Volume-10 Issue-1, May 2021

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Volume-10 Issue-1, May 2021, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Sports Video Annotation and Multi-Target Tracking using Extended Gaussian Mixture model
Daneshwari Mulimani1, Aziz Makandar2

Buckling Behaviors of Cold-Formed Steel Built-Up Columns under Axial Compression Tests: Review Paper
Thu Ya Mon1, Janani Selvam2

Savvy Shoes for Visually Challenged
Geetha Ramani J1, Swapna S2, Selwyn Paul P3, Sowmiya A4

Prediction, Cross Validation and Classification in the Presence COVID-19 of Indian States and Union Territories using Machine Learning Algorithms
P. Arumugam1, V. Kadhirveni2, R. Lakshmi Priya3, Manimannan G4

Efficient Market Hypothesis During T he Time of COVID
Gayathri P Pillai1, Arjun Pillai2

Comparative Study between Analytical and Theo-retical Retrofitting of RC Beam with Different Resins Bonded CFRP Laminates
K.Mohan Das1, K Baskar2, C.Selinravi Kumar3, B.Karthik Chary4

MIMO Based Cooperative Communication and Joint Maximum Likelihood Detection for Cognitive Radio System

Reinforcement Learning with Variable Fractional Order Approach for MPPT Control of PV Systems for the Real Operating Climatic Condition
Ashutosh Yadav1, Archana2

Biases in Artificial Intelligence Applications A ffecting H uman L ife : A Review
Ravindra Kumar

Decolourization of Reactive Dye by using Novel Adsorbent
Sumabala. T1, Munilakshmi.N2

IoT Based Road Traffic Control System for Bangladesh
Tushar Deb Nath

A Study f or Drowsy Detection & Prevention System
Byeongtae Ahn

Applying E-Commerce on Small Medium Enterprise: A Case Study for Saudi Perfumes & Cosmetics Retailer in KSA
Raed Alshaddadi

Optimal Placement of DG and FCL Sizing By using Fuzzy-Jaya Algorithm
Vasavi.C1, T.Gowri Manohar2

Detecting Fake Drugs using Blockchain
Abhinav Sanghi1, Aayush2, Ashutosh Katakwar3, Anshul Arora4, Aditya Kaushika5

To Decrease the Issue of False Alarm Rate by Providing Authentication & Thus Improving the Efficiency of Intrusion Detection System by Comparing the Result of Filtered Clusterer Algorithm & Make-Density Based Clustering Algorithm without Attribute Count
Pratik Jain1, Ravikant Kholwal2, Muskan Patidar3

Predicting Lead and Nickel Contamination in Soil using Spectroradiometer
Bharati S. Pawar1, Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh2

Optimal Placement of Unified Power Flow Controller by TOPSIS Method for Loss Minimization
Million Alemayehu Bedasso1, R. Srinu Naik2

Review: IoT Sensors, Classification and Applications in Weather Monitoring
E. N. S. S. Anjana1, A. Naveena2

Challenges of Urban Green Space and Its Accessibility in Planning District-12, Mysuru City
Yashaswini S1, Shankar B2

SFDroid: Android Malware Detection using Ranked Static Features
Gourav Garg1, Ashutosh Sharma2, Anshul Arora3

Test Case Recording u sing Java S cript f or Automation Testing
T Kishan Singh1, Pavithra H2

Multi Label Toxic Comment Classification u sing Machine Learning Algorithms
Abhishek Aggarwal1, Atul Tiwari2

Fuzzy Reinforcement Learning Model for Resource Adaptation in IoT
Daneshwari I. Hatti1, Ashok V. Sutagundar2

Variation in Poison’s Ratio with Change in Grade of Concrete and Type of Steel Reinforcement
Swathy Krishnan B1, Prakhar Duggal2, Ravinder Kumar Tomar3

Conservation Measures for Improving Land Use and Land Cover in Dalvoy Lake Environs of Mysore City
Akshatha N1, Shankar B2

Monitoring In House Patients During Pandemic using Internet of Things
Haritha Kannanraj1, Sathish Kumar Ravichandran2

Factors Affecting the Submission of Financial Statements via the DBD e-Filing System of a Corporation Registered with the Department of Business Development in Prachuap Khiri Khan Province
Pimpavee Maneewong1, Napaporn Narktim2, Supavadi Maneewog3, Urai Makkana4, Bundit Anuyahong5

Wormhole Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks (Wsn) & Internet of Things (IoT): A Review
Parvathy. K

Software Defect Estimation using Machine Learning Algorithms
Revoori Veeharika Reddy1, Nagella Kedharnath2, Mandi Akif Hussain3, S. Vidya4

Agile Methodology for Product Development: A Conceptual Study
Kajal Singh

Scriptless GUI A utomation Testing T ool for W eb A pplications
Kamble Namita Mohan1, Ramakanth Kumar P2

A Study For Intelligent Campus Service u sing Zigbee Based o n Wsn
Byeongtae Ahn

Human Activity Recognition u sing Resnet 34 Model
Akansha Abrol1, Anisha Sharma2, Kritika Karnic3, Raju Ranjan4

Securing Logs of Functional Testing Infrastructure by Masking Technique
Akshata Khasge1, Nagaraja G S2

Fabrication and Mechanical Characterization of Jute Coir Reinforced Unsaturated Polyester Resin Hybrid Composites with Various Fiber Size u sing Compression Moulding Technique
D. Sarukasan1, K. Thirumavalavan2, Prahadeeswaran M3, R. Muruganandhan4

Impacts of Disruptive Technology: Implementation of MOOCs in Language Teaching
Wipanee Pengnate1, Bundit Anuyahong2, Chalong Rattanapong3

Relative Deadline Analysis in Multitasking RTS using RM & EDF Scheduling
Sandeep S Chapalkar1, K. Karibasappa2

Mobile Cloud Computing Provides Service Availability using A Context Aware Architecture
Anusha L1, Nagaraja G S2

Effect of Graphite Addition on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Sisal–Glass FRP Composites
Suresh Kumar. D1, Sanjeevamurthy2, G. Mallesh3

Reduction of Impulsive Noise from Speech and Audio Signals by u sing Sd Rom Algorithm
G.Manmadha Rao1, D.N Raidu Babu2, P.S.L Krishna Kanth3, B.Vinay4, V.Nikhil5

Advancement in Sensor Technology in Shipping
N.I. Shaikh1, P.P. Kamble2, Siddharath M.T2

Reduction of Power in General Purpose Processor Through Clock-Gating Technique
R. Prakash Rao1, P. Bala Murali Krishna2, S. Sree Chandra3, Shaik Fairooz4, P. Prasanna Murali5

Converting Traditional Water Supply Network Into 24×7, using Water GEMS to Optimize Design
Mukund M.Pawar1, Nitin P. Sonaje2

Developing a Machine Learning Algorithm to Assess Attention Levels in ADHD Students in a Virtual Learning Setting using Audio and Video Processing
Srivi Balaji1, Meghana Gopannagari2, Svanik Sharma3, Preethi Rajgopal4

Harmonics Analysis and Enhancement of Power Quality in Hybrid Photovoltaic and Wind power System for Linear and Nonlinear Load using 3 Levels Inverter
Atul Kumar1, Imran Khan2

Architectural and Parametric Design Evaluation for Enhancing Adaptive E-Learning
Daramola Comfort Y.1, Akinpelu Samson. A2, Joshua Bature Hassan3

A Study and Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques in Predicting Wine Quality
Mohit Gupta1, Vanmathi C2

Data Dissemination Scheme for VANET using Genetic algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization
Tahera Mahmood1, Tulika2

Ai Based Path Mopping Control f or Automatic Floor Cleaning Bot
Thanushree V M1, S Nanda Kishor2, G N Kodandaramaiah3

Three Fog Computing Based Variants of Congestion Control in ITS
Ananya Paul1, Kiton Ghosh2, Sulata Mitra3