Volume-8 Issue-4S4, December 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-4S4, December 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication 

Portrayal of Horror in Stephen King’s Revival
R. Kannan1, B. Ananda Raghul2

Trauma and Fluid Identity in Paul Auster’s Man in the Dark
C. Jothi

Problems and Remedies in Writing Skill
K. Gurusamy

Exploring the Various Cultural Practices in Indian Writings
P. Pandia Rajammal1, S. Raj Kumar2

Techniques Involved in the Soft Skills of Literature
R. Kannan

The Dedication of English Educator’s Career in Inspiring Language Skills among the Engineering Pupils
S. Raj Kumar1,  A. G. Vadivelan2

The Major Issues of English Language Teaching in Rural Areas in India
A. G. Vadivelan1, P. Pandia Rajammal2

Major Challenges in English Language Teaching in Fulfilling the Industry Needs
K. Gurusamy1, A. Gokula Hari2

A Focus on the Play of Elements of Caste in Cyrus Mistry’s Chronicle of a Corpse Bearer
S. Rema Devi

Inventive Techniques of Teaching English Language
M. Mareeswari

Gaping Generation Gap in Preeti Shenoy's a Hundred Little Flames
B. Rathika

The History of Ampersand and its Functions
P. Pandia Rajammal1, V. Manoj Prabhakaran2, A. G. Vadivelan3

Impact of ICT Usage in Travel and Tourism Industry in Madurai
J.Prabhu1, K.Ravindran2, S.Senthil Kumar3

Relationship between CRM Strategy and Hotels’ Performance with Reference to Madurai
S. Senthil Kumar1, J. Prabhu2

Restoring the Stolen Heritage in the New Land in Alex Haley’s Roots
S. Hepsiba

Significance of English Language in India: Its Part in Contemporary National and Global Set Up
S. Raj Kumar1, P. Pandia Rajammal2

Communicating Grassroots Innovation and Community Action for Sustainable Development in India for Women – A Researcch on Shyamala Vaani Community Radio, Madurai
K. Abirami

Fascination of the Abomination in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness
A. Hariharasudan1, R. Juki Javla2, S. Robert Gnanamony3

Identity Crisis in Andrea Levy’s Back to My Own Country – A View from West to East
V. Jayajothilakshmi1, R. Kannan2

Soft Skills for Dyslexia Student
P. Priyadharshini1, S. Mohan2

Enhancing Reading Skill Through Creative Technology – A Pilot Research
E. V. Ram Kumar1,  R. Vani2

Domestic Violence and Psychological Oppression in Alice Walker’s the Color Purple
C. G. Karthika Devi1,  R. Kannan2

Teaching Creative Writing Skills in the Class Room Challenges and Strategies
S. Mohan

Reconnaissance of Voices: the Narrative Voices in a Short Story and a Prose Poem
S. Rema Devi

Modern Techniques of English Language Learning using Education 4.0
V. Srivani1,  A. Hariharasudan2

Displacement and Alienation in Manju Kapur’s “the Immigrant”
V. Jayajothilakshmi1,  R. Kannan2

Enhancing the Learning Process with Blended Learning
E. V. Ram Kumar1,  R. Vani2

Encounters in Educating English as a Second Language in India
A. G. Vadivelan1,  S. Raj Kumar2

Cultural Conflicts in Chitra Banerjee’s Arranged Marriage
C. G. Karthika Devi1,  R. Kannan2

Total Mean Labeling Graphs
K. Karuppasamy1, S. Kaleeswari2

Blast Domination Number of Transformation Graphs of Linear and Circular Graphs
A. Ahila

On the Open Packing Number of a Graph
S. Saravana Kumar

Spectroscopic Examination, DFT Calculations, Electronic and Optical Properties of α-santonin
Palani Murugan1, S. Jeyavijayan2,  K. Viswanathan3

Structural and Electrochemical Behaviour of Cucurbita Seed Like Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles by Chemical Reflux Route
R. Ranjith Kumar1, S. Ezhil Arasi2, P. Devendran3, N. Nallamuthu4, P. Lakshmanan5, M. Krishna Kumar6

Spectroscopic Examination using Density Functional Theory Calculations on 3-chloro-5-Methoxyphenol
Palani Murugan1, S. Jeyavijayan2, M. S. Revathy3, K. Guru Shankar4

Minimal Gαρ-Closed Sets, Maximal Gαρ-Open Sets in Topological Spaces
M. Matheswaran1, S. Raja Kumar2

On Equitable Irregular Graphs
P. Sanakara Narayanan1, S. Saravana Kumar2

Molecular Structure and Quantum Chemical Calculations of 2, 4-Difluoroanisole
S. Jeyavijayan1, Palani Murugan2, M. S. Revathy3, K. Guru Shankar4, K. Viswanathan5

Structural and Charge Density Properties of Iron Doped Nickel Oxide Synthesized by Co-Precipitation Method
S. Sasi Kumar1, S. Saravana Kumar2, D. Sivaganesh3, S. Asath Bahadur4

Characterizations of Pectin/Lithium Sulfate Solid Biopolymer Electrolytes
M. Muthuvinayagam1, M. Vahini2, K. Sundaramahalingam3

Electrochemical Performance of Surfactant Assisted Hematite Nanoparticles by Chemical Synthesis Method
S. Ezhil Arasi1, P. Devendran2, A. Arivarasan3

Structural, Photoluminescence and Electron Density Distribution Analysis of Rutile Phase TiO2
D. Sivaganesh1, S. Saravana Kumar2, V. Siva Kumar3, S. Sasi Kumar4, R. Rajajeyaganthan5

Antimicrobial, Anticancer, Antioxidant Potential of Pyridine based Coordination Compounds: in-silico ADMET Prediction and Molecular Docking Simulations
S. Syed Ali Fathima1, E.R. Nagarajan2

Drilling Tool Geometry Effects on the Hole Quality of Glare
Thirukumaran M1, Winowlin Jappes J. T2, Siva I.3

Technology Enabled Manufacturing Industry Practices – Industry 4.0
M. Uthaya Kumar1, Irfan Haneef2, M. Adam Khan3, M.T.H. Sultan4

Mathematical Modelling of Electric Discharge Machining of Al (6351)-SiC-B4C Hybrid Composite
H. Sree Ram1, M. Uthaya Kumar2, S. Thirumalai Kumaran3, S. Suresh Kumar4

Environmental Issues and Corporate Social Responsibility: A literature and its Methods.
M. Ramaganesh1, S. Bathrinath2

Heat Transfer Enhancement from Microprocessor
M. Sivasubramnanian1, K. D. Jaganathan2

Machining of Composites by EDM
P. Sreeraj1, S. Thirumalai Kumaran2, M. Uthaya Kumar3, S. Suresh Kumar4

Optimization of Inter and Intra-Cell Layout in Cellular Manufacturing Systems using Simulated Software
V. Dinesh Kumar1, K. Arun Prasath2

Mechanical Behaviour of PLA and PHBV Based Lignocellulosic Composite Plates
M. Selwin1, N. Rajini2

Flexural, Impact and Tensile behaviour of Environmental Friendly PLA Composite Plate
M. Selwin1, N. Rajini2

Surface Quality of Jute Fibre Reinforced Polyester Composite by Abrasive Waterjet Machining
Kalirasu S1, Rajini N2, Rajesh S3, Gopi Kumar S4, Arun Kumar K5, Mukesh Vaidya C. M.6

Mechanical Testing of Poly Hydroxy Butyrate Co Valerate and Natural Fiber by Varying Fiber Length
M. Selwin1, N. Rajini2

Mechanical Property of Tailor Made Flax/Glass Fiber Reinforced Hybrid Polyester Composite
K. Arun Prasath1, V. Arumugaprabu2, P. Amuthakkannan3, V. Manikandan4

Acacia Ferrugenia Reinforced Polyester Composites
Ragul Kumar S1, Winowlin Jappes J. T2, Siva I3, Brintha N. C.4

Influence of Fibre Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Sansevieria Cylindrica Polyester Composites
C. Bennet1, N. Rajini2, J. T. Winowlin Jappes3

Advanced Machining of Al Alloy Based Metal Matrix Composites
S. Suresh Kumar1, M. Uthaya Kumar2, S. Thirumalai Kumaran3, Mustafa Aslan4, K. Vinoth Babu5

Challenges in Internet of Things
Venkataraman Balaji1, P. Ven Kumar2, Sabitha M. S3, Vijaya Lakshmi S4

Virtual Screening of Natural Metabolites as Candidate Drugs for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Joseph Christina Rosy1, Ashok Bala M2, Krishnan Sundar3

Oil Extraction and Compound Analysis of Microalgae Chlorella Vulgaris
T Mohan Viswanathan1, Sundaresan Hemapriya2, Shankar Sriga3, Prokshan Bazeera Ferdhous4, Thandavarayan Kathiresan5

The Leitmotif of Expedition in Auden’s Plays
S. Mohan

Challenging Life of Women in Namita Gokhale’s the Book of Shadows
P. Priya Dharshini1, S. Mohan2

Breaking the Formula in Mother–Daughter Relationship with Reference to Geetanjali Shree’s Mai
S. Hepsiba

Brain Drain Techniques in Revolution 2020
M. Mareeswari

Pictorial Narration of Paulo Coelho
C. Jothi

Function of Technical English Communication in Business Management
P. Thavabalan1, S. Mohan2

Vibrational Spectroscopic and Computational Analysis of 5-chloro-2-hydroxy Acetophenone
Palani Murugan1, S. Jeyavijayan2, Naidu Dhanpal Jayram3, K. Viswanathan4

Abrasive Jet Machining Performance of Vegetable Fiber Polyester Composite and its Modelling
T. Prem Kumar1, I. Siva2, Sandro C Amico3

Synthesis and Characterization of Encapsulated 1-Tetradecanol for Thermal Energy Storage
K. Vijay Rakesh1, S. Muthuvel2

Customer Perception towards Online Banking Service Quality – With Reference to Public Sector Banks
Sanuja Shree P N1, S. Gurusamy2

Prevalence and Psychological Intervention of Internet and Smart Phone Addiction
G. Archana1, P. Balaji2

Psychological Dependence on Social Media Usage of College Youth
G. Archana1, P. Balaji2