Volume-10 Issue-4, November 2021

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Volume-10 Issue-4, November 2021, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication 

Evaluation of Various DR Techniques in Massive Patient Datasets using HDFS
K. B. V. Brahma Rao1, R Krishnam Raju Indukuri2, P. Suresh Varma3, M. V. Rama Sundari4

A Cryptographic Application of the M-Injectivity of 𝑀𝑛(𝑍𝑝) Over Itself 
Wannarisuk Nongbsap1, Madan Mohan Singh2

Sentiment Analysis and Deep Learning Based Cyber Bullying Detection in Twitter Dataset
Sherly T.T1, B. Rosiline Jeetha2

Comparative Analysis of a Three Phase Inverter with Different Loads
Meshari J. AlJandal1, Muhammad R. Jamal2, Khaled S. AlRasheed3

Strategy on Disaster Recovery Management based on Graph Theory Concepts
Jerlin Seles M1, U. Mary2

Cloud-based IoT Platform DC-DC Power Converter (Non-Ideal)
M eshari J. Al Jandal1, Khaled S. Al Rasheed2, Muhammad R. Jamal3

Experimental Validating DC Motor Models and Identify Transfer Function
Meshari J. Al Jandal1, Khaled S. Al Rasheed2, Muhammad R. Jamal3

Sentiment Analysis-Enhancements and Applications 
Aayush Gupta1, Anant Gandhi2, Saarthak Agarwal3, Shamin Chokshi4, Saravanakumar Kandasamy5

Research on the Application of Machine Learning Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic in Eating Assistive Robot
Mubashar Nawaz1, Xianhua Li2, Sohaib Latif3, Sadaf Irshad4, Shabnam Sarwar5

Surveying on MIMO Technology for Future Wireless Communication
Sandeep Kumar Kulkarni1, Raju Yanamshetti2

E-Invigilation as a Means of Curbing Examination Malpractice in Colleges of Education in Nigeria
Ogunjobi, O. Pius1, Adedara Rapheal Oluwadare2, Ogunleye, W. Akinyemi3

Computer Assisted System for Detecting Pulmonary Embolism in Lungs
M.Sucharitha1, PHV Sesha Talpa Sai2, M. L.R. Chaitanya Lahari3, P. Haseena Bee4

Algo-Trading using Statistical learning and optimizing Sharpe ratio and drawdown
Penumatcha Bharath varma1, Neeraj Kasheety2, Hanumanula Sravya3, Chinthapalli Amarnath Reddy4, Jaypal Medida5

Aggregation operators in Hesitant Fuzzy Set for Decision Making
Roopa Chandrika R1, Gowri Ganesh N.S2, Mummoorthy A3, Gayathri M4

Experimental and CFD analysis of GW70 based Cu nanofluids in a parallel flow heat exchanger
M. L.R. Chaitanya Lahari1, P.H.V. Sesha Talpa Sai P.2, K.V. Sharma3, K.S. Narayanaswamy4, Haseena Bee5, S. Devaraj6

Effect of Temperature and Nanoparticle Concentration on the Viscosity of Glycerine-water based SiO2 Nanofluids
M. L.R. Chaitanya Lahari1, P. Haseena Bee2, P.H.V. Sesha Talpa Sai3, K.S. Narayanaswamy4, S. Devaraj5, K.V. Sharma6

Impact Analysis of ICT based Educational Intervention on Change in Consumption of Junk Food Among School Going Children in Jaipur: A Vis a Vis Study
Sakshi Mehta1, Swati Vyas2

A Comprehensive Procedure for the Partial Discharge Measurements & Power Frequency Withstand Test on GIS in Transmission Substations
Shaik Mohammad Tayyab1, K. Chandra Sekhar2

Performance Studies on Stone Mastic Asphalt Mixes with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement
Anusha T M1, Akhilesh B R2, H S Jagadeesh3

Petroleum Physical Properties Prediction Application in Enhanced Oil Recovery Process
Harry Budiharjo Sulistyarso1, Dyah Ayu Irawati2, Joko Pamungkas3, Indah Widiyaningsih4

Sharia Principle Compliance Model Between Islamic Financial Performance and Social Performance Evidence from Indonesia
Fitrini Mansur1, Afrizal, Achmad Hizazi2, Sri Rahayu3

Troubleshooting Foaming in Membrane Bioreactor: Review of Foam Analysis, Causes and Remedies
Gayatri Gawande1, Rucha Dandekar2, Omparv Channa3, Harshali Birari4

Study of Bandgap Energy of Novel (Cu0.5Ba0.5Fe12O19)1-x/ (Co0.6Zn0.4 Fe2O4) x Nanocomposite
Allwin Sudhakaran1, Ashwin Sudhakaran2, E. Siva Senthil3

An Overview of Agriculture in Mysore District Proposal of an Agriculture Hub in Mysore City
Ar. Uma. S M1, Shankar. B2, Joshua Rego3

A Study of Traditional Toy Making in Channapatna, and Proposal of an Artisan Village
Ar. Uma S M1, B. Shankar2, Aparna Agaram Krishnan3

Advanced Watermarking of Digital Images Showing Robust, Semi Fragile and Fragile Behaviour
Shivanand Pujar1, Kangana W.M2, Chitrashree Kurthkoti3, Abhinandan P. Mangaokar4, Jagadish S. Jakati5

Reducing Subcarriers Beam-Squinting of Ultra-Wideband Mobile Communication Systems using Phased Array Antennas 
K. Rama Devi1, M. Nani2

Prediction of Geotechnical Properties of Soil using Artificial Intelligence Framework
Jitendra Khatti1, Kamaldeep Singh Grover2

Dynamic Decoupling and Intelligent Optimal PID Controller Tuning of Multivariable Qua-drones
Dong Hwa Kim

Computation of Compressive Strength of GGBS Mixed Concrete using Machine Learning
Swati1, Jitendra Khatti2, Kamaldeep Singh Grover3

Rainfall Prediction using Machine Learning and Deep Learning Algorithms
B.Meena Preethi1, R.Gowtham2, S.Aishvarya3, S.Karthick4, D.G.Sabareesh5

The Effect of Organizational Ethical Culture as A Moderating Variable in Ethical Decision Making on Tax Consultants
Wiwik Tiswiyanti1, Haryadi2, Sri Rahayu3, Enggar Diah Puspa Arum4

Failure Prediction of Wind Turbine using Neural Network and Operation Signal
Dong Hwa Kim1, Young Sung Kim2

New 2-2 Sigma-Delta Modulators for Different Applications
Slim Tahri1, Nizar Khitouni2, Med Slim Bouhlel3