Volume-8 Issue-1S4, June 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-1S4, June 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Assessing the Skills Required by Hospitality Management Graduates from the Viewpoints of Educators in Punjab
Gaurav Bathla1, Varinder Singh Rana2, Amrik Singh3, Kusum4

An Empirical Analysis between Macroeconomic Variables and Gold Prices
Vu Thi Lan1, Gao Lei Fu2, Sobia Naseem3, Muhammad Mohsin4

Cloud Computing Security Issues and its Challenges: A Comprehensive Research
Jaydip Kumar

Psychological Antecedents and Impulsive Buying in Online Shopping
Pallavi Mathur1, S. S. Bhakar2

Analysis of WiMAX Networks with Bandwidth Allocation Algorithms (Round Robin and Strict Priority)
Khan Mubeen Ahmed1, Bandhu Kailash Chandra2

Identification of Dominant Role of Bacillus sp. in Potential Aerobic Biological Treatment of Bulk Drug Industrial Effluent
Mriganka Sekhar Mukhopadhyay1, Vijay K. Dwivedi2, Sudit S. Mukhopadhyay3, Soumya Bhattacharyya4

Land Use Change Detection of Yamuna River Flood Plain Using Geospatial Technique
Nehal Ahmad1, Saif Said2, Naved Ahsan3

SmFe1yCoyO3 Perovskite-Type Oxides For Soot Oxidation
Paritosh C Kulkarni1, Satya Deepika Neelapala2, Hari Prasad Uppara3, Harshini Dasari4, Nico Van Esch5

Influence of Piston Bowl Shape and Number of Holes in Injector on Spray, Combustion and Emissions of a Diesel Engine: a Numerical Research
Shahanwaz Khan1, RajsekharPanua2, Probir Kumar Bose3

Congestion Management Considering Economic and Efficient Generation Rescheduling
N. Srilatha1, B. Priyanka Rathod2, G. Yesuratnam3

Internet of Things Based Home Monitoring and Device Control Using Esp32
V. Pravalika1, Ch. Rajendra Prasad2

Image Quality Assessment for Fake Biometric Detection: Application to Iris, Fingerprint, and Face Recognition
K. Vasantha1, J. Ravichander2

Research Methodologies for Student Performance Evaluation Using Educational Analytics Tools and Approaches
Sri Laxmi Kuna1, A.V. Krishna Prasad2

Hand Gesture Controlled Robot
Narsingoju Adithya1, Sridevi Chitti2

Blockchain Marketing through Social Media Surges the Economic Growth of India
G. Rathnakar

Design and Development of Banana Fiber Decorticator with Wringer
Pedrito M. Tenerife Jr.1, Arvin R. De La Cruz2, Alexis Christellene M. Arce3, Ma. Arianne N. Pabularcon4, Kathleen Meriel D. Ortega5, Ralph Lorenz R. Rafallo6

Tourism Infomercial Analyzer for Metro Vigan, Philippines
Ana Leah Arquelada Alconis1, Amando Pimentel Singun Jr.2

Radon Risk Management in Public Buildings in Northwest Portugal: From Short-Term Characterization to the Design of Specific Mitigation Actions
António Curado1, João P. Silva2, Sérgio I. Lopes3

Abra iTour: A Semantic Web Recommender Using Hybrid Algorithm
Arpee M. Callejo1, Amando P. Singun2

Optical Character Reader of a Braille Unicode System for the Blind
Arvin R. De La Cruz1, Reginald D. Legaspi2, Zildjian L. Mergilla3, Marc Oliver P. Otawa4

Teleconsultation System for Rural Health Units (RHUs) for Metro Vigan, Philippines
Eileen Rose Cabildo Quilon1, Amando Pimentel Singun2

Buk CaTrike: A Mobile Application Analyzer for Metro Vigan
Honer Girl Aninag Avo1, Amando Pimentel Singun2

Sugeno–based Fuzzy Logic Evaluation on the Effect of Weather in Coconut Scale Insect Infestation
Juliet O. Niega

Optimization of Time and Temperature for Thermal Reclamation of Furan Resin Based Sand
Monish A1, B S V S R Krishna2

Exploratory Research using Bacteria (Bacillus Subtilis) as a Self-Healing Concrete: A Basis for Strengthening Infrastructure in the Philippine Setting
Lagazo, Magil A.1, Noriesta2, Carla Pamela D.3, Montecalvo4, Marlou A.5, Roselle P. Alviar-Adviser6

Returning Green Through Engineering: Utilization of Monte Carlo Simulation in Assessing Potential Lifetime Value of Conventional and Sustainable Building
S Mark Kenneth M. Lindo1, Dante L. Silva2

Virtual Reality Fear Treatment
Paul Gilbert V. Maglaya1, Keaton Martin Varlez2, Dan Jayson Panergo3

Portable Solar Powered Flood Water Purifier System
Sonido1, Mark Darwin T.2, Balcueva3, Blizelda M.4, Pinpin III5, Juanito Carlo A.6, Mosquera7, Rizal M.8

A Comparison on Control Algorithms for a BEV Propulsion Motor with Road load under NEDC
Banda Gururaj1, Kolli Sri Gowri2

A Research on Mobile Cloud Computing in Lightweight Secure Data Sharing
R. Prashanthi1, C. Sreedhar2

Deep Learning: A Perspective Experiment
C. Sreedhar1, N. Kasiviswanath2

Performance Evaluation of Multiple Carrier Scalar PWM Algorithms for Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Fed Induction Motor Drive
Nayeemuddin. M1, T. Bramhanada Reddy2, M. Vijaya Kumar3

Brain Tumor MR Image Detection and Classification using Kernel SVM
B. Lalitha1, T. Ramashri2

IoT based Real Time Health Care Monitoring System using LabVIEW
Nayeemuddin1, S. Zahoor-ul-Huq2, K. V. Rameswara Reddy3, P. Penchala Prasad4

A Research on Bigdata Privacy Preservation Methods
S. Subbalakshmi1, K. Madhavi2

A Control Strategy for A Variable Speed Wind Turbine with A Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator Using Matrix Converter with SVPWM
N. Eswaramoorthy1, M. Siva Ramkumar2, G. Emayavaramban3, A. Amudha4, S. Divyapriya5, M. Sivaram Krishnan6, D. Kavitha7

Application of Frequency based Matrix Converter in Wind Energy Conversion System Employing Synchronous Generator Using SVPWM Method
P. Jeyalakshmi1, M. Siva Ramkumar2, IR.V. Mansoor3, A. Amudha4, G. Emayavaramban5, D. Kavitha6, M. Sivaram Krishnan7

Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Using SVM Techniques
Charles Stephen1, A. Amudha2, K. Balachander3, M. Siva Ramkumar4, G. Emayavaramban5, IR.V. Manoor6

Stability Analysis of Grid Integration of Photovoltaic Systems Using Partial Power Converters
N. Saravanakumar1, A. Amudha2, G. Emayavaramban3, M. Siva Ramkumar4, S. Divyapriya5

SVPWM based Control of SCIG-Matrix Converter for Wind Energy Power Conversion System
N. Thiyaagarajan1, M. Siva Ramkumar2, A. Amudha3, G. Emayavaramban4, M. Sivaram Krishnan5, D. Kavitha6

Voltage Frequency Controller with Hybrid Energy Storage System for PMSG Based Wind Energy Conversion System
N. Seethalakshmi1, A. Amudha2, S. Divyapriya3, G. Emayavaramban4, M. Siva Ramkumar5, IR.V. Mohamed Mansoor6

Bidding Strategy of Electricity Market Considering Network Constraint in New Electricity Improvement Environment
G. Suresh1, A. Amudha2, M. Siva Ramkumar3,G. Emayavaramban4, IR.V.Manoor5

Control of A Doubly Fed Induction Generator for Wind Energy Conversion System Using Matrix Converter with SVPWM Technique
G. Krishnan1, M. Siva Ramkumar2, A. Amudha3, G. Emayavaramban4, S. Divyapriya5, D. Kavitha6, M. Sivaram Krishnan7

Brain Tumor MRI Segmentation and Classification Using Ensemble Classifier
Parasuraman Kumar1, B. Vijay Kumar2

Research on Profitability and Liquidity Position of Banks With Reference to Pre and Post-Merger
Manju Rajan Babu

Experiment on Acoustic and Vibration Damping Properties of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites
D. Rajesh Kumar1, R. Vishnuvardhan2, R. Rahul3

Research on Environment Friendly Alternatives for R22, R12 and R409A Refrigerants
R. Hari Sankar1, S. Basnth2, K. J. Ajay Ghosh3, Manu Sivan4, K. Vyshak Dileep5

Design and Analysis of Stub Loaded Resonator
G. Gaswin Kastro1, M. C. John Wiselin2

Diabetes Diagnostic Method based on Tongue Image Using ANN & CNN Classifier
E. Srividhya1, A. Muthukumaravel2

Face Recognition using Deep Neural Network Across Variationsin Pose and Illumination
S. Meenakshi1, M. Siva Jothi2, D. Murugan3

Awareness and Disposal Practices of E-waste with Reference to Household Users in Kochi City
P.S. Anusree1, P. Balasubramanian2

Multi-font Optical Character Recognition Using Deep Learning
P.K. Sandhya Balakrishnan1, L. Pavithira2

Low Cost Residential Micro Grid System based Home to Grid Backup Power Management
K.T. Chandrasekaran1, S. Divyapriya2, A. Amudha3, M. Siva Ramkumar4, G. Emayavaramban5

Role of ESAF in Developing Microfinance Sector
Aarathi Haridasan1, Reshma Satheesh2, Aarathy K Sudhakaran3

Image Forgery Identification using Convolution Neural Network
N. Hema Rajini

Classification of T-shirts based on Pattern
Dheeraj Kumar Boddu1, Sai Varun Buchipalli2, R. Aarthi3

Deep Learning for Human Pose Classification using Multi View Dataset
B. Gnana Priya1, M. Arulselvi2

Automatic Detection of Abnormalities in Retinal Blood Vessels using DTCWT, GLCM Feature Extractor and CNN-RNN Classifier
Revathi Priya Muthusamy1, S. Vinod2, M. Tholkapiyan3

Research on Various Enhancing Algorithms for ECG
Vallem Sharmila1, Komalla Ashoka Reddy2

Performance Exploration of Mixed Airfoil Small Scale Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine Blade by QBLADE and CFD
L. Rajib Kanti Monda1, R. Gayathri2, R. Mercy Shanthi3

Image based Identification of Leaf Crumple and Leaf Spot Diseases in Cotton Plant
Anush Reddy Kommareddy1, Satya Anirudh Polisetty2, Chetan Sai Kurra3, S. Padmavathi4, Mithun Chandra Pokuri5

Effect of Cerium Oxide Nano Additives on the Performance, Combustion and Emission Parameters of a Hazantus (ALGAE) Bio Diesel in a 4-Stroke DI CI Engine
Narkedamilli Pavan Kumar1, K. Venkateswararao2

Noise Tolerant Fine-Grained Visual Categorization with Fine Tuned Segmentation Via Deep Domain Adaption
Caroline El Fiorenza1, B. Sai Praneeth2, B. SaiSumanth3, M. Venkata Vijaya Rama Raju4, S. Teja Venkata Rama Raju5

Securing Cloud Technology’s Service Management using Cognitive and Biometric Approaches
P. Adlene Ebenezer1, Amritesh Singh2, Sakshi Singh3, Ayush Sinha4, Tarun Keshri5

Performanceon Measures of Bridgeless Epic Convertor and Boost Convertor Fed DC Drives
D. Saranya1, V. Krithika2, A. Sivaranjani3, T.V. Narmadha4, K.C. Ajay5, R. Roshan Melki Doss6

IoT based Car Parking Mechanism and Control System
S.R. Rajeswari1, Rohit Kumar Guha2, Shubham Gautam3, Adwitiya Rahman4, T.V.R. Pavani5

Secure Authentication Scheme with Privacy Preservation Policy on Mobile Cloud Computing Environment
K. Naveen Prasad1, K.R. Harsha Kashyap2, Kunal Sutradhar3, Tejas Kumar4, S. Arun Kumar5

Smart Shopping Cart using RFID
Reshmi Anantapalli1, R. Rajyashree2, Sri Haripriya Nutulapati3, Ria Singh4

Experiment to Classify Autism through Brain MRI Analysis
B.J. Bipin Nair1, N. Shobha Rani2, S. Saikrishna3, C. Adith4

Body Channel Communication based Patient Monitoring System
J. Lavanya1, N. Syed Suhail Ahmed2, S. Sai Prakash3, T. Divya4, A. Manikandan5

Multi-objective Optimization using Cricket Chirping Algorithm
Jonti Deuri1, S. Siva Sathya2

Secured Electronic Hospital Database Management System
K.K. Bharath1, Ankit Kumar2, Adithya Varma3, R. Rajyashree4

Real Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System in Automobiles using SPLUNK Enterprise
S. Yogashri1, S. Jayanthy2, A. Rathinavel3

Twitter Crowd Mining and Data Fishing
Sherin Eliyas1, R. Naveen2, M. Siva Krishna3

Neural Network based Steganography for Information Hiding
K.P. Ravi Kumar1, H.S. Manjunatha Reddy2

Data Hiding in Thermal Image using Levenberg Marquardt Technique
S. Vijay Ananth1, P. Sudhakar2, K. Sundari3, Nibi Maouriyan4, R. Raghavi5, S. Arivuselvan6

Smart Locking and Surveillance System
S. Prasanna Bharathi1, G. Chamundeeswari2, S. Srinivasan3

A Surveillance System for Avoiding Human-Animal Conflict using Zigbee and RSS
T.S. Balaji1, S. Balaji2, S. Amrithaavarshini3, K.R. Preethi4

An Important Enterprise Resource Planning Tool for Achievement of Process Tracking System
S.K. Senthilkumar1, Sudharsan. E2, Sivasethupathi. R3, Sanjeevi. A4, Raghunath.T5

Priority based Scheduling of Residential Users Devices in Smart Grid Including Waiting Time
R. Rajarajeswari1, D. Suchitra2, J. Vijay Krishna3, Joydeep Das Gupta4

Remote Power Transmission Utilizing Class E-Power Amplifying Device from Solar Input
Jeffin James1, R. Dhinesh2, S. Balaji3, J. Ajay Daniel4

Detection of Foreign Substances
S. Subasangkari1, P. Dhilip Kumar2, J. Dilli Srinivasan3, K. Arulvendhan4

Internet of thing based Smart Power Grid for Smart City
Mrigank Rishav1, Rittika Maity2, Dipraj Ghosh3, V.N. Ganesh4, Sivakumar5

Electric Bikes Over Fuel Bikes with the Help of ANFIS Model in India
Priya Mishra1, Karthiga Pandi2, P. Srinivasan3, M. Moovendan4

Increasing Efficiency of Solar Panel using Grid Connected Micro Inverters and Orientation
R. Aarthi1, S. Haritha2, V. N. Ganesh3, J. Ajay Daniel4

Prediction of Cardiac Arrhythmia using Artificial Neural Network
V. Sai Krishna1, A. Nithya Kalyani2

Data Integrity Maintenance using and Logic Feed based Low Power SRAM Cell
A. Dinesh Babu1, J. Akash2, Vishnu Varadhan Janardhanan3

Integration of Renewable Resources for Electric Vehicles and Implementation of Artificial Intelligence
Dipraj Ghosh1, Mohammad Aheraz Bin Muslim2, J. Ajay Daniel3, V. N. Ganesh4

Smart Light for Home with Automatic Direction and Intensity Adjustment using Arduino
Soumyajit Mitra1, Priya Mishra2, J. Ajay Daniel3, S. Balaji4

Research on Contact and Non-Contact Power Transfer Methods Discussed for Transport Applications
T. Kripalakshmi1, T. Deepa2

Integration of Renewable Resources Such As Wind for Electric Vehicles and Implementation of Smart Electric Vehicles using Internet of Things
Mrigank Rishav1, Rittika Maity2, D. Sivakumar3, S. Balaji4

D-STATCOM based on GTO Converter in the Application of Eleven Level Multilevel Inverter
U. Varnikah1, K.S. Srividya2, S. Balaji3, D. Sivakumar4

Stability Analysis of Microgrids
S. Shreyas1, D. Harini2, K. Surendhira Babu3, K. Venkatasubramani4

HVDC in Indian Power Sector
Soumyajit Mitra1, Dheeraj Kumar Pandaraboyana2, K. Arulvendhan3, J. Dilli Srinivasan4

Fuzzy Logic based Battery Energy Storage System (Bess) for the Improvement in Stability of an Islanded Micro-Grid
Priya Kumari1, Ashutosh Pandey2, D. Sivakumar3, S. Balaji4

Personnel Health Care Applications based on Azure Cloud
S. Krishnaveni1, B. Jothi2, S. Amudha3

Experimentation of Traditional Load Balancing Algorithms in Software Defined Network
C. Fancy1, M. Pushpalatha2, Pushpa3

A High Step-up LUO Converter for Standalone Photovoltaic System
K. Mohanraj1, Sampada Raghatate2, Astha Gupta3, Srishti Tripathi4

Retinal Image Enhancement based on Contrast, Luminosity Adjustment and MSC
A. Anilet Bala1, Pranav Pranshu Kanwar2, Shipra Das3, Debottama Das4

Process Control and Wireless Data Management by Constructing a Distributed Control System
J. Sam Jebakumar1, H. Rebecca Shirly2, R. Aakash3, Madhumitha Anand4

Simulation of Grid-connected Photovoltaic System with Real and Reactive Power Control
D. Anitha1, R. Uthra2, N. Kalaiarasi3

Implementation of Improved BLDC based Ceiling Fan Control Using Zeta Converter with Fuzzy Controller
D. Karthikeyan1, K. Vijayakumar2, Tejas Saptarshi3, Mayank Kheria4, Snigdha Kumari5

Reactive Power Compensation in Wind Energy System
R. Uthra1, D. Anitha2, N. Kalaiarasi3

PV Integrated SEPIC Converter Using Maximum Power Point Tracking for Ac Loads
K. Mohanraj1, B. Yokesh Kiran2

Enhanced Smart Energy Meter using IoT
Niharika Banerjee1, Preety Manna2, K. Surendhirababu3, K. Venkatasubramani4

Implementation of Novel Multi Level Inverter Topology with Reduced Number of Power Components
D. Karthikeyan1, V. Kubendran2, K. Vijayakumar3, Sumit Saurabh4, Varnit Singh5, Kshitiz Kumar6

Advanced Security System of Electronic Voting Machine using the Self-destruction Circuit
Pritha Roy1, Surinder Singh Arora2

Automated Speed Control of Vehicles Integrated with Traffic Control System
Surinder Singh Arora1, Pritha Roy2

Mitigation of Power Quality Disturbances in Power System using DVR
Riyatri Roy1, Abisanka Bhattacharya2, Suddhadipta Paul3, Saptarshi Chatterjee4, Beauty5, P. Suresh6

Robot based Home Automation
L. Nikhil Manikanta1, M. Pushpavalli2, P. Saikumar3, P. Sivagami4, M. Vikram Reddy5, P. Abirami6

Hybrid Power System Design using Homer Pro
J. Divya Navamani1, A. Lavanya2, C.M. Prahadheeshwar3, S. Mohammed Riyazudeen4

Managing Some Institutional, Sociocultural and on-Screen Reading Challenges of Online Learning
Zsolt Tóth

Intelligent Vehicle Technology and Combustion Fuel Alert Using IoT
M. Kavitha1, D. Atchaya2, S. Pavithra3

Planning and Characterization of Green Synthesized Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3) Nanoparticles
Kalathur Kumar1, S. Arul2, Vanki Pratap Kumar3

Energy Efficient Sensor Positioning in Wireless Sensor Networks
N. Pushpalatha1, C Sreekanth2, Y Penchalaiah3

Peer – To – Peer Computing: Architectures, Applications and Challenges
D Giridhar Kumar1, Ch D V SubbaRao2

A Research on Producer Gas in Internal Combustion Engines
Uppalapati.Babu1, L. Kumararaja2

Sarcasm Detection in Twitter using Sentiment Analysis
Bala Durga Dharmavarapu1, Jayanag Bayana2

Design and Development of Wall Climbing Swarm Robot
Rahul Ranjan1, Humsheer Sandhu2, A.Suvarnamma3

Large-Scale Log Analysis to Identify Suspicious Activity using Big Data based Security Analytics
Sherin Eliyas1, Dinesh Kumar2, K.S. Karvendan3

Research on Cloud Computing By using SaaS Model
K. Naresh1, P. Leela2, P. Suneetha3, Purandhar.N4

Performance Analysis of a Grid Connected PV-Wind with Super Capacitor Hybrid Energy Generation & Storage System
S. Viswalingam1, G. Emayavaramban2, M. Siva Ramkumar3, A. Amudha4, K. Balachander5, S. Divyapriya6, IR.V. Mohamed Mansoor7

Research on Secure D2D Communication using Lightweight Cryptographic Techniques
Ajith Kumar V1, K Satyanarayan Reddy2

Dynamic Monitoring of Near Duplicate Database Instances on the Web Channels
V. A. Narayana1, GaddamidhiSreevani2, K. Srujan Raju3

Quality of Service Parameters Evaluation for Real Time Traffic in Cellular Networks
Vandana Khare1, M. Sudhakar2

Blockchain Technology with Internet of Things in the Real time Network Stream
Archana Bathula1, Shaik Karimullah Basha2

Regression Based on Examining Population Forecast Accuracy
A Poongodai1, R Suhasini2, R Muthukumar3

Hybrid CPU-GPU Co-Processing Scheme for Simulating Spiking Neural Networks
Sreenivasa.N1, S. Balaji2

Energy Efficient Transmission using Adaptive Technique For WSNs
Mohammad Zahid Fazal1, Mallegowda M2

Adaptable and Fine Grained Quality Based Information Capacity in Cloud Computing
Nanduri.Tejasree1, Mahesh Kumar Challa2

Power Management Strategies in MANETs
Lubna Naaz Fatima1, Syeda Hajra Mahin2, FahminaTaranum3, Khaleel Ur Rahman Khan4

Communication Sensation Recognition Using Machine Learning Techniques
Mekala. Abigna1, Swapna Sunkara2

Discovery of Parkinson’s Syndromewith Hand Tremor Analysis using Density Based Improved K- Medoids Algorithm
Raghuvira Pratap A1, Babu Sallagundla2, Kranthi Kumar Guttikonda3, Prasad J V D4

A Theoretical Research on Routing Protocols for Vehicular AD HOC Networks (Vanets)
N. Sree Divya1, Veeramallu. Bobba2

Effect of Deficient Irrigation on Consumptive Use of Wheat (Triticum Aestivum.L) in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas
Thamer Yahya Thamer1, Nadine Nassif2, Amira Haddarah3, Ayad H. Almaeini4

Detection of Murmur from Time Domain Features of Heart Sounds – an Investigation
P. Careena1, M. Mary Synthuja Jain Preetha2, P. Arun3

Research on Various Routing Techniques in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
Koppisetti Giridhar1, C. Anbuananth2, N. Krishnaraj3

Diagnosis of Liver Images Lesions in Mr Images Using Improved Segmentation and Classification Task
M. Babu1, G. Nanthakumar2

A Gene Expression Data Biclustering Algorithm Using Large Average Submatrix Based Fcm Classification System
M. Ramkumar1, G. Nanthakumar2

Improved Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Sensor Networks using Deep Learning Technique
G. Kiruthiga1, P. MayilVel Kumar2, K.M.Murugesan3, T. Yawanika4

Detection of Faults in Flying Wireless Sensor Networks Using Adaptive Reinforcement Learning
G. Kiruthiga1, K. Kalaiselvi2, R. S Shudapreyaa3, V. Dineshbabu4

Data Mining: Random Swapping based Data Perturbation Technique for Privacy Preserving in Data Mining
Ajmeera Kiran1, D. Vasumathi2

Conceptual FOG Based Architecture for Monitoring and Acceleration of Bone Fracture
S. Jyothi1, Raju Anitha2, CSR Prabhu3

A Research on Interoperability Issues in Internet of Things at Application Layer
V. Tirupathi1, K. Sagar2

The Affect of Employee Engagement Practices Towards Occupational Stress
G Mallika1, S Sudheer2, M Lakshmi Ramya3

QCM based Electronic Nose for Black Tea Quality Evaluation by Different Data Analysis Techniques
Moumita Guha1, BipanTudu2, Pritam Singha Roy3

Experimental Analysis of Fatigue Life of Al7075
P. Saritha1, A. Satyadevi2, P. Ravikanth Raju3

Applicability of Hyper Elastic Models for the Analysis of Femur Bone
Sridhar Adibhatla1, Satyadevi. A2, N.V. Swamy Naidu3

A Web-based Multilingual Language Translation
Rosemary L. Buraga1, Maria Visitation M. Gumabay2 DIT

Personalized Learning Model Using Item Response Theory
Amy Lyn M. Maddalora

Topological Surface of H.S.S and Titanium31 using Micro Electro Discharge Machining
Jush Kumar Siddani1, C. Srinivas2, N. Nagabhushana Ramesh3

Distributed Small Satellite Network and the Routing Protocols
Padmaja Kuruba1, Sumalatha E2, Dushyantha N D3

CRM Service Touch Points and Student Perception
B. Suhasini1, Santhosh Kumar N2

Storing and Preserving Resource Techniques in Energy- Exhaustion Procedure, Instantaneous Auditor for Articulated Electric Vehicles of Hybrid Procedure
R. M. Rajeshwari1, S.Rajesh2

Detection of Pancreatic Tumor using Bacterial Foraging Algorithm
K. Sujatha1, Ponmagal.R. S2, Yasoda. K3, M. Anand4, V. Karthikeyan5, V. Srividhya6, N.P.G. Bhavani7, Su-Qun Cao8

Design and Implementation of High Performance CMOS Latch Designs in VDSM Technology
S. Govindarajulu1, B. Doss2, T. Naresh3

Various Techniques used in Building Intrusion Detection System
Mohasin B. Tamboli1, Nageswara Rao Moparthi2

An Implementation of ANN Through Data Mining using Regression Analysis and Clustering for Prediction of Irreversible Dementia
Ramachandran V G1, M Afshar Alam2, Sherin Zafar3, Siddhartha Sankar Biswas4

Image Constrict By the Wavelet Shrink
Artikova Muazzam

Assessment of the Efficiency of Different Forms of Financing
Burdina Anna Anatolyevna1, Moskvicheva Natalia Valerevna2, Melik-Aslanova Narmina Oktay3

The Hungarian Scientist V. Prőhle’s Researches on the Bashkir Language as a Valuable Source for the Exploratation of the History of the Language
Latypova Rida Marsovna1, Samir Khanova Gulkay Khaidarovna2, Suleymanova Luiza Raufovna3, Safiullina Luisa Michailovna4, Absalyamova Liliya Faritovna5

Experiment on Optimization of Robot Welding Process Parameters
G DilliBabu1, D Siva Sankar2, K. Sivaji Babu3

Cross Layer Security with Stable Path Selection (CSSPS) Mechanism in UWB MANET
Sunita Usturge-Nandgave1, T. Pavankumar2

Data is Oil for Startup Initiative in India
Poojitha Bheemanapally1, Madhubabu Pasula2, Mahendran Botlagunta3

Research on Machine Learning Techniques for POS Tagging in NLP
Aparna Bulusu1, Sucharita V2

The Impact of Financial Literacy on women in Several Districts of Andhra Pradesh
Shanti.S1, A.V.N. Murty2

Research on Real-Time Entity Recognition Using Deep- Learning
M. Sreedevi1, G.Vijaykumar2, A. Harsha Vardhan Reddy3, Ch. Venkata Sai Krishna Reddy4

An Efficient Face Recognition System using Local Binary Pattern
P. Vishal1, L. K. Snigdha2, Shahana Bano3

Secure and Congestion free Routing Techniques in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (VANET)
Nivedita N. Kadam1, Krovi Raja Sekhar2

Problems and Prospects of Mango Marketing in India(Related to Krishna District)
Sravanthi Yadav.K1, T. Uma Maheswara Rao2

A Research on Oil Seeds Production and Marketing in India
Sravanthi Yadav.K1, T. Uma Maheswara Rao2

Impact of Technology on Groundnut Production of the Chittoor District
Ramapadmaja1, T. Umamahaswara Rao2

Groundnut Production and Adoption of Technology by Women Farmers in Andhra Pradesh- Relatedto Rayalaseema Region
Ramapadmaja1, T. Umamaheswara Rao2

Heart Disease Prediction Using Effective Machine Learning Techniques
Avinash Golande1, Pavan Kumar T2

Auto Selection of Clustering Techniques Using Cluster Validations for Cloud Log Analysis
Sreekanth D1, Gladston Raj S.2

Optimal Feature Oreinted Classification of One and Merged Disturbances of Power Quality Through Supervised Learning
Aslam Shaik1, A. Srinivasula Reddy2

Evaluating Adaboost and Bagging Methods for Time Series Forecasting EEG Dataset
N. Geethanjali1, G. T. Prasannakumari2, M. Usha Rani3

Four-Level Biometric Security System to Protect the Crucial Information from Unauthorized Access
Abhishek Sharma1, Sandeep Kumar Gupta2, Abhishek Pandey3, Giridhari Paul4, Biplab Kumar Sarkar5, Ram Gopal6

Performance Analysis of the Machine Learning Algorithms on Heart Condition Predictions
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Multilevel Secured Finger Print Payment System Simulation using Android
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Sentimental Analysis of Student Feedback using Machine Learning Techniques
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An Empirical Research on Online Shopper Profiling & Online Shopper Motivations in Dubai
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Application of Geopolymer in Stabilization of Soft Clay
Arun.E1, P.D.Arumairaj2, S Janaki Raman3

Low Power Hardware Efficient Comparator using Full Swing 3T XNOR
Riya Sara Joy1, Reneesh C Zacharia2

A Cross Layer based Bandwidth Management Scheme for Next Generation Wireless Networks
G Rajesh1, P. Venkata Krishna2

An Experimental Reasearchon Piers Made with Waste Plastic Bottles
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Student’s Performance Prediction using Deep Learning and Data Mining Methods
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Analysis of PID Control Algorithms for Transfer Function Model of Electric Vehicle
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A Research on Evaluation of Small Wind Turbine Blades of Different Thicknesses
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The Viability of Refuse-Derived Fuel As A Green Household Cooking Fuel
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Computational Flow Analysis of Straight Converging-Diverging, Vertical Flanged Diffusers for a Small Wind Turbine
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Sustainable Development and Intelligent Real-Time Vehicle Mileage Calculation Device: an Analysis
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Impacts of Demonetisation in the Indian State Arunachal Pradesh: A Political Gimmick or Robust Policy
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A Research on Transactional Leadership Style and Job Satisfaction of Employees in Telangana State Road Transport Corporation
Brahmananda Rao Peddiboyina1, K.G. Selvan2

Automatic Detection of Vehicle Entry into a Restricted area using IoT
K. Saranya1, S. Vijayashaarathi2, M. Amutha3

Effects of Settlement Development and Green Drainage Facility to Surface Runoff in Bodo River Basin Malang
Ratih Indri Hapsari1, Syahrul Muhamad Ilham2, Utami Retno Pudjowati3, Suhartono4

Modelling Water Flow Hydraulic in Open Channels with Green Drainage Facility
Ratih Indri Hapsari1, Roikhatul Jannah2, Moh. Charits3, Agus Suhardono4, Mona Shinta Safitri5

Electrical Utilizations Well-Ordered by Smartphone using Smart Huis Through Android Studio Optimization
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Big Streaming Data –A Research on the Concept Drift
Ancy.S1, Paulraj.D2

Algorithm For the Loan Credibility Prediction System
Soni P M1, Varghese Paul2

Linear Quadratic Regulator for three Interacting Cylindrical Tank Control
K. Anbumani1, R. Rani Hemamalini2

Framework of Web Recommendation System For Browsing Behaviour Prediction
Sowmya K Menon1, Varghese Paul2

Resource Scheduling under Diversified Service Quality Factors (RSDSQ) for IAAS in Cloud Computing
B. Ravindra Babu1, M. Veera Sekhar Rao2

Diabetes Kaggle Dataset Adequacy Scrutiny using Factor Exploration and Correlation
Viswanatha Reddy Allugunti1, Elango N M2, Kishor Kumar Reddy C3

A Compact Two Element Orthogonal MIMO Antenna for Millimeter Wave Applications
Rukmini M S S1, Usha Devi Y2

Statistical Hypothesis Test on Industrial Applications through Ranks from Cog of TRFNS
Parthiban. S1, Gopinathan. P2

Evaluation of Solvency Position of Nationalized Banks in India (With use of the Bankometer & Altaman’s Techniques)
T. Durga Prasad1, Surendra Verru2

Research on Multi-Agent Experiment in Clustering
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Non-functional Requirements Priority in Software Engineering
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A Research on Wormhole Attack in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks
K Spurthi1, T. N.Shankar2

Evaluation of Housing Finance (A Special Research with Public and Private Sector Banks in A.P.)
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An Experimental of Coolant Blends Affects on the Performance of Heat Ex-Changers
Naseema1, S. Nawazish Mehdi2, M Manzoor Hussain3