Volume-1 Issue-5, November 2012

Volume-1 Issue-5, November 2012, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

A Reduced Latency Architecture for Obtaining High System Performance
Kareemullah Shaik1, Mohammad Mohiddin2, Md. Zabirullah3

Design and Development of Can Sniffer
N. Prabhakar Reddy1, K.Sasidha2

A Survey of PAPR Reduction Techniques in LTE-OFDM System
Leman Dewangan1, Mangal Singh2, Neelam Dewangan3

Analysis and Design of Multi Input Dc–Dc Converter for Integrated Wind PV Cell Renewable Energy Generated System
S. Ramya1, T. Manokaran2

Extraction of Expressions from Face Images using Neuro Fuzzy Approach
Senthil Ragavan Valayapalayam Kittusamy1, Venkatesh Chakrapani2

Application of Genetic Algorithm in Software Security
Devendra Thakore1, Torana Kamble2

Automated Entity Alias Evocation from Web
Snehal S. Shinde1, P. R. Devale2

Sensorless Speed Control of Induction Motor using MRAS
G. Pydiraju1, M. Daivaasirvadam2

Approach to Improve Quality of E-Commerce
Satish R. Billewar1, D. Henry Babu2

SVPWM based DTC of Three Level Voltage fed Open End Winding Induction Motor
G.Satheesh1, T. Bramhananda Reddy2, Ch. Sai Babu3

A Study on Modeling of MIMO Channel by Using Different Neural Network Structures
Hadi Alipour1, Mohammad Reza Noorbakhsh2, Zahra Mansourian3

Some Rules to Transform Activity Diagrams into Colored Petri Nets
Bhawana Agarwal

A Review Paper on Implementation & Comparative Analysis of Motion Estimation Algorithm in Video Compression
N.K. Nakum1, A.M.Kothari2

A Review on Implementation of Automatic Movement Controlled Using Gesture Recognition
V. B. Katariya1, Y. N. Makwana2, P. A. Goswami3

A survey on Application of Ferroelectric Materials for Fabrication of Microstrip Patch Antennas
Uma Shankar Modani1, Gajanand Jagrawal2


Volume-1 Issue-2, June 2012

Volume-1 Issue-2, June 2012, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Fake Data Termination in Wireless Sensor Networks
M.S. Pavithraa1, C.Balakrishnan2

Computational Intelligence Routing for Lifetime Maximization in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
G. Umarani Srikanth1, M. Akilandeshwari2

A Novel Method to Reduce the Thermal Contact Resistance
G.V Krishna Reddy1, N.Chikkanna2, B.Uma Maheswar Gowd3

Experimental Evaluation of Thermal Resistance of Composites
G.V.Krishna Reddy1, Chikkanna2, B.Uma Maheswar Gowd3

Mining in Navigation-Pattern using Content-Based Image Retrieval
K. Karthika1, C. Arunachal Aperumal2

Modified Disc Model for Over-Speed Burst Margin with Thermal Load and Disc Speed Corrections and Compared with FE Model
Maruthi B H1, K M Narayanappa2, M Krishna3,Venkatarama Reddy4

A Novel Approach of Frequency offset Estimation for OFDM System
Minal Saxena1, Kavita Khare2

Intergroup Conflict Handling Modes in Communication Management
P. M. Chawan1, Aniruddha P. Tekade2, Pankaj R. Ingle3

Performance of Rotating Biological Contactor for Treating Segregated Grey Water for Reuse
V. Nehru Kumar1, S. Syed Enayathali2

Cross Neighbourhood Kernel Filtering for Speckle Noise Removal in Ultrasound Images
R.Vijayarajan1, S.Muttan2

A Reliable and Scalable Multicast Model (RSM2)
Ruchi Gupta1, Pramod Kumar Seth2

Multi-agent System for Control of Robots inspired on the Distributed Activity and Hormonal Regulation of Humans
Jose Vicente Berna-Martinez1, Francisco Macia Perez2

Proposed Low-Power FPGA Architecture using an Autonomous Fine-Grain Power Gating
Kiruthiga M1, Prakasam P2, L.M.I Leo Joseph3

Automated Wireless Meter Reading System for Monitoring and Controlling Power Consumption
O.Homa Kesav1, B. Abdul Rahim2

Development of an Embedded Web Server System for Controlling and Monitoring of Remote Devices Based on ARM and Win CE
Indu Hariyale1, Vina Gulhane2

A Novel Data Collection Scheme in Wireless Sensor Networks using MASP
Reddy Bharath Kumar D1, CH.Nagaraju2

Applications of Wireless Sensor Network By Avoiding Congestion
S.Surekha1, C.Rajendra2

A Review on Mobile Agent Security
Parul Ahuja1, Vivek Sharma2

Fuzzy Approach to Mobile Cloud Computing
Rinku Rajankar1, R.W. Jasutkar2

Hardware -in-the-Loop Search –Based Testing Approach to Embedded Systems
Ashwini Motghare1, Swapnili P. Karmore2

Performance Evaluation of Parking Guidance and Management System using Wireless Sensor Network
Vivekanand P. Thakare1, N. A. Chavan2

Implementation of Priority Based Scheduling and Congestion Control Protocol in Multipath Multi-Hop WSN
Sweeta A.Kahurke1, Bhushion N. Mahajan2

Novel Image Compression Technique with Improved Wavelet Method
Geetika1, Jyoti Chopra2

Clustered Time Synchronization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
A. P. Zurani1, B. N. Mahajan2

Genetic K-Means Algorithm – Implementation and Analysis
Sonia Sharma1, ShikhaRai2

Allocation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission for Japanese Electric Utility Post Kyoto Protocol
Jeff Huang1, Ken Nagasaka2

A Biometric ECG Identification using LNF in Wireless Body Area Sensor Network
Yogita L1, Pankaj H. Rangaree2

Image Fusion using Improved Contourlet Transform Technique
Nupur Singh1, Pinky Tanwar2

Image Denoising using Curvelet Transformation using Log Gabour Filter
Vishal Garg1, Nisha Raheja2

Design and Implementation of an Stegnography Algorithm using Color Transformation
Sonia Sharma1, Anjali Dua2

SQL Injection Detection and Prevention using Input Filter Technique
Shruti Bangre1, Alka Jaiswal2

Impacts of DG on Distribution Losses
Pankita A Mehta1, Vivek Pandya2

Reversible Watermarking: A comparative Study
Nikhil Dalshania1, Anand Bora2, Aditya Bhongle3

Reducing the Particle Fracture in Dissimilar Friction Welds by Introducing Silver Interlayer
P.Kannan1, K.Balamurugan2, K.Thirunaavukkarasu3

Performance Analysis of Dispersion in Optical Communication link using Different Dispersion Compensation Fiber (DCF) Models
Ravi Prakash Shukla1, Mukesh kumar2, A.K. Jaiswal3, Rohini Saxena4

Segmentation using Outlier Based Adaptive Thresholding
Vishal B. Langote1, D. S. Chaudhari2

Effect of Cyclic Prefix on OFDM System
Rashmi Mishra1, Baibaswata Mohapatra2, Nitin Naiyar3

Use of Honeypots to Increase Awareness Regarding Network Security
Bhumika1, Vivek Sharma2

Image Segmentation with Modified K-Means Clustering Method
Pushpa .R. Suri1, Mahak2

Aerodynamic Performance Analysis of a Flat Plate Hawt
Bavanish. B1, Thyagarajan. K2

BBTool: A Tool to Generate the Test Cases
Mumtaz Ahmad Khan1, Preeti Bhatia2, Mohd. Sadiq3

Competitive Analysis of Digital Image Watermarking Techniques
Anand Bora1, Nikhil Dalshania2, Aditya Bhongle3

Power Generation using Bio-Mass Power Plant
R.Mohan1, N.Partheeban2

Safety Preventive Maintenance in Nuclear Power Plant
R.Mohan1, N.Partheeban2


Volume-1 Issue-1, April 2012

Volume-1 Issue-1, April 2012, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Electricity Demand Side Management: Various Concept and Prospects
Parveen Dabur1, Gurdeepinder Singh2, Naresh Kumar Yadav3

Educational Decision Making Based On GIS
Gite S.N1, Dharmadhikari D.D2, Ram Kumar3

A Pattern Recognition Framework for Embedded Sensor Electronics
Himanshu Mazumdar1, Agnel Amodia2

Utilization of Non -Oven Jute felt – A natural Fiber as a Substitution of Wood Veneer for Manufacture of Plywood
S. C. Sahoo1, Amitava Sil2, P. K. Khatua3, C. N. Pandey4

A Novel V-I Converter Used in the Slope Compensation of a Boost Converter
Yuan-kai Jian1, Jia-jia Mao2, Xiang-yu Ji3, Guang-jun Xie4

Ground Station design
Arvind Vishnubhatla1, P.G.Krishna mohan2

Non-Linear Pushover Analysis of Flatslab Building by using SAP2000
K. Soni Priya1, T. Durgabhavani2, K. Mounika3, M.Nageswari4, P.Poluraju5

Fault Diagnosis in Induction Machines for Internal Fault Identification Scheme
K.Vinoth Kumar1, S.Suresh Kumar2, Ashish Sam Geo3, Jomon Yohannan4, Toji Thomas5, Sreekanth P.G6

Effect of Heat Treatment on Damping Properties of Nanoclay Particulate Reinforced MMCs
H S Manohar1, N Chikkanna2, B Uma Maheshwar Gowd3, M Krishna4

Theoretical Investigation on Metamaterial Coupler: A Comparative Study
Sneha Radadia1, Ved Vyas Dwivedi2, Rachana Jani3

Performance Evaluation of Resource Allocation Technique for OFDMA WiMAX System
Deshmukh Shruti H1, Sarman Hadia K2

A Comparative Study of Different Low Power Techniques for SRAM
Patel Henalkumari D1, Rachna Jani2, Jaymin Bhalani3

Optimized Control Technique for Power Window in Smart Car using H Filter
S.Ramsankar1, S.Paul sathiyan2

A Real Time IMC Tuned PID Controller for DC Motor
M. Saranya1, D. Pamela2

A Comparison of Different Measures to Evaluate the Semantic Relatedness of Text and its Application

A Proposed Secure Framework for Safe Data Transmission in Private Cloud
Rohit Maheshwari1, Sunil Pathak2

Investigation and Analysis of New Approach of Intelligent Semantic Web Search Engines
Ritu Khatri1, Kanwalvir Singh Dhindsa2, Vishal Khatri3

Collaboration between SOA and Cloud Computing at a Glance
Rashmi Bohra1, Vijay Singh Rathore2

Survey of Harmonics in Non Linear Loads
A.Priyadharshini1, N.Devarajan2, AR.Uma saranya3, R.Anitt4

A Single-Phase AC/AC Converter using Switch Reduction Technique
S.Gunasekaran1, H.Abdulrauf2, M.A.Harish3, S.Premkumar4, T.V.Priya5, J.Priyadarshini6

Definitions and Benefits of Distributed Generation Technologies
Pankita A Mehta1, Vivek Pandya2

Clustering Approach For Distributed Cooperative Detection in Cognitive Radio Networks
Jani Nidhi R1, S.K. Hadia2, Jani Preetida V.3

A Research of a New Technique of Open Loop Control Algorithm For Stepper Motor Using CPLD
Mohini Ratna Chaurasia1, Nitin Naiyar2

Comparative Study of Speed Control of 8/6 Switched Reluctance Motor Using Pi and Fuzzy Logic Controller
A.Ramya1, G.Dhivya2, P.Dhivya Bharathi3, R.Dhyaneswaran4, P.Ramakrishnan5

A Novel Idea for Further Bit Rate Reduction in BTC based Techniques for Image Compression
S.Vimala1, K.Kowsalya Devi2, G.S.Abinaya3

Secure Multimodal Mobile Authentication Using One Time Password
R.Mohan1, N.Partheeban2

Cloud Computing and Service Oriented Architecture
Roopali Goel1, Vinay Rishiwal2