick2

Screening of Phytochemical Compounds and Assessment of Antiurolithiatic Activity of PisoniaAlba Leaves Extracts against DNA Damage
Kavitha Rani Mari1, Suriyavathana Muthukrishnan2, Punithavathi Manogaran3, Anandhi Eswaran4

Detecting Model Clones using Design Metrics
Ritu Garg1, R. K. Singh2

IoT Based Energy Meter with Theft Detect
M. V. Ramesh1, P. Sowjanya2

Effect of Rapping System Malfunctions on ESP Performance
Tushar Kumar

Usage of Artificial Vision Cloud Services as Building Blocks for Blind People Assistive Systems
Dennis Paulino1, Arsénio Reis2, Hugo Paredes3, Hugo Fernandes4, João Barroso5

Proactive Healthcare Monitoring using IoT
Deepthi Vaddella1, Cheepirisetti Sruthi2, Bharath Kumar Chowdary3, Somula Ramasubbareddy4

Smart Waste Isolation and Monitoring Framework using IoT
Arathi B N1, Shona M2, Pankaja R3

Understanding the Factors Affecting Consumer’s Acceptance of E–Healthcare Services
Prachi Verma1, Satinder Kumar2, Sanjeev K. Sharma3

Prediction of Heart Disease using Machine Learning
Nagaraj M. Lutimath1, Chethan C2, Basavaraj S Pol3

A Need for Technological Intervention: Children as Rag Pickers in Waste Management of Hyderabad City
Jarupula Sai Kumar

HPLC Characterization and Assessment of Antioxidant Status of Vetiveria Zizanioides Roots
Punithavathi Manogaran1, Suriyavathana Muthukrishnan2, Kavitha Rani Mari3, Anandhi Eswaran4

E-Commerce Pricing Opportunities: and How to Exploit Them
S. Balamurugan1, M. Selva Lakshmi2

Phytoremediation of Potentially Toxic Element Via Absorbtion and Translocation by Naturally Grown Plants Calotropis Procera and Solanum Nigrum from Polluted Agricultural Field Near by Industrial Area, Chinhat Lucknow U.P.(India)
Neeta Pandey1, Ram Bharose2

Event Characteristics of Crypto Currency and Security
Jin-Keun Hong

Generalized Property Graphs (GPG) of Property-Value Structures for Knowledge Model
Zhanfan Zhao1, Byung-Hun Jeon2, Ju-Ri Kim3

Factors on Learning Satisfaction with a Focus on E-learning in the Military
Yang-Ha Chun

Simplified Quantification Method on Rebar Work
Seok Heon Yun

IoT Hacking Attacks and Countermeasure
Sunghyuck Hong1, Jungsoo Han2, Guijung Kim3

Needs According to the Problems of Mammography Education
Dong-Hee Hong1, Hong-Ryang Jung2, Cheong-Hwan Lim3, Woo-Taek Lim4, Young-Cheol Joo5

Relational Characteristics of Maliciousness and Hacker in a Cyberattack
Jin-keun Hong1, Jung-Soo Han2

Feature Analysis on Retinal Blood Vessels for Human Authentication
Aisiri A P1, C. M Patil2

The Human Resource (HR) Factor and the Impact of Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste on Environment: An Integrated Remedial Method
Kavuluru Venugopal1, Abhilasha Ambatipudi2

A Relative Method of Video Coding using Different Wavelets with SPIHT
Nithin S. S1, L. Padma Suresh2

Preservation of Privacy using Multidimensional K-Anonymity Method for Non-Relational Data
Abhijit J. Patankar1, Kotrappa Sirbi2, Kshama V. Kulhalli3

Modeling of Liquid Hot Metal Sloshing in Ladles During Transportation by Locomotives (A Bond Graph Method)
Abhijit Roy1, Anup Kumar Saha2

Use of Knowledge Base for Improving Equipment for Preparatory Works in Forest Areas (By Example of Increment Borer and Tree Caliper)
Shegelman I. R1, Vasilev A. S.2, Sukhanov Y. V.3, Galaktionov O. N.4, Kuznetsov A. V.5, Anuchin A. S.6, Shtykov A. S.7

Automatic Test Cases Generation using Multistage-Based Genetic Algorithm for Object Oriented Testing
Anju Bala1, Rajender Singh Chhillar2

Applying Multi Property Tree for Multi Keyword Rank Searching and Dynamic Update in Cloud
Pawan Kumar Tanwar1, Ajay Khunteta2, Vishal Goar3

Concentrated Solar Thermal Steam Cooking System: An Application in DTU Hostel
Vikas Kumar Tomar1, Rajesh Kumar2, J P Kesari3

Tree-stem Volume Calculation from SfM-MVS to Improve Estimates in the Timber Industry in Indonesia
Christopher Gomez1, Aditya Saputra2, Hiroki Matsui3

Forecasting of Agricultural Loan in Bangladesh
Md. Mosfiqur Rahman1, Masuma Parvin2, Sayedul Anam3, M.A Rubi4

Professional Communication Skills in English for Non-native English Speaking Engineers: Challenges and a Proposed Teaching Framework
Deler Singh1, Gurvinder Kaur2

Impact of FDI in Insurance Sector
S. Nithya1, G. Vinayagamoorthi2, S. Josephin Arulmozhi3

A Scheme for Shot Detection and Video Retreival using Spatio Temporal Features
G S Naveen Kumar1, V S K Reddy2

Determinants of FIIs Net Investment in India
K. Chitradevi

The Role of Internal and External Motivation on Employee Performance
Mohammed Matar1, Aldhaheri2, Mohammed Nussari3

The Relationship between Transformational Leadership and Organizational Performance: the Case of Government Sector in UAE
Nayef Alateibi1, Ahmed Hamoud Al-Shibami2, Ali Ameen3, Amiya Bhaumik4, Ibrahim Alrajawy5

Integrating Technological Acceptance Model and end-User Computing Satisfaction to Explain the Intention to Continue Using Car Navigation Systems in UAE
Salem Alkutbi1, Ibrahim Alrajawy2, Ali Ameen3, Ahmed Hamoud Al-Shibami4, Amiya Bhaumik5

Impact of Foreign Direct Investment of Indian Economy in Epoch of Global Value Chain with Reference to Industrialists in Tirunelveli District
Giftson Solomon J1, D Janis Bibiyana2

Bulding a Knowledge Base for Developing New Technical Solitions for the Development of Forest Roads Network
Shegelman Ilia Romanovich1, Vasilev Aleksey Sergeevich2, Galaktionov Oleg Nikolaevich3, Kuznetsov Alexey Vladimirovich4, Sukhanov Yury Vladimirovich5

Impact of Organizational Justice (Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice, and Interactional Justice) on Job Satisfaction
Rashed Alneyadi1, Mohammed Nusari2, Ali Ameen3, Amiya Bhaumik4

Impact of Organizational Culture on Transformational Leadership and Organizational Performance
Ahmed Hamoud Al-Shibami1, Nayef Alateibi2, Mohammed Nusari3, Ali Ameen4, Gamal S. A. Khalifa5, Amiya Bhaumik6

Assessment of Ecological Consciousness Formation among Adolescent Girls in the Learning Process by Means of Specialized Computer Systems
Irina B. Kostina1, Yuliya P. Gladkikh2, Maxim A. Velichko3, Lyudmila V. Krasovskaya4, Olga N. Satler5

FDI Contribution to the Maritime Industry in India
S. Aravindan1, S. Prasad2

A Mathematical Model to Examination the Behavior of Two Competing Biological Species under the Effect of a Toxicant
Gauri Agrawal1, Alok Agrawal2, Anuj Kumar Agarwal3, Piyush Kumar Tripathi4

An Empirical Examination of the CAPM on BSE SENSEX Stocks
Soumys Shetty1, Janet Jyothi D Souza2

Foreign Direct Investment on Agricultural Industry in India
M.Gurupandi1, S.Eswaran2

Medical Tourism in India
S. Josephin Arulmozhi1, K. Praveenkumar2, G. Vinayagamoorthi3

The Influence of FDI with GDP its Impact of FDI in Civil Aviation Sector in India
A. Muthusamy1, G. Kalpana2

Prediction of Ship Motions and Added Resistance in Head Waves Base on Linera Strip Theory
Tran Ngoc Tu1, Nguyen Thi Hai Ha2, Do Duc Luu3

The Rates of Changining Confined Aquifer Hydraulic Parmeters under Dynamic Conditions, Area Three in Darb El Arbeain, South Western Desert, Egypt
Gamal H. El Saeed1, Neveen B. Abdelmageed2, Peter Riad3, M. Komy4

Examining and Organizing the Spatial Development Pattern of Shiraz City using Shannon Entropy and Heldren Models
Morteza Yavari1, Fazlollah Karimi Ghotbabadi2, Mohammad Rezaei Afkham3

Factors Determining in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in India
R. Vijayalakshmi1, V. Palanisingh2, G. Lingavel3, T. R. Gurumoorthy4

FDI and Make in India
V. Sureshbabu1, R. Vinitha2

Technological Safety and the Production System
S.R. Bakasov1, A.E. Prorokov2, Yu.N. Matveev3, V.N. Bogatikov4, B.V. Palux5

Probabilistic Rainfall Thresholds for Landslide Occurrences in Bhutan
Raju Sarkar1, Abhirup Dikshit2, Hemanta Hazarika3, Koji Yamada4, Krishna Subba5

Macroeconomic Factors as a Predictor of Stock Market: Empirical Evidences from India, U.S. and U.K.
Krishnaveer Singh1, Aruna Dhamija2

Behavioural Finance and Investment Preference in Private Equity Indian Companies
Chabi Gupta1, Rachna Saxena2

Goods and Services Tax: Issues and Challenges in India
Vikram Sandhu1, Heena Atwal2

Domestic and Foreign Tourists Arrivals in Goa: Growth Examiation
Sukhaji G. Naik

Implementation of Improved Synchronization in Inter Process Communication using Threads for Microkernel and Distributed Operating Systems
Sukhvinder Singh Bamber

Retrieval of Video Contents based on Deep Parameter Analysis using Machine Learning
Mallikharjuna Lingam K1, VSK Reddy2

The use of Ontologies in the Development of a Mobile E-Learning Application in the Process of Staff Adaptation
Bakanova A.1, Letov N.E.2, KaibassovaD.3, KuzminK.S.4, LoginovK.V.5, Shikov A.N.6

Exploring the Psychometric Properties of Mandarin-Translated Zuckerman Kuhlman Personality Questionnaire among Chinese High School Students in Malaysia
Lee Enn Hooi1, Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin2, Norruzeyati Che Mohd Nasir3, Hilwa Abdullah @ Mohd Nor4, Noremy Md Akhir5, Tengku Elmi Azlina binti Tengku Muda6

Energy Storage with Inclusion of Power Stability Improvement with Advanced Controls Based on VLSI
B. Pullarao1, S. Srinivasan2

Tangible and Intangible Attributes for the Development of Convention Tourism – An Economic Proposition
A. Lajwanti Naidu1, Manohar Sajnani2, Zeenat Zaidi3

Measuring the Mediating Effect of Utilitarian Motive in the Relationship of Product Quality, Product Price with Consumer Purchase Intention
Pratibha Rai1, Om Jee Gupta2

An Entropy based Model for Examination of Social Media Data Mining for Marketing Intelligence
N. Naveen1, S. Suresh2, P. Karunakar Reddy3

An Efficient Exchanged Hyper Cube for Parallel and Distributed Network
P Venkat Reddy1, Sudarson Jena2, V Kamakshi Prasa3

Industry Fire Safety System using Embedded Technology with Internet of Things
Ch. Srigiri1, K. V. Lalitha2, T V Prasad3, S. Krishna Vamsi4

Selection of Commercial Robots with Anticipated Cost and Design Specifications using Regression Models
Sasmita Nayak1, Neeraj Kumar2, B. Choudhury3

Key Factors & Features Influencing Selection of Open Source Functional Test Automation Tools
Saravanan K1, Senthil Kumar Balakrishnan2

Development of Performance Evaluation Model for Public Sector Industrial Organizations in Kerala
Sibu C. Chithran1, K.S.Chandrasekar2

Intellectual Green Corridor for Crisis Wellbeing Transference
Inbalatha.K1, Palaniswamy K.M2

Type of Supervised Text Classification System for Unstructured Text Comments using Probability Theory Technique
Sreedhar Kumar S1, Syed Thouheed Ahmed2, Nisha Bai3, Vınutha B A4

Structural Parameters and Working Range Estimation of Excavator Backhoe Mechanism
J Subba Raju1, Basavaraju S2

Change in Semigraph Energy Due to Edge Deletion and its Relation with Distance Energy
Hanumesha. A. G1, Meenakshi. K2

Smart Water Dripping System for Agriculture/ Farming
D. Sowmya1, R. Praveen Sam2, K. Govardhan Reddy3

Marketing Strategies Adopted by Private Coaching Classes in Marathwada Region
Gajanan P. Mudholkar1, Ram D. Kolhe2

Online Customer Comments and their Impact on Consumer Buying Behavior: Using Social Cognitive Theory to Understand Consumer Expectations and Media Influences
Ravikumar. J.S1, Syed Mohammad Ghouse2, T. Narayana Reddy3

Development of Personal Social Activity: Formation of Students ‘Political Culture
Natalia P. Nikonova

Examining the Accessibility, Support, Benefits of Training in Road and Transport Authority: the Case of Service Quality in UAE
Hamdan Almatrushi1, Mohammed Nusari2, Ali Ameen3, Amiya Bhaumik4

Factors of Actualization of the Resource of Social and Political Participation of Youth
Natalia V. Kamenez

An Assessment of Service Quality Dimensions Conducted at Oyo Hotel, Bangalore
Kalavathy. K. S1, Swapna. H. R2

E-Word of Mouth: Strengthening the Strategic Tool of Digital Marketing
Anurag Singh

A Perspective Research on Information Systems in Tourism Sector in Kerala
M.R. Dileep1, K.S.Chandrasekar2

Compressive Strength of Concrete with Construction and Demolition Waste and m-SAND using Additives
DivyaSrinath1, Shashishankar A2, Ravindra R3, Mohiyuddin C S4

Changing Status of the Ahom Priestly Class
Dipankar Mohan