Volume-8 Issue-2S, July 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-2S, July 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Phosphorus Removal in Food Manufacturing Industry by using High Fe Steel Slag Filter System
Hamdan R1, Nur Ain Nazirah Mohd Arshad2, Puteri Saiyidatul Aina Zaid3

Development of an Assessment of Science Process Skills of Basic Electrical Engineering in the Vocational High School
Hantje Ponto

Invasive and Non Invasive Sensor for Thermal Control of Bipolar Electrosurgical Device
Ali Idham Alzaidi1, Azli Yahya2, Tan Tian Swee3, Norhalimah Idris4

Myostatin mRNA Expression and its Association with Carcass and Body Weight of Local Pigs from the Islands in North Sulawesi, Indonesia
Revolson Alexius Mege1, Yermia Samuel Mokosuli2, Nonny Manampiring3, Debby Rayer4, Friska Mery Montolalu5

Grim Consequences of Workplace Traditional Bullying and Cyberbullying by Way of Mediation: A Case of Service Sector of Pakistan
Mehwish Iftikhar1, Loo-See Beh2

Design and Development of New Teacher Qualify (NTQ) Application Qualification with Rule Based Classification Methods in Informatics Engineering Teacher West Sumatera
Rusdinal1, Kasman Rukun2, Asrul Huda3, Ary Ramadhan4

Estimating Electricity Consumption in the Commercial Sector of Nigeria‘s Economy
O Y Usman1, M K Abdullah2, A N Mohammed3

How Work-Family Conflict, Enrichment and their Interaction Influence Work-Family Balance Satisfaction among University Faculty?
Farhan Sarwar1, Siti Aisyah Panatik2, Zia ur-Rehman3

Online Interaction Model for MOOC Design
Nadirah Mohamad1, Nor Bahiah Ahmad2, Dayang Norhayati Abang Jawawi3

Analysis of the Coal Milling Operations to the Boiler Parameters
Salmi Samsudin1, Nuraini Abd Aziz2, Mohd Adzuan Che Azmi3

Influence of Lignosulfonate Types and Electrolyte Concentrations on the Adsorption of Lignosulfonate onto Clay
Chong Aik Shye1, Muhammad A. Manan2, Ahmad Kamal Idris3

The Diversity of Basidiomycota Fungi that Have the Potential asaSource of Nutraceutical to be Developed in the Concept of Integrated Forest Management
Mustika Dewi1, I Nyoman Pugeg Aryantha2, Mamat Kandar3

Measuring Individual Job Performance of Project Managers using Fuzzy Extended Analytic Method
Khoa Dang Vo1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, Cuong Phu Pham3,Vy Dang Bich Huynh4, Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen5, Ngoc Bich Vu6, Loan Phuc Le7

Modeling Civilian Causalities in Afghanistan from 2009 and 2017
Aissa Boudjella1, Fazal Mazahari2, Hamidullah Hamidy3

Indonesian Coconut Competitiveness in International Markets
Heriyanto Heriyanto1, Detri Karya2, Asrol Asrol3

Factors Influencing Consumers Intention to Use QR Code Mobile Payment – A Proposed Framework
Norazryana Mat Dawi

The Effect of Service Quality on Online Transportation Customer Satisfaction in Denpasar City
Putu Gde Arie Yudhistira

The Modelling of Preference Switch from Conventional Food to Genetically Modified Food: Evidence from Malaysia.
Phuah Kit Teng1, Bernard Lim Jit Heng2, Siti Intan Nurdiana Wong Abdullah3

The Analysis Website Quality, Intention to use the Website and Behavioral Intention Nitizen Indonesia Batik-Tenun Traditional Products of Indonesia
Hatane Semuel1, Serli Wijaya2, Devie3

Garuda Indonesia New Digital Experience Concept: Airline’s Challenge in Communication Marketing in the Digital Era
Ira Purwitasari1, Engkus Kuswarno2, Uud Wahyudin3, Ninis Agustini Damayani4

Designing an Android Smartphone App for Office English: Focus on Students’ Opinions toward the App
Sri Wahyuni1, Fauzul Etfita2

The Impact of using Stem Video in Teaching on Students’ Learning Engagement in Malaysia
Mohd Zaid Ismail1, Azlin Norhaini Mansor2, Zanaton Iksan3, Norwani Mamad4

Learning Material Analysis of Motorcycle Engine Tune-Up Practice Competency of Vocational High School Students.
Suryo Hartanto1, Handoko2, Zaenal Arifin3, Asrul Huda4, Ratih Fordiana5, Nispida Yeni.6

Exploring Perception on Sizing and Fit of Clothing for Malaysian Children
Nurashikin Saaludin1, Amna Saad2, Cordelia Mason3, Mohd Hafizul Ismail4

Predicting Academician Publication Performance using Decision Tree.
Mohd Zakree Ahmad Nazri1, Rohayu Abd Ghani2, Salwani Abdullah3, Mas Ayu4, R Nor Samsiah.5

Learning Science and Mathematics using the Second Language: Yea or Nay?
Ashairi Suliman1, Mohamed Yusoff Mohd Nor2, Melor Md Yunus3

The Effect of Knowledge about Waste Management and Gender on Environmental Sanitation Behaviour
Yusriani Sapta Dewi

The Need of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Implementation in Energy Industry: Proposition Development
S. Salmi1, A. L. A. Sukur2, H. Norlena3

Evidence of Relationships between Teachers’ Leadership Style Practices for Learning and Students’ Academic Press/Emphasis
Hemathy Kunalan1, Hairuddin Mohd. Ali2, Mohamad Sahari Nordin3

Learning Preferences Transformation in Tertiary Education
Revathi Sagadavan1, Shiney John2

Influence of Supply Chain Integration and Just in Time Method to Smoothly Process Production at Assembly Company in Batam Riau Islands
Rusda Irawati1, Shinta Wahyu Hati2, Bambang Hendrawan3

Negative Authentication and Password Secured Systems
Ali J. Askar1, Ammar A. Mahawish2, Mohammed Nasser Hussain Al-Turfi3

Healthcare Management System and Cybersecurity
Ali J. Askar

Awareness on Green Logistics among Transportation Companies in Johor towards Business Performance
Fadilah Ismail1, Muhammad Ashfaq2, Sobia Irum3, Mohd Norfian Alifiah4, Hidayah Adnan5

Design of Learning Media Graphic Design through Android Technology-Based
Asrul Huda1, Nelda Azhar2, Almasri3, Radinal Fadli4

The Effectiveness of Youtube English Videos towards Students Vocabulary Competency
Azureen Abd Aziz1, Suhaila Ngadiron2

Analysis of Elementary School Teacher Competency Based on Education Background
Deitje Katuuk1, Sjamsi Pasandaran2, Recky H. E. Sendouw3

Analysis of Teacher Strategy in Developing Character Learning at School
Sjamsi Pasandaran1, Deitje Katuuk2, Recky H. E. Sendouw3

Improvement of Learning Achievement in Writing Course: the Self-Regulated Learning Model vs. the Direct Learning Model
La Ode Nggawu1, Hartati Muchtar2, Khaerudin3

Video Games as Vocabulary Enhancement Instrument in the 21st Century Classroom
Muhammad Fairuz Nizam Awalludin1, Mohd Shafie Rosli2, Nor Shela Saleh3, Noor Azean Atan4, Tamil Selvan Subramanian5

Strategic Leadership, Operational Excellence and Organizational Performance: A Lesson from Japanese Company in Malaysia
Normy Rafida Abdul Rahman1, Siti Fatimah Abdul Rahman2, Abdul Malek Yaakob3, Ridzuan Masri4, Suriana Ramli5, Zairina Ibrahim6

The Mediating Effect of Organization Commitment and Religiosity on Transformational Leadership Style and Post-Conventional Ethical Decision Making in the Malaysian Public Sector
Bibiana Anak Manggai1, Kassim bin Thukiman2, Muhammad Fauzi bin Othman3, Muhammad Khairi Majid4

Grammatical Errors in ESL Writing: An Error Analysis
Yasmine Liong Pui Kwan Abdullah1, Melor Md Yunus2, Harwati Hashim3

The Effect of Competency and Job Motivation towards the Job Performance of Islamic Banking Employees in Malaysia
Mohd Fodli Bin Hamzah1, Muhammad Nasri Bin Md. Hussain2, Ahmad Khilmy Abd Rahim3

The Impacts of School Operational Assistance in Indonesia
Desi Eri Kusumaningrum1, Teguh Triwiyanto2

Cultural Translation Strategies in Xi Jinping: the Governance of China
Wenjing Wang1, Shanti C Sandaran2, Azizah Rajab3, Di Qi4, Xiaoxiao Fu5

Web-Based Ticket’s Purchase
Dewi Nusraningrum1, Pinta Razy Pangestu2, Lely Lubna Alaydrus3

The Impacts of Fans’ Attachment , Sincerity and Social Media Usage on Attitude Toward Sports Sponsorship
Mohd Naufal Yunos1, Hasmah Zanuddin2, Jadeera Cheong Phaik Geok Abdullah3

Organizational Citizenship Behavior Model for Turnover Intention Management
Yudi Nur Supriadi1, Eeng Ahman2, Lili Adi Wibowo3, Chairul Furqon4

Assessment of the Relationship between Environmental Attributes and Urban Quality of Life in, Malaysia.
Siti Nurul Munawwarah BT Roslan1, Fatimah BT Kari2, Nurulhuda BT Mohd Satar3, Wan Nor Azriyati BT Wan Abd Aziz.4

The Employability of Chinese Graduate in Malaysia upon Returning to China Employment Market
Tee Poh Kiong1, Eaw Hooi Cheng2, Oh Siew Pei3, Han Kok Siew4

The Model of Job Satisfaction and Performance of University Lecturers in Batam City with Sem Smart PLS
Hazriyanto1, Indra Firdiyansyah2, Badaruddin Ibrahim3

Dynamic Inter-Relationship among Commodities Energy Rate and Stock Market Volatility in Saudi Arabia
Manal S Alsufyani1, Tamat Sarmidi2

Long-Run Impact of Export Growth on Stock Market Development in Selected African Countries
Bamanga Umar1, Sabri Nayan2

Innovation Education Character Based on Management Learning at Junior High School
Deti Rostini1, Dwi Seno Wijanarko2, Otto Fajarianto3, Elfrida Ratnawati4, Mukarto Siswoyo5, Yhonanda Harsono6

Job Shadowing as One of the Effective Activities in the Promotion Process Creates Quality Managers
Zahara Tussoleha Rony1, Fatimah Malini Lubis2, Aulia Rizkyta3

The Impact of Celebrity Endorsement by Social Influencer Celebgram on Purchase Intention of Generation Z in Fashion Industry
Adib Damara Satria1, Sarah Jatipuri2, Anggia Desvhi Hartanti3, Lim Sanny4

Conceptual Knowledge in Stoichiometry’s Problem Solving
Salina Binti Abdullah Sangguro1, Johari Bin Surif2, Nor Hasniza Binti Ibrahim3

The Moderating Effect of Personality on Organizational Citizenship Behavior: the Case of University Lecturers
Henry Aspan1, Etty Sri Wahyuni2, Sjahril Effendy3, Syaiful Bahri4, Muis Fauzi Rambe5, Febrian Bodro Saksono6

Strategic Impulses: an Opportunity or a Threat?
Elfindah Princes1, M. Kom2

The Symbolic Powers Possessed by the Puppeteer of the Mask Puppet Show in Malang District
Tri Wahyuningtyas

Competitive Advantage and Culinary Business Performance: an Antecedent of Human Capital and Entrepreneur Competence
Tinneke E. M. Sumual1, Arie F. Kawulur2, Hisky R Kawulur3

Factor Influence Brand Trust: Evidence from e-Commerce in Indonesia
Alyska Meulati1, Neza Nabiliona2, Peri A. Manaf3

The Effect of Competence and Compensation on the Performances of Agricultural Extension Employee in Banten Province of Indonesia in Digital Era 4.0
Nasir1, Burhanuddin Tola2, Wibowo3

Skills Gap Analysis: Satisfaction and Expectation of Engineering Educators in Malaysia
Mohd Kamaruzaman F.1, Hamid R.2, Mutalib A.A.3, Rasul M.S4

The Asymmetric Effect of Currency Devaluation on Inflation in Malaysia; Evidence from Non-Linear ARDL
Ahmed Balarabe Musa1, Ibrahim Abdulhamid Danlami2, Sunday Elijah3

Factors Influence the Students’ Readiness on Industrial Revolution 4.0
Abd Rahman Ahmad1, Pannirchelvi A/P Segaran2, Ng Kim Soon3, Hairul Rizad Md Sapry4, Siti Sarah Omar5

Factors That Influence Career Readiness : Last Year High School Student Perception
Berta Dian Theodora1, Siti Martiah2, Ria Rahma Yanti3

Gender Differences in Handling Marital Communication Conflict and Choice of Individual Coping Strategies
Carrie Grace Jaymess1, Fatahyah Yahya2

Geobusiness Modelling in Determination of Coal Company Valuation for Merger and Acquisition Event
Ade Candra1, Hermanto Siregar2

How to Reduce Food Waste at Small Restaurant in Indonesia?
Zakiyah Zahara1, Muslimin2, Suryadi Hadi3, Gatha Vesakha4

Electrolysis Through Magnetic Field for Future Renewable Energy
Asaad Zuhair Abdulameer1, Zolkafle Buntat2, Rai Naveed Arshad3, Zainuddin Nawaw4

Tax Perceived as Barrier to Innovation
Khairunnisa Abd Samad1, Nur Hayati Abd Rahman2, Saiyidi Mat Roni3, Nur Hazwani Mohamad Roseli4, Ahmad Fadhly Arham5

Combining Self-Efficacy and Employee Friendly Workplace to Generate Innovative Work Behavior: Evidence from Telecommunication Industry
Henny Santoso1, Asnan Furinto2

The Pattern of Interruption in Indonesia Court Room
Aan Widodo1, Dadang Rahmat Hidayat2, Anter Venus3, Sigid Suseno4

Intervention Model of Low BIM Adoption in Malaysia: A Need for Learning Institution Precedence
Shahela Mamter1, Abdul Rashid Abdul Aziz2, Jafri Zulkepli3

The Depiction of the Tragedy and Psychological Aspects in the Selected Plays of American Dramatist Eugene O’Neill
Haider Ibrahim Al-Selman1, Abdullah Mohd Nawi2, Ansam Ali Flefil3

Current Trends and Challenges of Startups & Ecosystem in Lebanon: SWOT Analysis
Abbas Issa1, Bilal Jibaii2

Appear in Court Thru Video Conferencing System: Recommendation for An Islamic Finance Perspective
Nur Khalidah Dahlan

Legal Profession and Marketing in Malaysia: Direction towards Hybrid Profession.
Wong Hua Siong

The Influence of Perceived Effective Sanctions on Customer Initial Trust in an Online Vendor
Wong Chiet Bing1, Khalil Md Nor.2

The Implication of Boko Haram Insurgency in Rural Development in Nigeria
Kokona Bulus Patrick1, Sayid Radzuwan Bin Syed Sopi2

Indonesian Work Force Competency in Addressing the Challenges of the Asean Economic Community
Masnur Putra Halilintar1, Hasnati2, Surya Dailiati3, Dian Rianita4, Cenuk Widiyastrina5, Khairunesa Isa6, Nurizah Md Ngadiran7, Abd. Rahman Ahmad8

Academic Freedom: Empowering the National Education Philosophy in Malaysia
Hasbollah Bin Mat Saad1, Ramalinggam Rajamanickam2, Anisah Binti Che Ngah3

Passengers’ Satisfaction towards Railway Facilities (RAILQUAL in the Central Region
Puvaneswary Thanaraju1, Puteri Ameera Mentaza Khan2, Sheelah Sivanathan3, Nur Hafizah Juhari.4

Game Community Construction in Local Communities of Nguwok Village and Sidodowo Village, Modo District, Lamongan Regency, East Java
Kridawati Sadhana1, Praptining Sukowati2, Yustina Ndung3

Kiai Leadership Model in the Development Strategy of the Participants
Praptining Sukowati1, Ahmad Iwan Zunaih2, Sri Hartini Jatmikowati3, Vicky Nelwan4

Commitment to Care CSR More than Mining in the Activities of Mineral and Coal Mining Industry in Indonesia
Praptining Sukowati1, Bonaventura Ngarawula2, Felly Sianus Lung3, Kridwati Sadhana4

A Kinetic Experiment of Vapor Phase Hydrodeoxygenation of a Bio-Oil Model Compound over PdFe/Al-MCM-41 Catalyst
Nga T. T. Tran1, Thanh H. Trinh2, Yoshimitsu Uemura3, Anita Ramli4

The Effect of Top Management Support and Computer Self-Efficacy on the Quality of Accounting Information Systems
Asep Darmansyah1, Harry Suharman2, Tettet Fitrijanti3, Muhammad Dahlan4, Yogi5

The Role of Information Quality Management toward Bank Performance Among Jordanian Commercial Banks
Tariq Barjes Al-bloush1, Norailis Bt Ab Wahab.2

The Mediating Role of Status Consumption on the Relationship of Materialism and Brand Engagement in Self-Concept
Ziaur Rehman1, Rohaizat Baharun2, Nor Zafir Md Salleh3, Farhan Sarwar4

Integrating Water-Energy-Nexus in Carbon Footprint Analysis in Water Utility Company
Che Hafizan1, Zainura Zainon Noor2, Norelyza Hussein3, Venmathy Samanaseh4, Ali Hussein Sabeen5, Rafiu Olansukanmi Yusuf6

Detecting Trajectories in Rubber Farms in Southern Thailand
Chaiya Kongmanee1, Ferdoushi Ahmed2

Employee Engagement and Turnover Intention among Islamic Bankers in Brunei Darussalam
Shahrul Nizam Salahudin1, Hani Suhaila Ramli2, Mohd Nur Ruzainy Alwi3, Muhammad Safizal Abdullah4, Nasir Abdul Rani5

Service Quality, Customer Satisfaction, Location and Customer Loyalty: Mediation and Moderation Analyses
Arawati Agus