Volume-9 Issue-1, May 2020

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Volume-9 Issue-1, May 2020, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Cartoon Character Generation using Generative Adversarial Network
Gourab Guruprasad1 , Gauri Gakhar2,D Vanusha3

Diagnosis Failure Cause of complex Pharmaceutical System by Bayes Learning for Decision Support
Ngoc-Hoang Tran

Feature Selection using Normalized Weight Method for Tamil Text Classification
N. Rajkumar1, T.S. Subashini2, K. Rajan3, V. Ramalingam4

Characteristic of Car Crash in North of Iraq
Huseyin Gökҫekuş1, Shahban Ismaael Albkra2, Muhammad Khidre Musa3

Experimental Works on Geopolymer Concrete Composites: Destructive and Non-Destructive Testing
Srikanth Divvala1, M. Swaroopa Rani2

Haemorrhages and Micro- aneurysms Diseases Detection using Eye Fundus Images with Image Processing Techniques
S.Megala1, T.S. Subashini2

HSO Based K-Means for Automatic Segmentation of Disease and Deficiency in Tomato Plant
S. Sivagami1, S. Mohanapriya2

Estimation of Similarity between DNA Sequences and Its Graphical Representation
Probir Mondal 

Design and Fabrication of Drawing Die for Fly Press
B. Joga Rao1, K. Sai Sudheer2, M. Sekhar3, K. Siva4, G. Eswar Naved5

Intelligent System for Matured Coconut Identification
Avudai Nayagam.T1, Devakumar.T2

Effect of Tool Rotational Speeds on Friction Stir Welded AA6082-T6 Aluminium Alloy Joints
Sameer MD1, Aruri Devaraju2, Saikumar Gadakary3, Srinu G4

Cognitive Occupancy Appraisal for Sustainable Housing
Ar. Parul Bhyan1, Bhavna Shrivastava2, Nand kumar3

Characteristics of Natural Ester Oil Exposed with Ultrasonic Sound Waves
Rethish Kumar C1, Willjuice Iruthayarajan M2, Bakrutheen M3

Artificial Neural Network based Applications in Mechanical Engineering
Mohit Gangwar1, Brijesh Kumar Ojha2, Rohit Srivastava3, Himanshu Kumar Shukla4, Aditya Pratap Singh5

Debt Traps – A Risk Participative Loom for Reduction of Default Risk using Numeric Game Theory
Pinakapani Peri1, Bhaskar Narasimha Rao Garimella2, B.Mohan Kumar3

Parallelism Effects in Higher Term Dot Product Floating Point Computation
Prasanna Palsodkar1, Prachi Palsodkar2

Fruitfly based Optimization for Forgery Face Detection Analysis
Ranjeeth kumar.C1, Binduja.S2, Monisha.V3, Kirtthiga.M4

Design and Simulation of Under Limb Orthosis for Rehabilitation of Paraplegics
Samanthapudi Meghana1, Seeram Srinivasa Rao2

Role of Technology in Financial Services of Commercial Banks in Visakhapatnam
T Geeta Madhuri Naidu1, P Shobha Rani2

Neighbor Cell List Optimization based on Game Theory and Location Information for the Handover Process in Dense Fcns
Ahmed I. Mohamed1, Amr A. Al-Awamry2, Ashraf S. Mohra3

Institutional Regulation of Clustering Processes and Innovative Development of Russian Regions
Dmitry L. Napolskikh

Usage and Scope of ICT Applications for Sustainable Development of Urban Uttarakhand
Avishek Ghosal1, Anil Kumar2

Identification of Web Site Reliability Through Data Scrapping at Web Crawler’s Navigation
S. Ponmaniraj1, Tapas Kumar2, Amit Kumar Goel3

Electro-Hydraulic Position Tracking using NARMA Neural Controller
Ndilkoula Diontar1, Christopher A. Otieno2, Stanley I. Kamau3

Economical and Technical Assessment of Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems for Optimal Performance Applied in Hurghada, Egypt
Fathy Ghonima1, M. Ezzat2, T.S. Abdel-Salam3

Modeling of Amplitude and Frequency of Vibration for Rotor Bearing System using Ann and Taguchi Methods
V Sudheer kumar1, CH Nagaraju2

The Reality of Technologies for Cyber Security Challengese
Hena Iqbal1, Ghassan Al-Utaibi2, Om Prakash Bohra3

Conceptualization of a Locomotion Guide to Visually Impaired Human Race
S.Sajithra Varun1, R.Nagaraj2

Voice Controlled Industrial Parameters Monitoring and Controlling System
Saurabh Sathawane1, A.D. Belsare2, Vaibhav Deshpande3, Snehal Warade4, Tanay Thakre5

E-Freight Booking System
B. Sivasankari1, K. Subhikshaa2, S. Theepa Sri3, M. Yasmin Fathima4, A. Shenbagaraman5

Enhancing Seed Selection and Providing Guidance for Cultivation using Random Forest Technique
Ayushi Gupta1, Nikhil Narayan2, Kanmani Sivagar3

Creation of a System for Managing and Coordinating Research and Development Activities at High-Tech Enterprises
Dobrova Katrina Benikovna1, Dobrova Ekaterina Dmitrievna2

Influence of Separating Fibrous Seed Mass to Fractions to Quality
T.A.Ochilov1, B.B.Akhmedov2, T.A.Toyirova3, Sh.S.Mengnarov4, J.T.Xasanov5

Repair in Reality using Remont Application
M.Ganesan1, P. Abinaya2, N. Kavinaya3, P. Kavitha4, Smrite D. Nambiar5

Fuzzy α-ψ*- Irreducible Spacese
M. Rowthri1, B. Amudhambigai2

Heart Disease Prediction using Machine Learning and Data Mining
Keshav Srivastava1, Dilip Kumar Choubey2

Relation of Economic Growth and Macro Economic Variables
Priyanka Bharali

Path Generation and Map Construction for Mobile Robot Navigation
Honnaraju B1, Murali S2

Combined Effects of Eccentricity and Internal Fins on the Shell and Tube Latent Heat Storage Systems
Ahmad K AL-Migdady1, Ali M Jawarneh2, Hussein N Dalgamoni3, Mohammad Tarwaneh4

Effect of Annealing Temperature on The Improved Photo Catalytic Degradation of Zinc Sulfide Thin Films Under Visible Light Irradiation
S. Kannan1, N.P. Subiramaniyam2, SU. Lavanisadevi3, M. Sathishkumar4

Real Time-Detection of Lung Cancer
K ArunKumar1, Nishanth S2, Shankar Narayan K3, Subikshan S4

Cloud Computing for Industry 4.0
Sourabh Kumar Singh1, Rajat Sharma2, Suraj Gupta3, L. N. Das4

Improvement of Network Cyber Security Services using Security Operation Models
D Yaso Omkari1, J Omkar Reddy2, K Prathima Reddy3

Upskilling Initiatives By IT Companies in the Age of Industry 4.0
Navya John

Machine Learning for Accurate Prediction of Cardiac Arrhythmia
Rashmitha H.R1, Sumana M2

Smart Home based Big Data Analysis for Healthcare Applications
R.Ramprashath1, R.Gomathi2, V.Ananthanarayanan3,  J.Ashok Lingam Mahipaul4

Characterization and Performance Analysis of an Adsorptive Polyacrylonitrile based Hydrogel for Heavy Metals Removal
Amany A. El Mansoub1, Marwa M. El Sayed2, Abdelghani M.G. Abulnour3, Hussein M. Fahmy4, Rasha M. El Nashar5

Biological Treatment of Dairy Wastewater using Bio Enzyme from Citrus Fruit Peels
Srimathi.N1, Subiksha.M2,  Abarna.J3, Niranjana.T4

Conceptual Problems of Corporatization of Russian Leasing Companies with State Participation
Oleg N. Dmitriev1, Sergey V. Novikov2

Software Defined Storage Implementation Model to Data Centers
Andy Reyes Vargas1, Alex Pacheco Pumaleque2, Enrique Condor Tinoco3, Marco de la Cruz Rocca4

Detection of Blood Glucose Level in Humans using Non-Invasive Method-RL BGM
M. Julie Therese1, P. Dharanyadevi2, A. Devi3, C. Kalaiarasy4

An IoT based Ambulance Guidance System Under Emergency Condition
K. Premkumar1, K.V. Hari Krishnaa2, R. Remo Dany3, S. Sri Siddharth4

Mechanical Properties of Concrete by using M-Sand and Basalt Fibre in Concrete
T.Kavitha1, P.Partheeban2

Pitch Angle Control through PI and PID Controller based for Wind Energy Conversion System
Mukesh Kumar Rathore1, Meena Agrawal2

Determinants of University Student’s Work Readiness
Agung Widhi Kurniawan1, Muhammad Ichwan Musa2, Tenri SP Dipoatmodjo3, Nurman Nurman4

An Interactive Animated Comic of Paedophile Awareness for Children
Siti Zulaiha Ahmad1, Nur Anis Idayu Mohd Nor2, Anis Maesin3

Modern Globalization-Innovative Challenges of Industrial Production of the Countries of the World
Baula Olena1, Liutak Olena2, Yaroslava Stoliarchuk3

Practical Battery Discharge Regulator with Weinberg Topology
Anand E P1, Priya G Das2

Sensor FDD based FTC Design for Time-Delay PEMFC Systems
Vikash Sinha1, Sharifuddin Mondal2

Performance of Treated Sludge as a Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Construction Application
J. Sahaya Ruben1, R. Rajiv Gandhi2, K.Ajan3

Effect of the Launch of Nifty Weekly Options on the Relationship between Nifty and India VIX
Subhiksha Kannan1, Peddina Sripriya2, Drishty Wadhwani3, Rohit Choraria4

Improvement of Structural Behaviour of Bubble Slab by Changing Bubble Thickness
Ali Ansari1, Sabih Ahmad2

An Emergence of AI in Data Mining and KDD: ANN its Strength & Weakness
Mohammad Asim khan1, Sharik Ahmad2

Customer Sentiments towards Fin-Tech Apps in India: A Text Mining Application
Preethesh Padman1, Salai Selva Rani M2, Gokul G S3

Consumers Satisfaction towards Organic Food Products in Coimbatore
M. Aarthi1, S. Balusamy2

Synthesis of Linear Antenna Array with Optimal SLL and Beam Width
Grandhi Challa Ram1, D. Girish Kumar2, G. R. L. V. N. S. Raju3

Design of Broadband 1.9 GHz Ga as MMIC Switching Power Amplifier for PCS Communication Services
Shanthi P1, J.S.Baligar2

Fuzzy Model Development in Green Building Material Selection
Akula Prakash1, Khanapuram Anand Goud2, Kandlagunta Mounika3

SDLC Security Framework for Software Startup
S. Jeyapriya1, C. Rekha2

Multiband Printed Koch Antenna Unified with Hilbert Split-Ring Structure for Better Front-to-Back Ratio
Ajay Muthuvelan1, Ashish Raja Pillai Muthaiah2, Twinkle Gopinath Gurusamy3, Josephine Pon Gloria Jeyaraj4, C. Kalieswari5

Baseband Signal Generation for Multi-Function Phased Array Radar
M.Shanmuga Priya1, M.Uma Saranya2, S.Anitha Kumari3, S.Tamil Selvi4

TASM: Trust Aware Scheme for Secure and Reliable Data Transmission in MANETS
Lata B T1, Venugopal K R2

Prediction of Flash Flood using Rainfall by MLP Classifier
Vinothini A1, Kruthiga L2, Monisha U3

Defining a Learning Metric for DSS Success Monitoring
Lamia Benhiba1, Khaoula Boukhayma2, Mohamed Abdou Janati Idrissi3

Food Supply Chain Traceability using Block Chain
S.Kayalvizhi1, D. Amirtha Sughi2, G.Shivasree3, J.Shruthi4

The Question of Solving Municipal Economy’s Problems using Electroniс Service’s Tools
Roman Lunev1, Vadim Volkov2, Alexei Stychuk3, Anastasia Mitryaeva4

Life Style Disorder and Human Ailments
M. Sripriya1, S.N. Sugumar2, P. Shalini3

Response of Tall Structures Along Face Exposed to Blast Load Applied at Varying Distance
Shobha R1, Vinod B R2, Anusha P Prabhu3, Shubhashree G R4, Yaksha V5

Water Quality Modelling Qual 2KW for River Tungabhadra (India)
S.Ranjith1, Anand.V. Shivapur2, P. Shiva Keshava Kumar3, Chandrashekarayya.G. Hiremath4, Santhosh Dhungana5

Design of Low Power Multiplexer and De-Multiplexer using Different Adiabatic Logics
M. Swathi1, A.V.N.S Lasya Priya2, Lokesh Pudari3, Kura Karthik4

Effect of Drilling Parameters Torque, Thrust Force and Delamination Factor on GFRP and CFRP Composites using Different Size of Drills
G. Ramprasad1, K. S. R. Varun Teja2, B.V. Ramana Murty3

An Integrated Perspective of Crucial Research Issues in NoC Router Design
Trupti Patil1, Anuradha S2

Implementation of Software Defined Networking using Openflow Protocol
Anshath Nisha P1, Jessica Priya dharshini P2, K.J.Prasanna Venkatesan3

Early Detection of Sepsis using Machine Learnin
S.V. Evangelin Sonia1, S. Sharanya2, M. Sivaram3, S. Vaishnavi4, S. Sakthidevi5

Millennial Reaction towards Customer Attraction and Retention Strategies Adopted by Digital Payment/UPI Apps
Mohd Moinuddin Mudassir

Modelling an Effectual Glowworm Swarm Optimization Strategy for Feature Selection in Heart Disease Prediction
R.Gomathi1, R.Ramprashath2, P.Murugeswari3, A.Jeyachitra4

Partial Replacement of Cement by Neem Leaves Ash and Fly Ash
T.Felixkala1, R.Nandhini2, R.Shanmugam3, K.P.Surendhar4, Syed maslihuddin ahmed5, M.A.Sriarjuna6

Heterogeneous Networks in 5g using Joint Path Selection and Rate Allocation Framework
B.Pavithra1, Komala James2

Customer Perception towards Networked Streaming Service Providers with Reference to Amazon Prime and Netflix
Haritha Haridas1, Sivapriya Deepak2

Empirical Work on Workforce Participation in Workplace Health Promotion Programs in Indian Corporate Sector
Swapnalekha Basak1, Mohammad Israrul Haque2, Prashant Sharma3

Use of Machine Learning in the Pattern Finding
Uttama Garg1, Anand Kumar Shukla2, Harmanjeet Singh3, Nisha Sharma4, Sandeep Kaur5

IT Governance Assesment at Presidential Secretariat using COBIT 5 Framework
Siti Royani Pasaribu1, Harisno2

An Empirical Research into Technology usage By Older Adults and Barriers Faced in usage of Technology in Kerala
Anjana Krishnan1, Murale Venugopalan2, Shruthi Menon3

Cognitive State Analysis System to Ensure Safety of Women and Elderly
Manikandan T.1, P. Surendar2, R.Tamilmani3

The Effectiveness of Information and Communication Technology (Ict) In Civic Education Learning

An Interactive Food Planner App
Chalasani Sethu Saketh Nadh1, Nalubolu Likhith Kumar Reddy2, Gajjala Ankit Nigam3

Impact of Air Purifiers on Indoor Air Quality in a Classroom of DTU
Praveen Kumar1, Jitendra Kumar2, Akash Kumar3, Anubha Mandal4

Liquidity Risk Management and Financial Performance: Are Consumer Goods Companies Involved?
DSunday A. Effiong1, Ejabu Fidelis Enya2

Levy Baits and Exterior Conventional Ventures in Gasoline Industry in the Technological Stage of Development
J. O. Udoayang1, A. I. Asuquo2, S. A. Effiong3, A. K. Kankpang4

Secure user Browser Activity using Hybrid Data Hiding Techniques
Mohd Fahmi Mohamad Amran1, Yamunah Kathiravan2, Noor Afiza Mat Razali3, Raja Mohd Tariqi Raja Lope Ahmad4, Zuraidy Adnan5, Muhammad Fairuz Abd Rauf6, Mohd Afizi Mohd Shukran7

Assessment of Hydrological Parameters of the Watershed using ArcSWAT
Mohdzuned M. Shaikh1, Pradeep P. Lodha2

Credit Card Fraud Detection in Data Mining using XGBoost Classifier
Rahul Goyal1, Amit Kumar Manjhvar2, Vikas Sejwar3

Cloud Based Reasoning Health Data using Homomorphic Encryption
S.Devi1, S.Poornima2, Kaviya Sri A.M3, Monisha Devi .G4, Mownika. M5

Marketing Commodities Between the Producer and the Consumer
V.Prasanna Srinivasan1, S.Madhumitha2, R.Nithisha3, J.Vaisali4, S.Yogalakshmi5

A Detail of Fault Tolerant Flight Control Techniques
Jayalakshmi M1, Vijay. V. Patel2, Giresh. K. Singh3

Design and Static Analysis of Robotic Arm using Ansys
Anurag singh1, Rashmi Arora2, Yashpal Singh Chouhan3

Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Atmospheric Dispersion of BTX Compounds at Sanathnagar, Hyderabad
Bhavana Hemavani1, G.V.R.Srinivasa Rao2

Detection of Sentiment Analysis in Social Media using Deep Learning
M Srilakshmi Preethi1, S Thabassum Khan2, D Divya Shree3

An Efficient Classifier for U2R, R2L, DoS Attack
Piyush gupta

Noise Exposure Monitoring on the Segmental Box Girder Casting Process from a Concrete Casting Yard
Ming Han Lim1, Yee Ling Lee2, Ooi Kuan Tan3

Modern Multi-Document Text Summarization Techniques
Yash Asawa1, Vignesh Balaji2, Ishan Isaac Dey3

Intelligent Frame Work to Predict Autism in Infants using Machine Learning
S.V. Evangelin Sonia1, R. Prasanth2, B. Mythreyi3, A. Harshavardhan4, A. Manoharan5

Station-Less Bike-Sharing System
Rajasekaran G1, Pradeep Kumar K2, Rithik R3, Pradeesh L4

Change Detection in SAR Images using Image Fusion and Supervised Classifier
K.R. Khandarkar1, Sharvari C. Tamane2

Machine Learning Classifiers and Along with TPOT Classifier (Automl) to Predict the Readmission Patterns of Diabetic Patients
Phani Siginamsetty1, V. Krishna Reddy2

Ar Color Grab – A Coloring Experience for Autistic Children
M.Shanmugam1, V.Prasanna Venkatesan2, S.Anitha3, D.Sai Prabha Satya Keerthi4, R.Raj Laxmi5

Heart Disease Prediction using Machine Learning
N. Saranya1, P. Kaviyarasu2, A. Keerthana3, C. Oveya4

A Novel Method on Enhanced Video Security using Steganography
C.Senthilkumar1, K.Gayathri Devi2, M.Dhivya3, R.Rajkumar4

Solid Waste Management Packaging Pesticides in Agricultural Fields
B. Castillo-SantaMaría1, JO. Ruiz-Tejada2, BN. Larico-Quispe3, M. Mendoza-Zuñiga4, J. Quispe-Rodríguez5

Compressed Stabilized Earth Block using Fly Ash and Quarry Dust
C.Gurumoorthy1, R.Shanmugapriyan2

Buoyancy Driven Turbulent Heat Transfer Characteristics in Enclosure Filled with Phase Change Materials
Aviral Bahuguna1, R.Harish2

Design of Effective Tunnel Ventilation System using Computational Fluid Dynamics
Ashley A. Mason1, M. Sairam2, Jacob J. Vettikattil3, R. Murthy4, R. Harish5

Life Cycle Assessment of Solid Waste Management: A Preliminary Report on Waste to Energy Conversion for Dehradun City, India
Sonam Chaturvedi1, Bikarama Prasad Yadav2, Nihal Anwar Siddiqui3, Sudhir Kumar Chaturvedi4

A Machine Learning Model for Recommending Restaurants based on User Ratings
B. Muni Lavanya1, K.Kalyan Kumar2, H.Shagufta Kayanath3, D.Pushpalatha Bai4

Analysis on Sensitivity of Semiconductor Methane Gas Sensors by Ultrasonic Process
Dae Hwan Kwon1, Suel Ki Choi2, Gyou Tae Park3, Chul Hee Yu4, Geun Jun Lyu5

Numerical Analysis of Innovative Wind Booster Configurations for Vertical Axis Wind Turbines
Abhijeet M. Malge1, Pritam S. Kalos2

Iot based Live Student Tracking System
Rahul gandhi. A1, Sanjay. C2, Vasanth. S3, Senathipathi. K4

Deep Learning Model for Plant Disease Detection
D.Raghunath Kumar Babu1, M.Chaithanya2, M.Sandhya3, G.Shireesha4

Opportunity Research of using Network Project Groups in Organizing the Production of IT Products and the Principles of Motivation for the Effectiveness of the Group’s Functioning
Anastasia M. Tikhomirova1, Natalia V. Komarova2, Karen E. Dadyan4

Research on Questions Related to an Assessment About Level of Development of Technological Support of Projects to Create High-Tech Production in the Aviation Industry
Anna V. Bondarenko1, Anna A. Burdina2

Land Relations in the Russian Village During the Agrarian Revolution (1917-1921)
Oksana I. Kosykh1, Nina N. Badaeva2

Robotic Process Automation: Diagnosis of Dementia on Aged People
Suganya M1, Pranav S2, Dayana R3, Revathi R4

Hand Gesture Controlled Robot using Arduino and MPU6050
Syambabu Vadlamudi1, D. Naresh Kumar2, G. Shravan kumar3

IoT Based Cloud Integrated Smart and Sustainable Classroom
Faritha Banu J1, Balakrishnan M2, Praveen Raju P3, Naveen kumar M4

Selection of the Optimum Global Circulation Model that Mimics the Circumstances of Egypt
Khaled Kheireldin1, Mahmoud Roushdi2, Mostafa Aboelkhear3

Ownership Identification of Multimedia Content Prediction on a Large Scale
Ch.Sai Lakshman1, Saravanan.M.S2

Fracture Toughness of Concrete by using Recycle Aggregates in Addition with S2 Glass Fiber
Anshul Garg1, Nitish Kumar Jha2, Pushpendra Kumar Sharma3

Perspective Technology to Improve Arid Pastures
Mamadjanov Sultanali Islamaliеvich1, Tukhtabaev Mirzohid Akhmadjanovich2, Obidov Roziqjon3, Umirzaqov Zarpulla Antarovich4

Data Deduplication for Efficient Storage on Cloud using Fog Computing Paradigm
Shubham Sharma1, Richa Jain2, Pronika3

Application of Machine Learning in Digital Marketing
M. Vinodhini1, B.Rohith2, T.R.Praveen Kumar3, S.V.L.S.Kranthi Vardhan4

Vehicle Pollution Monitoring System using IoT
Suvitha Vani P1, Karthika S2, Nabhanya K3, Gowtham Ram S4, Aishwarya Lakshmi N5

Smart Traffic Accident Monitoring System
Anurag Sharma1, Puneet Panchal2, Saurav Suman3

Does Selection of Open Source Cloud Computing Platforms is a Confusing Task?
Hafiz Ahmed Ali1, Khisaluddin Shaikh2, Murk Chohan3, Kainat Fareed Memon4, Muhammad Saleem5, Adil Khan6

Automated Normalized Solution for Finding Duplicate Records from Multiple Data Sources
P.Abinaya1, R.Jayavadivel2, R.Rohini3

Field Analysis, Distribution and Performance of Sleeve Rotor Induction Motor Taking the Sleeve Rings into Consideration
Omar S. Daif1, M. Helmy A. Raouf2, A. B. Kotb3

Software Defined Networks using Mininet
Pramod B Patil.1, Kanchan S. Bhagat.2, D K Kirange3, S. D. Patil4

An Analysis of Non-Linear Contrast Enhancement Methods of Digital Image
Thillai Sivakavi Saravanan1, Shenbaga Priya V2

Optimization of Clay Soil Stabilization using Waste Plastic Powder
S. Abdul Gafoor1, K. Sirajudeen2, R. Nasar Ali3, S.Sabeena Begum4, D. Zunaithur Rahman5

A Specific Structure of Protocol to Increase the System Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Network
Sourabh Pathak1, Avinash Kumar2

Customer Perception towards Internet Selling Platforms through Opinion Mining
Aswathy R1, Malavika G2

Stabilization of Red Soil using Potassium Hydroxide Treated Polypropylene Fiber
Niket Kumar Mishra1, M.K. Mishra2, J.P. Singh3

Assessment of Different Security Mechanisms and Methods to Protect Data in the Cloud Computing Enviornment
Manu Raj Moudgil1, Anil Kumar Lamba2, Priya Gupta3

Identification of Diabetic Retinopathy from Color Fundus Images using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Bansode Balhim Narhari1, Bakwad K.M.2, Ajij Dildar Sayyad3

GST in India – Deal Maker or Breaker for Distributers
D. Madhava Priya1, Deepa Ittimani Tholath2

Global Fashion Brands: Does Sustainability Make Business Sense?
Rohit Choraria1, Medha Jain2, Praguni Goel3

Application of Text Mining on Customer Buying Pattern of Cosmetic Products
Athira K1, Dhanya M2, Sinita S Ashok3

Plant Disease Detection using Deep Learning
Murk Chohan1, Adil Khan2, Rozina Chohan3, Saif Hassan Katpar4, Muhammad Saleem Mahar5

Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation and its Impact on Our Health and Eco-System
Matthew, M.D. Samrajesh1, J.E. Merlin Sasikala2, T.Ravichandran3

Applications of Data Mining in Hydrocarbon Exploration, Constraints on Geology and Petroleum Reservoir
Rajesh Kanna1, Sivasankar P2, Kalpana S3

An Augmented Reality based Learning App
K.E.Kannammal1, P. Bharathkumar2, AM. Keerthi3, R. Mahalakshmi4, Mohammed Rafi5

Non-Traditional Machining Process of Composite Materials using Renewable Lubricants
Abdulaziz S. Alaboodi1, S. Sivasankaran2, Hany R. Ammar3

Eco Friendly Pipe Hose Cleaning System
Mangirish S. Kulkarni1, Omkar A. Tare2, Rupesh B. Kamble3

Semi-Automated Metallic Waste Segregation System
A. Nirmal Kumar1, Deepak N2, Ashwini A Metri3

Proliferation of Market Share of Hydraulic Excavators and Wheel Loaders in the Stone Crusher Segment by Strategic Decisions
Pyla Venkata Ganesh Naga Hanuma Akhil1, Madiraju Supraja2, Y P Deepthi3, Raghavendra Ravi Kiran K4

Machine Learning Technique for Feature Extraction and Segmentation of Retinal Blood Vessels
Shivani Patil1, Pradnya Kulkarni2

Immobilization of Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in Different Matrices for the Production of Alkaline Protease
Chandran Masi

Time-Table to Mobile Reminders
Rishabh Surti1, Divyesh Chavan2, Jitendra Saturwar3

Customer Preferences towards Premium Category Super Food Products in Modern Trade Outlets
Kavya S.1, Sajil S. Nair2

Trials, Skills, and Future Standpoints of AI Based Research in Bioinformatics
Mubina Malik1, Jaimin N Undavia2

A Transparent Blockchain for Tracking Police Complaints
Rohini Pise1, Vaishnavi Swami2, Monika Hajgude3, Swamini Godse4, Kaveri Thombare5

Speed Control for DC Encoder Motor and Path Optimization in an Automated Guided Vehicle
Madhuri Chavan1, Maya G.2

Development of Spinning Monitor to Facilitate the Sider in Textile Mills
M.Madhan Mohan1, A.Akshaya2, E.Anjali3, A.Dharshinidevi4, V.Harish5

Implementation of Quaternary Divider for Performance Optimization
Shweta Hajare1, Monica Kalbande2, Tejswini Panse3, Pravin Dakhole4

Smart Health Counselor for Cardio Vascular Inflammation
P.Akshaya Devi1, K.Divya Sri2, S.Kavitha3, A.Shenbagaraman4

Unsupervised Technique for Automatically Extracting Components of References
Kalpana Uppada1, M. Kranthi Kiran2, Sridhar Seepana3, S. Jahnavi4, K. Gipson Nikil5

Segmentation and Classification of Mammogram into Normal and Abnormal using Texture Features
B. V. Divyashree1, C. A. Soujanya2, M. R. Keerthana3, M. Naveen4, G. Hemantha Kumar5

Iot based Home Security and Automation using Random Number(Password) Generators and Face Detection
Awinash Kaushal1, Akhilesh Gaur2, E.Sasikala3

Price Prediction of Stock Market- An Empirical Research
Shawni Dutta1, Samir Kumar Bandyopadhyay2

Voice Controlled Vehicle Dashboard
Shridhar D. Pagar1, Shivani J. Pote2, Ankush S. Anmulwar3, Ashwini S. Shinde4

Heterogeneous Ensemble Structure based Universal Spam Profile Detection System for Social Media Networks
Vinod A. M1, Sathish G. C2

Extractive and Abstractive Text Summarization Techniques
PL.Prabha1, M.Parvathy2

The Role of Data Preprocessing System on Web Log Files for Mining Students Access Logs
A. Dhana Praveena1, V. Selvi2

IOT based Bus Monitoring System using Biometrics and Accident Detection using Accelerometer
R. Mohan Krishna1, B. Samyuktha2, E. Sanjana3, B. Sai Kumar4, B. Babitha5

Performance of Rooftop Grid Connected Solar Photovoltaic System
Tarana Afrin Chandel1, Mohd Yusuf Yasin2, Md Arifuddin Mallick3

The Normalized Random Map of Gradient for Generating Multifocus Image Fusion
Ismail1, Kamarul Hawari2

Direct Adaptive Controllers for a Multi Input Multi Output Process
L. Thillai Rani

Virtual Reality based Hologram for Emergency Situation
S Sri Heera1, Abina M2, Jayashree Pavna S3, Malavika Shetty4

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication using LI-FI Technology
Buvaneswari S1, Tanishka Raghu2, Saranraj S3

Voice Input based Attendance System
Jeetvan Shah1, Vikas Salunkhe2, Jitendra Saturwar3, Omkar Parab4

Tenacity in Performance of Small and Mid-cap Mutual Funds in Indian Scenario- In support to Investors Decision
T Kusuma1, Venu Gopal Rao Chowdary2

Location Recommendation System on Point of Interest and Place-User Similarity
Deepika P1, R.Parvathi2

Adoption of the Internet of Things in the Healthcare Services of Sri Lanka
Rajphriyadharshini Rajmohan1, Md Gapar Md Johar2

The Mediating Effects of Organisational Culture on Job Performance of Automotive salespersons in a Large Automotive Sales Company in Malaysia
Muhammad Iqbal Shaharom1, K. Kuperan Viswanathan2, Nor Azman Ali3

Correction of Non-Linearity of Load Cell using Adaptive Technique with Mathematical Approximation
Ramkrishna Rakshit1, Angshuman Majumdar2, Rajesh Dey3

Acute Ischemic Strokes of Lesion Segmentation in Ct-Angiogram Scans using Roi Pooling
Shafeena J1, R. Chitra2

Total Dominating Energy of Some Graphs
Manjula. C. Gudgeri1, Varsha2

Air Pollution Prediction using IOT
K.Rajakumari1, K. Dinesh2, M.Deepan3,V.A Kiran karthi4, C.G Gavyarani5

Auto Sector Stock Price Trend Prediction using Decision Tree
Manish M. Goswami

A Smart Survillience System
B.W.Balkhande1, Deepak Dhadve2, Pranalee Shirsat3, Mayuri Waghmare4

Flexural Behavior of SCC with Copper Slag as Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate
Karthik.V1, Sathish Kumar.V2, Srimathi.N3, Poornima.P4

Qualimetric Analysis of Pipelines with Corrosion Surfaces in the Monitoring System of Oil and Gas Enterprises
Volodymyr Yuzevych1, Nataliia Pavlenchyk2, Olha Zaiats3, Nellі Heorhiadi4, Viktoriia Lakiza5

Smart Surveillance System using Deep Learning
Dayana R1, Suganya M2, Balaji P3, Mohamed Thahir A4, Arunkumar P5

Combustion of Agricultural Wastes/Coal in Circulating Fluidized Bed
Mahmoud A M Youssef1, Hamada M Abdelmotalib2

Design and Simulation of Brain Controlled Electronic Wheelchair for Physically Challenged Person
Emani Susmitha1, K. Kishore Kumar2

Silkworm Yield Prediction in Attibele Region using Machine Learning Technique
Manoj S M

Energy Efficient Smart Guidance System For Visually Challenged Persons
K Hema1, Kamala L2, Mohan Gowda V3, Rajesh S M4

The Impact of ICT Exports on The Economic Growth of The BRICS Countries
Ankika Dutta

A Personalized Web Based E-Learning Recommendation System To Enhance and User Learning Experience
Nidhi Joshi1, Rajendra Gupta2

Modeling of Three Phase Induction Motor with Dtc Drive Fault Analysis using Fuzzy Logic
Abarna J1, Velnath R2

Mechanical Characteristics and Corrosion Characteristics of Fly Ash Particulates of Bagasse Reinforced Al 6061 Composite Materials
Sachin S Raj1, T.K.Kannan2, S.Krishnakumar3, M.Sudhagar4, M.Vairavel5

An Efficient Data Scheduling Mechanism for Smart Homes
Rajesh S M1, Sukruth Gowda M A2, Shiva Prasada K H3, Sandhya G4

Design of Guy Supported Industrial Steel Chimneys
Anusuri Uma Maheswari1, Shaik Khasim Peera2

Validity and Reliability Analysis of the Baldrige Excellence Framework Scale in the Electrical & Electronics Manufacturing Companies in Malaysia
OON Fok-Yew1, Abdul Hamid Nor Aziati2, Abdullah Nor Hazana3

A Phonetic Level Analysis of Dysarthria in Kannada Language
Latha M1, M Shivakumar2, Manjula.R3

Approximate Solution of the Fuzzy Triangular Initial Value Problem with Different Fractional Operator
Moath Ali Alshorman1, Nurnadiah Zamri2, Asia Khalaf Albzeirat3, Mohammed Ali4

Smart Lpg Gas Monitoring And Automatic Cylinder Reservation System
M.Anitha1, A.Reethika Shree2, R.Manjula devi3

Design of Fractional Order PID (FOPID)for Load Frequency Control Via IMC & Grey Wolf Algorithm (GWO), for a Non-Reheated Power System by Comparing with the Big Bang Big Crunch (BBBC) Optimization
Bhavandla Bhanupradeep1, Dola Gobinda Padhan2

IoT Application: Human Emotions Management System
Gunti Spandan1, Tanveer Ahmed2, Sangmeshwar3, Rajesh S M4

Smart Test Case Quantifier Based on Mc/Dc Coverage Criterion with Uml Sequence Diagram
S. Shanmuga Priya

K-Means Algorithm for Clustering Afaan Oromo Text Documents using Python Tools
Naol Bakala

Mitigation of Harmonics in Power Transmission Network using Filters
K. Neelima1, A. Aditya Srikanta Sastry2, B. Kshithija3, K. Goutam4, G. Hima Chandra5

Qualitative SMI based Cloud Service Selection using Intuitionistic Fuzzy TOPSIS
Thasni T1, C Kalaiarasan2

Design, Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Square Microstrip Patch Antenna with Superstrates at 2.4GHz
V. Saidulu

Diagnostics of Temperature Regime of Technological Environments of Underground Pipelines in the Monitoring System of Oil and Gas Enterprises for Providing of Safe Exploitation
Volodymyr Yuzevych1, Anatolii Pavlenchyk2, Vitalii Lozovan3, Natalia Mykhalitska4, Marianа Bets5

Topology Based Routing Protocols in Vehicular Ad hoc Network
Ranjit Sadakale1, R.A.Patil2, N V K Ramesh3

Generalized Tribonacci Function and Tribonacci Numbers
Krishna Kumar Sharma

Design and Implementation of Jtag Compatible 4-Bit Multiplier
A.Indira, B.Sumathi1, S.Vigneshwari2, A.Saravanaselvan3

Influence of Parameters in Coal Water Slurry Mixing used for Gasification in Power Plant
J.Purushottam Karthik1, C.Tara Sasanka2, C.M.Raghuraman3

Fintech Adoption in Non-Banking Sector: A Technology Acceptance Model Perspective
Sandhyadevi J.1, Vinaya Sreepal2

Classification of Methods for Producing Nonwoven Laying Materials
Umida Maksudova

Master Slave Topology for Parallel Operation of Renewable Energy based Distributed Generator
S. Sankar1, K. Chandrasekaran2

Differential Hiring using a Combination of NER and Word Embedding
Suhas H E1, Manjunath A E2

Design of Area and Power Efficient Multiplier Unit using Wallace Tree Algorithm
R.Krishnaveni1, P.Sakthy Priya2, B.Sivaranjani3, M.Sathish Kumar M.E.4, I.Vivek Anand M.E.5

Tuned Random Forest Algorithm for Improved Prediction of Cardiovascular Disease
P.Nancy1, B.Swaminathan2, K.Navina3, B.Nandhine4, P.Lokesh5

Wireless Room Sensing and Controlling using Google Assistant
N. Anusa1, R. Anitha2, V. Bharathi3, K. Rajkumar4

Music Computer Technologies in the System of Contemporary Musical Education: A Research in the Field of Terminology
Irina Gorbunova1, Konstantin Plotnikov2

Prediction of Rainfall using Machine Learning
S.Poornima1, S.Devi2, D.Oviya3, A.Suhana Taj4, G.Tamil Elakkiya5

Assessing the Market Potential of Home-Made Masala and Spice Powder
Harishma Vijay L1, Dhanya M2, Anupama Sudarsan3

Smart Vehicle Registry using IOT and Image Processing
D. Gayathri1, G. Gourav2, M. Sudharshan3

A Reversible High-Capacity Data Hide System Based on Powerful MSB Prediction in Encrypted Images
Raghavendra V1, G C Satish2

Enhancing EVIEW Programming Development in Economic Practice Classrooms 4.0 through a Deviation from Proportional Growth (DPG) Analysis
Van Chung Nguyen

IT Governance Improvement at Communication and Information Office using COBIT 5
Evita Negara Putri1, I Made Sukarsa2, Anak Agung Ngurah Hary Susila3

Anti-Seismic Bracing in a Hollow-Core Slab of Formwork-Free Shaping for The Possibility of Creating a Rigid Disk in a Building Floor Slab
Mirzaev Pulat1, Umarov Kadir2, Mirzaev Shavkat3

Detecting Malicious Apps in Android Devices using SVM, Random Forest & Decision Trees
E. Sanjana1, M. Srikanth Sagar2, Deekshitha Nalla3, Bonthu Meghana4, Anusri Katragadda5

Overcoming of Poverty and Inequality as Condition of Steady Social Development of Regions
Burenina Nataliya Borisovna

Effect of Variable Tube Wall Thicknesses of Al-Mg-Si Alloy Tube During Electromagnetic Compression using Four Turn Axi-Symmetric Coil
Amitabh Shrivastava1, Amit Telang2, A.K. Jha3

Memristor based Non Volatile Random Access Memory Cell by 45nm CMOS Techology
Saminathan V1, Kanoj G2, Vignesh M3, Yogeshwaran S4, Subash kumar T5

Citizen Identity Management using Blockchain Architecture
Aravind S1, Rohini V2

Virtual Reality based Classroom
Ashu Sharma1, Ayush Arora2, Charchit Tyagi3, Dhananjay Kumar4

Stock Value Estimation using Linear Regression
Rama Chandra Naradasu1, Dharma Sri Harsha Tontepu2, Subramanyam Kodukula3

Eco-Friendly CFC-Less Refrigerating/Air Conditioning System
M. Karthikeyan1, Dharma Vignesh P2, Kishor A3

Building Information Modelling (BIM) as Claims Control Tool for Buildings Projects in Jordan
Altayeb Qasem1, Areej Hamad Mahmoud Hamad2, Eshaq Abdulrazaq Alhashimi3, Abdulaziz Alkelani4, Mohammed A. Alkhater5

A Critical Analysis on the Effectiveness of the Performance Appraisal System of the Private Banks in Jaipur
Swati Tiwari

An Analysis of Employee Satisfaction as a Reliable Predictor of Employee Retention in MNCS Working in India
Richa Singhal

Design and Fabrication of a Charcoal Fish Smoking KILN
Issa, W.A.1, Fatile O.E.2, Abdulmumuni B.3, Ologunye, O.B.4, Okpara, I.N.5

The Technique of Different Semantic Search Engines
Upasana Sinha1, Vikas Dubey2

An Agile Security System for Automobiles using IoT
G Sai Vaishnavi1, G Poornima Reddy2, A Surendra Reddy3, V Hanish4, Manjushree S5

Design and Performance of a Parabolic trough System for Process Heat Application
Lovebrat Saxena1, Anil Kumar2, Archana Soni3

Low Frequency Noise Remove from EEG Signal
Awnish Kumar1, Rahul Tiwari2, Abhilash Gaur3

Finger Vein Verification Techniques using Convolutional Neural Networks
Lekshmi. J1, Gisha. G. S2

Smart Cane for Blind People using Raspberry PI and Arduino
Prutha G1, Smitha B M2, Kruthi S3, Sahana D P4

Trucker’s Succour a Mobile Application for Backing Truck Drivers
G. Soundarya1, S. Preethi2, J. Naskath3

Analysis of Various Techniques of Internet of Vehicles
Sonali Gupta1, Manika Manwal2, Manisha Aeri3

Understanding Strategic Mindset of Pharmaceutical Companies in India
Harjit Kaur1, Sanjay Kaushik2

Impact of Robotics on Education
Ashwini Satkar1, Ashwini Patil2, Rohini Bhoware3, Kalyani Shinde4

Enhanced Image Vision and Resolution during Low Light Conditions using GANs
M Prakash1, Aparna S2, Yash Srivastava3

Enhancing Item-Based Collaborative Filtering with Item Correlations for Music Recommendation System
M. Sunitha1, T. Adilakshmi2, Mir Zahed Ali3

Advanced Vehicle Security and Location Sensing System by using a Single Wireless Device RSSI
Kannagi. V1, Aarthi. S2, Aishwarya. S. S3, Devipriya. G4, Hemadarshni. H5

Feature Selection Methods for Predicting Household Food Insecurity
Dorsewamy1, Mersha Nigus2

Commutative l-fuzzy languages
Ajitha Kumari K

Analysis on Fake News Detection Methodologies
Vaishnavi R1, Anitha Kumari S2

Music Computer Technologies in the Fabrication of Advanced Agribot Robot
Devendra Jha1, Divyansh Tayal2, Abhishek Kumar3, Mudit Sharma4, Dhruv Kumar5

Child Protection App
Tulika Khanduri1, Shubam Rajora2, Shubham Bhardwaj3, Taniya Pundir4, Vishal Choudhary5

Design and Implementation of Cost-Effective IoT Energy Meter to Monitor Energy Flow in Smart Grids
Dakka. Obulesu1, K. S. V Phani Kumar2, Rajab kumar Kar3

Survival Outcome Prediction for Breast Cancer Patients
Dhivya S1, Arulprabha R2, Kowsalya M3, Gaddam Hemanth Kumar4, Mullagiri Bhavan Premchand Gandhi5

Rfid Based Smart Trolley for Automatic Billing System
G Manmadha Rao1, K Preethi2, A Sai Krishna3, Afreen Firdaus4, Ch Lokesh5

Customer’s Attitude, Preference and Buying Behavior towards Organic Food using Fishbein Multi-Attribute Model
Vijith H

Symmetrical Analysis of Low-Cost Filter Media and Their Efficiency in Treatment of Water
S. Sheik Niyas1, S. Dhanasekar2

A Novel Categorical Data Attribute Split Technique in Decision Tree Learning
D. Mabuni

Detection of Stroke using Image Enhancement and Segmentation
Shafeena j1, R. Chitra2

Analysis of Power System Stability by using Facts Devices
P. Ram Prasath1, M. K. N. M. Sakthi Nagaraj2

Development of Kafka Messaging System and its Performance Test Framework using Prometheus
Tejas V1, Kiran V2

Emerging Challenges and Sustainability of Industry 4.0 Era in the Malaysian Construction Industry
Taofeeq D Moshood1, A.Q. Adeleke2, Gusman Nawanir3, W.A. Ajibike4, Rukayat A Shittu5

Automatic wireless Monitoring and Controlling of Greenhouse using multiple sensors
T.Jyothirmai1, P.Sireesha2, P.Anusha3, M.Venkata Padma4, N.Vasavi5, R.Lavanya6

Machine Learning Based Framework for Vehicle Make and Model Recognition
kollu Praveen kumar1, Alapati Hari Priya2

Impact of Sea on Indian Life and its reflections in Contemporary Literatures
Sethulekshmi J.R.1, T. G. Manoharan2

Opinion Mining and Trend Analysis on Twitter Data
Anuj Kumar1, Hoshiyar S Kanyal2, Shivani Sharma3, Kaushal Singh4, Ayushi Dwivedi5

Kinetics and Equilibrium for Adsorption of Atenolol from Water using Moringa Oleifera and Nirmali Seeds
Archana Rao P1, Mayuka S. Reddy2, Yashwanth J3, Lokeshwar Y4, Satyanarayana S.V.5

Nova Genesis – An Advanced Architecture for Internet of Things
Ajumol P A1, Elizabeth Isaac2

Prediction of ASD among Children using Machine Learning Techniques
Ishwaria A1, Ajaypradeep N2, Sasikala Ra3

Multi-Authority Secure Database for Enabling Authorized Encrypted Search with Privacy Preserving on Healthcare Databases
Satish T. Pokharkar1, Manoj kumar Rawat2

Secure Auditing and De-duplicating Data in Cloud
Lakshmankumar C

A packed bed Reactor Combined with Membrane Unit for the Elimination of Toluene Vapours using a Novel Packing Material
B.Sundar1, V.Saravanan2, M.Rajasimman3

Localizing Text in Images and Videos based on Morphology
Mohamed Amin Ben Atitallah1, Rostom Kachouri2, Hassene Mnif3

Sentiment Analysis using Multiple Word Embedding for Words
S. K. Shirgave1, P. M. Gavali2

Chaos based Encryption of Image for Secure Communication
Mamatha.L.Japate1, S.S.Navalgund2

Machine Learning Based Track Classification and Estimation using Kalman Filter
B.Sai Tejeswar Reddy1, J.Valarmathi2

Optimisation of Compression Moulding Parameter for NR/EPDM Material
R. Izamshah1, M. Z. Kasman2, M.S. Kasim3, M. Rafiq4, M.S.A. Aziz5

Flexural Performance of Precast Concrete Slab with Gfrp and Geogrid Reinforcement
Ruba Carolin C1, Mahendran N2, Vijay T J3

Big Data Model for Financial Assistance to Students- A Paradigm Shift
Harinder Pal Singh1, Harpreet Singh2, Jang Bahadur Singh3

A Square Patch with L and Inverted L shaped slotted AMC structure for Wi-Fi Applications
Devi Perla1, N Sai Harshitha2, B Dharma Praneeth3, S Vinay Kumar4, P Sudheer Kumar5

Fully Parallel Architecture of QC-LDPC Decoder for IEEE 802.11n Application
Monica Kalbande1, Shweta Hajare2, Tejswini Panse3, Pravin Dakhole4

Change in the Indicators of the Uneven Roving Obtained from a Mixture of Silk Waste
Ochilov Tulkin Ashurovich1, Axmedov Jahongir Adxamovich2, Valieva Zulfiya Fakhritdinovna3, Shumqorova Shamsiya Pulatovna4, Yodgorova Xilola Isroilovna5

Prevention and Detection of ARP Spoofing and Man-In-The-Middle Attacks using EDMAC-IP Algorithm
R. Ganeshan1, P. ShanthaKumar2, B. Mounika3, M. V. Akanksha4

Rating Faculty for Foreign Student in Egypt by Bloom Filter Classifier and Collaborative Filtering
Mahmood A. Mahmood11, Tarek A. Mohamed2

Analysis of Fuel Economy in Petrol Engines Due To High Compression of Steppes
Sh.Imomkulov1, M.Tukhtaboev2

Influence to Optimization Geometric Parameter Saws on His (Its) Capacity to Work
Sh.Imomqulov1, Z.Abduqahhorov2

Exploring the methods on early detection of Alzheimer’s disease
B A Sujatha Kumari1, Charitha Shetty M2, Lakshitha H M3, Mehulkumar P Jain4, Suma S5

Analysis of Perception Levels with Respect to Alternate Education Loan Repayment Plans in India
Chandu Suresh1, Smriti Pillai2, Vishnu V Gopal3

Text to Speech Synthesis using Fraction Based Waveform Concatenation and Optimal Coupling Smoothing Technique
Saranya S1, A.Rathinavelu2, Jayashree C3

Object Sorting by Arduino Robot
Pruthviraj P Pawar1, Karthik Ganashekaran2, Prashant Popat Dhanawade3, Simranjit Khera4

RFID Enabled Virtual Guided Assistance System for Foreign Tourists
Ch. Subrahmanyam1, Aditi G Nayak2, AVSR Chandra Mouli3, Rayala Varshini4

Servitization Trend in Big Data to Personal Styling Service
Jessica Won1, Bo-Young Kim2

Smart Automatic Ration Card using Webpage
R.Kurinjimalar1, R.Arthy2, P.Raja3

A Review on Adsorption of Escherichia Coli (E. coli) With Different Types of Inorganic Nanomaterial’s from Water
Ibsa Neme1, Chandra Masi2, Baru Debtera3, N.R. Srinivasan4

Design and Analysis of double- stacked Heat Exchanger for Brewery Application
Aentriksh Khanzode1, Tejashree Kadus2, Pranjal Patil3, Suraj Mali4, Sudesh Powar5

The role of Energy Conservation Building Code 2017 in Indian Energy Policy
Shaikh Shamser Ali1, Ruchi Tyagi2

Automatic Segmentation and Classification of Liver Tumor using Hybrid Neural Network
A Cibi1, Ramya D2, Ramya V3

Pressure and Velocity Measure in the Pipeline for Leak Detection using COMSOL Multiphysics
Neeraj1, Meenakshi Nawal2, Mahesh Bundele3, P. K. Suri4

Games as a Pedagogy for Teaching & Reinforcing Engineering Concepts to Learners
B. Hema Kumar1, R. Sundaramurthy2

Secure Routing Algorithm in Wireless Mesh Network
Rajnikant Narwade1, P. Balamurugan2

Modern Techniques for the Restoration and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures
Salam Al Kasassbeh̀1, Amani Al Tamseh2, Eslam Al kharabsheh3

DOA Estimation of Wideband Cyclic MUSIC Algorithm under Rayleigh Fading Environment in MIMO Systems
N. V. S. V. Vijay Kumar1, K. Raja Rajeswari2, P. Rajesh Kumar3

Performance of P-Delta Analysis of Flat Slab and R. C. Framed Buildings
Kanchan Gupta1, Md. Tasleem3

Oppositional Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Based Resource Optimized Job Scheduler for Load Balanced Cloud Service Provisioning
KC. Sivagami1, C. Sureshkumar2

Effect of Shareholding Structure, Internal Factors, External Factors on Capital Structure and Value of the Company in Manufacturing Company in Indonesia Stock Exchange
Purwito Kesdu Asmoro Cipto1, Achmad Choerudin2

Influence of FDI Policy on Financial Efficiency of Indian Public Insurance Companies:An Analytical Elucidation
Puspalata Mahapatra1, Arpan Mahapatra2, Sushanta Tripathy3, Surya Kanta Panda4

Biometric Validation using Back-Propagation Neural Network
A.Annamalai Giri1, A.Gayathri2, E.Mohan3

Dynamic Response of Reinforced Concrete Buildings with Coupled Beams
R. Harsha Vardhan Reddy1, S. Elavenil2

URL Based Phishing Detection
Neeraja Koppula1, Vrinda Prabhakaram Ganti2, Pranith Gandhe3

Inelastic Behaviour of Braced Steel Framed Structure by Pushover Analysis
Manoj Kumar M1, Victor Samson Raj A2, Sarath Babu M3, Sundararajan S4

Duration of Outfit Layout using Fuzzy Critical Path Analysis
Thulasimani T

Energy-Efficient for Distributed Wireless Data Transmission in Mobile-Cloud Computing
C.T.K. Amarnath1, S.K. Mahendran2

Decolonizing Engineering Education in Nigerian Higher Education
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Detailed Analysis of Intrusion Detection using Machine Learning Algorithms
Samriddhi Verma1, Nithyanandam P.2

Interval Arithmetic based Adaptive Filtering Technique for Removal of Noise in Audio Signal
Akshay V. Nagashetti1, Soumya S. Patil2, Rajashekar B. Shettar3

Security and Privacy of E-Health Data using Two Fish Encryption Algorithm
T. Poongodi1, Varsha Vatsala2

Performance Prediction of OFDM-Based Cognitive Radio for Next-Generation Networking Capabilities
Mohamed Bakry El_Mashade1, Ehab A. Hegazy2

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Normal Operator on IFH – Space
A. Radharamani1, S. Maheswari2

Effects of Mechanical Properties of Concrete with Tio2 and Ggbs
Gajjala Pavan Kumar1, A. Ravi Theja2

Early Detection of MCI
Sujatha Kumari B A1, A G Varun Yadiyala2, Aruna B J3, Radha C4, Shwetha B5

Rfid Based Cash Wallet for Parking Garages using Timestamp
B. Swetha1, A.V.L. Prasuna2, B. Meenakshi3

Web Revisitation using Content and Context Tokens
Neeraja Koppula1, Tadikonda Krishnasahiti2, Yerram Akhil3

Heart Monitoring and Alarming System
Aniket Uddhav1, Sahil Ranolia2, Nikhil Choudhary3, Saravanan K4

Pedestrian-safer IoT-based Smart Crossing System with Object Tracking
Abhijit Pathak1, Md. Adil2, Md. Jabed Hossain3, Taiyaba Shadaka Rafa4, Umme Salma Pushpa5

Rainfall Prediction using Machine Learning and Neural Network
Kaushik Dutta1, Gouthaman. P2

Steel Fibre Reinforced Light weight Aggregate Concrete
Ravpreet Kaur1, Harvinder Singh2

Categorization of Slope Failure in Southern Malaysia using Total Estimated Hazard (TEHD) Method
Raja Abd Assiss, R. F. F.1, Zainorabidin, A.2, Zainun, N. Y.3

Factors and Impact of Rural Out-Migration in Assam
Utpaljit Deori1, Rangalal Mohapatra2

Emotion Recognition by Integrating Electroencephalography (EEG) and Facial Recognition
Savaridassan P.1, Ritul Kumar2, Shubhangi Sharma3, Eugansh Khatri4, Prateek Khattri5

Dynamic Analysis of Steel Silo
Uzma Bashir Wani1, Nirendra Dev2

Gamification based Skill Prediction using Blockchain Technology
A. Noble Mary Juliet1, N. Suba Rani2, S. Sreemathi3

Effect on Machined Surface Characterization during ECM of AISI 304 Steel
Navita1, S.S.Dhami2

Agrobot: NLP based Image and Text Query Chatbot
Vishakha Shelke1, Amit Gupta2, Santoshi Bisht3, Radhika Gupta4

Multicast Routing Protocols in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Nupur Soni

Predictive Model for Brain Stroke in CT using Deep Neural Network
Maya B S1, Asha T2

An Internet of Things Based Smart Irrigation using Solenoid Valve
K . Kannan1, N.Sai kumar2, E.Logith3, R.Manoj Kumar4, O.Surya prakash5

Semantic Segmentation of Iris using U-Net in Deep Learning
Dugimpudi Abhishek Reddy1, Deepak Yadav2, Nishi Yadav3, Devendra Kumar Singh4

The Impact of Technology on the Financial Performance of Banking Sector With Reference To Sbi & Hdfc Banks
Ch. Siva Priya1, PV. Durga Rao2, C. Supriya3

Assessing PLOS at Road Intersections using Fuzzy Set Theory
Singh Kamal

FPGA based Data Hiding through Steganography
B. Murali Krishna1, Sarat K. Kotamraju2, Divya Chepuri3, Nagaraju Chattu4, Niharika Kamineni5

Identifying the User As Genuine/Malign Based on Search Logs and Search History
D. Satya Bhavani1, P. Rajya Lakshmi Sobha Pavani2

Realistic Handwriting Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks (Rnn)
Rajakumar K1, Spreeha Dutta2, Bipsa Nayak3, Bindhiya N Koliwad4

Monitoring of Cloud Resources through Dashboard
Kartik Katti1, Jayasimha S R2

Malaria Parasite Detection using Deep Learning in Thick Blood Smears
M. Sai Tejomaayi1, M. Divija2, R. Pavani3, Nara. Sreekanth4

Strength of Concrete containing Rubber as Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate
Sakthi Murugan.S1, Sudharshan.R3

Dynamic Resource Scheduling Cloud using Enhanced Queuing Model
R. Divya1, VE. Jayanthi2

Performance Model for Media Streaming Bandwidth Allocation using p2p
K.Saranya1, S.S.Rajasekar2, C.Ramesh3, M.Alamelu4

A System Driven Method to Research and Intellectual Property Generation
Quinton Chamunorwa Kanhukamwe1, Sanjeev Sharma2, Pritam Babu Sharma3, Suresh Kumar Garg4

Characterization of High Strength Concrete Pavement with steel fibre & silica fume
S.S.Jadhav1, S.S.Kadam2

Synthesis and Testing on Engine Characteristics of Bio-diesel Obtained by Orange-Peel Oil Methyl Ester Blended with Conventional Diesel Fuel
Alex Y1, Jobie Earnest2, Anoop Varghese3, Aneesh Achankunju4

Strength Behaviour of Hot Die Steel with Respect to its Heat Treatment
Md Gulam Sarvar1, Vishal Jagota2

PLeveraging Django and Redis using Web Scraping
K. M. Anandkumar1, Abhinav R2, Abhinav Raman3, Abilash R4

Impact of Internet of Things in the Healthcare Industry
Rajphriyadharshini Rajmohan1, Md Gapar Md Johar2

Effects of Ground Resistivity and Tower Structural Design on Transmission Line Symmetrical Components
Lambe Mutalub Adesina1, Ademola Abdulkareem2, Olalekan Ogunbiyi3

A Novel Cryptosystem for Files Stored in Cloud using NTRU Encryption Algorithm
N. Suba Rani1, A. Noble Mary Juliet2, S. Arunkumar3

A Brief Summary on Auto Firefighter
Manash Dey1, Shivam Kumar2, Somnath Roy3, Prateek Pawar4, Amit Kumar5

Automatic Attendance System Using Face Recognition Technique
Mayur Surve1, Priya Joshi2, Sujata Jamadar3, Minakshi Vharkate4

Flexural Behaviour of Delta Hollow Flange Steel Beam with and without stiffeners
Aishwarya M. B1, Sattainathan Sharma. A2, Pragathi. D3

Telemetry Based Anomaly Detection and Correlation in Data Center
Arun S Jois1, Jayasimha S R2

Application of Heating Chamber on Peltier Effect Based Thermoelectric Refrigerator
Mudit Sharma1, Arvind Sharma2, Anuj Tanwar3, Neeraj Pandey4, Abhimanyu Singh5

Influence of Social Moderators in the Internet of Things of Srilankan Healthcare Services
Rajphriyadharshini Rajmohan1, Md Gapar Md Johar2

Mine Detection with 3 DOF Robotic Arm
Anmol Kumar Goyal1, Pasyanthi2, Hari Krishna3, Prasanna, Manasa4

Identification of Premature Ventricular Contraction (PVC) Based on ECG Using Convolutional Neural Network
Akanksha Kothari1, Sankeit Dighe2, Kedar Kale3, Shubhangi Kale4

Modeling of Experimentally verified Effect of Basic Input Parameters on Fuel Consumption of oil fired furnace using Machine Learning
Ratan Kumar Jain1, Sanjay Jain2

The New Technique Enhancing of Automatic Speech Recognition System for ODIA Language using HTK Based On Hidden Markov Model (HMM)
Priyabrata Sahu1, Sunil Ku Panigrahy2, Umakant Bhaskar Gohatre3

Effect of Steel Fibers on the Performance of Concrete Made with Recycled Concrete Aggregates and Dune Sand
Geethanjali K1, Sivakumar M2, Subburaj V3, Mahendran S4

Hand Gesture Recognition System in Smart Environment
Savaridassan P1, Aman Jain2, Prerna Jaiswal3, Rajat Kumar4, Deepanshu Koolwal5

A Secure and Energy Efficient Sensor Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks using Improved Ant Lion Optimization
Anusuya Ramasamy1, J.R.Arunkumar2, M.Sundar Rajan3

Revolution through Embedded Systems with Data Analytics
Dhatri Raval1, Jaimin N Undavia2

Optimized Performance of IEEE 802.15.4e DSME for Internet of Things
K Suresh1, M.Ramesh Patnaik2

Performance Analysis of Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) S-boxes
Eslam w. afify1, Abeer T. Khalil2, Wageda I. El sobky3, Reda Abo Alez4

Strength Calculation Features and Tests Results on Bearing Capacity and Operational Serviceability of Hollow-Core Floor Slabs of Formwork-Free Shaping in Seismic Areas
Mirzaev Pulat1, Umarov Kadir2, Mirzaev Shavkat3

H-CoBIT: Human Cognitive Bias Identification Technique for accident Analysis
Salah Ali1, Aekavute Sujarae2

Change Impact Analysis using Python for Java Applications
T. Jalaja1, T. Adilakshmi2

Intelligent and Secured Bag using Artificial Intelligence
Anjita Ranjit1, Harshal Hajare2, Prajwali Dhole3, Rajani PK4

Isothermal Treatment at Low Temperatures Applied to AISI 4340 Steel: Effects on Hardness, Toughness and Microstructure
Víctor Alcántara Alza

Skin Cancer Detection using Neural Networks
Habi Bala.P1, Keerthana.P2, Sai Kothai.S3

Feature Extraction through Sentiment Analysis of Tourist Sentiments using Deep Learning Techniques like CNN, RNN and LSTM
Harsh Arora1, Mamta Bansal2

Predicting Severity Level of Road Traffic Accidents in Oromiya East Shewa Zone using Iterative Dichotomiser3
Anusuya Ramasamy1, Shambel Dechasa2, Addisu Mulugeta3

Analysing the Performance of SDN/Open Flow Controllers in VANET
Abhijeet R Patil1, Ravindra D. Patil2, P M Mahajan3, Kanchan S Bhagat4

Determination of the Place Depressurization of Underground Pipelines in the Monitoring of Oil and Gas Enterprises
Volodymyr Yuzevych1, Fedir Horbonos2, Roman Rogalskyi3, Iryna Yemchenko4, Mykhailo Yasinskyi5

FinAID, A Financial Advisor Application using AI
Ashish Shah1, Pratik Raj2, Pushpam Kumar3, Supriya P4, Asha H V5

Network Device Inventory Management System
Suraj Suntakar1, Jayasimha S R2

Deep Learning based Image Processing for Cashier-less Self-Checkout Methodology
Sudeshna Thakur1, Neha Patil2, Soumya Patil3, Nidhi Hegde4, Amol Dumbare5

Security of IoT System using Blockchain
Sujatha Kumari B A1, Sadaf Farheen2

Torsional Strain Energy of Normal Concrete and SCC with Glass and Steel fibers
Swamy H. C. M1, Prince Arul Raj. G2

Rush Fibers Reinforced Adobe for Sustainable Building
Wassef Ounaies

Impact Resistance For Ready Mix Concrete Plant Waste Concrete Aggregate
Abhay Shelar1, Amit Mahindrakar2

360 Degree Flexible Drilling Machine
Gurpreet Singh1, Lakshay Kishore2, Pradip Singh3, Abhishek Srivastava4, Khushal Vashishth5, Rahul Likhar6

An Effective Classification Algorithm for Breast Cancer using Dyadic Projection
T Yasodha1, Arun Balaji G2

Detection of Cyber Crime Incidents
P. Asha1, B. Vamshi Krishna2, T. Vivek3, T.N.V.Koteswara Rao4

Heron and Alpha-Centroidal Mean Filters with Exponential factors for Deep Space Images
Vivek B A1, Keshav V Bharadwaj2, Shankar Anbalagan3, Abhinav Narayan4, Sampath Kumar R5

Student Smart Attendance Through Face Recognition using Machine Learning Algorithm
Nandhini R1, Kumar P2

Designing of Truncated Square Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Circular Polarization
Swathi Lakshmi Boppana1, K.Keerthana.2, K.Yuva Naga Vardhan3

Recommendation of Distance Education Colleges to Students based on Alumni Feedback
Harshini G N1, Gobi N2, A. Rathinavelu3

Emotion Recognition of Manipuri Speech using Convolution Neural Network
Gurumayum Robert Michael1, Aditya Bihar Kandali2

Low Cost Intelligent Child Safety Wearable IoT Device for India
Firoz Khan1, Yashas S2, Shivangowda R Patil3, Nandini G J4, Greeshma P S5

IoT Based Post Disaster Recovery System using Smartphone
R Sai Shashank1, Firoz Khan2, Chiranth N3, Pallavi HJ4, Lavanya C5

Factors Affecting Stress among Youth
Shiney Chib1, Kanchan Dewal2, Amruta S. Bhuskute3, Kanchan Artani4, Chitralekha Potnis5

Seismic Impact of Re-entrant Corner with Opening in Diaphragm on RC Building
Md Faisal Zia1, Rajiv Banerjee2

Skin Cancer Image Segmentation Based on Symmetrical Threshold Contour Algorithm
B. Vasantha Lakshmi1, K.Sridevi2, D.Elizabath Rani3

Application of Iot with Motion Sensor for Smart Learning Environment
Anurag Yadav1, N.Gayathri2

Behaviour of High Performance Concrete with Multi Compound Composite Cement
Manju Priyadharshini R1, Sivakumar M2, Mahendran S3, Mohan M4

Enhanced Epileptic Seizure Detection using Imbalanced Classification
Prabhsimar Kaur1, Vishal Bharti2, Srabanti Maji3

Predicting the outcome of H-1B visa using ANN algorithm
Raghav Khaterpal1, Harit Ahuja2, Jatin Goel3, Karanveer Singh4, Rahul Manoj5

A Professional Estimate on the Segmentation of Brain Cancer in MR Images using M-FCM
Tessy George1, T. Ramakrishnan2

Speech Recognition System for Isolated Tamil Words using Random Forest Algorithm
Nivetha S1, Rathinavelu A2, Gayathri S3

Convolution Neural Network for Diabetic Retinopathy Detection
Hari Vamsi Yadavalli

Neural Nework-Based Time Series Methods for Load Forecasting
Girraj Singh1, Aseem Chandel2, D. S. Chauhan3

Automated Health Alert System using machine learning
Praveena Nuthakki1, Madhavilatha Pandala2, Madhavi Katamaneni3

Heart Disease Prediction Integrating UMAP and XGBoost
Ayushi1, Shilpa Sethi2, Jyoti3

A Report on Design & Setup of Peltier Module Based Air Cooler
Devjyoti Pal1, Ali Ansari2, Kantanu Kr. Behera3

The Fourth Most Utility: – Compressed Air Engine
Mudit sharma1, Abhishek kumar singh2, Abhishek3, Rahul kumar4, Raman sohal5

3-phase Alternating Current (ac) Induction Motor Sequential Controller: an Instructional Apparatus
Evangelita A. Anino

Role of Position of Shear Wall in Reducing Torsion & Storey Displacement in an Irregular Building
Rishabh Srivastava1, Rajiv Banerjee2

An Improved Pedestrian Detection Algorithm using Integration of Resnet and Yolo V2
Geethapriya. S1, P. Kumar2

Effect of Academic Interest and Emotional Happiness on Academic Performance in Learning Environment
Amala Jayanthi.M1, Lakshmana Kumar.R2

Assessment and Characterization of Mine Waste and Fly Ash Material for Effective Utilization in Opencast Coal Mines
Bishnu Prasad Sahoo1, Himanshu Bhushan Sahu2

Development of Hand Exoskeleton for Recuperation
Gaurav Sharma1, Neelaveni Ammal Murugan2, Aditi Raghav3, Rohan Pareek4

Analytical Assessment on the Structural Behaviour of CFST and CFDST Short Columns using Ansys
Pragathi. D1, Sattainathan Sharma. A2, Aishwarya M.B3

Two Level Block Chain Based Access Control Over Cloud and Fog
Bathala Lakshmi Sindhiya1, K.C.PrabuShankar2

An Assistive and Assessment Smart Eye for Visually Impaired People using CAFFE Model
Vaibhav Sontakke1, Siva Shanmugam G2

An Insight into Traffic Light Discernment and Cognizance using Support Vector Machine, Multi Class Learning and Deep Learning Concepts
Arun S.Tigadi1, Rohit S.Balekundri2, Namrata N.Kitturkar3, Akshata Kulkarni4, Praneetha V.Nayak5

Data Cleaning in Cloud Platform
V Ramya1, Jayasimha S R2

Self-Regulating Line Fault Detection and Location in Transmission Lines
Ambrisha Sharma1, Neelaveni Ammal Murugan2, Samyak Pratyush3, Aryan Srivastav4, Palash Pangoria5

Analysis of the Stability of quadcopter and Control using PID controller
R.Sundaramurthy1, S.Karthikeyan2

Substantiation of Interaction Factors in Innovation Processes
Lisovska Lidiyа1, Liutak Olena2, Terebukh Andrii3, Mrykhina Oleksandra4

Design of Low Power Adder Cell by XOR & XNOR Gate
Rahul Jadia1, Sonali Joshi2

Development of Arduino based Omni Wheel Plotter
Karthik N1, Abhijeeth Nagaraj2, Sadanand V Giraddi3, SuryaShankar Bhat B4, Arjun E L5

Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain for data Security in IOT Devices
Kathayayani N1, Jayanthi K Murthy2, Vaibhav Nityanand Naik3

Detecting Multi-Class Artifacts in Endoscopic Images using YOLOv3
N.Kirthika1, B.Sargunam2

Removing Noise During the Filtering Images
Varlamova Lyudmila1, Aripova Zulfiya2, Ganiev Akmal3, Fayzullaev Ubaydulla4

Performance Exploration of M25 Grade Concrete by Fractional Replacement of Ordinary Portland Cement by means of Glass Fiber using WASPAS Method
Subhasri Panda1, Gopal Charan Behera2, Dilip Kumar Bagal3, Priyaranjan Dash4

Prevention of Unwanted Calls Over Telephony Network
Gaurav Malviya1, Vatsal Singh2

The Development of an i-Branding Software for Asian Local Products
Zulhamri Abdullah

Pyrolysis of Waste Plastic into Fuel
Ram Jatan Yadav1, Shivam Solanki2, Sarthak Saharna3, Jonty Bhardwaj4, Ramvijay5

Morphology and Mechanical Properties of NBR/PVC Hybrid Nanocomposites
Subramanian N1, Senthilvel K2, Prabu B3

Heart Disease Prediction using Ensemble Learning Method
Ramatenki Sateesh Kumar1, S.Sameen Fatima2, Anna Thomas3

Power Quality Event Detection and Classifier Architecture on FPGA for Smart Meters
Prathibha.E1, Hinsermu Alemayehu2, A.Manjunatha3

Detection of Phishing Attacks using Content Analysis in the Cloud
Sweta Mittal1, Jayasimha S R2

Determining Key Driving Factors for the Successful Retention of Customers of Indian Banks: An Empirical Contemplate
Puspalata Mahapatra1, Namita Rath2, Nishikanta Mishra3

Barriers effects & a Secure System for payments over Mobile in Sudan
Yasser Kenesh1, Ashraf Gasm Elsid Abdalla2, Javeed Hussain3

Categorizing Multi-Label Product Questionnaires through SVM Based Click stream
Sathya Charanya.C1, V.Saravanan2

The Paradigm of CloudIoT: Applications and Challenges
Amandeep Kaur1, Neerja Mittal2, P.K Khosla3

Cell Phone Origination and Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering
Suad Omar Aldaikh

Smart Street Lighting System using LoRa For Smarter Kolkata City
Aakriti Mittal1, Abhijit Bhowmick2

Design of Improved 8:1 Multiplexer using Quantum-dot Cellular Automa
Swarnashree Shashikumar1, Arpita Kanchagar2, Sankit R. Kassa3

Text Summarization using Deep Learning
Saketh Mattupalli1, Apurva Bhandari2, B.J Praveena3

Fake News Detection in Machine Learning Hybrid Model
P. Chandana1, K. Sree Vijaya Lakshmi2

Evolution, Working and Solution to Security Threats in Virtual Data Acquisition Systems
Ayush Chaturvedi1, Divyanshu Shekhar2, Lakesh Goel3, Gaurav Sharma4, Harendra Kalyan5

Impact of Premier Clubs (Corporate Club and Club Galaxy Membership) in Life Insurance Corporation of India on Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment of LIC Agents
Roddam Hari1, P.Anitha Kumari2

Design and Simulation of Broad Band Antenna for Rf Energy Harversting
B.Madana Sankari1, N.Manthra Sri2, M.Poorna Sundari3, C.Balamurugan4

Neutral Current Compensation in grid tied Solar PV-BES Utility System using Four Leg VSC based DSTATCOM with SRF Control Strategy
Rangaswamy B N1, Saritha M2, Sidram M H3

Understanding the Perception of Road Segmentation and Traffic Light Detection using Machine Learning Techniques
Anusha A. Nandargi1, Arun S Tigadi2, Ashwini Bagewadi3, Amey Joshi4, Ajinkya Jadhav5

Scope of Lean Management in Kirana stores and Supermarkets
Greeshma Suresh1, Abhijath V2

Portrayal Matching Algorithm By using Sift
D. Praveena Bai1, K. Kezia Chrysolite2, B. Bharathi3, K. Saisudha4, B. Bhavani5

Digital Autolocking Handbrake Security system
Gurpreet Singh1, Mayank2, Tejaswi3, Nitish Malik4, Mandeep Sharma5

Effect of Eco Friendly Practices in Hospitality Industry
Parikshit Das1, Mallika Ranjan2, Sugata Mukherjee3, Kalyan Sarkar4

A Proposed Methodology to Prevent a Ransomware Attack
Salunke M.D1, Kumbharkar P.B.2, Yogesh Kumar Sharma3

Barriers effects & a Secure System for payments over Mobile in Sudan
Yasser Kenesh1, Ashraf Gasm Elsid Abdalla2

An Effective Method of Hybrid Encryption on IoT
Lalit Kumar1, Neelendra Badal2

Fabrication, Characterization and Moisture Absorption Analysis of Sponge Fiber-Coir Reinforced Epoxy Resin Hybrid Composite
Anand Kumar Mehra1, Ruchika Saini2, Abhishek Kumar3

Integrating Numerical and Quantitative Techniques for Analysis of Large-Scale Biological data using Hyper-heuristic Algorithm
Prachi Vijayeeta1, M. N. Das2, B. S. P. Mishra3

Signature Verification using Edge Detection and Oc-Svm
Mokshith Reddy A.V1, Harsha Nimmagadda2, Venkatesh Pallapothu3, Jasmine Pemeena Priyadarsini.M4

Object Classification and Detection using Deep Convolution Neural Network Architecture
Thumu Kiran1, Gurrala Nohar Reddy2, N. Srinivasan3

Cfd Analysis of Battery Management System for Electrical Vehicle using Nano-Fluids
A. Srinath1, J. Venugopal2, R. Harish3

CFD Simulation of Flow Characteristics on Semi-Submersible Platforms
T Sai Shyam1, P R Jishnu2, R Harish3

Radiation Effects on Turbulent Heat Transfer Characteristics in Vertical Channel
T. Anvesh1, R. Harish2

Detection and Labeling of Vertebrae using Deep Learning
Sharda Yashwant Salunkhe1, Priya Dilip Ghate2, Dhanshri Milind Biradar3, Chetana S. Sangar4, Tayagar M Diwakar5

Raspberry Pi Based Home Surveillance System using SMTP
N. Jeenath Shafana1, Anupam Tiwari2, Ramkesh Kasana3

The Strategy of Increased Competitiveness and Development Potential in the Region for the Well Being of Community: An Empirical of Oyster Mushroom Industry in Karanganyar, Central Java, Indonesia
Dora Kusumastuti1, Dewi Saptantinah PA2, Merkuria Karyantina3

Land Cover Change Detection using M-Siamese Network
G. Charan Dinesh1, MD. Razzaq2, A. Raghavendra Rao3, K. Srinivas4

Design and Development of Hydraulic Rescue Cylinder for Cutting and Spreading
Fazidah binti Saad1, Muhammad Amir Arsyad2, Pranesh Krishnan3

Changes in the Uneven Indexes of Sliver and Threads by Different Technological Processes
M.R.Atanafasov1, T.A.Ochilov2, R.X.Norboev3, M.A.Mansurova4, D.A.Khalmatov5

Exploring Research and Innovation in Engineering Education: The Case of a South African University
Kehdinga George Fomunyam