Volume-8 Issue-2S8, August 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-2S8, August 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Examination on Maintenance the Board in Coca-Cola Company
CS Gowtham1, S. Praveen Kumar2, Banupriya3

Employee Satisfaction in ITC Grand Chola Hotels
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, Kieerti Reddy3

A Look at Well known Perception of Patron About Emblem Name and Advertising Technique and the Way it Impacts Their Buying Choice, at Rachna Woolen Mill, Ludhiana (Punjab)
Gowtha Aasirvad Kumar1, A. Ravikumar2, D. Raviteja3

Recruitment and Training of Employee Followed by Vishal Mega Mart
J.Pavithra1, Magdalene Peter2, D.S.Varsha3

Employee Retention Management
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, R. Ramamoorthy3

A Have a Look at of Stress Among Students of Professional Faculties From an City Place in India
R. Ramamoorthy1, J. Pavithra2, Kevin Infant3

Working Capital towards Royal Enfield in Venkateshwara Bike Zone
CS. Gowtham Chakravarthy1, S. Praveen Kumar2, G. Madhan3

Financial Ratio Analysis in Launchpad Learning Labs Pvt Ltd
CS. Gowtham Chakravarthy1, S. Praveen Kumar2, J. Pavithra3

Inventory and Ratio Analysis
CS Gowtham1, S. Praveen Kumar2, J. Hameed Hussain3

Examining Peer Presure on Children
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, K. Anitha Davamani3

Cash Management in Cameo Corporate Services Limited
J. Pavithra1, R. Ramamoorthy2, Prasath Alias Surendhar3

Economic Position Victimization Quantitative Relation at Diamond Cluster of Company Pvt. Ltd
S. Praveen Kumar1, R. Ramamoorthy2, Priya N3

Barriers Effect on Women Employees in it Sector
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2

Best Way to Protect Yourself in Public Wifi
Magdalene Peter1, S.Fabiyola Kavitha2, J.Pavithra3

Examination on Budgetary Control
R. Ramamoorthy1, Gowtham Aasirvad Kumar2, Magdalene Peter3

Financial Performance of Brio Bliss for Chennai
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, R. Ramamoorthy3

Financial Performance of Master Plan Landscape Architects Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, J. Pavithra3

Financial Performance of RGT & PE Concepts Pvt. Ltd Chennai
Gowtham Aasirvad1, A. Ravikumar2, R. Ramamoorthy3

Financial Performance at Heritage Foods Limited
R. Ramamoorthy1, Magdalene Peter2, Gowtham Assirvad Kumar3

Financial Performance of Hi-Tech Arai Private Limited
R. Ramamoorthy1, G. Thilrukshan2, Vimala D3

Financial Performance of Datanotic International
J Pavithra1, Gopinathan2, Srividhya3

Financial Performance of ICICI Bank
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, J. Hameed Hussian3

Financial Performance using Ratio Analysis in Hyundai Motors India Limited, Chennai
Magadalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, Mary Linda I3

Financial Planning in Sims Hospital
S. Praveen Kumar1, Magdalene Peter2, Kavitha G3

Financial Statement at Pentagon Shipping Service
CS Gowtham Chakrvarthy1, S. Praveen Kumar2, J. Pavithra3

Fixed Assets and Inventory Analysis with Reference to Ford India Private Limited
R. Ramamoorthy1, Indumathi2, Velvizhi R3

Examination of Fund Flow Management with Reference to Jemi Cluster
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, Geetha C3

Home Loans in DHFL Corporation Ltd Company in Chennai
R Ramamoorthy1, Poovarasan2, Prasath Alias Surendhar3

Mobile Phone usage while Driving
J Pavithra1, Premalatha2, J. Hameed Hussian3

Work Life Balance of Women Employees, with Reference to Amtex Software Solutions Chennai
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2

Work Related Stress of Employees working in Domino’s Pizza with Reference to Chennai City Only
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2

Workers Participation in Management with Reference to Loganathan Interior, Chennai
R. Ramamoorthy1, P. Karthikeyan2, K. Shanmughapriya3

Workers’ Participation in Management with Reference to Blue Bharath Exim Pvt.Ltd, Chennai
Nandha Kumar1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Working Capital Management in AVR Manufacturers Pvt Ltd, Chennai
S Praveen Kumar1, Kirthi2, Prasath Alias Surendhar3

Working Capital Management in Blue Bharath Exim Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2

Working Capital Management in Toolfab Engineering Industries Pvt Ltd
J Pavithra1, Ajith2, A. Kamal3

Working Capital Management Practices
CS Gowtham1, S. Praveen Kumar2, A. Kamal3

Working Capital Management
R. Ramamoorthy1, M. Sangeetha2, A. Kamal3

Pattern Classification using Three Axis Accelerometer and Magnetic Sensor Toothbrush
S Prasath Alias Surendhar S.1, G. Bupeshb2, Sowmiya. R3, Abinaya. K.4

Improving the Internet using Signed Methodologies
C. Geetha1, Mary Linda I2, D. Jeya Priya3, S. Sangeetha4

Deconstructing Scatter/Gather I/O
K. Yugendhar1, K. P. Kaliyamurthie2, S. Sri Gowtham3

Decoupling Expert Systems from Access Points in Cache Coherence
K. Yugendhar1, B.Sundarraj2, R. Velvizhi3

Constructing Voice-Over-IP using Pervasive Technology
K. Yugendhar1, K. Shanmugapriya2, S. Kavitha3

Decoupling DNS from Congestion Control in Rasterization
K. Yugendhar1, G. Michael2, B. Sundar Raj3

The Influence of Interactive Archetypes on Cryptography
A. V. Allin Geo1, G. Michael2, C. Anuradha3

Collaborative, Multimodal Modalities
C. Anuradha1, S. Pothumani2, G. Kavitha3

A Innovative Section Collection Method Analysis for Digital Image Watermarking
K.P.Kaliyamurthie1, G.Michael2, C.Nalini3

Hash Tables Considered Harmful
Sri Vidhya1, Mary Linda I2, S.Theivasigamani3

The Influence of Linear-Time Models on Complexity Theory
Vimala D1, I. Mary Linda2, Kavitha G3

A Work on Digital Marketing Processes at Digitally Inspired India
Gowtham Ashirvad Kumar1, A. Ravi Kumar2

A Novel Work on Digital Payments in India
S Praveen Kumar1, CS Gowtham Chakravarthi2

Effectivness on Traning in Celebrity Fashion Limited
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2

Employee Engagement at Victory Visions Software Development, Chennai
Magdalene Peter1, Fabiyola Kavitha2, Susmita3

Employee Relations and Retention at Indira Projects and Developments (T) Private Limited, Chennai
Nanda Kumar1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Employee Retention at Indira Projects and Developments (T) Private Limited, Chennai
Nanda Kumar1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Employee Satisfaction towards Motivational Techniques of Symrise Pvt Ltd
Magdalene Peter1, Fabiyola Kavitha2

Employee Satisfaction towards Training Program With Reference to Butterfly Gandhimathi Home Appliances Ltd
Nandha Kumar1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Employee Satisfaction Towards Training at Hi Tech Civil Engineers, Pvt Ltd
R. Ramamoorthy1, Vinoth Kumar S2, Mugilvani P3

A Novel Work on Employee Satisfaction
R. Ramamoorthy1, Venkat Raman S2, Anitha. K3

Employee Turnover in Deccan Industries, Coimbatore
CS Gowtham Chakravarthi1, Gowtham Ashirvad Kumar2, Pallavi Kumari3

Employee Welfare Motive at Sar World Wide Logistics Pvt Ltd
S. Praveen Kumar1, J. Pavithra2, S. Krupa Sharon Nishitha3

Employees Providenet Fund with Special Reference to Mando India Automotive, Chennai
J Pavithra1, Gowtham Ashirvad Kumar2, Sangeetha. M3

Perception about Unit Linked Insurance Plan from the Customer at Kotak Mahindra Bank
CS Gowtham Chakravarthi1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Perception of Employees towards Recruitment Process Adopted by KGISL, Coimbatore
Nandha Kumar1, S Praveen Kumar2

Performance Appraisal System at TPF Software India PVT LTD
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, R. Selva3

Performance Appraisal with Reference to Vst Motors Pvt Ltd, Chennai
R Ramamoorthy1, Venkataraman K2, Anish.S3

Performance Appraisal with Reference to Loganathan Interior Company
S. Praveen Kumar1, Karthikeyan P2, D. Raviteja3

A Novel Work on Performance Appraisal
J. Pavithra1, S. Mugundan2, V. Nivedha3

A Work on Population Explosion
R. Ramamoorthy1, J Pavithra2, P. TamilSelvam3

A work on Port Management
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2

A Novel Work on Problems Faced by Freight Forwarders with Reference to Yashimarine Logistics
J. Pavithra1, Kavitha P2, Venkatraman S3

A Problems Faced by Freight Forwarders of Cold Chain Supply Logistics on Safety of Vaccines with Special Reference to Yashimarine Logistics
CS Gowtham Chakravarthy1, Banu Priya2, K. Premalatha3

Process of Recruitment & Selection in Havelock Holiday Beach Resort
R. Ramamoorthy1, K. Venkatraman2, A. Arunya3

Production and Marketing of Coffee Crops with Special Reference to Coffee Plantations in Dindigul District
M. Anbarasi1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Profitability Analysis of Domain to Host
CS Gowtham Chakravarthy1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Profitablity Analysis of Bharat Plastics Industries
CS Gowtham Chakravarthy1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Profitablity Analysis of Welcome Engineers
J Pavithra1, K. Venkatraman2, Rajesh.S3

A Work on Quality of Work Life
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2

A Recruitment and Selection Process at Hi-Tech Civil Engineers Pvt. Ltd, Port Blair
R. Ramamoorthy1, K. Venkatraman2, M. Sangeetha3

Analysis of Capital Budgeting in Cloud Papers Private Limited
CS. Gowtham Chakravarthy1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Analysis of Financial Controlling and Statement
Gowtham Chakravarthy1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Analysis of Inflation Trends and Measure to Contain Them
R. Ramamoorthy1, Venkatraman2, K. Poovarasan3

Analysis of Investments
J Pavithra1,  Anish. S2,  K. Premalatha3

Analysis of Marketing Strategies Adopted by Gold Jewelers in Chennai
M. Anbarasi1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Analysis on the Effect of 360 Degree Performance Appraisal on Middle Level Managers in IT Industry
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2

A Novel Work on Training and Development
S. Praveen Kumar1, CS Gowtham Chakravarthi2

Analyzing the Expectation Reality Gap in Online Banking Services
R. Ramamoorthy1, J. Pavithra2, Nivedha.V3

A Customer Satisfaction in Mobile Telecom Industry in Chennai
Gowtham Ashirvad Kumar1, A. Ravi Kumar2, J Pavithra3

Customer Satisfaction of Different Brands of Hero Honda Motors at Rao & Khan Motors, Krishnagiri
R. Ramamoorthy1, S. Soundarya2, Pallavi Kumari3

Quality of Service using IPv4
R.Velvizhi1, Amudha S2, G.Kavitha3

An Understanding of IPv6 using Muck
A V Allin Geo1, P. Nandhini2, S. Sadagopan3

Cloud Services for Device Utilization and Optimization of Hybrid Network
AR. Arunachalam1, G. Michael2, R. Elankavi3

Anonymization Based Fisher–Yates Shuffle Method for Streaming of Twitter Data
AR. Arunachalam1, G. Michael2, D. Vimala3

Merkle Hash Tree with Hash based Digital Signature for Cloud Data Confidentiality and Security
AR.Arunachalam1, G. Michael2, R. Elankavi3

An Exploration of Fiber-Optic Cables
C. Geetha1, Mary Linda I2, R. Elankavi3

Portraying Privacy Leakage of Public WiFi Systems for Users on Travel Spam Detection in Social Bookmarking System
C. Geetha1, Vimala. D2, S. Amudha3

Secure Nobility Selection System for Protected Routing in MANETS
J. Selva Priya1, D. Jeya Priya2, S. Sangeetha3

Synthesizing Multicast Solutions using Heterogeneous Information
B.Sundarraj1, R. Elankavi2, S. Sangeetha3

Certifiable, Mobile Configurations for the Look aside Buffer
S.R. Sri Vidhya1, R. Kavitha2, S. Sadagopan3

Aspects on Budgeting
S. Praveen Kumar1, R. Ramamoorthy2, Banupriya3

Work on Capital Asset and Inventory Analysis
J. Pavithra1, Magdalene Peter2, C. Kreethi Reddy3

Competitive Position of CFS Operations in Voc Port Trust, Thoothukudi
R. Ramamoorthy1, Pavithra. J2, Velvizhi3

Consumer Dissonance with Special Reference to Mc Donald’s in Chennai”
M. Anbarasi1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Importance of using ATM
D. Raviteja1, R Ravimohan2, S.Venkatraman3

Container Cargo Operation and Time Study of Container Cargo Movements in the 6D Shipping & Logistics
D.S.Varsha1, S Praveen Kumar2, Anish Paul3

Customer Relationship Management on Googol Soft Technologies
G. Madan1, R. Ramamoorthy2, Vimala. D3

Customer Relationship Management with Special Reference to Swathi Engineering in Chennai
G.Thilrukshan1, J Pavithra2, Sangeetha.S3

Customer Satisfaction in Career Enhancement with the Usage of E-Learning Software
Gopinathan1, S Praveen Kumar2, Pothumani3

Customer Satisfaction Level towards Various Products offered by Signware Technologies, Chennai
Gowtham Ashirvad Kumar1, A.Ravikumar2

Customer Satisfaction of Mahindra Two Wheelers in Chennai City
Indumathi M1, Magdalene Peter2, A.Kamal3

Customer Satisfaction of the Product “ACME ERP”
K. Poovarasan1, Fabiyola Kavitha2, A. Kamal3

Customer Satisfaction in Seagreen Stevedoring and Logistics Pvt. Limited
Premalatha.K1, Gowtham Aashirvad2, A. Kamal3

Insurance Services with Special Reference to Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited
Kirthi1, S Praveen Kumar2, Prasath3

Work on Job Satisfaction of Employees
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2

Market Positioning of Kalco’s Virgin Coconut Oil (K’s-Vco) as a Functional Food
Gowtham Ashirvad Kumar1, A. Ravikumar2

Money Back Plan towards Life Insurance
M. Ajith1, Gowtham Aasirvad2, Prasath3

Overall Financial Status with Reference to Noble Consolidated Glazings
M. Sinduja1, J Pavithra2, K. Venkatraman3

Research work on Working Capital
Magdalene Peter1, R. Ravimohan2, S.Venkatraman3

Working Capital Management in Co-Operative Milk Producers Union Ltd”- Pondicherry
M.Vetrivel1, R. Ravimohan2, Vinoth Kumar.S3

Effectiveness of Employee Welfare Measures in AVR Manufactures Pvt Ltd
Nandakumar1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Summer Training Report on Customer Satisfaction towards Hero Honda
Nivedha1, S. Praveen Kumar2, Vinoth Kumar. S3

Evaluation of Cash Management at Kirupalaya Trust Villupuram
P. Tamilselvan1, Gowtham Aashirvad2, Anitha K3

An Empirical Work on Navigating the Start- Up Ecosystem in Chennai”
Pavanteja1, J Pavithra2, Anitha.K3

Evaluation on Consumer Behavior
R. Selva1, Magdalene Peter2, Anitha.K3

Detection of Byzantine Replication Attack using TTCB
A.R. Arunachalam1, G. Michael2, K. Sivaraman3

The Influence of Amphibious Algorithms on Cyber Informatics
G. Kavitha1, K. P. Thooyamani2, S. R. Srividhya3

Towards the Simulation of Interrupts by using Cryptography
G. Kavitha1, K. P. Thooyamani2, S. R. Srividhya3

Comparing Checksums by Symmetric Encryption
G. Kavitha1, K.P. Thooyamani2, R. Kavitha3

Synthesizing 64 Bit Architectures and E-Business using SULA
K. Shanmugapriya1, C. Geetha2, D. Vimala3

Mungo: Compact Algorithms
K. P. Kaliyamurthie1, A. V. Allin Geo2, G. Michael3

Tansy: Extensible, Concurrent Communication
K. Yugendhar1, Sangeetha.S2, Vimala D3

Security in Databases using Cloud Computing
K. Yugendhar1, Sangeetha.S2, Vimala D3

An Exploration on Transporting Insulator with Reference to WS. Industry
Pallavi Kumari1, Ravimohan2, C. Kireeti Reddy3

Recruitment and Selection Process Towards Victory Software Solutions, Chennai
Magdalene Peter1, S. Soundarya2, R. Selva3

Recruitment and Training of Employees Vishal Mega Mart Patna
P. Karthikeyan1, Gowtham Aashirvad2, M. Ajith3

Recruitment Selection Process with Refernce to Trimastir Solution Pvt Ltd
M. Suresh1, R. Ravimohan2, S. Krupa3

Retail and Distribution in Saranya Agency, Pondicherry
M. Anbarasi1, S. Praveen Kumar2, G. Madhan3

Impact of Retail Banking
Praveen Kumar1, R Ramamoorty2, M. Suresh3

Sales Promotion in Khivraj Motors
Gowtham Ashirvad Kumar1, A. Ravikumar2, D. Raviteja3

An Examination on Satisfaction Level of Employee Benefits at BMW Plant Chennai
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, G. Thilrukshan3

An Exploration on Stress Management at Motherson Autmotive Technologies & Engineering Chennai
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, R. K. Renju3

An Exploration on Stress Management with Reference to Signware Technology Pvt. Ltd Based at Chennai
S. Joshna1, S Praveen Kumar2, K. Poovarasan3

Training & Development at JSPL. Orissa
S. Krishnaveni1, S Praveen Kumar2, M. Vetrivel3

An Examination on Employee Training and Development Program Conducted at Googolsoft Technologies
S. Soundarya1, J Pavithra2, K. Jebilah Victoria3

Risk Analysis and Management in Software Engineering
I. MaryLinda1, S. Kavitha2, S. Theivasigamani3

An Exploration of Multi Processors
K. Shanmugapriya1, S. Kavitha2, S. Theivasigamani3

An Examination for Voiceover-IP
D. Vimala1, S. Kavitha2, I. Mary Linda3

Capacity Preserve Assignment Scheduling Algorithm in Context of Determination System for Cloud Computing
G. Kavitha1, I. Mary Linda2, N. Priya3

A Methodology for the Development of Information Retrieval Systems
B. Sundarraj1, S. Jeyapriya2, C. Geetha3

Deconstructing Linked Lists
D. Vimala1, K. Shanmuga Priya2, Anitha Davamani. K3

A Case for I/O Automata
D. Vimala1, S. R. Srividhya2, R. Velvizhi3

Bito: Improvement of Journaling File Systems
D.Vimala1, S.Kavitha2, S. Amudha3

Decoupling Model Checking from IPv6 in Multicast Methodologies
D. Vimala1, S. Kavitha2, S. Amudha3

Carver: Emulation of Neural Networks
K. Shanmugapriya1, S. Kavitha2, D.Vimala3

Certifiable, Perfect Information
C. Nalini1, Vimala D2, I. Mary Linda3

The Influence of Stable Methodologies on Cyberinformatics
S. R. Sri Vidhya1, Kavitha2, R. Elankavi3

“Smart”, Bayesian Information for Moore’s Law
K.P. Kaliyamurthie1, S. Neduncheliyan2, C. Nalini3

The Rapport Sandwiched between Markov Models and BOSS
I Mary Linda1, K Shanmugapriya2, R. Kavitha3

De Blend IPv7 Beginning Multi-Processors in Idleness
I Mary Linda1, K. Shanmugapriya2, C. Anuradha3

Interposable, Disseminated in Sequence
I Mary Linda1, S Kavitha2, Shanmuga Priya3

The Upshot of Omniscient Strategies on Steganography
I Mary Linda1, D. Vimala2, K. Sivaraman3

Symmetric Encryption and Scatter/Gather I/O Using KAMWEB
G. Michael1, K. Sivaraman2, B. Sundar Raj3

On the Customer Behavior of the Customers towards Maruti Suzuki
Kireethi Reddy1, Jeyapriya2, Indhumathi3

Supply Chain Management in Hindustan Unilever Limited
Gowtham C.S1, G. Madhan2, K. Premalatha3

Talent Acquisition Under Human Resource, in Satlink Consultancy Services, Chennai
Ravimohan1, S. Praveen Kumar2, Nivetha3

User Fulfilment Density Based Access to Intrusion Detection System Selection for WSN
C. Nalini1, C. Rajabhushanam2, Stephen AntoJegan3

The Effectiveness of Stress Management Related to Employee’s Efficiency-Chiaroscuro
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, Banupriya3

A Evaluation on the Working Capital Management
Pavithra1, Kaliyamurthi2, P.Thamilselvam3

Evaluation on the Impact of GST on Restaurant Business in Tambaram, Chennai
Gowtham Aashirvad Kumar1, A. Ravikumar2, S. Mugundhan3

Evaluation on the Level of Job Satisfaction of Employees at INNCON
Gowtham Aashirvad Kumar1, Ravikumar2, Monika Gayathiri.3

A Evaluation on the Product and Brand Management at Karlo Automobiles(P) Ltd, Patna
Gowtham Aashirvad Kumar1, A. Ravikumar2, Indhumathi.3

A Evaluation on the Market Potential of Freight Forwarding Business with Special Reference to Pentagon Logistics
CS. Gowtham Chakravarthy1, Anbarasi2, R. Selva3

A Evaluation on Stress Management
Magdalene Peter1, S. Fabiyola Kavitha2, Gopinathan3

A Evaluation on the Road Manners of Vehicle Drivers in Chennai City
R. Ravimohan1, CS.Gowtham2, K. Poovarasan3

A Evaluation on the Impact of Social Media in Human Resource Management
Magdalene Peter1, J Pavithra2, Renju3

An Exploration on Training and Development
K. Premalatha1, CS Gowtham2, Ranjitha Devi3

Examination on Trainning and Development
P. Tamil Selvam1, Ramamoorthy2, R. M. Ninushaa3

Risk Management of Potential Hazards Infections
S. Mugundan1, S. Praveen Kumar2, M. Vetrivel3

Performance Improvement of Classifiers Utilizing Integration of Clustering and Analysis Techniques
P. Nandhini1, R. Velvizhi2, Shanmugapriya.3

An Effective Method for Robotics Scalable Models
S. Pothumani1, C. Anuradha2, R. Velvizhi3

An Exploration Unification in of Lambda Calculus with Confirmed VOIP
R. Kavitha1, N. Priya2, A.V. Allin Geo3

A Novel Work on Markov Models
R. Kavitha1, I. MaryLinda2, P. Nandhini3

Stable Directing System for Cross Layer Dependability for Ultra Large Scale Framework
S.R. Sri Vidhya1, C. Geetha2, Vimala D3

The Uperpages Considered Harmful
S. R. Sri Vidhya1, G. Kavitha2, K. Shanmuga Priya3

Linear-Time, Client-Server Communication for Consistent Hashing
B. Sundarraj1, G. Michael2, I. Mary Linda3

Improved Adaptive Position Update for Geographic Directing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
S.Theivasigamani1, D.Vimala2, I. Mary Linda3

Coarse Entrenched in Spatiotemporal, Interactive Media Eccentric Recognition
Vimala D1, D. Jeyapriya2, Deivasigamani3

Visualizing B-Trees using Encrypted Information
S. R. Sri Vidhya1, D. Vimala2, P. Nandhini3

AMISS: A Methodology for the Refinement of RPC
D. Vimala1, I. Mary Linda2, S. Theivasigamani3

Congestion Control a Reality
S. R. Sri Vidhya1, N.Priya2, S, Sadagopan3

Evaluation of Financial Performance
Pallavikumari1, R. Ramamoorthy2, K. Anitha3

An Examination of Utmost Programming with Strene Synthesis
R.Velvizhi1, G. Kavitha2, G. Michael3

A Case for Link-Level Acknowledgements
G. Kavitha1, K.P. Thooyamani2, S. R. Srividhya3

Evaluation of Emulation of a Search
G. Kavitha1, K.P. Thooyamani2, C. Anuradha3

Customer Satisfication towards Various Software Products Offered by Jemi Cluster
K. Jebilah Victoria1, J Pavithra2, A. Kamal3

Decoupling Checksums from Access Points in Extreme Programming
G.kavitha1, K.P. Thooyamani2, S. Sadagopan3

Employees Training with References to Aqua Care Pluz
R. Ramamoorthy1, S.S.L Mounika Gayathri2, Sanjay3

Employing Gamification Methods to Increase Customer Engagement in Digital Marketing
Gowtham Ashirvad Kumar1, A. Ravi Kumar2

Effectiveness of Marketing Techniques Adhered Athenova Technologies
M. Anbarasi1, S. Praveen Kumar2

Semantic Symmetries for Model Checking
S. Kavitha1, I. Mary Linda2, Jeya Priya3

Research on Mechanical Performance & Behaviour of Geopolymer Concrete Subjected to Elevated Temperatures
K Venkatakrishna1, H Sudarsana Rao2

Refining Healthcare in Terms of Diabetic Care: Future Area of Scope for Artificial Intelligence
Shivaji Pawar1, Kamal Kr. Sharma2

A Research on QoS Optimization in 4G Cellular Networks
Vandana Khare1, D. Srinivasa Rao2

Kinetic Gas Molecule Optimization for MRI Brain Segmentation using the Fuzzy C-Means Clustering
V.Vinay Kumar1, S. Kusumavathi2, K. S. Sharma3

Ascendable and Protected Allocation of Personal Health Records in Cloud Computing Expending Multi Ability Attribute-Based Encryption
E.V.N. Jyothi1, S. Sailaja2

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties and Microstructure of AA3003, AA6082 and AA64430 Aluminum Under Friction Stir
M. Rajasekhar1, G. Anji Babu2, C. Venkata Sai Sekhar3, M.Giresh Naidu4

Critical Success Factors for Lean Implementation Within Sme’s in South India
M. K. M Farooqui1, D. V.Seshagirirao2, M. L.Vinitha3, V. Siva Kanna4

Electric Spring for Voltage and Power Stability and Power Factor Correction
G. Prakash1, V. V. Narayana Reddy2

Network Intrusion Detection Techniques and Network Attack Types
Rajeswari P. V. N.1, B. Rasagna2, K. Sireesha3, Sk. Shahina Begum4

Permeable Roads and Pavements for Ground Water Replenishing Water Drinking Concrete
Kongan Aryan1, A.K. Gupta2, Karnik Agrawal3

Use of the Rmocol Waste in Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Kartik Sharma1, Deepika Sharma2, Kongan Aryan3, A.K Gupta4

CO2 Emission Due to Excavation
Prashant1, Kongan Aryan2, A.K Gupta3

Research on the Strength Parameters of Poly Propylene Fiber Reinforced Concrete and Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete
Ganesha Mogaveera1, Umesh S S2, Anand V R3

Usage of Predictive Scrutiny to Further Business
Amarendra Mohanty1, P. Ranjana2

Performance on Joint Turbo Coding for Overloaded MIMO-OFDM Systems
M Rajani Devi1, K Ramanjaneyulu2, B T Krishna3

Implementation of MEMS Capacitive Pressure Sensor Design using COMSOL Software
Arunkumar Madupu1, Sreenivasa Rao Ijjada2, Gowri Ishwari3

Generating Factors of Success and Failure of Companies: Empirical Research on Turkish Companies
Thaer Alasaad1, Mehmet Sahin Gök2

Research on Civil Engineering Waste Management for Collapsible Soils
Abhishek Sharma1, AK Gupta2, Kongan Aryan3

An Efficient Data Mining Techniques – Multi-Objective KNN Algorithm to Predict Breast Cancer
T. Mohana Priya1, M. Punithavalli2

Assessment of Security Issues in Cloud Computing
Zahra Jabeen1, Mohd. Suaib2

A Prediction of Pediatric Cardiomyopathy Disease Associated Genes using Machine Learning Algorithms
K. Jayanthi1, C. Mahesh2

Optimal and Computationally Efficient Priority-Based Routing and Wavelength Allocation Strategy Supporting Qos for High-Speed Transport Networks
Tarun Gupta1, Amit Kumar Garg2

Experiment on Mechanical Properties of Pervious Concrete
K. S. B. Prasad1, S. Lahari Anisha2, N.V.L.N. Pavan Kumar3

Performance Research on Variable Data Rate Reconfigurable Architecture for SDR Receiver
Nataraj URS1, R Venkatasiva Reddy2

Response of a C-Shaped Building Under Blast Loadings
Kanchan Pujari1, D. H.Tupe2, G. R. Gandhe3

Research on Returns Generated by Debt (Levered) and Zero Debt (Unlevered) Firms
Prashant Chhajer1, Vandana Gandhi2, Vishal Mehta3, Ayushi Agrawal4

Role of Quality Circles & Total Quality Management Practices in an Indian Public Sector Industry: A Pilot Research
Gopi S1, Asher John Sathya2, Abhinav Suresh3

Processing and Property Evaluation of Nano Al2O3 Reinforced Copper- 5% Tin Composites for Bearing Applications
B Adaveesh1, Mohan Kumar T S2, Deeepa3

A Simplified Research for Mathematical Expression Recognition and its Conversion to Speech
Punith Kumar1, T Shreekanth2, Shashank N S3, Sneha S4

Work with Streaming Data using Twitter API to Build a Job Portal
Jayakumar Sadhasivam1, Senthil Jayavel2, Arpit Rathore3, Akshay Pratap Singh4, Avi Singh5, J Cynthia6

Detection and Recognition of Text From Natural Camera Image using Deep Convolutional Network
Rashmi Kapoor1, M. Sushama2

Design and Implementation of Controller for Vocal Reduction
Y. Lalitha Kameswari1, D. Sudha Rani2

Enhanced Performance of Induction Motor with Direct Field Oriented Control Drive using Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation
G. Nageswara Rao1, K. R. L. Prasad2, J. Sivavara Prasad3

A New Topology of Interleaved Boost Converter for Electric Vehicle Applications
B. Sarath Kumar Reddy1, P. V. Balasubramanyam2

Modelling and Design of Five Parameter Single Diode Photovoltaic Model with Artificial Intelligent MPPT Power System
A. Chandramouli1, V. Sivachidambaranathan2, R. Arulmurugan3

Control of Non-Linear Systems using Fuzzy PI-PD Controller
J. V. G. Rama Rao1, K. Ram Charan2, A. Rama Krishna3, A. Venkata Narayana4

Performance Research of Improved Switched Inductor Quasi Z Source Fed PMSM Drive
M. Ramakoteswara Rao1, K. Soujanya2

Research of Harmonics in Power System Signal using Gaussian’s Distribution Overlapping by Receiver Operating Characteristics (Roc) Curve
S. Sangeetha1, P. Venkatakrishnan2, R. Shirisha3

Synthesized Multilayer Power Converter for Wind Power Energy Conversion
Gundala Srinivasa Rao1, V. Sathish2

Fuzzy Controlled Single-Stage Converter Fed PV System
R. Durga Bhavani1, Gundala Srinivasa Rao2

A PSOI based MPPT Technique for PV System under Dynamically Changing PSC
Santhan Kumar Ch1, Sukanth T2, Ramji Tiwari3, Y V Prasanth4

A Single Input Dual Output Multiport DC–DC Converter with Minimal Switches
P. Priyanka1, S. Muthubalaji2

Power Quality Enhancement of Three Phase Four Wire UPQC in Distribution System using Neural Network
J Shravani1, G. Deva Dasu2

Improving the Performance of Long Distance Tuned AC Transmission Systems
S. Muthubalaji1, G. Srinivasa Rao2, P. Balasubramanyam3

Improved Automatic Generation Control of Interconnected Power System
V. Jahnavi Reddy1, K. Krushna Murthy2, P. V. Bala Subramanyam3

Hybrid Fuzzy Based MPPT Techniques for Maximum Power Extraction
K. Soujanya1, J. Upender2, Sai Srinivas3, J. Vijaya Laxmi4

Performance Research of Seven Level Multi-Level Inverter with Reduced Switches using Various PWM Techniques
Boya. Anil Kumar1, R.Anand2

Cost-Effective Access Based Android System of Mobile Application for Blind Person
Hilal A. Fadhil1, Feras N. Hasoon2, Suresh Manic K3

Tree Structured Multi-Level Control System Design Based on MPC-EKF for Power Quality Enhancement with Selective Harmonic Elimination
N Narender Reddy1, Jarupula Somla2, A Srujana3

Bat Algorithm Based Selective Harmonic Elimination PWM for an Eleven Level Inverter
S. Srinivasan1, S. Muthubalaji2, G. Devadasu3, R. Anand4

Hardware Implementation of an Enhanced Seven Level H Bridge Inverter with Reduced Switch Configuration
M. Suneel Kumar1, V. Ramudu2

Matrix Converter Control Strategies and Modulation Techniques
Sh Suresh Kumar Budi1, M. Suneel Kumar2

Harmonic Reduction of Shunt Active Power Filter using SVPWM
Sh Suresh Kumar Budi1, R.Kiranmayi2

Design of Hybrid Fuzzy-PI Controller for Sensorless Speed Control of Separately Excited DC Motor Drive
Anil Gunde1, G. Devadasu2, M. Vijayasaanthi3

A Research on Groundwater Fluctuation due to Rainfall in Chidambaram Taluk of Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu
N. Nagarajan1, P. Sivarajan2, K. Karthikeyan3, S. Sivaprakasam4

Experimental Research on Rice Husk Ash as Replacement to Cement in Construction Industry
Ashok Kumar. N1, Velayutham.T2

Identification and Contextual Semantic Retrieval of Polysemy Words
Shashank U1, Venkatesh B N2, Rajeshwari S B3, Jagadish S Kallimani4

High-Resolution DPWM for DC-DC Buck Converter using Sigma-Delta Modulation Techniques
Shubha Rao K1, Veena S Chakravarthi2

Research on Cache Transition Techniques for Semantic Graph Parsing for Optimizing Search Process using Text Mining
Sajini G1, Jagadish S Kallimani2

Level of Service Research of Public Transport Facilities: A Access of Trivandrum City
Anila Cyril1, Raviraj H Mulangi2, Varghese George3

Design and Fabrication of Energy Harvester using VIVACE (Vortex Induced Vibrations Aquatic Clean Energy)
Ashok B C1, Akshay B L2, Akshatha H3, Akash D L4, Bharath Yogendra5

Abs-Sum-Kan: An Abstractive Text Summarization Technique for an Indian Regional Language by Induction of Tagging Rules
Shilpa G V1, Shashi Kumar D R2

Managing Energy Demand of Renewable Energy Sources by using Smart Grid Technology
P. Jagannadh1, J. Vijay Chandra2, B. Sesha Sai3, B. Sateesh Babu4

Research of Microgrid Stability with Voltage Sag Detection using Instantaneous Features Extraction
M. Kumudwathi1, G. Sreenivasan2, V. Ganesh3

Fuzzy Dynamic Programming Based Solar-Thermal Load Scheduling of Andhra Pradesh Power Generation using Matlab
P V Narendra Kumar1, Ch Chengaiah2, J V K Prasad3

The Result of Data Technology on Employee’s Performance in the Banking Sector at Karnataka – An Empirical Research with Supported Banks in Bangalore City
C.H. Raja Kamal

Removal of Hardness using Coconut Shell Carbon
Shemeera K H1, N. Indubhavani2, B. Hemalatha3, B. Laksmivijayadurga4

Improve the Voltage Profile by using DGS and Dstatcom Optimum Placement and Sizing with Help of Back Tracking Search Algorithm
M. Suneetha1, R. Srinivasa Rao2, B. Subramanyam3

Control System Design for 3×3 Processes Based on Effective Transfer Function and Fractional Order Filter
G. Hemanth Krishna1, R. Kiranmayi2, M. Rathaiah3

It is Indeed Time to Focus on Ai Based Image Recognizing App to Boost the Self-Confidence of the Visually Challenged in the Indian Context
Neha Patvardhan1, Smita Santoki2

RFID and PIR Motion Sensor based Automated Attendance System for Educational Institutions
K. Srividhyasaradha1, I. Joe Louis Paul2, S. Sasirekha3

Retrofitting Measures of Guntupalli Caves, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India, using Reinforced Rock Technique
S.R.K. Reddy1, A. Satish Kumar2, P. Urmila3

Solar Powered Multilevel Smart City Architecture for Rural Areas in India: A Prototype
Elavarasi1, Joe Louis Paul2

Nuclei Detection for Drug Discovery using Deep Learning
Nishat Sayyed1, Vidit Patil2, Mohammed Painter3, Deepali Nayak4

Adopting Blockchain Technologies in Cloud for Efficient Data Storage and Enhanced Security
Veena1, Ahmed Mudassar Ali2, Ananthi3, Gowri4, Sureka5

Vehicle Classification Through Detection and Color Segmentation of Registration Plates Running on Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Louielito Ferrolino1, Allysa Kate Brillantes2, Melvin Cabatuan3, John Anthony Jose4, Elmer Dadios5

An Intelligent Crisis-Mapping Framework for Flood Prediction
Siti Azirah Asmai1, Zaheera Zainal Abidin2, Halizah Basiron3, Sabrina Ahmad4

Animal Detection in Highly Cluttered Natural Scenes by using Faster R-CNN
Wenjun Yu1, Sumi Kim2, Jeong-Hyu Lee3, Jaeho Choi4

Evaluation of 5G Key Technique: Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
Haiyang Yu1, Jaeho Choi2

3D Facial Action Units Recognition for Emotional Expression
Norhaida Hussain1, Hamimah Ujir2, Irwandi Hipiny3, Jacey-Lynn Minoi4

A Bicolano-to-Tagalog Transfer-Based Machine Translation System
Ria Ambrocio Sagum

A Literature Research on Machine Learning Techniques used for Training Annotated Corpus
Fitrah Rumaisa1, Halizah Basiron2, Zurina Saaya3, Noorli Khamis4

A Check on Planning Access for Blended Learning
Chong Pei Yee1, Zamhar Iswandono bin Awang Ismail2, Esmadi Abu Abu Seman3

A Check on Annotation in Sentiment Research
Fitrah Rumaisa1, Halizah Basiron2, Zurina Saaya3

A Weighted-Range Classification Model for Localizing Cell using Crowdsource Data
Aaron Franklin Soon1, Siti Nurulain Mohd Rum2, Hamidah Ibrahim3, Rohaya Latip4, Razali Yaakob5, Lilly Suriani Affendey6

Agent Oriented Methodology for Crime Modelling and Simulation
Cheah Wai Shiang1, Sim Yee Wai2, Nurfauzabt Jalia3, Muhammad Asyraf bin Khairuddin4

Applying Word Co-Occurrence Graph in Enhancing LDA Model for Topic Discovering in Large-Scaled Text Corpus
Phu Pham1, Phuc Do2

Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Meander Lines for Delay based Applications
Kah Seng Sam1, Chan Hong Goay2, Nur Syazreen Ahmad3, Patrick Goh4

Automated Test Input Generation for Detecting SQL Injection Vulnerability using Set Theory Concept
Nor Fatimah Awang1, Azizah Abd Manaf2, Ahmad Dahari Jarno3

Cloud-Based Education As a Service (CEAAS) System Requirements Specification Model of Higher Education Institutions in Industrial Revolution 4.0
Yousef A. M. Qasem1, Rusli Abdullah2, Rodziah Atan3, Yusmadi Yah Jusoh4

Flow Induced Vibration (FIV) Research of Oil and Gas Process Piping System
M F I Ahmad Fuad1, N Lukman2, A D Z Ahmad Nazari3

FPGA Implementation of Archery Target Detection using Color Sequence Recognition Algorithm
Dino Dominic Ligutan1, Alexander C. Abad2, Melvin Cabatuan3, Cesar Llorente4, Elmer P. Dadios5

Information Extraction from Multifaceted Unstructured Big Data
Kiran Adnan1, Rehan Akbar2, Khor Siak Wang3

Effects of Handling Missing Values of VOCS Gases Emitted From Human for Human Detection
Ahmed Qusay Sabri1, Rayner Alfred2

Low Cost Laser Speckle Imaging System for Blood Flow Assessment
Sheena P. Philimon1, Audrey K. C. Huong2, Xavier T. I. Ngu3

Mobile Augmented Reality: An Alternative Way toward Museum Visitors’ Experience
Mohd Hisyamuddin Kassim1, Ahmad Rafi Eshaq2, Charles Peter Woods3

Modeling a UNI-Mosfet Switch for Single Phase System Application
Shashi Kumar K.1, Venkataseshaiah C.2, K. S. Sim3

Multiple Signal Source Terrain Topography Determination using Labview VI Algorithm
Ryann A. Alimuin1, Argel A. Bandala2, Elmer P. Dadios3

Odour Based Human Identification and Classification using Neural Networks
Ahmed Qusay Sabri1, Rayner Alfred2

Performance Evaluation of Fractional Order Pid and Sliding Mode Control with Optimization Tuning Access
Chong Chee Soon1, Rozaimi Ghazali2, Shin Horng Chong3, Chai Mau Shern4, Yahaya Md. Sam5, Ahmad Anas Yusof6

Sequential Integer Programming for Solving Curriculum-Based University Course Timetabling Problem
Mansour Hassani Abdalla1, Joe Henry Obit2, Rayner Alfred3, Kuan Yik Junn4

Static Profiling of Assembly Code Performance and Optimization Effectiveness using Instructions Performed and Program Latency
Jonathan Paul C. Cempron1, Chudrack Shalym Y. Salinas2, Roger Luis Uy3

Team Software Process (TSPI) Web-Based Support Tool
Nurfauza Jali1, Cheah Wai Shiang2, Azman Bujang Masli3, Yanti Rosmunie Bujang4, Abdul Rahman Mat5, Suriati Khartini Jali6, Norazian Mohd Hamdan7

Testing Design for Pixel Value Graphical Password Scheme on Image Specimens
Mohd Fahmi Mohamad Amran1, Mohd Afizi Mohd Shukran2, Mohd Sidek Fadhil Mohd Yunus3, Omar Zakaria4, Nurhafizah Moziyana Mohd Yusop5, Mohd Nazri Ismail6, Mohd Rizal Mohd Isa7, Mohammad Adib Khairuddin8, Kamaruzaman Maskat9, Yamunah Kathiravan10

Research of Road Bridge Composite Steel Girder for Different Load Conditions
Amit Rajendra Malvi1, Sharda P. Siddh2, Udaysingh Patil3

Interventions to Scale-Up Palmpreneurship in Tamilnadu
P. Malarvizhi

Effect of Technology in Sedentary Lifestyle and its Impact on the Overall Well Being of the it Employees in Chennai
D. Anithakumari1, S. Gayathri2, G. Ramya3

Technology, Trade Liberalization, Provisional Advantage and Potentiality of Indian Handloom Sector: A Research During Reform Period
A R Dash1, M U Farooque2

The Impact of Employee Empowerment in Organizational Performance With Special Reference to IT Sector
Gunita Arun Chandhok1, Saranya. J2

Employee’s’ Perception on E-Banking Services in Banks in Chennai
V. Jayanthi1, S. Subbulakshmi2, T. Devi Kamatchi3

Neuromarketing – the Potential Tool for Sales of Aesthetic Lasers
P. Malarvizhi1, T.R. Suresh Kumar2

Impact of Social Media Sites (SMS) on Post Purchase Behavior of Tourism Customers
M. Nagamalar1, D. Ravindran2

Technology Adoption by Farmers for the Sustainability of Agriculture Sector
P. Uma Rani1, Padmalosani2

Electric Vehicles – An Introduction of the Tesla for Strategy and Leadership
S. Gayathri1, D. Anitha Kumari2

A Flat Organization Model for Agile Workforce with Reference to Holacracy
P. Uma Rani1, A. Rachel Cynthia2, S. Priyankaa3, K. Murugan Kandaswamy4

An Empirical Research on Rebooting of Customer Loyalty of Bata Product Through Guerrilla Marketing
Uma Rani Purusothaman1, P. Saravanan2, A. Mohamed Rafic3

Research of Eucalyptus, Openstack and Open Nebula
Aastha Vashishtha1, Rohit Aggarwal2

Liver Cancer Recognition and Categorization Based on Optimum Hierarchical Feature Fusion with Pesoa and DVW Technique
P. Nithya1, B. Uma Maheswari2

Effective Search Engine Spam Classification
D. Saraswathi1, A. Krishna Kumar2

Design Research of Wearable Textile Antena
Vikas Kumar1, Pramod Singh2

Numerical Research of Flow Heat Transfer through Micro Channel of Mems Device
Priyanka Nimesh1, S. K. Rai2

Neuro-Fuzzy Access For Detection of Faults in An Underground Cable Distribution System
Garima Tiwari1, Sanju Saini2

Big Data Privacy for end to end Delivery
Ashutosh Dixit1, Nidhi Tyagi2

A Research on Wind Power Forecasting Techniques
Sanju Saini1, Muskaan Ahuja2

Spruce-A Intelligent Surveillance Device for Monitoring of Dustbins using Image Processing and Raspberry PI
Navjot Rathour1, Anita Gehlot2, Rajesh Singh3

Optimal Scheduling of Hybrid Pumped Hydro Storage System using Linear Programming
B. Shyam1, B. Harini Krishna2, P. Kanakasabapathy3

Partial Face Recognition
Anuj Rai1, Vishnu Agarwal2, S. Ushasukhanya3

Research of Facts Devices for Stability
C. Sharan1, S. Subasangkari2, V. N. Ganesh3, J. Ajay Daniel4

A Research on Microgrid Technology by Non Conventional and Renewable Sources
M. Anjalakshi1, S. Pavithra2, M. Moovendan3, P. Srinivasan4

Step Up DC-DC Converter based on Three Winding Coupling Inductor
R. Ramya1, Sushmita Gupta2, S. Usha3, Pavitra Chopperla4, A. Sriram5

Opportunities and Challenges of Machine Vision for Navigation and Obstacle Detection in Autonomous Ground Vehicles
G. D. Suriya Prasath1, M. K. Rahgul Poopathi2, Swaroop Balaji3, H. Sridhar4, S. Santhosh5

Segmentation of Diabetic Foot Ulcer using Gaussian Mixture Model and Fuzzy KNN Algorithm
C. Karthikeyini1, P. Umadevi2

An Integrated Color Image Segmentation with Multi-class SVM followed by SRFCM
C Ramesh1, T. Venugopal2

Simulation of Composite Titanium Nitrite (TiN) Coated Internal Combustion Engine Exhaust Valve using ANSYS
R Sundara Rao1, K Hemachandra Reddy2, Ch R Vikram Kumar3

Smart Assimilation of Renewable Based Microgrids
Prajith Prabhakar1, Muthu Kumari T2, Senthil Kumar C3, P. Selvaraj4

An Improved Leach Algorithm Based on Wireless Sensor Networks
U. Khyathi Chandrika1, Ch. Subrahmanyam2

Design and Research of Heat Recovery Shield at Hot Rolling Mill in Steel Industry
Devan P D1, Arun K K2

Experiment on Wingtip Vortices using a Half Deltawing at the Tips
Muthu Kumar S

Power Consumption for Routing Improvement using AODV_EXT & AODV_EXT_BP
M. Prasad1, M. Sreenivasu2, N. Lakshmi3, A. Mallikarajun Reddy4

Evaluation of Local Descriptors and Deep CNN Features for Face Anti Spoofing
Sandan Priya1, Sanjay Pawar2, Akanksha Joshi3

A Researchon Tribological Behaviourof Pongamia Biodiesel Blended Lubricant with Cardanol Biodiesel Blended Lubricant at Different Loads
S. Suresh1, R .S. Mohan Kumar2, Arun G P3, Siva M4

A Neural Network Model for the Compressive Strength of a Hybrid LM6 Aluminium Alloy Composite
Sathyabalan P1, Srimath R2

Effect of Dynamic Stress on Heavy Duty Centrifugal Pump Assembly through Fluid Structure Interaction.
Manivel. R.1, Siddhan Sivakumar2, A. Arunraja3, S. Sibisurya4

FEA Assisted Design and Structural Research on Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Rotor
Siddhan Sivakumar1, Sathyabalan P.2

Temperature Variation Research on Industrial Bus Duct System by MATLAB and FEA
Thirumurugaveerakumar. S

Design of Thermal Storage using Phase Change Material (PCM) for Agro Products Preservation
Manivel. R1, Muthukumaran. V2, Nekilesh. S3, Kandharooban. S4

A Simulation Researchand Motion Control of Dental Chair in the Medical Application
P Ajay Kalian1, R. Puviarasi2, MrithaRamalingam3

Object Detection System for Blind People
J. Dharanidharan1, R. Puviarasi2, S. R. Boselin Prabhu3

Design of Seashore Wastage Cleaning Machine using IoT
R. Puviarasi1, M. Mohammedariefrahuman2, S. R. Boselin Prabhu3

Perfomance Evaluation of AODV and DSDV Routing Protocol in Vehicle Adhoc Network With NS2
M. Dimple Reddy1, R. Puviarasi2

Secured Way of Parking and Trackiing Vehicles using XMPP Protocol
Francis Brindha A1, Sandhya Devi RS2

Harmonic Research in Direct AC – AC Variable Frequency Power Converter
Kavitha1, R Premalatha2, K. Rajalakshmi D.3

A Research on 3d Printing Concrete
Manju R1, Deepika R2, Gokulakrishnan T3, Srinithi K4, Mohamed M I5

Numerical Research on Behaviour of Beams with Different Reinforcement Configurations
Bharanidhar.T.S1, P. Eswaramoorthi2

A Hyper Heuristics Technique for Data Partitioning and Scheduling to Heterogeneous Systems using Genetic Algorithm and Improved Particle Swarm Optimization
Sundar Ganesh1, R. Sivakumar2, N. Rajkumar3

Artificial Intelligence Based Person Identification Virtual Assistant
P. Praddeep1, P. Balaji2, S. Bhanumathi3

Automated Emergency Rescue Alert System
Muralidhar Reddy Pattikonda1, Sreenivasula Reddy Pottipati2, Srinivasulu Senduru3

Object Tracking using Supervised Level_Set Model (SLSM)
V. Surendra Reddy1, T. Rajyalakshmi2, D. Rajya Lakshmi3

MTT Assay of Cissus Quadrangularison Hela Cell Line
S. Geetha1, R. Vasuki2

Researchon Consideration Enhancement System Utilizing Virtual Reality and EEG Biofeedback
R. Vasuki1, R. Kishore Kanna2, T. Manoj Prasath3, S. Geetha4

A Researchon Treatment of Type II Diabetes using Combinational Herbal Compounds
R. Priya1, E. Sugitha2, Vasundra3

Enhancing the Smart Refrigerator using the IoT
Mrutyunjaya S Yalawar1, Mahesh Kumar Challa2, ShantalaYalawar3

Verification Key Replacement Method for Equivalent Network File Systems
P. Madhu1, M. Narendra2, M. Laxmaiah3

Trust Management in Internet of Things Applications
Murshida1, Ahmed Rimaz Faizabadi2, Mustafa Basthikodi3, Khalid Akram4

Underground Cities : Sustainable Urbanism of the Future
Reshmi Manikoth Kollarath1, Shanu Raina2, Bhagyalaxmi Madapur3

Effect of Micro Jet Control on the Flow Filed of the Duct at Mach 1.5
S A Khan1, Abdul Aabid2, Imran Mokashi3, Zaheer Ahmed4

Experimental Research on Flow Development and Control Effectiveness in the Duct at High Speed
S. A. Khan1, Zaheer Ahmed2, Abdul Aabid3, Imran Mokashi4

Experiment on of Nozzle Flow with Sudden Expansion at Mach 1.1
Mohammed Faheem1, Mohammed Kareemullah2, Abdul Aabid3, Imran Mokashi4, S. A. Khan5

Channel Estimation Techniques for OFDM and UFMC Systems for 5G Communications
Tipparti Anil Kumar1, Sk Nilofer2, Rajidi Sahithi3

Spectral Efficiency Evaluation of 5G Waveform Candidates
Patteti Krishna1, Tipparti Anil Kumar2

A Access of MBFD, Percentage Util, Absolute Capacity and BSP VM Placement Algorithm on Cloud Datacenter
Sreenivasa B. L1, S Sathyanarayana2

A Access of MBFD, Logo Allocator, MINLP and MWFDVP VM Placement Algorithm on Cloud Datacenter
Sreenivasa1, S Sathyanarayana2

A Research on Different Types of Malware and Detection Techniques
Chandini S B1, Rajendra A B2, Nitin Srivatsa G3

A Research on Cyber Security Awareness based on Big Data
Sujit1, Syed Nabeel Azeez2, Taurunika Shivashankaran3, Gururaj H L4

Production and Purification of Biogas; A Research
Kunal P1, Ashish R2, M K Punith Prasad3, Hemanth Kumar K J4

Electrical Discharge Machining of Al2O3 and Si3N4 Ceramics; A Research
Rohith K1, Pruthvi Sagar A R2, Siddarath R3, Shreyas S4, S gururaja5

Internet of Things (IoT): Towards A Better Healthcare
Chetan G1, Devashish Bhat2, Sri Chaitanya Dinavahi3, Ravi P4

Object Detection using K-Means Clustering – A Research
Madhura P Divakara1, Keerthi V Trimal2, Adithi Krishnan3, Karthik V4

Agriculture Based Recommender System using IoT – A Research
Manoj Athreya A1, Hrithik Gowda S2, S Madhu3, Ravikumar V4

Helmet Detection on Two-Wheelers and Number Plate Recognition using Image Processing
C. Nikhita1, Chaithanya S.2, Deeksha P.3, Shyma Zaidi4

Food Quality Research Basedon Various Image Processing Techniques
Anjali Rai1, Arpitha V2, Mahima M Varkhedi3, Chethan K4

A Testbed Design of Spectrum Management in Cognitive Radio Network using NI USRP and LabVIEW
Vinod H. Patil1, Shruti Oza2, Vishal Sharma3, Asrithasiripurapu4, Tejaswini Patil5

Experimental Research on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Country Borage Methyl Ester – Diesel Blend in a Compression Ignition Engine
Anbarasan B1, Venkatesh J2, Jamunarani M3

Resource Planning and Allocation in Distributed Cloud Networks using Voids in Scheduled Intervals
V. Murali Mohan1, K.V.V. Satyanarayana2

Bipartite Weighted Graph Access for Optimal Label Prediction
Jyothi Puligadda

Homogeneous and Heterogenious Traffic Conditions Modelling of A Route Choice Network System
Sabbidi Venkatesham1, Santhosh Kumar2

Estimation of Failure State of Buck Voltage Regulator
Gadila Prashanth Reddy1, Rangaiah L2, Justin Khoo3, Rishab Mukherjee4, Srinivasan5, Srikanth Kaniyanoor6

Design of Parallel Self-Timed Adder with Recursive Research
Swapna Thouti

A Machine Learning Access for Selectionof Influential Variables of Several ITK Inhibitors using Regression Research
Rama Devi Chalasani1, Radhika Y2

Power System Security by FACTS Devices using GA
Chandrashekhar S. Hiwarkar1, Prakash G. Burade2

Hazardous Gas Detection using Gas Sensors Arrays and Fuzzy-Based Classification
Rajina R. Mohamed1, M A Mohamed2, Wahidah Hashim3, Abd. Rahim4, M. Syamil Fuad5

Fishing Community Wireless Network Concept in Kuala Rompin, Pahang, Malaysia
W. Hashim1, A.F. Ismail2, H. Mohd Radzi3, F. H. Mohamed Salleh4, Z. Ismail5, Z. Mohamad6

Wind and Solar Energy Resources Potential across Coastal Mega Cities, of Pakistan
Sabir Ali Kalhoro1, Muhammad Shahid2, Syed M. Usman Ali3, Engr. Tufail Ahmed4, Darakhshan Ara5

Wind Energy Status and Potential Assessment across Coastal Mega City, of Pakistan
Sabir Ali Kalhoro1, Muhammad Ali Noman2, Maqsood ur Rehman Awan3, Engr. Tufail Ahmed4, Shafique Ahmed Soomro5, Muhammad Faisal6

Modeling and Optimization of a Multi-Objective Ridesharing Problem in the Case of Medical Waste
Mustapha Ahlaqqach1, Jamal Benhra2, Salma Mouatassim3, Safia Lamrani4

Intrusion Detection System using Hybrid SVM-RF and SVM-DT in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Prithi1, S. Sumathi2

Designing Emotion Interface in E-Learning Application for Children
Magrizef Gasah1, Aslina Baharum2, Nurul Hidayah Mat Zain3

Issues in Lightweight Encryption Algorithm for mHealth
Tasnuva Ali1, A. H Azni2, Nur Hafiza Zakaria3

Temporal Frequency Spread of Plane Wave Propagation through Moderate to Strong Turbulence
Bing Guan1, Jaeho Choi2

Error Correction codes Derived from Orthogonal Latin Square Codes
Ande Bhargav1, Y. Varthamanan2

A Robust Multimodel Biometric Crypto System
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Hybrid Computational Intelligence Methods for Power System Optimization
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