Volume-11 Issue-2, July 2022

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Volume-11 Issue-2, July 2022, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Mathematical Construction for Mechanism Synthesis using Motion Generation Function
Royat M. AL Smadi1, Zahratul Amani Zakaria2, Elissa Nadia Madi3, Bilal M Oraik4

Student Career Guidance using Spring Boot
Sarmila K B1, Prithvi Raj R2, Ragavan R3, Rahul Krishna P A4, Sridharan P5

Innovation Platform Design of Pisciculture Under the Background of Bigdata
P. Senthil1, S. Deepika2, R. Rethika3, R. Priyadas4, Sai Sowmya Donthu

Optoelectronic Behavior of Free Standing Al Wire Over Monolayer WSe2
Kumar Saurabh Yadav1, Sanjai Singh2, B. S. Bhadoria3

Identifying Centrifugal Pump Effectiveness Through Utilizing OEE Measures as a Basis Towards Optimum Process Stability
Soud Al-Toubi1, Babakalli Alkali2, David Harrison3, Sudhir C.V.4

Effect of Mobile Servicescape on Customer Engagement with Moderating Effect of Gender for Cab Booking Service
Shehna Sherafudeen1, Debajani Sahoo2

LIFI- Emerging Technology
Khushi P Gowda1, Maanvi Tandon2, Suneetha K.R.3

Assessment of Soil Erosion and Reservoir Sedimentation in Nira River basin in Maharashtra, India
Vijay S. Ghogare1, Rakesh K. Jain2, Deepa A. Joshi3, Shivaji G. Patil4

Smart Energy in Home/Microgrid for Green Building
Faisal D Alajmi1, Hadyan Ali Alajmi2

Chatbot for Interview
Vineet Agarwal1, Anjali Shukla2

Development of Steering Control System for Autonomous Vehicle
Abhishek Pushpakanth1, Mangesh N. Dhavalikar2

Stock Market Analysis and Prediction using Machine Learning
Amaan Aijaz1, Komal Rastogi2, TK SivaKumar3

Access Control Based on Log File for Internet of Things Devices
Arwa Aloqbi1, Manal Alshammari2, Amal Alatawi3, Amer Aljaedi4, Adel R. Alharbi5

Coherent Circuits for Parallel Bit-Reversal
S. Aruna Mastani1, G. Deepa2

Security for Cloud-Native Systems with an AI-Ops Engine
Pavan Kumar1, Krishnappa H K2, Peter Chacko3

Experiment with the Multivolt Drop Technique to Predict the Physical Properties of Al6061 using Artificial Neural Network
Kanikicharla Jaya Sudheer Kumar1, B. Chandra Mohana Reddy2

Role of Cloud Computing for Improvement in Healthcare Services
Puja Shashi

Impact and Feasibility of harnessing AI and ML in the realm of Cybersecurity to detect Network Intrusions : A Review
Swathi Dayanand1, Chaitra Nagaraj2

Mine and Lattice Web Data using NLP
Gaurav Sharma

Sentiment Analysis for Amazon Product Reviews
Apoorva Verma1, Chirag Rawat2, Shilpy Gupta3

Public Transportation System using Swarm Technology
Princy. S. Vaidya1, S. L. Haridas2, Avinash Ikhar3

Mapping the Imagined Speech Location on the Brain Scalp Through Magnetoencephalography (MEG)
Umesh Mhapankar1, Milind Shah2

User Interface and AI Navigation System for Autonomous Vehicle
Aalhad Satav1, Nishigandha Patel2

An Analysis of Methods for Forecasting Epidemic Disease Outbreaks using Information from Social Media
Disha Sushant Wankhede1, Rohan Rajendra Sadawarte2, Mahek Ibrahim Mulla3, Shreya Rahul Jadhav4

Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using Deep Learning: A Review
Amnaya Pradhan1, Neha Sharma2

Design and Development of Inspection Test Rig with Stamping
Sneha Magar1, Mangesh Dhavalikar2

Economic Load Dispatch by Improved Drone Optimization Technique
Manish Kashyap1, Achala Jain2, Vinita Swarnakar3

Effective Preprocessing of Medical Images using Denoising Techniques
S. Asha1, M. Parvathy2

Intelligent Deployment Strategy for Heterogeneous Nodes to Increase the Network Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks
Sidhartha Sankar Dora1, Prasanta Kumar Swain2

Mobile Robot for Automated Storage & Retrieval System
Suyash Zagade1, B.K. Patle2

Applying and Improving Accuracy of Heart Disease Prediction Model using Meta-classifiers and Ensemble Learning Methods with Feature Selection
Uma K1, M Hanumanthappa2

Influence of Colloidal Silica and Partial Replacement of Cement with Sugarcane Bagasse Ash and Glass Fiber in Concrete
Shaikh Mohd Zubair1, P. R. Makheja2