Volume-9 Issue-6, March 2021

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Volume-9 Issue-6, March 2021, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Deep Neural Network to Predict Diabetes: A Data Science Approach
Mafas Raheem

Complicity of High-End SOC-FPGA’s for Data Centers
Retikal Anil Kumar

Fluctuation Effect of Reservoir Water Level on the Seepage of Earth-Fill Dam
Runi Asmaranto1, Dian Sisinggih2, Ridho Nur Aziz Rastanto3

Advanced Lecture for PID Controller of Nonlinear System in Python
Dong Hwa Kim

Tensor Data Imputation by PARAFAC with Updated Chaotic Biases by Adam Optimizer
Pooja Choudhary1, Kanwal Garg2

An Optimization of Feature Selection for Classification using Bat Algorithm
V. Yasaswini1, Santhi Baskaran2

Sequence Based DNA-Binding Protein Prediction
Farisa T S1, Elizabeth Isaac2

Discovery of New Theory Analysis of Equilibrium Point Population Versus Food on Theory of Thomas Robert Malthus and Its Development (Case Study of Indonesia)
Matius Irsan Kasau1, ST. Aminah Dinayati Ghani2

The Role of Bismuth on the Best Red Light Emitting Nanophosphors
Vini.K1, H.Padma Kumar2, K.M.Nissamudeen3

Luminescence Study of Red Light Emitting Y2O3:Sm3+ Nanophosphors and Enhancement by Co-doping with Gadolinium oxide
Vini.K1, H.Padmakumar2, K.M.Nissamudeen3

Design of IoT based Real-Time Bus Tracking App using HF-RFID
Anjali Jain1, Agya Mishra2

An Enhanced Framework To Secure Big Data Based on Hybrid Machine Learning Technique: ANN-PSO
Salim Raza Qureshi

Crop Yield Prediction using Granular SVM
G. Sudha Sadasivam

A Comprehensive Survey of Personalized Music Identifier System
Soumi Ghosh1, Devanshu Tyagi2, Daksh Vashisht3, Abhishek Yadav4, Dharmendra Rajput5

Evaluating Quality – Measures to Improve NAAC Ranking for Higher Education Institutes
Ushveen Kaur1, Sugandha Gupta2

The Impacts of Orientation and Building form on Internal Temperature of Visitor Center Building for Moderate and Hot Climate
Ali N Alzaed

A Review on Application of Shape Memory Alloys
Sadashiva M1, M. Yunus Sheikh2, Nouman Khan3, Ramesh Kurbet4, T.M.Deve Gowda5

Effect of Well being on People Surrounding the Airport Corridor using Predictive Analysis on Road Accident Correlation
Jotirmay Chari1, B Shankar2

Feasibility of Nitrate Removal using Hydroxylamine Hydrochloride from Sundarijal River Water through a Laboratory Scale
Bhishma Karki1, Jeevan Jyoti Nakarmi2, Saddam Husain Dhobi3

Identification of Power Quality Disturbance
Vijit Srivastava1, Ashish Khare2

Digital FIR Filter Design by PSO and its v ariants Attractive and Repulsive PSO(ARPSO) & Craziness based PSO(CRPSO)
Zain Ali1, Bharat Lal Harijan2, Tayab Din Memon3, Nazmus Nafi4, Ubed-u-Rahman Memon5

Implementing Hybrid Security Mechanism for Cloud Considering Intrusion , Sql Injection and Performance Degradation
Manju Sharma1, Mukesh Kumar Sharma2

Automatic Compensation of the Positional Error Utilizing Localization Method in Pipe
Hirofumi Maeda

Effect of Aging and Deformation Treatments on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum AA-6063
Víctor Alcántara Alza

Theoretical Overview of Sentiment Analysis in the Real Estate Market
Benjamin Kwakye1, Chan Tze Haw2

Sentiment Analysis of the Academic Services of ESSU Salcedo Campus using Plutchik Model And Latent Dirichlet Allocation Algorithm
Hershey R. Alburo1, Cherry Lyn C. Sta. Romana2, Larmie S. Feliscuzo3

Implementation of L o w Pressure Water Mist System for Fire Suppression inside a Model of Road Tunnel
Hatem Sadek1, Mohammad H. Alenezi2, Mostafa A. Ismail3

A Novel Approach for Healthcare Information System using Cloud
R. Jeena1, G. Dhanalakshmi2, S. Irin Sherly3, S. Ashwini4, R. Vidhya5

Calibrating Best Route Based on Battery Percentage and Availability of Charging Station
B.Devaneshwar1, K.B. Amarthian2, M. Yuvanthika Meenakshi3, V.M.Saradha4

Adjustable PRPG for Low Power Test Patterns
B. Nadimulla1, S. Aruna Mastani2

Disease Classification and Prediction using Ensemble Machine Learning Classification Algorithm
B.Meena Preethi1, P.Radha2

A Comprehensive Review on Protein Isolates from Legumes
S.Reginold Jebitta1, Durga Devi P. R2, Deva Dharshini L3, Theerdham Naga Sai Harika4, Vignesh K.5

Towards Optimization of Malware Detection using Extra-Tree and Random Forest Feature Selections on Ensemble Classifiers
Fadare Oluwaseun Gbenga1, Adetunmbi Adebayo Olusola2, Oyinloye Oghenerukevwe Elohor3

Plant Leaf Disease Detection and Classification using Optimized CNN Model
Prabavathi S1, Kanmani P2

A Survey on Some Big Data Applications Tools and Technologies
Nazia Tazeen1, K.Sandhya Rani2

Modelling and Analyzing the Employees’ Engagement in Workplace using Machine learning Tools
Mahassine Bekkari1, Abdellah El Fallahi2

Mine Waste as Resource: Indian Mining Scenario of Coal and Non Coal Mining Sector
Sanniv Shome1, Shushil Mhaske2, K. Pathak3, M S Tiwari4

Smart Internet of Things Based Induction Motor Parameter Monitoring and Control System
M. Ambika ME1, M. Madhunisha2

Dielectric Cover Layer Thickness Effect on Circular Microstrip Antenna Parameters
V. Saidulu