Volume-8 Issue-4S5, December 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-4S5, December 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

A Greenhouse Monitoring and Crop Prediction System Implemented using IoT, Arduino Uno and Nodemcu
M. Lavanya1, R. Parameswari2

Generalized Economic Order Quantity Inventory Model using Brownian Motion in Food Production Planning
K. Suganthi1, G. Jayalalitha2

Complex Method on Octagonal Number
S. Sudha1, A. Gnanam2

Awareness Level of Retail Investors on Stock Market in Chennai City
A. Kamaruniza

Independent Domination Number in Adaptive Mesh Refinement (AMR)-WENO Scheme Networks
N. Senthur Priya1, S. Meenakshi2

Independent Domination Number in Triangular & Quadrilateral Snake Graph
N. Senthur Priya1, S. Meenakshi2

Restrained Step Domination Number for Some Amusing Product Graph of Paths and Cycle
G. Mahadevan1,  M. Vimala Suganthi2

Extraction of Farey Sequence from Stern-Brocot Sequence
S. Deepa1,  A. Gnanam2

Ciphering and Deciphering Messages by Graph Labeling Techniques Through Multilevel Cryptosystem
B. Deepa1, V. Maheswari2

Domination Integrity of Some Special Graphs
D. Bhuvaneswari1, S. Meenakshi2

Predicting Diabetes Disease using Random Forest Tree (Rft) Data MiningTechnique
Gul Mohamed Rasitha Banu1, N. Sasikala2, Illham Bashier3, Thani Babikar4

Ingraining Self-Responsibility in Teenagers: An Important Criteria
Syed Jamalullah. R1,  L. Mary Gladence2

Eccentric Sequence of Graphs
S. Meenakshi1, Deepika K2, R. Abdul Saleem3

Some Results on the Eccentric Sequence of Graphs
S. Meenakshi1,  Deepika K2

Double Twin Domination Number of Some Special Types of Graphs
G. Mahadeven1,  S. Anuthiya2

Co-Secure Set Domination in Graphs
D. Bhuvaneswari1,  S. Meenakshi2

Talent Management an Emerging Trend for Employee Effectiveness in Corporate Hospitals
S. Malathi1,  M. Ayisha Millath2

A New Coding Technique and Analysis of Trees
D. A. Angel Sherin1, V. Maheswari2

An Improved Encryption Process using One-Time Pad Together With Graph Labeling
Jaya Shruthy V. N1, V. Maheswari2

Work Place Incivility: Causes and Consequences among Nurses
Raja Shekar P. Ma E. Sarala Devi1, K. Janaki Priya2, S. Chandramohan3

Epq Incentive Model for Manufacture – Buyer with Floor Space and Inventory Level Constraints
M. Haj Meeral1, M. K. Vediappan2, P. Muniappan3, G. Rasitha Banu4

Coordinating Supply Chain Inventory Model for Deteriorating Products
M. Ravithammal1, M. Babu2, G. Rasitha Banu3, P. Muniappan4

Prevalence of Blood Pressure among Green Coffee Users of Young and Middle Age Saudis
Ilham Abdalla Bashir Fadl1, Gul Mohamed Rasitha Banu2, Khloud Abdullrhman Damri3, Bsmah Waheed Hussin4, Shatha Abdullah Mubarki5, Alaa Mohammed Moqri6

Relative Technical Efficiency of Life Insurance Companies DEA and Interval DEA Methods
S. Jasmine Rathi1, V. Prakash2

Bootstrapping Dea Efficiency Estimates of Indian Railways System
G. R. Kanmani1, V. Prakash2

A Secured Data Prevention Method in Cloud Computing Process
M Jaya Bhaskar1, V Sathvikis2, S Harsha Sai3, K Harsha Vardhan4

Automatic Caption Generation from Images Based on Facial Emotions
G. Priyanka1, T. Revathi2, K. Muneeswaran3

CSFC: A New Centroid Based Clustering Method to Improve the Efficiency of Storing and Accessing Small Files in Hadoop
R. Rathi Devi1, R. Parameswari2

Fuzzy Bat based Cluster Center Selection Algorithm (FBCCSA) Improved K-Means Algorithm for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Prediction
P.V. Sankar Ganesh1,  P. Sri Priya2

Implementation of Artificial Fish Swarm Optimization for Cardiovascular Heart Disease
A.M. Barani1, R.Latha2, R.Manikandan3

Incidence Rate of Dengue Fever in Saudi Arabia 2011-2018, a Retrospective
Tahani Babiker1, Gul Mohamed Rasitha Banu2, Illham Bashier3, M. Hajmeeral4

Structured Acquaint of Mobile Applications for Secured Travel on Indian Roads
N. Sasikala1, Gul Mohamed Rasitha Banu2, M. Ravi Thammal3

Root Square Mean Labeling (RSML) of New Crown Graphs
R. Abdul Saleem1,  R. Mani2

Selection of Input Variables in DEA using 2 – Level Fractional Factorial Design
C.V. Pradeepa1, V. Prakash2

Enhanced Homomorphic Re-Encryption using Laplacian for Preserving the Privacy in Big Data Analytics
V. Shoba1, R. Parameswari2

Generating Fractalstructure and Route Matrix in Zodiac Signs
R. Kamali1, G. Jayalalitha2

Selection of Plant Location using Consistent FAHP and Goal Programming Technique
G. Nirmala1, G. Uthra2

Effect of Simarouba Biodiesel on Performance and Emissions of CI Engine
Nithyananda B S1, Anand A2, G V Naveen Prakash3, K B Vinay4, Naveen Ankegowda5

Mechanical Characterization of Jute-Carbon-E Glass Sandwich Panel Hybrid Composite
Naveen Ankegowda1, Nityaanada B S2, K B Vinay3, G V Naveen Prakash4

Experimental Examination on the Effect of Composite Amalgam with Fly ash & E-glass Materials with Al-8011Subjected to Mechanical Characterization
Ghadge S.S1, Balappa B. Hadagali2, S A Mohan Krishna3, G V Naveen Prakash4, K B Vinay5, K S Ravi6

Aluminium Metal Matrix Composition with Reinforcement Particles of Tungsten Carbide and Graphite
Shivashankar R1, G V Naveen Prakash2, K B Vinay3

Role of Micro-Influencers in Affecting Behavioural Intentions
Shiromani Gupta1, Rachna Mahajan2

A Contraction Mapping Method in Digital Image Processing
Ashutosh Mishra1, Piyush Kumar Tripathi2, A. K. Agrawal3, Dev Raj Joshi4

FDI Equity Inflows in Economic Development in India
S. Chandrasekar1, M K. Ganeshan2, C. Vethirajan3

Entrepreneurial Challenges Among Youth – with Special Reference to Sivagangai and Ramanathapuram Districts in Tamil Nadu
C. Vethirajan1, S. Chandrasekar2, MK.Ganeshan3

Detecting Fake Videos Using Block Chain and Smart Contracts
Swapnali N. Tambe1,  A.B. Pawar2

Internet of Things (IoT): Architectures, Protocols and Frameworks, Applications and Challenges in Healthcare
Nisrine Machrafi1, Jalal Laassiri2

Minimum Total Dominating Energy of Some Special Classes of Graphs
K. Malathy1, S. Meenakshi2

A Cuckoo Search Based Heuristic for Replicating IoT Data in Cloud Edge System
P. Sankara Rao1, R. Usha Rani2

Feature Selection using Stochastic Diffusion Search Algorithm in Big Data Analysis
Sumitra Srinivas K1, Gangadhara Rao Kancharla2

A Biogeography-Based Optimization (BBO) With AOMDV for Mitigating Black Hole Attacks
G. Mahalakshmi1, A. Suresh2

Hybrid Differential Evolution Based Probabilistic Model to Support Quality Aware Best Path Routing Scheme for Mobile Adhoc Networks
Priya1, P. Suganthi2

Efficient Localized Data Aggregation of IoT Devices and its Application in Agriculture
C. Sathish1, K. Srinivasan2

A Stochastic Method for Test Case Selection in Software Testing
Nithya T.M1, Chitra. S2

Minimum Total Dominating Energy of Some Standard Graphs
K. Malathy1, S. Meenakshi2

Novel Pseudonym Generation for Secured Privacy in Vehicular Adhoc Networks
Swapna.Ch1, Vijaya Shree R Budyal2

Simulation of Simplified BSPD Deploying Timer Circuit for a Prototype Formula Electric Car
Benny Paul1,  V. Preethi2,  T. V. Narmadha3,  K. Arun4

Chaotic Dynamics of a Non-linear Electronic Circuit
T. Sivasakthi1,  S. Gayathri2,  K. Jeya Piriya3

Stability and Bifurcation: Discrete Differential Algebraic Planar Model with Square Root Response
A. George Maria Selvam1, R. Janagaraj2, Ozlem AK Gumus3

Experimental of Mechanical Properties in Glass Fiber by using Epoxy and Polyester Resin
D. Kumaravel1,  E. Gopinath2