Volume-7 Issue-4S, November 2018

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Volume-7 Issue-4S, November 2018, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Subspace Homotopy Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations
S.R. Saratha1, Vijeta Iyer2, R. Manju3

Application of Scheduling using Critical Path Method to Hydraulic Performance of Impeller for a Multistage Submersible Pump
T Thulasimani

Automatic Electricity Bill Generating System
N. Rajathi1, N. Suganthi2, Shilpa R.3

GDP based Medal Count Analysis in Summer Olympics Games for two Decades – An Exploratory Analysis
Sumathi VP1, Vanitha V2, Divyadarshini M3

Synthesis and Optical, Photoconductivity Study of Safranin O Dye Sensitized Titania/Silica Oxide System Prepared by Modified Sol-gel Method
D. Arun Kumar1, J. Merline Shyla2, Francis P. Xavier3

A Survey on Ultrasound Image Segmentation Algorithm for Detection of Female Pelvic Masses
Deeparani M1, Kalamani M2, Krishnamoorthi M3

Structural and Optical Characterization of ZnS Nanoparticles Synthesized by Low Temperature Solid-State Method
P. Kannappan1, R. Dhanasekaran2

Investigations on New Nanostructuredpoly (M-Toluidine-Co-3-Aminobenzoic Acid) Copolymer in Presence of DBSA Surfactantmoleclule by Insitu-Polymerisation
A. Mahudeswaran1, J. Vivekanandan2, P. S. Vijayanand3, J. Chandrasekaran4

Hydrogen Production and Power Generation from Ocean Waves
Sasikumar. C1, Sundaresan. R2, Nagaraja. M3

Automation of Sand Core Drilling Process in Casting Industries
M. Dinesh Kumar

Stabilization of Linear/Nonlinear Autonomous Systems using Lyapunov Functions
S. Sudhahar1, D. Sharmila2

Secured Cryptosystem using Blowfish and RSA Algorithm for the Data in Public Cloud
G. Sathish Kumar1, K. Premalatha2, N. Aravindhraj3, M. Nivaashini4, M. Karthiga5

Efficient Hand-dorsa Vein Pattern Recognition using KNN Classification with Completed Histogram CB in TP Feature Descriptor
C. Premavathi1, P. Thangaraj2

Survey on Particle Swarm Optimization Techniques in Network-on-Chip
K. Sathis Kumar1, K. Paramasivam2

Periodicity Mining, “a Time Inference over High Utility Item Set Mining” – A Study
Arunkumar M. S1, Suresh P2, Gunavathi C3, Preethi S.4

Analysis of Searching Task using Chain Method in Swarm Robotics
Sakthivelmurugan. E1, Senthilkumar G2, Ramakrishnan. A3, Selvamuthukumaran. D4

An Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Cold-Formed Stiffened Channel Section in Compression
M. Ranjitham1, N. V. Manjunath2

Application of Sensors in Railway Tracks for Safety
Karthikamani R1, Sathish Kumar. R2, Divya. N3

Behaviour of the Steel Slag Blended Concrete by Determination of Its Elastic Properties
Karthik Prabhu T1, Nagarajan2, Jagadesh P3, Eswaramoorthi P.4

An Experimental and Comparative Study on Canal Lining Exploitation Geosynthetic Material, Cement Mortar and Material Lining
PA. Prabakaran1, G. L. Sathyamoorty2, M. Adhimayan3

Statistical Analysis of Ground Water Quality Parameters in Erode District, Taminadu, India
M. Jamuna

Strength and Light Transmittance of Plastic Fiber Concrete
Lisa Mary Thomas1, S. K. Shivaranjani2

Risk Mitigation of Construction Projects in Hilly Areas
Nishaant Ha1, Anand T2, Sachin Prabhu P3, Dayaanandan M4

Feature Selection with Enhanced Bat Algorithm and Modified Recursive Bayesian Deep Neural Network (MRBDNN) for Temperature Prediction
R. Rajkumar1, A. James Albert2, S.P. Siddique Ibrahim3

Requirement Analysis Document in Google Drive for Green and Sustainable Software Engineering Approach
M. Mohankumar1, M Anand Kumar2, S. Aruna Devi3, R. Suresh Kumar4

Composition of Functions under Niαg Continuous and Niαg-Irresolute Functions in Nano Ideal Topological Spaces
M. Parimala1, D. Arivuoli2, R. Jeevitha3

Function-E-Chainble Sets in Bitopological Space
Vijeta Iyer1, S R Saratha2, V Sudha3

Catch Them Young: Importance of Career Planning in Indian School Education Systems
Ramalatha Marimuthu1, Navaneethakrishnan R2, Alagu Meenakshi3, Uma Maheswari S4

Minimum Power Consumption High Efficiency Bypassing-Based 2D Multiplier Design using 65nm CMOS Technology
K. Paramasivam1, Suresh Kumar N2

Design and Anlaysis of Low Power Full Adder using 65nm CMOS Technology
K. Paramasivam1, Suresh Kumar N2

RTOS based Online Condition Monitoring and Diagnosis of Electrical Equipment
S. Tamil Elakkiya1, K. Karthika2, K. Jasmine3

Impact of Climate Change on Reservoir Inflow Predictions: A Case Study
N. Ramsundram1, Nisha Khanam2

Study and Comparison of Steel Haunched and Tapered Beam
V. Jeyasudha1, Satheesh Kumar KRP2

Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control for Active Vibration Control of Hydraulic Actuated Vehicle Suspension
Senthil Kumar P1, Sivakumar K2, Kannan P. R.3

Urbanization Effects on the Surface Water Resources and Land Use in Udumal Petregion using RS & GIS
V. Chelladurai1, P. Karthikeyan2, S. Thangamani3

IoT Based Automated Water Distribution System with Water Theft Control and Water Purchasing System
G. M. Tamilselvan1, V. Ashishkumar2, S. Jothi Prasath3, S. Mohammed Yusuff4

Existence of Solution of Hypothalamo- Pituitary – Adrenocortical Mathematical Model
J. Rajasingh1, S. Sivasakthi2, M. Thirumalaimuthukumaran3

Existence of Solution of Forest Cross-Diffusion Model
J. Rajasingh1, R. Murugesu2, S. John Alexis3

Lazy Learning Associative Classification in MapReduce Framework
S. P. Siddique Ibrahim1, M. Sivabalakrishnan2, S.P. Syed Ibrahim3

Analysing the Purchase Behavior of a Customer for Improving the Sales of a Product
M. N. Saroja1, S. Kannan2, K. R. Baskaran3

An Exploratory Data Analysis for Loan Prediction Based on Nature of the Clients
X. Francis Jency1, V.P. Sumathi2, Janani Shiva Sri3

Heart Disease Prediction System using Enhanced Apriori
P. Parameswari1, C. Ramachandran2, R. Rassika3

A Study on the Student Experiences in Blended Learning Environments
R.K. Kavitha1, W. Jaisingh2

EMDAI: An Emergency Message Diffusion for Accident Information in Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks
Gunasekaran M1, Gopalakrishnan B2, Manikantan. M3

A Novel Method for Detection of Retinal Lesions Using Statistical Based Segmentation with Supervised Classifier
W. Jai Singh1, R. K. Kavitha2

Hazard Operability Study (HAZOP) in a Fertiliser Plant
K. Muthukumar1, M. Suman Mohan2

A Study on Traffic Analyses in Social Media Network of Twitter through Data Mining Techniques
M.C.S. Geetha1, K. Divya Sri2

Catch Them Young: Importance of Career Planning in Indian School Education Systems
Ramalatha Marimuthu1, Navaneethakrishnan R2, Alagu Meenakshi3, Uma Maheswari S4

An Investigation of Quality Enhancement in Online Shopping and Inventory Maintenance
N. Jayakanthan1, M. Manikantan2, R. Rassika3

Influence of Students’ Personality Traits on Learning Style
Amala Jayanthi. M1, Lakshmana Kumar. R2, Hari Priya. K. P3

Impact of Learning Style and Personality Traits on Students’ in Academics
Amala Jayanthi. M1, Lakshmana Kumar. R2, Hari Priya. K. P3

Improvement of Project Performance by Constraint Analysis and Root Cause Analysis of Last Planner System
T. Anand1, P. Sachin Prabhu2, H.A. Nishaant3

Utilization of Plastic Waste and Foundry Waste in Flexible Pavements
J. Premlatha1, G. L. Sathyamoorthy2, S. Anita3

Substrate Removal Kinetics for Anaerobic Hybrid Reactor (AHR) Treating Dairy Industrial Wastewater
G.L. Sathyamoorthy

A Comprehensive Survey of Multimodal Image Fusion Schemes
Bhavna Bharath1, Suganthi N2

Speech Emotion Recognition using Deep Learning
Nithya Roopa S.1, Prabhakaran M2, Betty.P3

Performance Analysis in Olympic Games using Exploratory Data Analysis Techniques
Yamunathangam. D1, Kirthicka. G2, Shahanas Parveen3

Requirement Analysis Document in Google Drive for Green and Sustainable Software Engineering Approach
M. Mohankumar1, M Anand Kumar2, S. Aruna Devi3, R. Suresh Kumar4

Study and Comparison of Steel Haunched and Tapered Beam
V. Jeyasudha1, Satheesh Kumar KRP2

An Experimental and Comparative Study on Canal Lining Exploitation Geo Synthetic Material, Cement Mortar and Material Lining
PA. Prabakaran1, G.L. Sathyamoorty2, M. Adhimayan3

Automatic Ticket Validation System for Indian Railways
V. Vanitha1, V.P. Sumathi2, R. Kalaiselvi3

Smart Health Care Monitoring System Using Android Application: A Review
Rameswari. R1, Divya. N2

A Short Investigation on Effective Spectral Properties of Multispectral and Hyper Spectral Images for Object Detection
Jenice Aroma R1, Syed Ali Fathima S. J2, Raniya Harini R3

An Online Question & Answer Platform
Nalini Nagendran1, Kriti Asrani2, Devaki P3

Security and Safety With Facial Recognition Feature for Next Generation Automobiles
Nalini Nagendran1, Ashwini Kolhe2

Interactive Coding Platform for Students
T. K. Chandru1, M. Dinesh Kumar2, S. Karthikeyan3, K. Saranya4

A Comprehensive Survey on Virtual Migration Techniques in Cloud Computing
Raju C1, Krishnamoorthi M2

Non-Invasive Diabetes Mellitus Detection Using Facial Block Color
S. Sathyavathi1, K. R. Baskaran2, S. Kavitha3

Elephant Intrusion Detection and Repulsive System
N. Suganthi1, N. Rajathi2, Farithul Inzamam M3

A Comprehensive Survey on Waste Management and its Challenges
Jeba N1, Sudha V2

Heart Disease with Risk Prediction using Machine Learning Algorithms
S. Kavitha1, K. R. Baskaran2, S. Sathyavathi3

Automatic Water Irrigation System Approach for Smart Homes
Alamelu1, M Sindhuja2, Balaji S3

Secure Data Access Privacy Preserving using Cloud Services
M. Suguna1, D. Prakash2, Cynthia. J3

Automated Generation of Question Answering System using Semantic Web
Suguna. M1, Priyanga B2, Prakash D.3

Predictive Analysis for Identifying the Relationship between Forest Cover and Tiger Population
P. Shenbagam1, N. Rajkumar2

Impact of Academic and Social Factors on the Academic Performance of First Year Engineering Student
P. Devaki1, S. Selvanayaki2, R. Marudhachalam3

Fishermen Helping System
Devaki. P1, Renuka. T2, Sridhevi. S3

Unique Identical Weightage (UIW) Model for Real Time Customer Search Queries
M. Alamelu1, T. S. Pradeep Kumar2

Twitter Sentimental Analysis
Shobana G1, Vigneshwara B2, Maniraj Sai A.3

Simulation of Fire Safety Training Environment using Immersive Virtual Reality
Syed Ali Fathima S J1, Jenice Aroma R2

Remote Authentication using Face Recognition with Steganography
Nishant Kaushik1, Parveen Sultana H2, Senthil Jayavel3

Likeminded – A Recommender System Based Knowledge Sharing Application for Students
K. R. Baskaran1, S. Sabari Rangan2, S. Ajithkumar3, B. Krishna Prasath4

Fuzzy Based Estimation of Enhanced Colour Illumination for Digital Images
P. Saravana Kumar1, T. V. P. Sundararajan2, J. Poornimasre3

IoT Based Decision Support System for Agriculture Yield Enhancements
P. Uva Dharini1, S. Monisha2, K. Narrmadha3, K. Saranya4

Mathematical Morphology for Recognition of Hard Exudates from Diabetic Retinopathy Images
R. Sathish Kumar1, R. Karthikamani2, S. Vinodhini3

Mn2+ -Doped with ZnS Nanoparticle Synthesized by Chemical Co-Precipitation Technique
R. Rajanandkumar1, S. Ashokan2

IoT based Smart Parking Management System
J. Cynthia1, C. Bharathi Priya2, P. A. Gopinath3

An Exploratory Data Analysis of Movie Review Dataset
V. Vanitha1, V. P. Sumathi2, V. Soundariya3

BCI based EEG Signals for Emotion Classification
K. Saranya1, S. Jayanthy2

Enhancing Customer Engagement using Beacons
K. Saranya1, S. J. Syed Ali Fathima2, Mohd N Azri Ismail3

Increasing Privacy for Private Database in Cloud Environment
S. Kirubakaran1, S. Karthick2, S. P. Prakash3

IoT Enabled Air Pollution Monitoring and Awareness Creation System
Yamunathangam1, K. Pritheka2, P. Varuna3

A Survey on the Modern Technologies used in Public Toilets
V. Sudha1, N. Jeba2, R. Akiladevi3

An Exploratory Data Analysis of Bowler’s Performance in IPL
Aswini D1, Guruprasath. J2, Raghuselvapraveen. S3

Threats to Mobile Security and Privacy
Thiruvaazhi.U1, Arthi.R2

Investigation on Dry Sliding Wear Behaviour of Self-Lubricating Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced with Fly ash and Solid Lubricant
Anandha Moorthy Appusamy1, Prakash Eswaran2, Madheswaran Subramaniyan3

A Survey on Item Selection Approaches for Computer Based Adaptive Testing
Nandakumar G. S1, Viswanandhne S.2

Design and Implementation of Alert System for Monitoring the Ambient Temperature Using Cloud Computing in Hospital Regions
K K Megavarthini1, S Vignesh2, S Paul Joshua3, A P Gokulraj4, V Indirakumar5

Experimental Studies on Durability Aspects of High Strength Concrete using Flyash and Alccofine
A. Parvathy Karthika1, V. Gayathri2

Development of Unmanned Guided Vehicle for Material Handling Automation for Industry 4.0
C. Maheswari1, E. B. Priyanka2, S. Thangavel3, P. Parameswari4

Analysis of Prediction Accuracy of Heart Diseases using Supervised Machine Learning Techniques for Developing Clinical Decision Support Systems
Kiruthikaa K V1, Vijay Franklin J2, Yuvaraj S3

Implementation of Industrial Internet of Things based Industrial Tank Level Control Process
 S. Arun Jayakar1, M. Kalimuthu2, S. Sakthiya Ram3, G. M. Tamilselvan4

Tweets: Review of Micro-Blog Based Recommendation Systems (RS) for News Recommendation (NR)
Nithya. K1, Krishnamoorthi. M2, Kalamani. M3

Performance Analysis of Low Noise Amplifier using Junction Less GAA TFET and Conventional MOSFET
T. Jasparvinithasundari

Design and Fabrication of a Solar Car
Sasikumar C1, Aswath C2, Surendrakumar K3, Suryaprakash A4

Challenges in Information Mining from Semantic Web Data
R. Gomathi1, S. Logeswari2

EB Charge Monitoring System using Embedded System
Haritha J1, Vinodhini S2, Ramya E3, Gayathri S4

Robust Controller Design for Fixed field-DC Motor Speed Control
T. Rajesh1, S. Arun jayakar2, M. Kalimuthu3, G. M. Tamilselvan4

Gc-Ms Analysis of Albizia Amara and Phyla Nodiflora Ethanolic Leaf Extracts
Tamilselvi S1, DharaniT2, Padmini S3, Nivetha S4, Sangeetha M5, Arunava Das6, Balakrishnaraja R7

Recognition and Investigation of Skin Cancer using Morphological Operations
Prabha Devi D1, Iniya Shree S2

A Hybrid Bio Sensing Medical Implantable Front end Design for Wireless Body Sensor Nodes and IoT Applications
Raja Krishnamoorthy1, P.T. Kalaivaani2

Performance Evaluation of Re-Configurable VLSI Architecture based on Finite Impulse Response Interpolation Filter
Raja Krishnamoorthy1, P.T. Kalaivaani2, Puvirajan Thirumurugan3

An American Sign Language Recognition System using Bounding Box and Palm FEATURES Extraction Techniques
S. Shivashankara1, S. Srinath2

The Outcome of Employee Commitment in Healthcare Industry
R. Indradevi1, E.Veronica2

An Advanced Multiplier Less Prediction Scheme based on Discrete Wavelet Transformation Approach for Image Analysis
Raja Krishnamoorthy1, P.T. Kalaivaani2, A.S. Reddy3