Volume-8 Issue-2S3, July 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-2S3, July 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Mathematical Modelling and Volume Prediction of Metal Melted by Electron Beam Welding in Copper and Stainless Steel 304 Dissimilar Metal Joints
R. Ajith Raj1, M. Dev Anand2, S. Ramabalan3

Secured Storage of Big Data in Cloud
Melbin J Reena1, A. Shajin Nargunam2

Preprocessing Big Data for Efficient Storage and Research
Melbin J Reena1, A. Shajin Nargun2

Intelligence Decision Making of Fault Detection and Fault Tolerances Method for Industrial Robotic Manipulators
D. Sivasamy1, M. Dev Anand2, K. Anitha Sheela3

A Research on Wind Tunnel on Drag Reduction in Aircraft Wing by Inducing Surface Roughness
Rohith Indulekha Janardhanan1, Ajith Raj Rajendran2, Dev Anand3, Prakash4

Robot Forward and Inverse Kinematics Research using Matlab
D. Sivasamy1, M. Dev Anand2, K. Anitha Sheela3

An Enhanced Genetic Algorithm for Assembly Planning
M. Dev Anand1, S. Kumanan2, R. R. Girish3, T. Selvaraj4, P. Asokan5

Optimization of Cutting Parameters in Hard Turning of OHNS Steel
Anil Raj1, K. Leo Dev Wins2, M. Dev Anand3

Optimal Parameter Determination on Friction Stir Welding Process of AA6061 using Grey Taguchi Method
P. Gopu1, M. Dev Anand2

Prediction of EDM Process Parameters for AISI 1020 Steel using RSM, GRA and ANN
R. Rajesh1, M. Dev Anand2

PSO Research on Cutting Parameters in AWJM Process for Aluminum 6061 Alloy
K. S. Jai Aultrin1, M. Dev Anand2, R. Rajesh3, S. Muthu Sherin4

Multi-Objective Optimization of AWJM of Lead Tin Alloy by GRA
M. Dev Anand1, K. S. Jai Aultrin2, G. Ramanan3, R. R. Neela Rajan4

Targeting Communicative Competence Through Poetry as a Tool
P. Deepa1, M. Ilankumaran2

A Genetic Algorithm Basrd Problem Detection for Unit Commitment (UC) Problems
V. Lakshmi Devi1, V. Joshi Manohar2

Attaining Fluency in the Language Classroom at College Level
K. Jeya Gowri1, M. Ilankumaran2

Occupational Hazards of Cashew Workers in Kerala
D. Kinslin1, D. Jaya Kumar2

Employee Training on Emergency Management in the New Generation Retail Outlets of Kerala
R. Roshan1, D. Kinslin2

Perceptions and Behavior of Investors Towards Stock Indices Performances in UAE
S. Edmund Christopher

The Impact of Adopting ERP on Key Performance Indicator by the Mediation Effect of Critical Success Factors and Performance Indicators in Automobile Ancillary Industries
S. Edmund Christophe

Evaluation of Cancer Incidence and Age-Adjusted in Regional Cancer Center of Tamilnadu Districts by using Mathematical Technique
K. L. Muruganantha Prasad1, B. Thirumeninathan2, R. Subramoniam3

Application of AIDS Model
K. L. Muruganantha Prasad1, V. Geetha2, S. Mookan3

Wiener and Hyper–Wiener Indices of Unitary Addition Cayley Graphs
C. Thilaga1, P. B. Sarasija2

Construction of Stochastic Model for Time to Dengue Transmission with Normal Distribution
K. L. Muruganantha Prasad1, P. S. Stem Edilber2, R. Subramoniam3

Flipped Classroom: A Paradigm Shift in English Language Teaching
M. Rakesh Babu1, S. Vivekha2

Quotient Square Sum Cordial Labeling
T. M. Selvarajan1, Swapna Raveendran2

Research on Photo Neutron Dose to Patient by (n, p) Reaction from a 15 MV Linear Accelerator
K.R. Rajesh1, R. Ganapathi Raman2

Preparation and Characterization of Few Layered MoS2 Nano Flakes
M.S. Gopika1, B. Bindhu2

Application of Stochastic Processes to Almost Ideal Demand System (AIDS) Models
K.L. Muruganantha Prasad1, V. Geetha2, R. Subramoniam3

Stochastic Optimal Control Model of Dengue Disease
K.L. Muruganantha Prasad1, P.S. Stem Edilber2, S. Mookan3

New Similarity Measure between Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multisets based on Tangent Function and its Application in Medical Diagnosis
R. Muthuraj1, S. Devi2

Plickers: A Tool for Language Assessment in the Digital Age
R. Jinu1, S. Shamna Beegum2

Modified Particle Swarm Optimisation for Economic Load Dispatch Problem
Ashita Dutta1, Ann Susan Luke2, Samya Kumar Gupta3, P. Tejasree4, Shivam Shukla5, Vishwajeet Kumar6, P. Suresh7

Reduction and Elimination of Harmonics using Power Active Harmonic Filter
R. Senthil Kumar1, R. Surya Prakash2, B. Yokesh Kiran3, Anshuman Sahana4

A New Interconnection of Micro Grid Distributed Energy Sources using Space Vector Multilevel Inverter
S. Senthil1, K. Ravi2

The Effectiveness of Smart Kit in Enhancing Students’ Mathematical Process Skills and Achievement in Mathematics
Zulkifley Mohamed1, Rosmah Ramli2, Abu Kassim Ali Musa3, Nor Hashimah Abu Bakar4, Faiz Zulkifli5

Chemometric Research of Minerals and Trace Elements in Selected Malaysian Local Fruits using Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES)
Khalilah Badarusham1, Nurul Elma Sabri2, Shamala Salvamani3, Mohd Sukri Hassan4, Zaiton Hassan5, Roshada Hashim6

Assessment of Hydrological Inspection Using Development Low-Cost Boat Application in University Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA) Lake, Terengganu, Malaysia
Mohd Khairul Amri Kamarudin1, Mohammad Faezul Hakim Mustapha2, Noorjima Abd Wahab3, Muhammad Hafiz Md. Saad4, Mohd Ekhwan Toriman5, Firdaus Mohd Hamzah6, Mohd Armi Abu Samah7, Mohd Syaiful Nizam Abu Hassan8, Siti Nor Aisyah Md Bati9

Behavioural Intention of Malaysian School Teachers toward Digital Education: A Pilot Research
Siti Nur Aqila Anuar1, Noor Fadhiha Mokhtar2, Kalsitinoor Set3

Guidelines on Safe Work Practice when Commuting in Oil Palm Plantations
Akmal Wani Sulong1, Azmi Hassan2, Tengku Mohamed Ariff Raja Husin3

A Discourse Research Towards News Report of Jakarta Regional Election on Media Indonesia.com and Okezone.com Published from October 2016 until April 2017
Ayub Dwi Anggoro1, Aziz Amin2, Mohd Syaiful Nizam Abu Hassan3

Safety Accidents at the Workplace
Huinee Voon1, Tengku Mohammad Ariff2

Understanding the Communication Pattern and Emotional Abuse:Domestic Violence Victims Among Married Women
Muhammad Shahidan Shaari1, Mohd Haizzan Yahaya2, Nurul Jannah Mohd Juaini3

Safety and Health in Schools
Huinee Voon1, Tengku Mohammad Ariff2

Leptospirosis Occurrence in Agricultural Communities in Setiu, Terengganu
Nik Muhammad Hanif Nik Abdull Halim1, Siti Rohana Mohd Yatim2, Muhammad Afiq Zaki3, Siti Nazrina Camalxaman4

The Role of Private Security Companies in the Provision of Security to Corporate Organizations in Sabon Gari Local Government, Kaduna State, Nigeria
Abubakar Mohammed Bashir

Descriptive Research of Social Capital among Low Income Group in Urban Areas in East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
Aziz Amin1, Zainul Zolkifeli2, Mohd Syaiful Nizam Abu Hassan3

Influence of Catalyst Preparation Conditions on Coconut Shell-derived Solid Acid Catalyst Performance for Transesterification
S. H. Y. S Abdullah1, A. Endut2, F. Lananan3

Mechanism Towards Free, Fair and Credible Election in Africa: Challenges to Electorates and Other Actors of the Electoral Process
Muritala Dauda1, Mohammad Zaki Ahmad2, Mohammad Faisol Keling3

Research on Male and Female Youth Perceptions on the Use of Pornographic Displays in Social Media
M. S. N. Abu Hassan1, N. H. Ismail2, N. S. Abd Halim3, M. Abd Aziz4, N. H. Mohd Sidik5, M. K. A. Kamarudin6, N. Abu Bakar7, A. B. H. M. Maliki8

A Research on Concentration and Distribution of Airborne Particulate Matter in Kuantan City
Putri Shazlia Rosman1, Mohd Armi Abu Samah2, Kamaruzzaman Yunus3

Islamic Tourism Destination Image Promotion in Kelantan through Tourism Websites and Tourism Brochures
Nik Yusnita Nik Ahmed1, Ahmad Puad Mat Som2, Myzatul Aini Ma’asor @ Mansor3

Interrogate Indonesian EFL Learners’ Needs on Academic Writing Instruction
Mohammad Rudiyanto1, Dayat2

A Fuzzy TOPSIS with Z-Number and Alpha-Cut in Identifying the Key Factor of Smoking Behaviours in Jordan
Nurnadiah Zamri1, Awajan Khaleel Yahia Ibrahim2

Perceived Organizational Support and Psychological Employment Contract Breach: A Proposed Model on the Mediating Effect of Trust
Shakur Faruk1, Zulkiflee Daud2, Saiful Azizi Ismail3

The Research of Islamic Sustainable Urbanization in the Issue of Urban Poor to Achieve Food Security in Malaysia Work
Syaidatana Siti Aishah Ab Aziz1, Nurul Suhada Ismail2

Chemometric Match to Evaluate Fatty Acids Degradation of Animal and Plant Fats after Heating Treatment by Principal Component Research (PCR)
Nor Aishah Mohd Salleh1, Mohd Sukri Hassan2

Gender Differences of Smoking Perception among Adolescents in Terengganu, Malaysia
M. S. N. Abu Hassan1, N. A. A. Mukhtar2, A. N. Kamaruddin3, H. N. Jaafar4, N. A. Jamaludin5, S. F. S. Ismail6, M. K. A. Kamarudin7, A. Amin8, M. F. A. Latib9

Assessment of Minerals in Phoenix Dactylifera L. as Determined by Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometry using ANOVA and PCA
Khalilah Badarusham1, Nurul Elma Sabri2, Shamala Salvamani3, Mohd Sukri Hassan4, Zaiton Hassan5, Roshada Hashim6

Factors Influencing Safety Behaviour among Primary School Teachers in Kuala Nerus, Malaysia
Huinee Voon1, Tengku Mohammad Ariff2

A Preliminary Research on Consumer Acceptance in Nanofood towards Purchase Intention: A Pilot Research
Mohamad Aidil Hasim1, Juhaini Jabar2, Murzidah Ahmad Murad3

Systematic Research on Predictive Models on Students’ Academic Performance in Higher Education
Faiz Zulkifli1, Zulkifley Mohamed2, Nor Afzalina Azmee3

Accustoms Gamification in Education Improves Student Motivation, Engagement and Academic Performance
Shariful Hafizi Md Hanafiah1, Kamarul Shukri Mat Teh2, Mohd Fadzil Abdul Kadir3

An Extension of Polak-Ribière-Polyak Method using Exact Line Search
Mahmoud Dawahdeh1, Mustafa Mamat2, Mohd Rivaie3, Mohamad Afendee Mohamed4, Puspa Liza Ghazali5

On Generalization to Develop Model of Details of the Leaf Margin using the B-Spline Offset Research on the Leaf Shape Modeling
Norazman Arbin1, Siti Noor Asyikin Mohd Razali2, Mustafa Mamat3

Proving the Efficiency of Alternative Linear Regression Model Based on Mean Square Error (MSE) and Average Width using Aquaculture Data
Mohamad Arif Awang Nawi1, Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad2, Mohamad Shafiq Mohd Ibrahim3, Mustafa Mamat4, Mohd Fadhli Khamis5, Mohamad Afendee Mohamed6

Analog the Performance between Three Classifiers on Bank Marketing Data
Gan Fui Yee1, Suliadi Firdaus Sufahani2, Mustafa Mamat3, Mohamad Afendee Mohamed4, Puspa Liza Ghazali5

Mathematical Research on Optimization Technique for Diet Planning Problem: Case Research Autism Paralympic Athlete
Natasha A M Zailani1, Suliadi F Sufahani2, Mustafa Mamat3

Shari’ah Perspective Ratio of Islamic Financing: Base Profit Rate vs Rule 78
Nurfadhlina Abdul Halim1, Nadhirah Gazali2, Wan Muhamad Amir W Ahmad3, Mustafa Mamat4

Research on Various Cryptography Techniques
Yahia Alemami1, Mohamad Afendee Mohamed2, Saleh Atiewi3

The Countermeasures Assessment Towards Retirement Basic Savings Estimation Through the Mathematical Research
Hazimi Foziah1, Puspa Liza Ghazali2, Mustafa Mamat3, Asyraf Afthanorhan4, Wan Mohd Nazri Wan Daud5

Enterprise Risk Management between Network Capacity and Performance of Public Higher Education: A Proposed Framework
Ummu Ajirah Abdul Rauf1, Juhaini Jabar2, Nusaibah Mansor3

The Issue of Alternative Assessment on Students’ Achievement from the Viewpoints of Teachers’ at Elementary Schools in Gaza
Mahmoud A.A. Almadhoun1, Norsuhaily Abu Bakar2, Abdul Hakim Abdullah3

The Involvement of Malay Adolescents in Crime: Research on Residents of Asrama Akhlak Rusila, Marang
Sharifah Shahida Syed Muhsin1, Nurul Jannah Mohd Juaini2

Factors and Job Satisfaction Dimension among Academic Staffs of Public Universities
Norsuhaily Abu Bakar1, Nur Amalyna Radzali2

Understanding Special Education Teachers’ Perspectives on Professionalism in Educating Autistic Students
S. Karunya1, K. Kalaiselvi2

Learning Performance Assessment using Mobile-Based Augmented Reality Application for Preschool Environment
Nur Iman Malini Muhamad Mahmud1, Ismahafezi Ismail2, Syadiah Nor Wan Shamsuddin3, Suhailan Safei4, Mohd Azhar M. Arsad5

Web Service Oriented Architecture Solution for Accounting Information System for SMEs Legal Firm
Mumtazimah Mohamad1, Zuhairah Ariff Abd Ghadas2, Wan Nur Syahida Wan Ismail3, Fatimah Ghazali4

A Fuzzy TOPSIS with Affinity Weight for Big Data Projects: Managing Cloud Solution Problems
Nurnadiah Zamri1, Wan Suryani Wan Awang2

An Initial Research: the Level of Environmental Awareness and Knowledge among Homestay Operators in Selangor, Malaysia
Yusnita Yusof1, Normadihah M. Aminuddin2

Multiple Classifiers for Age Prediction Against AAM and ASM
Musab Iqtait1, Fatma Susilawati Mohamad2

Multi-Objective Multi Time Span Fractional Capacitated Transportation Problem in the Two Echelon Supply Chain with Multiform Items and Mixed Constraints
J. Merline Vinotha1, W. Ritha2, I. Antonitte Vinoline3, Nivetha Martin4, P. Vijayalakshmi5

Sensor based Management Information System for Dumpers for Indian Mines
M S Tiwari1, Manish Uttarwar2

Experimental Studies on Settlement Search of Piled Raft System
Kunal Kumar1, P. P. Dahale2, P. D. Hiwase3

Analog Search of Different Lateral Load Resisting System for High Rise Building
Tejas N. Kothari1, Udaysingh Patil2, Sharda P. Siddh3

Research and Optimization of the Belt Truss Location in High-Rise RCC Structure
Shravan Vijay Mantri1, P. Hiwase2, Prasad P. Dahale3

Ferrocement and Convention Soil Retaining Structure Observation using Geometrical Configuration
Shubhashree R. Chimote1, Prashant D. Hiwase2

Condition Assessment and Structural Audit Before and After Repair of Fire Damaged Structure and Ansys Simulation of Column Jacketing
Rajat R. Singh1, P. B Kulkarni2, A. K. Sharma3

Research on RCC and Timber Multi-Storey Structures using Response Spectrum Search
Shubham Bhutada1, P.D. Pachpor2, A.K. Sharma3

Research on Alternative to Replace Natural Sand in Cement Stabilized Rammed Earth Blocks
Shahrukh Ansari1, Vaishali Rajurkar2, Anuj Kumar Sharma3

Impact of Contingent Workforce on Productivity of the Organization with Respect to Cement Manufacturing Industries
T. Narayana Reddy1, S. Sowjanya2

Modified Radar Signal Model using NLFM
N. Adithya Valli1, D. Elizabath Rani2, C. Kavitha3

Weather Forecasting by using Modified K-Means Intra and Inter Clustering Algorithm
Veera Ankalu Vuyyuru1, G. Appa Rao2

WhatsApp Encryption- A Research
Vamsi Krapa1, S. Prayla Shyry2, M. Rahul Sai Krishna3

Advancement of Principal Component Judgment for the Classification and Prediction of Alzheimer’s Disease
M. S. Roobini1, M. Lakshmi2

Recognition of Emotion From Facial Expression for Autism Disorder
A. Sivasangari1, Bhanu Prakash.V2, G. V. V. Rajesh3

Distributed Key Management for IT Infrastructure using Block Chain and Hash Graph
Sathya Priya S1, Revathy S2, Kamnag R3, Yogeswar L4, Sajal M5, Suparna S6

Diabetic Retinopathy Detection using Image Processing (GUI)
R. Subhashini1, T. N. R.Nithin2, U. M. S. Koushik3

Rainfall Prediction using Regression Model
J. Refonaa1, M. Lakshmi2, Raza Abbas3, Mohammad Raziullha4

Convolutional Neural Network Based Path Navigation of a Differential Drive Robot in an Indoor Environment
Prithvi Krishna C1, Vasanth Kumar CH2

Intelligent Parking System
D. Bhanu Priya1, V. Raghavendra Rao2, Ch. Vasanth Kumar3

Sunflower Mimic Robot for Development of Dual Axis Solar Tracking System
D. V. Nithin Kumar1, VNB Prasad Sodisetty2, Ch. Vasanth Kumar3

Simulation and Experimental Research on Robot Drilling
J.R.V. Sai Kiran1, V.N.B Prasad Sodisetty2

An Intuitive Way to Unmask in-Browser Cryptojacking in Network Level using Support Vector Machine (SVM) in Machine Learning
Pruthvi Raj Kantamani1, Geetha Manoj Potru2, Yovan Felix A3

Congestion Control for Better Performance of WSN Based IoT Ecosystem using KHA Mechanism
Shiv. H. Sutar1, Y. Bevish Jinila2

An Automated Research for Emotion Recognition and Generation
Vivek Venugopal1, M.R. Stalin John2, Vasanth Kumar. CH3

Detecting Malicious Email Accounts on Social Media
Santhosh Nunna1, Nagurbabu Kaladi2, S.Jancy3

Detecting Fraud Apps using Sentiment Research
Mandava Rama Rao1, Nandhini Kannan2, CH V S Nihanth3

Automatic Speech Recognition Systems for Regional Languages in India
Ravindra Parshuram Bachate1, Ashok Sharma2

Rainfall Prediction using Apriori Algorithm
J. Refonaa1, M. Lakshmi2, Allu Chaya Satya Kiran3, Anantha Ravi Teja4

Rainfall Prediction using Genetic Algorithm
J. Refonaa1, M. Lakshmi2, R S S Srinivasa Rao3, P Eshwar Prasad4

Nelder-Mead Optimized MADM Decision Support for Vertical Handover
Malathy E M1, Vijayalakshmi Muthuswamy2

Deep Learning Based Truth Discovery Algorithm for Research the Genuineness of Given Text Corpus
Adilakshmi Vadavalli1, R Subhashini2

Steganographic Tool Detection using Specific Composite Feature Set and Weighted Decision Function
S. Arivazhagan1, W. Sylvia Lilly Jebarani2, S. T. Veena3

Research on the Effect of Copper Slag as a Fine Aggregate on the Properties of Concrete
M. Selvaradjou1, R. Baskar2

An Efficient Data Segmentation and Replication Technique for Cloud using Fuzzy Centrality Measures
S. Periyanatchi1, K. Chitra2

A Systematic Judgement to Automated Programming Contracts Generation
S. V. Gayetri Devi1, C. Nalini2

Deep Learning in Data Science
Gautham Naik1, Nandan Nayak2, Nithesh3, Nithin H A4, Nagaraj Bhat5, K C Gouda6

Design of Low Power and High Speed 4X4 Multiplier using Modified Column Bypassing Scheme for DSP Applications
E. Srinivas1, N. Sharath Babu2, G. Sreenivasa Raju3

Air Pollution Monitoring and Prediction System
Meghana H Prabhu1, K Sridevi Rao2, Navya Nagaraj Vidyavathi Poojary3, Nikhitha J4, Nagaraj Bhat5, Ramya D Shetty6

Crop Pattern Change and Crop Water Requirement Judgment using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: a Research on Tungabhadra Dam Right Canal
Arunkumar Yadav1, Hafeezunnisa2, Pramod Kumar Kappadi3

Digital Image Forgery Detection
S. Prayla Shyry1, Saranya Meka2, Mahitha Moganti3

Federated Cloud Storage Management Through Provable Data Possession using Dynamic Audit Protocol
Sermakani A.M.1, Paulraj.D2

A Two Stage Model on Prediction of Protein Stability Changes in Case of Uncertainty using Fuzzy K-Means Clustering and Fuzzy Artificial Neural Networks
Juliet Rozario1, B. Radha2

Quality Based Performance of Leach-Rfid by using Contention Avoidance Algorithm
Sanchita1, Er Anshu Sharma2

Research of Vitamin D Levels Between the Tuberculosis Infected and Non – Infected Subjects in 16-25 Years of Age
Srishty Mittal1, Lakhwinder Kaur2

Exploration of an Intelligent and Secure Wireless Body Area Networks for Health Monitoring
T. Santhi Vandana1, S.Venkateshwarlu2, CH. V. Ravi Teja3

Dynamic Control of Traffic Signals using Traffic Data from Google Maps and Road Cameras
Arunachalam Muthupalaniappan1, B Shreehari Nair2, Raakheshsubhash Arumuga Rajan3, Raghesh Krishnan K4

Best Practices of Auditing in an Organization using ISO 27001 Standard
Amogh Phirke1, Jayshree Ghorpade-Aher2

Anti Theft Hybrid Solution for Tracking & Locating Mobile Devices with Data Security
Nikhil Bhomia1, Kishor Kolhe2

Artificial Intelligence Tools for Enhancing Customer Experience
Joshi Sujata1, Das Aniket2, Matta Mahasingh3

Influence of Dosage of Super Plasticizer on the Mechanical Properties of Binary Blended Concrete
A. Mallinadh Kashyap1, E. T. Chakrapani2, L. Narasimha Murthy3, S. Suryanarayana Raju4

Pressure Sensor Behavioral Search: Simulation Research for Aerospace Application
Vaishnavi Wagh1, Shefali Sonavane2, Chandan Kapoor3

A Research of Noise Estimation and Removal Techniques for Speech Signal
B.P. Mishra1, Laxman Singh2, Spoorti J. Jainar3, Nagaraja B. G.4

Multi-Objective Restricted Solid Transportation Problem in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment with Emission Cost
P. Vijayalakshmi1, J. Merline Vinotha2

Environmentally Liable Multi-Objective Multi Time Span Fuzzy Fractional Capacitated Transportation Problem in the Two Echelon Supply Chain with Heterogeneous Items and Mixed Constraints
P. Vijayalakshmi1, J. Merline Vinotha2

The Effective Transmission of Acquired Sensor data with FFT, DWT and DTCWT in Different Channel Environment
Naveen H1, Chetan H2, Bhimsen Kulkarni3, Sudatta Mohanty4, Druva Kumar S5, Sreerama Reddy G M6

Circular Index for the Book, Fan and Tridegreed Graphs
P. Selvarani

A Geometric Programming Solution to an Economic Production Quantity Model with Ranking Fuzzy Numbers Cost Parameters
K. Jayanthi1, W. Ritha2

Fuzzy Transportation Problem with Intuitionistic Triangular Trapezoidal Fuzzy Number
A. Saranya1, J. Merline Vinotha2

Early Detection and Elimination of Underground Pests using IoT
B. Arthi1, G. Padmapriya2, M. Aruna3

Identification of Bio-Markers for Breast Cancer Detection through Data Mining Methods
R. Geetha Ramani1, G. Sivagami2

Learnart : Drawing Environment using Convolutional Neural Networks
Duraimurugan. N1, Manoj Kumar. B2, Malini. C3, Kowsalya. R4

An Effectual Homomorphic Tag Based Block for Dynamic Provable Data Possession Framework Based on Block Tagging the Cloud File
K. Kavitha1, M. Punithavalli2

Real Time Lake Water Level Evaporation and Variablity Monitoring System using Internet of Things
S. Magesh Kumar1, V. Parthipan2, S. Rinesh3

Rational Framework Based Model of Applying Six Sigma Principles For Integrated Human Resource and Operations Management
S. Ananth1, A.Varadaraj2

Smart Walking Cane For Blind
F. Emerson Solomon1, S. Prasath2, T. Manoj Prasath3, R.Vasuki4

Landslide Detection Based on Bayesian Classification Method
Pushparaj. D1, Uma Priyadarsini2

Identification of Fake Accounts For Making Trust on Network Using Machine Learning
Nirmala B1, S.P.Chokkalingam2

Fuzzy Based Combinatorial Filter Model for Drusen Enhancement in Retinal Fundus Images
Jeyakarthikeyan C1, C Jayakumari2

Production of Animal Feed Protein from Vignaunguriculata and Cicerarietinum
S. Anbuselvi1, JeyanthiRebecca2, L. Sharmila S.3, Merina Paul Das4

Hearing Loss Inquiry using Audiometry
S. Prasath1, N. Subhalakshmi2, T. Manoj Prasath3, R. Vasuki4

HMM Based Cough Sound Scrutiny for Classification of Asthma and Pneumonia in Paediatry
T. Manoj Prasath1, Vasukidevi Ramachandran2, S. Geetha3, R.Vasuki4

Recent Development of Automation and IoT in Agriculture
Chidananda Kashyap1, Bharath Y Kashyap2, Guruprasad K3, Shrinivasa D4, Prashant Kumar Shrivastava5

Evaluation and Evolution of Object Detection Techniques YOLO and R-CNN
K G Shreyas Dixit1, Mahima Girish Chadaga2, Sinchana S Savalgimath3, G Ragavendra Rakshith4, Naveen Kumar M R5

A Research on Kevlar and Hybrid Kevlar Composites; A Report
Mohammed Hisham1, Mohammed Fahaduddin2, Mohammed Azhar Khan3, Ashok B C4, Prashant Kumar Shrivastava5

Online Food Ordering System
Trupthi B1, Rakshitha Raj R2, J B Akshaya3, Srilaxmi C P4

Impact of Lightning Impulse on Electric Field Stress of Spacer in Single Phase Gas Insulated Busduct
M. Mohanlal Naik1, G. V. Nagesh Kumar2

3D Prototype of Limited Lean Suspension System
G. Shiva Guru Prakash1, Srinivaas Ashok Kumar2

Efficiency Improvement in the Assembly Line with the Application of Assembly Line Balancing Method
Akshay C Shettigar1, Hamritha S2, A Balakrishna3

Modelling and Simulation of Skid Prediction in a Passenger Car
Shivram M1, Srinivaas A2

Evolutionary Computation Access on Incremental Map Reduce for Mining Large Scale Data
M. Blessa Binolin Pepsi1, S. Haseena2, S. Saroja3

Density Based Traffic Controller with Emergency Override using CCTV Camera
Venkat G1, Arulananth T S2, Baskar M3

Recommendation of Attributes for Heart Disease Prediction using Correlation Measure
S. Chellammal1, R. Sharmila2

Cuckoo Search and M-Tree based Multicast Ad hoc On-demand Distance Vector Protocol for MANET
D. Madhu Babu1, M. Ussenaiah2

Development of Electrospun Wound Dressing for Hemorrage Control using Biominerals
Thamarai Selvan. V1, Gobinath. R2, Thirumurugan. K3, Mekala. N4

Design & Inspection of Voltage Stabilization Circuit using 3tscmi
G Gnaneshwar Kumar1, K Karunanithi2

A Research Threshold Efficient Hybrid Encryption Schema for Secure File System
P Penchalaiah1, M Vijay Kumar2, K Ramesh Reddy3

Cost Effective E-Vehicle for Physically Challenged & Aged Peoples
B. Balaji1, R. Suganya2

Declining of Sensing Errors in Cognitive Radio by Threshold Determination of Energy Spotting Method
M. Ajay Kumar1, N. Rajesha2, Anupama Deshpande3

Astray State-Laminar Forced Convective Heat Transfer of Al2O3 – H2O Nanofluid through 3D-Rectangular Cross- Sectional Duct
G. Shiva Guru Prakash1, Srinivaas Ashok Kumar2

The Need to Evaluate Urban Green Spaces in the City Core in Bengaluru
Ar. Sreesha S Bhat1, Monalipa Dash2

Performance Test on Classification Algorithms
Jeevitha Sampath1, Sunitha N V2, Arpana Shetty3

Privacy in Pervasive Computing Environment
Gnaneshwari G. R1, M. S. Hema2

Green Transportations Systems – A Step Towards Sustainable Cities
Shanu Raina1, Bhagyalaxmi Madapur2, Reshmi Manikoth Kollarath3

Efficient Gesture based Language Recognition using SVM and Lloyd’s Algorithm
Abdul Khader1, Muhammad Thouseef2, Akbar Ali3, Ahamad Irfan4

Futuristic Urbanism- Integrating Farming into Urban Landscape for Sustainable Development
Bhagyalaxmi Madapur1, Shanu Raina2, Reshmi Manikoth Kollarath3

Effect of Cryolite on Microstructure of Insitu AlB2 Aluminium Metal Matrix Composites
Samuel Dayanand1, Satish Babu B2

Sustainable Urban Design in Singapore
Sindhu Suresh1, Neetha S N2, Reshmi Manikoth Kollarath3

Effect of Area Ratio on Base Pressure and Control Effectiveness
Fharukh Ahmed G. M.1, Sher Afghan Khan2

Lean Practices in SMEs towards Improvement in Production Performance: A Research
Bhuvaneshwari Alias Sunita Kulkarni. M.1, Anand. H. Mishrikoti2

Role of Active Control in Increasing Base Pressure at Sonic Mach Number
Fharukh Ahmed G. M.1, Sher Afghan Khan2

Experimental Research on Wall Pressure Distribution in C-D Nozzle at Mach Number 1.1 for Area Ratio 3.24
S A Khan1, Imran Mokashi2, Abdul Aabid3, Mohammed Faheem4

Biodiesel Production Utilizing Diverse Sources, Classification of Oils and Their Esters, Performance and Emission Characteristics: A Research
Mohamed Kafeel Delvi1, Manzoore Elahi M Soudagar2, Hurmathulla Khan3, Zahoor Ahmed Shariff4, Imran Mokashi5

Effect of Sweep Angle and a Half Sine Wave on Roll Damping Derivative of a Delta Wing
Renita Sharon Monis1, Aysha Shabana2, Asha Crasta3, S. A. Khan4

Performance Research on Medical Data Classification using Traditional and Soft Computing Techniques
Zahid Ansari1, Quazi Mateenuddin H.2, Ansari Abdullah3

Inspection of Supersonic Flows in a CD Nozzle using Experimental Method
Muhammed Hanafi Azami1, Mohammed Faheem2, Abdul Aabid3, Imran Mokashi4, S. A. Khan5

Experimental Research of Wall Pressure Distribution and Effect of Micro Jet at Mach 1.5
Muhammed Hanafi Azami1, Mohammed Faheem2, Abdul Aabid3, Imran Mokashi4, S. A. Khan5

HPC Based Algorithmic Species Extraction Tool for Automatic Parallelization of Program Code
Mustafa Basthikodi1, Ahmed Rimaz Faizabadi2, Waseem Ahmed3

Identification and Contextual Semantic Retrieval of Polysemy Words
Shashank U1, Venkatesh B N2, Rajeshwari S B3, Jagadish S Kallimani4

Critique on Cache Transition Techniques for Semantic Graph Parsing for optimizing Search Process using Text Mining
Sajini G1, Jagadish S Kallimani2

Level of Service Test on Public Transport Facilities in Trivandrum City
Anila Cyril1, Raviraj H Mulangi2, Varghese George3

Design and Fabrication of Energy Harvester using VIVACE (Vortex Induced Vibrations Aquatic Clean Energy)
Ashok B C.1, Akshay B L2, Akshatha H3, Akash D L4, Bharath Yogendra5

Abs-Sum-Kan: An Abstractive Text Summarization Technique for an Indian Regional Language by Induction of Tagging Rules
Shilpa G V1, Shashi Kumar D R2

Research on Different Classifiers for Early Detection of Lung Nodules
Madan. K1, Bhanu Anusha K2, Pavan Kalyan. P3, Neelima. N4

Design Research on Algorithm of Processing Time, Data Aggregation Time, Packet Delivery Ratio and Energy Consumption
S. Prabhavathi1, Kiran S2, Channaveerana Gouda3

Performance Research on Iterative Methods for Image Deblurring
Mahendra B M1, Savita Sonoli2

Research on Combination of Swing Wing with Canard and Tail used in Fighter Aircraft
Praveen babu1, Swathi P Shetty2, Kavya G Achar3, Steve JohnsonLobo4, Lokesh K S5, Jagadeesh6

PID Controller Design for Tito Processes Based on IMC and Smith Predictor Configuration
M Jagjeevanrao1, R Kiranmayi2

Design of High Speed 32-bit Floating Point Multiplier using Urdhva Triyagbhyam Sutra of Vedic Mathematics
Sai Venkatramana Prasada G S1, G Seshikala2, Niranjana S3

Pid Controller for Thermal Control in Satellites
Rama Murthy H1, Sudharshan Banakar2, Pragnyatatti3, Mushahira4, Gousiya Banu5

A Research on Clustering Based Optimized Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network
D Laxma Reddy1, Puttamadappa C2, H. N. Suresh3

A Nonlinear Static Research on A G+5 Storey Existing RC Structure Under Seismic Loading
V. Sai Kiran Kumar1, C. Mahalingam2, M. Shiva Rama Krishna3

Knowledge Management Practices in Technical Educational Institutions using ICT tools of Rayalaseema Region in Andhra Pradesh
P. Haripriya1, N. S. Chakravarthy2, Y. V. Siva Reddy3

A Research on Influence of Social Media Communications on Selection of Hotels Among Domestic Tourists in Tamil Nadu
R. Kannan

Social Media Addiction, Culture Code and Mediation Effect of Mindfulness: A Structural Equation Modelling Access
Anuradha1, Thangaraja Arumugam2, N. Akbar Jan3, A.K. Subramani4

The Convergence between Tradition and Modernity and between Innovative Design and the History of Culture- Irbid City as a Inspection
Samia Ayyoub Salim Ayyoub

An Enhanced on Bidirectional LI-FI Attocell Access Point Slicing and Virtualization using Das2 Conspire
Yerrolla Chanti1, Kothanda Raman2, K. Seenanaik3, Dandugudum Mahesh4, B.Bhaskar5

Design a Cost Optimum for 5g Mobile Cellular Network Footing on NFV and SDN
Bura Vijay Kumar1, Yerrolla Chanti2, Nagender Yamsani3, Srinivas Aluvala4, Bandi Bhaskar5

Research on the Unethical Conducts and Practices among Professionals in the Construction Industry
Zulkifli Ibrahim1, Noraini Hamzah2, Muhamad Azry Khoiry3

A Research on Sustainable Micro-Concrete
K. Naga Rajesh1, Manoj Kumar Rath2, P. Markandeya Raju3

The Implications of Social Media Marketing on Fashion Brand Purchase
V. Vijay Durga Prasad1, S. Praveen2

Research on Net Weighting Schemes in Performance Driven Global Routing
Geetanjali Udgirkar1, G. Indumathi2

The Impact of E-Learning in Teaching Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers
Elsayed Mohamed Salem Salem Elawadi1, Zulazhan Ab. Halim2, Najeeb Abbas Al-Sammarraie3, Yousef Abubaker El-Ebiary4, Bishwajeet Pandey5

Design of Heavy Vehicle Chassis Frame By using Ansys
Kalluri Raviteja1, A. Udhya Bhaskar2

Profile and Problems of Women Domestic Workers in Mangochi, Malawi
G. Thiruvasagam1, D. Rajasekar2, R. Vettriselvan3

Research on Single Input and Regulated Multiple Output Isolated Dc-Dc Soft Deviceing Converter
J. Sivavara Prasad1, K. R. L. Prasad2, G. Nageswara Rao3

CFD Research on Car Body
S. Srinivasarao1, V. M. Lakshamaih2

Object Tracking using Supervised Level_Set Model (Slsm)
V. Surendra Reddy1, T. Rajyalakshmi2, D. Rajya Lakshmi3

Constrained Optimization of Linear Antenna Arrays using Novel Social Group Optimization Algorithm
B. Narasimha Rao1, S. Saida Rao2

Strength Evaluation on M25 & M 30 Grades of Self Compaction Concrete by Partial Replacement of Saw Dust in Fine Aggregates
N Shiva Kumar Reddy1, P Nagi Reddy2

Medical Image of Pet/Ct Weighted Fusion Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform
Angara Sradha Rajkumar1, G. Neelima2

Network Blocking Probability Based Resource Allocation for Spectrum Fragmentation in Space-Division-Multiplexing-Based Elastic Optical Networks
Boda Tejaswar Naidu1, J. Venkata Lakshmi2

Web-Based Learning: How Fair is ‘Fair Use’?
Ratan Singh Solanki

Modeling Actual Evapotranspiration using the Advection Aridity Model
Ananya S. G1, Lakshman Nandagiri2

A Research on Sustainable Development in India
Sajjan Choudhuri

Equalized Load Shaping for Demand Side Management using Memetic Algorithm
C. Bharathi1, V. Vijaya Kumar2

An Efficient Feature Specific Neural Network for Multi Class Classification
T. Ravichandran1, Krishna Mohanta2, C. Nalini3

Strained SI/SIGE/SI Nano-Channel Hoi Mosfet
Lalthanpuii Khiangte1, Rudra Sankar Dhar2

Research on E-Science – Serverless Semantic E-Science Framework (SSE-SF)
T. Rubin Jose1, P. Sojan Lal2

Numerical Research on the Effect of Impactor Shape and Core Characteristics on the Ballistic Impact Response of Marine Sandwich Composite Plates
Mahesh.C1, Rajesh P Nair2

Static Power Research on Nano Cryptographic Circuits
Neetu Srivastava1, Kumar Neeraj2, B.Hemalatha Hari3, Shanker Srivastava4

Leg Bone Fracture Segmentation and Detection using Advanced Morphological Techniques
K. Sudha Rani1, K. Mani Kumari2, Ganti Amulya3, Eswar Pothineni4, Velagapudi Pavani5, P. Susvitha Reddy6

Energetic Surface Instruct for Faceted Result Finding Engines
Golamari Sowmya1, D. Rammohanreddy2

Viewers Habits Mining By Combine TV Rating with Intermedia Specify
Bonam Rajiv Kumar1, M. Naresh2

Community Oriented Shifting Based Recommonnd Social
K. Akshay Shahji1, D. Rammohanreddy2

Examination of Users Conduct in Arrange Online Shoping Website
Ashok Macherla1, A. Purnima2

Scheduling Railway Lines
Tanuj Dey1, Rahul Bal2, B. Bharathi3

Adaptive Dc Stabilizer with Reduced Dc System Application
M. Neeharika1, M. Sivareddy2

Systematic and Meaningful Keyword Finding Over Encipher Data in Steam
CH Padma1, D. Rammohanreddy2

Pro Defender – Discern Spiteful Description in Social-Network-Based Online Advertising
Miriyala Parasanthi1, D. Rammohanreddy2

Socirank Diagnose and Dispose Rife News Topics Proving Cordial Disclosure Component
Mule Ravindra Reddy1, Y.N.D Aravind2

A Strong Standing Management Apparatus in the Confederate Threat
S. Kanna Babu1, B.Yedukondalu2

Mining Social Data to Identifying User Behavior in Medhelp Forum on Health-Related Topics
V. Vijeya Kaveri1, V. Maheswari2

Design & Simulation of Microstrip Patch Antenna for Uwb Applications
Chhavi Narayan Arora1, R.L.Yadav2

An Automatic Model for Brain Tumor Detection using Machine Learning Techniques
C. Gunasundari1, R. Punidha2

Domain Name and Its Protection in India
Sukrut Deo1, Sapna Deo2

FPGA Implementation of Fault Tolerant Full Adder Design for High Speed VLSI Architectures
Somashekhar1, Vikas Maheshwari2, R. P. Singh3

The Life Line of Human Beings–“Right to Potable Water”
Anuradha Girme1, Bhagyashree Deshpande2

Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Members using Post-Tension Cables: A Parametric Research
Hanadi Elkhansa1, Oussama Baalbaki2

Object Detection in Camouflaged Environment with Texture Statistical Features
Chennamsetty Pulla Rao1, A. Guruva Reddy2, C. B. Rama Rao3

Incremental Feature Selection Method for Software Defect Prediction
N. Gayatri1, S. Nickolas2, A. Subbarao3

A Strange Algorithm for Fingerprint Based Age Estimation using Frequency Domain and Pattern Recognition Techniques
T. Arulkumaran1, V. Ganesan2

A Framework for Software Component Reusability Analysis using Flexible Software Components Extraction
Sampath Korra1, D.Vasumathi2, A.Vinayababu3

Quantum Dot Gate FET Based Multi-Value Logic Sequential Circuits
A. Phani Kumar1, E. John Alex2

Comprehensive Project Management Framework using Machine Learning
Kalli Srinivasa Nageswara Prasad1, M. V. Vijaya Saradhi2

Network Sensor for Brain Wave with Automated Robot Assistance
Bhukya Krishna1, K. Ranjith Reddy2

Application of Blind Deconvolution Algorithm for Deblurring of Saturated Images
Jonnadula Narasimha Rao1, Ganpat Joshi2

The Economic Cloud Servises and Data Inrtegrity for Uncertainity
Mahesh1, M. Laxmaiah2

Breast Cancer Detection using Machine Learning Way
Sri Hari Nallamala1, Pragnyaban Mishra2, Suvarna Vani Koneru3

ZNO Nanoparticles as a Model for Removal of Pharmaceutical Compounds (Vitamin B12)in the Presence of UVA Light
Aseel M. Ajobree1, Ali T. Bader2, Ayad F. Alkaim3, Falah H. Hussein4

Impact of Audit Firm Rotation on Audit Quality: Evidence from Bhutan
Kriti Bhaswar Singh1, Abhishek Singh2

Multifunctional Extrinsic Fiber Optic Sensor to Measure Various Parameters of Liquids at the Operating Wavelength of 660nm Employing a U-Shaped Glass Rod as a Sensing Element
S. Venkateswara Rao1, S. Srinivasulu2

Development of Taekwondo Skill Test for Sub Junior Boys
Harmanpreet Kaur1, Pradeep Kumar Baldeena2

Prospective Teachers’ Views on Courses for Culturally Responsive Pedagogy
Nurfaradilla Mohamad Nasri1, Asyraf Talib2, Bity Salwana Alias3

Empowerment of Women in Self Help Groups with Emphasis on Goa and Karnataka
Faye Xavier Colaco1, Gopinathan N.2

Amendment of India Mauritius DTAA and its Impact on Foreign Investment in India
B. K. Pandey

Is it Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Dyes a Friendly Method? Methyl Violet Dye as a Model for Application in Aqueous Solutions in the Presence of Commercial TiO2
Falah H. Hussein1, Aseel M. Ajobree2, Zeyad O. Musa3, Firas H. Abdulrazzak4, Mohammed Bassim Alqaragoly5, Ayad F. Alkaim6

Effect of Ten Weeks of Crossfit Training on ‘Yo-Yo Test’ Perfor-Mance of Cricketers
Sukhjivan Singh1, Hardeep Kaur Saini2

Role of Semiconductors (Zinc Oxide as a Model) for Removal of Pharmaceutical Tetracycline (TCs) from Aqueous Solutions in the Presence of Selective Light
Liqaa H. Abd1, Riyam Abbas2, Aseel M. Aljeboree3, Firas H. Abdulrazzak4, Falah H. Hussein5, Ayad F. Alkaim6

The Internationalisation of a Public University Through International Internships. Students Opinion
Josep Alemany1, Xavier Parramon2, M. Pilar Curós3

Developing Teamwork Training Impact Scale: Constructing an Instrument to Determine the Impact of Training on Teamwork Effectiveness using Malaysian Sample
Siti Fardaniah Abdul Aziz1, Ummi Kalsom Zakaria2

An Experimental Technique for OCR Line and Word Segmentation using Probability Distribution Estimation
Rajan Goyal1, Rajesh Kumar Narula2, Manish Kumar3

Aqua Bill Store Mineral Water Sales Application Program
B. Ayshwarya1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, Fahmi Al Bazar3, Nur Aminudin4, K. Shankar5, Wahidah Hashim6, Larisa N. Gorina7, Andino Maseleno8

Boarding House Selection using SAW Method
Hamid Mukhlis1, B. Ayshwarya2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, Wahidah Hashim4, Hardono5, Siti Maesaroh6, Yona Desni Sagita7, Surmiasih8, Rido Sanjaya9, Oktafianto10, K. Shankar11, Oksana P. Denisova12, Andino Maseleno13

Design Analysis of Web-Based Employee Information System in Office of Technical Implementation Unit of Education Department
B. Ayshwarya1, Adromi Yansyah2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, K. Shankar4, Wahidah Hashim5, Satria Abadi6, Irina N. Odarich7, Andino Maseleno8

Design Analysis of Web-Based Furniture Marketing Information System
B. Ayshwarya1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, Alismi3, Satria Abadi4, K. Shankar5, Wahidah Hashim6, Aleksandr A. Korostelev7, Andino Maseleno8

The Best Land Selection using Simple Additive Weighting
B. Ayshwarya1, Firza Adi Firdiansah2, Firmansyah Y. Alfian3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, Wahidah Hashim5, K. Shankar6, Satria Abadi7, Sergey Kh. Peteraitis8, Andino Maseleno9

The Good Salted egg using AHP
B. Ayshwarya1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, Firmansyah Y. Alfian3, Wahidah Hashim4, K. Shankar5, Yanti Aprilda6, Sri Ipnuwati7, Pavel A. Melnikov8, Andino Maseleno9

Determination of the Early Ripeness of Potato Variety Samples by the Concentration of Cell Sap of Etiolated Tubers Sprout
T.E. Ostonakulov

Perception of Olympian and Arjuna Awrdee Zafar Iqbal on Coaching Philosophy and Doping in Sports
Mohd. Tanveer Khan1, Reeta Devi2

An Experimental Analysis of Investors’ Pattern in Investment Decisions Making in Indian Stock Market
Sarika Keswani1, Bharti Wadhwa2

Agricultural Enterprises Human Capital Intellectualization As A Factor Providing Their Competitiveness: Theoretical Analysis
Petro Yukhymenko1, Тetyana Sokolska2, Anatoliy Danylenko3, Olha Babytska4, Olha Bilyk5, Svitlana Polishchuk6, Tamara Prykhodko7

Into the Furniture Woods: Analytical Hierarchy Process Method
Kumar R.1, B. Ayshwarya2, Muhamad Muslihudin3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, Firmansyah Y. Alfian5, Wahidah Hashim6, K. Shankar7, Siti Hafizah8, Siti Mukodimah9, Irina N. Odarich10, Andino Maseleno11

The Best of Village Head Performance: Simple Additive Weighting Method
Ambika P.1, B. Ayshwarya2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, Wahidah Hashim4, Fatma Rinjani5, Muhamad Muslihudin6, K. Shankar7, Oksana P. Denisova8, Andino Maseleno9

Factors Influencing Livelihood Security among the Fishing Migrant Households at Places of Origin in Thailand
Nattapon Meekaew1, Dusadee Ayuwat2

Identification of Determinants Influencing the Performance of MSMEs
Sapna Surjan1, Sandeep Srivastava2

Factors Influencing Employee Quality of Work Life in Andhra Pragathi Grameena Bank with Special Reference to Kadapa District
Kothapalle Inthiyaz1, T. Narayana Reddy2, P. Subramanyachary3

Congestion Control in Wireless Network using TCP Friendly Rate Control (TFRC)
K. Rangaswamy1, C. Rajabhushanam2

Application of Analytical Hierarchy Process Method in Laptop Selection
Devi Yunita1, B. Ayshwarya2, Eka Ridhawati3, Miftachul Huda4, Azmil Hashim5, Kamarul Shukri Mat Teh6, Phong Thanh Nguyen7, K. Shankar8, Andino Maseleno9

Liars Dominationset on fuzzy Graphs under Join, Corona, and Lexicographic Products
S.  Roseline Mary1, S. Ruban Raj2

Physiology, Productivity and Cotton Plant Adaptation under the Conditions of Soil Salinity
Norboyeva Umida Toshtemirovna1, Kholliyev Askar Ergashovich2

Historical and Ethnographic Features of the Uzbek Kurash
Fayzullo Tolipov1, Xurshida Yunusova2, Nematov Ozodbek3

Potential Jatropha Curcas (Jatropha Curcas L.) Germplasm by Exploration in Gorontalo Province Indonesia
Muhamad Rusliyadi1, Ratna Tri Kumalasari2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, Wahidah Hashim4, Andino Maseleno5

Optimization of Process Parameters for Friction Stir Welding of Dissimilar Aluminium Alloy AA6061 to AA5183 using TOPSIS Technique
Shubham Shukla1, Himanshu Shukla2

Attribute-oriented Classification with Variable Importance using Random Forest Model
G. Rama Subba Reddy1, Shaik Jaffar Hussain2, K. Dinesh Kumar3

Analysis of Different Coverage and Connectivity Techniques
Bhagwan Sahay Meena

Digital Technology and Quality Management
K K Ramachandran1, K K Karthick2

Technical Up-Gradation of Education System: Teacher Focused Learning to Student Focused Learning
Anupam Sharma1, Aashna Gupta2

Emotional Intelligence and Work Performance
Jasleen Kaur1, Anupam Sharma2

Waste Management Risks and Opportunities Identification in Malaysia TVET Institution
Rodzidah Mohd Rodzi1, Zulkifli Mohd Nopiah2, Noor Ezlin Ahmad Basri3

Research on Various Electricity Price Forecasting Techniques for Indian Power Markets

An Integrated Access to Electricity Price Forecasting using K Means based ANN