Volume-7 Issue-4S2, December 2018

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Volume-7 Issue-4S2, December 2018, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Smart Helmet and Bike System
K. Vidhya1, M. Kasiselvanathan2

Ant Oxidative and Scavenging Properties of Polyphenolic Rich-Fraction of Cornett’s (Young Zea mays)
Wan Rosli WI1, Siti Nur Haffizah R.2, Nurraihana H.3

Region based Minutiae Mass Measure for Efficient Finger Print Forgery Detection in Health Care System
A. Vinoth1, S. Saravanakumar2

Factors Influencing Project Selection for SMEs
Ahmed Ali Khan1, Mohd Khairo Anuar Mohd Ariffin2, Shamsuddin Sulaiman3, Faizal Mustapha4

Robust Visual Object Tracking Via Fast Gabor Approximation
K. Bhuvaneshwari1, D. Akila2, P. Rajesh3

Numerical Study of Haemodynamics in Abdominal Aorta with Renal Branches Using Fluid – Structure Interaction under Rest and Exercise Conditions
Adi Azriff1, Cherian Johny2, S.M. Abdul Khader3, Raghuvir Pai B4, M. Zuber5, K.A. Ahmed6, Zanuldin Ahmad7

ZIKA Virus: A Secure System USINF NBN Classifier for Predicting and Preventing ZIKA in Cloud
B. Mahalakshmi1, G. Suseendran2

A Preliminary Study on Electricity Affordability and Willingness to Pay (WTP) on Maximum Demand (MD) Charge Among Residential Electricity Customers in Malaysia
Zainudin W.N.R.A.1, Wan Abdullah W.M.Z.2, Ramli N.A.3

An Effective Way of Cloud Intrusion Detection System using Decision tree, Support Vector Machine and Naïve Bayes Algorithm
T. Nathiya1, G. Suseendran2

The Scale Validation of Public Participation of Renewable Energy (RE) Development in Malaysia: An Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA)
Wan Abdullah W.M.Z.1, Zainudin W.N.R.A.2, Mohamad Ishak W.W.3

A Way to Secure the Data in Cloud Data Storage by Using Cloud Data Compression Mechanism
Saidhbi Sheik1, Thirupathi Rao Komati2

Accident Model of Car in Urban Area of Surabaya
Imma Widyawati Agustin1, Christia Meidiana2

Tweets Mining for Classification and Rapid Response for Pessimistic Ones
R. Renuga1, K. Reshma2

How to Optimize Service Quality of City Bus in Bandung City
Septiana Hariya 

Early Diagnosis of Chronic and Acute Pancreatitis using Modern Soft Computing Techniques
R. Balakrishna1, R. Anandan2

Microorganisms in Oil Reservoirs of West Kazakhstan
Yernazarova A.1, Kaiyrmanova G.2, Zhubanova A.3

Design of Air Storage Tank and Run Time Calculation for Supersonic Blow Down Wind Tunnel
R. Gayathri1, Pradeep Kumar2, PonMary Pushpa Latha3, J. Glory4

Experimental Study of Electric Field Assisted Bioaerosol Collector
Seungkyung Park1, Seungmo Kim2, Dongho Shin3, Geum-Su Yeom4

Securing Images with Fingerprint Data using Steganography and Blockchain
S. Pramothini1, Y.V.V.S. Sai Pavan2, N. Harini3

Investigation of Trinitrotoluene (TNT) Equivalent Ratio of Spherical PE4 Charge Detonated on Non-Rigid Ground Surface Based on Peak Incident Overpressure Values
Jestin, J.1, Mohd Zaid Othman2, Ahmad Mujahid Ahmad Zaidi3

Efficient Implementation of Unmanned Ground and Ariel Vehicle with Nano-Quadcopter
S. Shalini1, A.M. Aswini Priyadharssini2, M. Saranyaa3, R. Sushmi4, P. Dhinesh Kumar5

An Investigation into the Application of 3-D Printing to Construction Projects in Ningbo, China
Byung Gyoo Kang1, Yazhong Zhang2, Ruoyu Jin3, Craig Matthew Hancock4, Bo Li5, Llewellyn Tang6

Sequence Classifier Methods on Numerous Item set Mining by SVM in Operation Dataset
K. Sivakumar1, A.S. Prakaash2

Current Practice of Building Information Modelling in the Ningbo Construction Industry
Byung Gyoo Kang1, Zhen Yan2, Ruoyu Jin3, Craig Matthew Hancock4, Llewellyn Tang5, Georgios Kapogiannis6

Character Recognition Using Hidden Markov Models
Saish Bhende1, Kutub Thakur2, Jason Teseng3, Md Liakat Ali4, Nan Wang5

Antioxidative and Scavenging Properties of Polyphenolic Rich-Fraction of Cornlettes (Young Zea mays)
Wan Rosli WI1, Siti Nur Haffizah R.2, Nurraihana, H.3

Analysis of Spectrum Occupancy using Naïve Bayesian Classifier
Aman Kumar Mishra1, P. Vijaykumar2

Using Marker Based Augmented Reality for Training in Automotive Industry
Faieza Abdul Aziz1, Faid Abdullah2, Lai Lai Win3

Palm Vein Image Classification using Neural Network
P. Vijaya Kumar1, Kshema Maria George2, Akhil Krishnan Nair3, M. Sangeetha4

A Life Cycle Assessment for Garden Waste Management in Northern Region of Malaysia
S. M. Shafie1, Z. Othman2, N. Hami3

An Improved Decision Tree based Mammogram Image Classification of Breast Cancer for Decision Support Systems
N. Arivazhagan1, V. Govindharajan2

Modelling of the Tools’ Power Interaction During Mechanical Machining by Cutting
Yury V. Belousov1, Fedor V. Rekach2, Svetlana L. Shambina3

Service Differentiation for Achieving Fairness in Multi-Traffic Class in MANET
V. Robin Rohit1, Ramaraj Eswarathevar2

Study of Driving Torque through Dynamic Analysis of Robot
Yeon Taek OH 

Cluster based Time Synchronization Algorithm for Mobile Underwater Sensor Networks (UWSN)
L. Sivagami1, J. Martin Leo Manickam2

Multi-criteria Evaluation for Determination of Anaerobic Di-gester Location in Rural Area
Christia Meidiana1, Istiq Dhany Nurfitriya2, Kartika Eka Sari3

Cross-Layer based Congestion Detection and Dynamic Proxy Acknowledgment Scheme for TCP in MANET
P.S. Sujith Kumar1, A. Ramesh Babu2

Statistical Mixture Design: Study of Solvent Performance in Temperature Controlled Microwave Assisted Extraction System on Antioxidant Properties of Nephrolepis biserrata (Schott.) Sw. frond Extract
Faridah Kormin1, Muhammad Khan2, Nor Shafawati Mohd Shafie3, Azhari Hamid Nour4

Investigation on Flexural Behaviour of Beam with Bamboo as Main Rebars
P. Rama Mohan Rao1, S. Karthik2

Assessment for the Design Elevation of the Calumpang Bridge in Batangas, Philippines at Different Rainfall Return Periods and the Typhoon Rammasun Flood Event with the Introduction of LiDAR Data
A.F. Gorospe1, E.A. Barez2, J.K. Coloso3, J.C. Enzon4, F. J. Tan5, F.A.A Uy6

Performance Analysis of Low Power Superimposing OFDM System Architecture
K. Jayaram1, C. Arun2

Fractionation of Organic Content in Mature Leachate from Semi-Aerobic Landfill by Means Physico-Chemical Method
Nor Hana Adam1, Mohd Suffian Yusoff2, Hamidi Abdul Aziz3

Detection of Malicious Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks based on Features Using Neural Network Computing Approach
B. Rajasekaran1, C. Arun2

A Potential Development of Haze Detection System Using an Open-Path Optical Method
S. Nurulain1, M.S. Najib2, MH Alsibai3, MR Mohamed4, M. R. Salim5, H. Manap6

Knowledge-based Acceptance Test Driven agile Approach for Quality Software Development
N. Asha1, Prasanna Mani2

Evaluation of Power Effect on Disruption of Escherichia Coli Wild Type Cells in Flow Cell Ultrasound Treatment
Budari N.M.1, Ali M.F.2, Ku Hamid K.H.3, Khalil K.A.4, Zainal S.5, Musa M.6

An Efficient Multi-Feature Best Decision Based Forest Fire Detection (MF-BD-FFD) From Still Images
M. Senthil Vadivu1, M.N. Vijayalakshmi2

Effect of Twice-Functionalized Montmorillonite to the Morphological Properties of PMMA/MMT Nanoco mposites
Mohd Aidil Adhha Abdullah1, Lai Zi Hui2, Mazidah Mamat3

Streamlined Slide Generation by Performing Extractive Text Summarization
Lalithamani Nithyanandham1, Aniruddha Madduri2, Sainadh Makineni3, Sanjay Bhargav Patibandla4, M. Srinandhini5

Synthesis of Nickel/Aluminium-Layered Double Hydroxide As Potential Adsorbent for Methyl Orange and Crystal Violet Dyes
Mazidah Mamat1, Mohd Aidil Adhha Abdullah2, Adila Mohd Jaafar3, Rosmadila Abd Rahman4, Siti Syakirah Jamal Safuan5

Classifying Alzheimer’s Disease Using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System
D.S. Gayathri1, Nagarajan Munusamy2

Measuring Industrial Resiliency by Using Data Envelopment Analysis Approach
Ida Bagus Made Putra Jandhana1, Teuku Yuri M. Zagloel2, Rahmat Nurcahyo3

Handling of Indeterminacy for Trust Aware Energy Consumption Using Adaptive Intuitionistic Fuzzy Environment in Wireless Sensor Networks
N. Geetha Lakshmi1, D. Shanmuga Priyaa2

Comparison Performance Based on Distance of Energy Encryption in Medium Field for Wireless Power Transfer System
Nur Hazwani Hussin1, Muhammad Mokhzaini Azizan2, Azuwa Ali3, Mahmoud A. M. Albreem4

The Blooming Prospects of Probiotic Products in India
G. Lakshmy1, B. Seetha Devi2, B. Ramesh3

Motion Artifact Cancellation from ECG Signals using NLMS based Adaptive Filters
Fakroul Ridzuan Hashim1, Ja’afar Adnan2, Anis Shahida Niza Mokhtar3, Amir Firdaus Rashidi4, Nik Ghazali Nik Daud5

Fast and Accurate Identification of Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) Using Hash Function in DNA Sequences
S. Jawahar1, P. Sumathi2

Preliminary Studies of the Effect of Recognition Layer’s Length in Electrochemical DNA Sensor
Hanis Mohd Yusoff1, Soraya Shafawati Mohamad Tahier2, Ku Halim Ku Bulat3

Moving Basket Ball Detection and Tracking System by Different Approaches
G. Simi Margarat1, S. Sivasubramanian2

Functionally Graded Segment of an Epitrochoidal Shells Structures– the Geometric Nonlinear Stress-Strain Analysis
Gil-Oulbé Mathieu1, Svetlana L. Shambina2, Dau Tyekolo3, Ismel Taha Farhan4

Enhancing Job Scheduling in Cloud Using Widespread Primary Algorithm
A. Udhayakumar 

Design of Improved Current Differencing Buffered Amplifier for Analog Signal Processing
Mohammad Faseehuddin1, Jahariah Sampe2

Software Testing Techniques with Artificial Intelligence in IoT Applications
V. Sathyavathy1, D. Shanmuga Priyaa2

Global Synchronization in Arrays of Coupled Neural Networks with Uncertainties and Mixed Delays
N. Yotha1, A. Klamnoi2, T. Botmart3

A Comparison of Features for Multilingual Speaker Identification – A Review and Some Experimental Results
Pritam Limbaji Sale1, Spoorti J Jainar2, B.G. Nagaraja3

Development of Visualization System of Knowledge Necessary for Solving Mathematical Questions
Akira Nakamura1, Tomoshige Kudo2, Keita Nishioka3

A Brief Review of the Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy in Human Eyes Using Pre-Processing & Segmentation Techniques
Yogesh Kumaran1, Chandrashekar M. Patil2

Effect of Graphite Reinforcement on the Resistivity Property of Magnetorheological Elastomer (MRE)
Muhammad Kashfi Shabdin1, Mohd Azizi Abdul Rahman2, Saiful Amri Mazlan3, Siti Aishah Abdul Aziz4, Irfan Bahiuddin5

Securing and Transmitting Quantum Data on Wireless Sensor Network
G. Subhashini1, V. Neelambary2

Mobile Software Application for Measuring Cardiovascular Endurance Fitness for Cadets Officers
Mohar Kassim1, Sharulfadly Rustam2, Rahmat Sholihin Mokhtar3

Improved Energy Intrusion Detection System using Fuzzy System in Wireless Sensor Network
J. Santhosh1, G. Arulkumaran2, P. Balamurugan3

A Real Time Cloud Based Energy Efficient Mechanism for Radiation Affected WSN to Increase Network Life Time and Mobility
K.R. Asha1, K. Suresh2

CubeSat: LEO Mission Control Unit Potential Communication Concept for AMR System
A.S. Yahya1, W. Hashim2, A.F. Ismail3, S.H. Sulaiman4, M.F. Sulaiman5

Computational Approach to Overcome Overlapping of Clusters by Fuzzy k-Means
Katikireddy Srinivas1, K.V.D. Kiran2

A Service Quality and its Influence on Customer Satisfaction in a Multi-Speciality Hospital
A.S. Sathish1, R. Indradevi2, Sreeram Gangineni3

Viable Routing in Multi Hop Crn Based on High Mobility and Path Stability
B. Gomathy1, G. Shanmugavadivel2

Data Analytics in Football Sport to Identify Gaps For the Improvement of Quality Opportunities Throughout World-Wide Teams
Syed Ali Fathima S J1, Sumathi V P2, Sumanth S3

P2P Based Fast Replica Algorithm for Semantic Overlay Networks
Kirubakaran. S1, Arunkumar. M2, Prakash S.P3

Separation Axioms in Ideal Minimal Spaces
M. Parimala1, D. Arivuoli2, S. Krithika3

Enhancing Energy Exertion Using Multi Hop Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Network
L. Sudha1, P. Thangaraj2

A Real Time System for Two Ways Communication of Hearing and Speech Impaired People
L. Latha1, M. Kaviya2

Mobile Learning for Education in India – A Feasibility Study
Kirubakaran R1, Francis Jency X2, Aswini D3

A Study on the Quality Characteristics of Yarns Made from Coir Fibres
Thanabal V1, Saravanan D2

Cost Comparison of Roof Truss Angle Section and Channel Section Purlins by Working Stress and Limit State Method
A Jayaraman1, N Sathyakumar2, S B Prasath3

Analysis of Z-Source Matrix Converter with Different PWM Control Schemes for Wind Energy Conversion Systems
R. Bharani Kumar1, A. Loganayaki2

Correlation Dimension Based Performance Analysis of Alcoholic EEG Data with PCA and PSO Classifiers
Harikumar Rajaguru1, Vigneshkumar Arunachalam2

Information System for Performance Improvement of Small and Medium Scale Enterprises
R. Maheshprabhu1, M.S Hema2, G. Prema Arokia Mary3

Environmental Risk Factors and Parkinson’s Disease – A Study Report
S. Kanagaraj1, M.S. Hema2, M. Nageswara Gupta3

Exploratory Data Analysis of Drug Consumption
Sowmiya K1, S Saranya. K2, Sumathi. V. P3

Seismic Performance of Cold Formed Steel and Conventional Steel of Industrial Structures Using Splice Connections
Jayaraman A1, N Sathyakumar2, V Senthilkumar3

Detection of liver Cancer using Lab-on-Chip Based Optical Biosensor by Nano Cavity Sensing Hole
K. Srinivas Rao1, Preeta Sharan2, Anil Tiwari3

An Approach to Sense Carbon Monoxide by MQ-7 Sensors and to Increase Lifetime of WSN using MMBS Protocol
Nagaraj S1, Rajashree V Biradar2

What Lean is Really About: Malaysian Automotive Perspective
A.S.M. Touhidul Islam1, Shahryar Sorooshian2, Shariman Bin Mustafa3

Optimization of Deep Learning using various Optimizers, Loss functions and Dropout
S. V. G. Reddy1, K. Thammi Reddy2, V. Valli Kumari3