Volume-8 Issue-3S2, October 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-3S2, October 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Journey Towards Recovery: Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code of India – A Mirage or a Milestone?
Sunita Chaki1, Kshamta Chauhan2, Anita Daryal3

Factor Affecting Consumer Satisfaction in Cashless Payment Systems in India with Respect to Paytm and BHIM
Neelu Tiwari1, Naveen Kumar Singh2

A Research on Customers’ Attitudes and Their Preferences Toward Online Shopping Vis-à-vis Offline Shopping with Special Reference to Electric and Electronic Products in India
Anil K.S.Chauhan1, Pradeep Suri2

Understanding the Mediating Effect of Word of Mouth on Green Products Purchase Intention
Mayank Pant1, Anu Sayal2, Mohammad Tariq Intezar3, V K Tangri4

Pre-Merger and Post-Merger Operating Performance of SBI
Farman Ali1, Anshul Sharma2

Website Usability of E-commerce Companies and Its Impact on Customer Attitude
Diksha Panwar1, Meena Negi2, Shivendra Chaudhary3

Does Political Ideology Affect the Growth of Indian Economy? (A Factor of FDI and Make in India as a Structural Transformation)
Anshul Sharma1, Farman Ali2

An Empirical Exploration of Consumer buying Behaviour in the Age of Luxury Branding – With Special Reference to the Chennai Retail Market
Nisha U 

Can Firms’ Market Performance Be Explained Better? Role of Strategy, Sustainability Levers
John Ben P1, Subramaniam D2

Effect of Perceived Value on Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Service Quality of Selected Hospitals in Chhattisgarh
Pushkar Dubey1, Satish Kumar Sahu2

Does the University Third Mission Entail Sustainability Science: Evidence from Indian Higher Educational Institutions’ Sustainable Technological Patenting Activity and Collaborations
Lourden Selvamani1, P. G. Arul2

Spot and Derivative Contract Prices: Articulation of Relationships of Cardamom through ARDL Method
Sachin Kumar1, Yash Pal Taneja2, Nishi Bala3

The Impact of Internship on the Employability of Business Management Graduates: the Indian Context
Neena Pc

Employee Retention in the VUCA World: Challenges and Strategies
Bandana Nayak1, John Ben P2

Green Marketing Practices: Its Antecedents and Impact on Quality in Indian Food Processing Industry
Farheen Mujeeb Khan

LOKPAL Bill – A Powerful Tool to Control the Corruption: Opinion of Indian Voters’
Amitabh Bhargava1, Harsh Purohit2, Deep Shikha Bhargava3

Stakeholder Insight on Corporate Social Responsibility Model Implementation in Indian Organizations: Some Key Issues
Sunita Pachar

Quality of Services in Health Care Exploring New Opportunity as Medical Tourism in India
Aseervatham Achary1, Amit Kumar Pandey2, Suneel Mago3, Rajaram Sanjay Saproo4, Rahul Gupta5

Impact of Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: a Systematic New Proposed Model
Surayya Ado Bala1, Shri Kant2, Khemendra Kumar3

Applications of Soft Computing Techniques for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Diagnosis
Siraj Sebhatu1, Ashok Kumar Sahoo2, Pooja3

Entrepreneurial Mindset for Success: An Interview-based Learning in Delhi NCR
Shalini Sharma1, Shikha Bhardwaj2, Harminder Kaur Gujral3

Frequency Detection of Single Channel Steady State Visual Evoked Potential using Canonical Correlation Analysis
Mukesh Kumar Ojha1, Manoj Kumar Mukul2, Ravinder Nath Rajotia3, Nitin Tyagi4

Hybrid Patch Propagation and Diffusion Technique for Image Inpainting
Vineet Kumar1, A. K. Sinha2, A. K. Solanki3

A Concept on Order Quantity at Varying Cost in Variable Rate of Production Situation
Rudresh Pandey1, Shradha Goyal2, Mayank Kumar Pandey3

Amazon Product Co-Purchasing Network -Using Hadoop Framework
Leena Prajapati1, Shubhi Shrivastav2, Ruchi Agarwal3

Intelligent Hybrid Swarm based Feature Selection Methods using Rough Set
Tarun Maini1, Rakesh Kumar Misra2, Devender Singh3

Waste to Energy (WTE) Initiatives and Application of Frontier Technologies for Disaster Management in Coastal Andhra
A K Mittal1, A. Chitra Devi2, R V Ramarao3

Customer Experience Management (Cem) in Selected Private Banks in Chennai City
Jaya Krishna V1, T R. Kalai Lakshmi2

Communicating and Resisting Oppression: Using Drama for Communication Skills and Social Consciousness in Language Classrooms
Rangehbok Lyngwa1, Paonam Sudeep Mangang2

Interference Aware Priority Based Packet Forwarding in Wireless Sensor Network Using Bluetooth
Abdul Ali1, M. Vadivel2

Stage Classification of Alzheimer’s Disease in MR Brain Image using Hybrid Clustering Technique and Ensemble Classifier
P.Rajesh Kumar1, T. Arun Prasath2, M. Pallikonda Rajasekaran3, G.Vishnuvarathanan4

Contemporary Contemplation on Integrated Global Financial Climate
P. Govindasamy1, P. R. Ramakrishnan2, H. Premraj3

Impact of Information Technology on Indian Politics
Meenakshi Bansal

Transgender Entrepreneurs
Josephine Lourdes De Rose1, Lubna Suraiya2

EMI Shielding by Plating Technique and its Performance on the Shielding Effectiveness
Tai, Min Fee1, Kok Swee Leong2, Kenichiroh Mukai3

Consensus Control for a Network of Multiple Elastic Joints Robots with Algebraic Riccati Equation (Are)
A. S. M. Isira1, N. S. Hamdan2, W. C. Yan3, Hairi. M. H4

Design and Validation of an Adaptive Cubesat Transmitter System Using a Thermal Vacuum Chamber (TVAC)
F. D. Jaswar1, T. A. Rahman2, Y.A. Ahmad3

Enhancement Coupling Method of Microstrip Ring Resonator (MRR) Design for Different Material Sensor Characterization
Z. Zakaria1, H. Nornikman2, M. Abdulmalek3, M. K. Ismail4, S. Siam5

Object Isolation with Minimal Impact towards the Object of Interest in a Complex Environment Using Manipulation Primitives
Quah Jit Shen1, Muhammad Fahmi Miskon2, Khalil Azha Mohd Annuar3

Performance of PID Controller Tuning based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Firefly Algorithm
N.A. Selamat1, T.O. Ramih2, A. R. Abdullah3, M. S. Karis4

Performance Examination and Design Optimization of Thermoelectric Sensor Configuration for Energy Harvesting From Air Conditioner Waste Heat
Ramli Yusof1, Herman Wahid2, M. Hafis Izran Ishak3, Dirman Hanafi4, Rozaimi Ghazali5

The Development of Capacitive Power Transfer for Biomedical Implantable Devices
F. A. Ahmad1, S. Saat2, N. M. Shaari3, M. Z. Mustapa4, A. A. Basari5

Voltage Sensing Technique for Renewable Energy Sources Self-Intervention
Ranjit Singh Sarban Singh1, Maysam Abbod2, Wong Yan Chiew3

Energy Efficiency Analysis between Green Computing and Cloud Computing
J Kavitha1, Rokesh Kumar Yarava2

An Efficient Machine Learning Data Analysis for Outpatients
Nerusu Praneeth1, B.Vamsi2

An Efficient Big Data Analytic for Forecasts the User Behavior Bus Rapid Transit System
Anumolu Venkat Vardhan1, Danala Venkata Revant Naidu2

Harmonious Coloring for Subdivision of Certain Classes of Graph
Franklin Thamil Selvi. M. S1, A. Amutha2

Cocoa Bean-Extract Mediated Graphene Quantum Dots as Antimicrobial, Anticancer and Plant Growth Regulators
Anooj E.S1, Praseetha P. K2

Kaempferitrin Cause Cell Cycle Arrest at G2/M Phase and Reactive Oxygen Species Mediated Apoptosis in Human Colon Cancer HT-29 Cells
Mydhili Govindarasu1, Kalaiyarasu Thangaraj2, Venkatachalam Murugesan3, Manju Vaiyapuri4

Potential Bio Control of Echinochloa Crus-galli (Barnyard Grass) by Curvularia Lunata LD2 as a Mycoherbicide
Nandhini Chandrasekaran1, Ganesh Punamalai2, Yoganathan Kamaraj3

Characterization of Exopolysaccharides Produced by Marine Bacillus Megaterium
P. Ramya1, D Sangeetha2

Evaluation of in Vitro Anticancer Activity of Crude Extracts Obtained from Two Bacterial Strains Isolated from Kodiyampalayam, Tamil Nadu
S Satheesh Kumar1, Uma C2, Illiyas Maqbool Malla3, K Muthulakshmi4, P Sivagurunathan5

Anti Bacterial Activity of Dashapushpa Ghritham
Sreedevy K1, Praseetha P.K2

Software Defect Prediction using Efficient Classification Algorithms
Anju A. J1, J. E. Judith2

Awareness and Perspective of Internet Banking in Kanyakumari District
M. P. Santhiya1, R. Radhika2

Problem Faced by Customers While using Internet Banking, With Special Reference to SBI
M. P. Santhiya1, R. Radhika2

Repercussion of Talent Management on Workforce Retention in Selected Hotels in Madurai
K.Santhanalaxmi1, S. Chandramohan2

Effective Image Co-Segmentation using Modified Higher Order Algorithm
T. Sandeep Kumar1, K. Sreedhar Reddy2

Maximum Likelihood Probabilistic Model for Pulmonary Embolism Nodule Detection (ML-PPED) using Computer Vision
Pragati D. Pawar1, Sanjay L. Badjate2

Cross Layer Based Congestion Resistant Routing using Allied ARQ/FEC for Video Transmission for WSN
S. Lakshmi1, S. Selva Kumar Raja2

Disability as a Blind Spot in Sustainability Frameworks and Standards
Boris Miethlich

The Structure of Attempted Crimes: Cross Border Positions of India, U.S.A and the U.K
Souvik Roy1, N. K. Chakrabarti2, Bhupal Bhattacharya3

Intention for Adopting Management Accounting System: an Empirical Research of Exploration to Public Non-business Generating Agencies
Pham Quang Huy1, Vu Kien Phuc2

Energy Efficient QoS Guaranteed Cross Layer Solution (EEQCL) for Mesh Backbone IoT Networks
Gauri Sameer Rapate1, Naveen N C2

Social Media and Health Care: Usage Pattern of Consumers and the Success Factors
Ambeesh Mon. S

Trade Performance of Top 2 National Commodity Exchanges: MCX and NCDEX
K. Prabhakar Raj Kumar1, M. Thilaga2

Wind Turbine Planetary Gear Defect Detection with Mathematical Modelling through Transmission Error
Suresh Kumar S1, B. Uma Maheswari2, Vijayaragavan C.M3

Crow Search Algorithm (CSA)
Suvarna Shirke1, R. Udaya Kumar2

Expectation of UAE Tamil Expatriates before Expatriation
Lija. P1, R. Radhika2

Application of Decision Support System During the Emergency Exercises for Nuclear Emergency Management
S. K. Pawar1, C. V. Srinivas2, B. Venkatraman3, J. Bhavani4

Retail Investors’ Preferences towards Investment in Mutual Funds
S. O. Junare1, Vishal A. Acharya2, Kiran J. Patel3

Gaussian Model based Source Separation Implementation for Speech Separation
Ramjan Khatik1, S M Shashidhar2

E-Payment: Buzz Word or Reality
Vishal Acharya1, S. O. Junare2, Dharmesh D. Gadhavi3

Sustainability Reporting in Cambodia: the Hidden Champion of ASEAN Countries
Boris Miethlich

Mobile Phone Maintainability Prediction using MCDM Methodology
Parita Jain1, Puneet Kumar Aggarwal2

Traveling Wave Based Security Plan for Bipolar Transmission Boundary
C. Poongothai1, K. Gayathri2

Prediction of user Behavior through Web usage Mining
Naresh Kumar Kar1, Subhash Chandra Shrivastava2, Megha Mishra3, Vishnu Kumar Mishra4

Perception of Special Teachers on the Evidence based Intervention Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Rajesh Ramachandran1, J. Sujathamalini2

Predictive Dialing Call Center Leads to Gain Performance Driven Results in Workflow Management
S. Khaleel Ahamed

Predictors of Job Performance: Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Capital and Proactive Personality
Munazza Zahra1, Daisy Mui Hung Kee2

Compulsory Citizenship Behaviour among Academic Staff of Private Higher Education Institutions in Melaka, Malaysia
Ng Chee Yieng1, Goh Mei Ling2, Wendy Teoh Ming Yen3

Employee Performance Improvement and Organizational Change with SWOT Analysis Positioning for Commercial Banking Center in Mandiri Bank Surabaya Indonesia
Musriha1, Diana Rapitasari2

The Success Factors of Mobile GPS Navigation Applications among Tourists in Malaysia
Fajar M.S.B1, Arshad Y.2, Tahir M.N.H.3, Syed Ibrahim S.N.4

Mitigating Strategy of Cyber Crime for Indonesian National Police
Maltha H.S1, Suradinata E2, Djaenuri M.A3, Lukman S4

Qualitative Collaborative Sensing in Smart Phone Based Wireless Sensor Networks
Wilson Thomas1, E. Madhusudhana Reddy2

Research of the Factors Responsible for Gender Violence in Home and School Environment
Dayal Pyari1, Alka Muddgal2

A Novel Protection Algorithm for Phase to Phase Faults in Double Circuit Transmission Lines
A Naresh Kumar1, Ch Sanjay2, M Chakravarthy3

Factors Affecting Organizational Life Cycle and Faculty Performance in Higher Educational Institutes in NCR
Vipin Jain1, Vibhor Jain2, Deepti Gupta3, Rachit Agarwal4, Chanchal Chawla5

Impact of job Satisfaction on Relationship Between Employee Performance and Human Resource Management Practices Followed by Bharti Airtel Limited Telecommunication with Reference to Moradabad region
Vipin Jain1, Chanchal Chawla2, Satyendra Arya3, Rachit Agarwal4, Manoj Agarwal5

Tcp Performance and Throughput Fairness Optimization in a Multi-Hop Pipeline Network
S. K. Subramaniam1, I. Y. Panessai2, R. A. Ramlee3, R. Sujatha4, N. Rajagopal5

Empirical Analysis of Users’ Acceptance of Application-Based E-Money
Marcellia Susan

Development of Online Learning Models to Improve Digital Literacy Capabilities of Students: a Preliminary Analysis
Iman Nurjaman1, Suyitno Muslim2, Etin Solihatin3

Emotional Instruments on Reading Novel using Social Media Among Indonesian Students
Nurhadi1, Burhanuddin Tola2, Riyadi3

Community Participation (Analysis on Implementation of Policies on Village Development Guidelines Based on Permendagri No. 114 of 2014 in Simojayan Village, Ampelgading District, Malang Regency)
Sri Hartini Jatmikowati1, Abdullah2, Theodorus Pangalila3

A Post–Colonial Analysis on Modern Novels
Iskandar Mohammed Abbas1, Zaidah Bt Zainal2, Saad NajimAL-Khafaji3

Dynamic Capabilities and Digital Marketing in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia: a Systematic Analysis of Literature and Conceptual Model
Anton Wardaya1, Sasmoko2, Idris Gautama So3, Agustinus Bandur4

Facing Industrial Era 4.0 Through Officers’ Professionalism Improvement: Analysis of Indonesian Navy Material Worthiness Service Department.
Mulyadi1, R.Madhakomala2, Kazan Gunawan3

Correlation between the Evaluation of Knowledge, Attitudes Toward Social Science with Artificial Test the Quality of Elementary School Teachers in Ambon
Emma Rumahlewang1, Jhoni Lagun Siang2

The Impact of Knowledge Management on SMEs Performance in the City of Bandung
Ardi Apriliadi1, Adman2

Local Wisdom in Kaba Bonsu Pinang Sibaribuik By Emral Djamal Dt. Rajo Mudo: a Heuristic-Hermeneutic Analysis
Hasnul Fikri

Attitude of Generation Z towards Internet Usage for E-Commerce in Selangor, Malaysia
Ilangovan Perumal1, Azween Abdullah2, Muthaloo Subramaniam3, Ramesh Kumar Moona Haji Mohamed4, Sugumaran Selladurai5

Digital Worked Example: an Experiment on Strategies to Enhance Computer Programming Skills
M. Reginamary1, R. Bavani2, Su Ting.Yong3

Polyamines Deficient Diet is a Complementary Strategy in Fighting Cancer: Analysis on Selected Medicinal Fruits
Radiah Abdul Ghani1, Elyna Fatini Jamil2, Muhammad Ibrahim3

Analysis of Presenteeism among Nurses
Nur Syahirah Mohd Asri1, Norshahrizan Nordin2

Pilot analysis of Student Perspective on Technology Enabled/Enhanced Active Learning in Educational: Rasch Measurement Model
Hassan.N.F1, Puteh.S2, Muhamad Sanusi.A3, Che Mohamad Zahid.N.H4

The Fiduciary Accountability of Directors Ensuring Sustainable Business Growth in Public Listed Companies and SMES
S. Lakshmi Gandhan1, Daisy Mui Hung Kee2

Sojourner Cultural Adaptation Toward National Culture Change
Nazirah Abdul Rohman1, Rozeyta Omar2

Industrial Revolution 4.0: the Human Resource Practices
Jen Ling Gan1, Halimah Mohd Yusof2

How to Improve Performance?
Sri Langgeng Ratnasari1, Gandhi Sutjahjo2

Line Managers’ Performance of Strategic Human Resource Roles: Creating Value, Not Rhetoric
Rashed Mahmud Shakil1, Mohamed Ayyub Bin Hassan2, Beni Widarman Bin Yus Kelana3, Md Alamgir Mollah4, Md Sohel Chowdhury5

Strategies and Factors Development of MSME Traditional Pottery in Slahung District Ponorogo, Indonesia
Sri Umi Mintarti1, Syahrul Munir2, Dian Rachmawati3, Derry Wijaya4

Transformational Leadership, Organizational Culture and Sustainability at the Property Development Companies in Malaysia
Salasiah Abbas1, Norhani Bakri2

Juxtaposing Types of Family-Work Conflict Between Malaysian and Western Employees
Zaiton Hassan1, Nur Fatihah Abdullah Bandar2, Suren Sabil3, Dayang Kartini Abang Ibrahim4, Nik Norsyamimi Md Nor5

Employability Skills of Public University Students: A Mismatch between Importance and Competence
Mohamad Arsyhad Rosdi1, Rabeatul Husna Abdull Rahman2, Salwa Abdul Patah3, Wan Mohd Azam Wan Mohd Yunus4, Nurul Labanihuda Abdull Rahman5

Exploring the Impact of Communication on Employee Performance
Ong Choon Hee1, Delanie Ang Hui Qin2, Tan Owee Kowang3, Maizaitulaidawati Md Husin4, Lim Lee Ping5

The Influence of Transformational Leadership on Perceived Ethical Leadership
Mohd Nizam Mohd Ali1, Siti Aisyah Panatik2, Mohammad Saipol Mohd Sukor3, Azizah Rajab4

Perception of Accounting Teachers to Digital Disruption in Accounting Learning
Dudung Ma’ruf Nuris1, Primasa Minerva Nagari2, Umi Nuraini3

Development Employee Creativity in Work Place: Measurement the Role Transformational Leadership
Hasbiyadi1, Nurlaley Razak2

The Effect of Fiscal Decentralization and Financial Performance on Economic Growth in District / City of South Sulawesi Province
Muhammad Faisal Arief

Minimum Wage Reduce the Low-Skilled Foreign Workers in Malaysian Manufacturing Sector
Sheikh Ahmad Faiz Sheikh Ahmad Tajuddin1, Fauziah Abu Hasan2, Suriyani Muhamad3, Nor Fatimah Che Sulaiman4

The Use of Reading Strategies by Struggling English Language Learners
Ermi Ruziyana Md. Nordin1, Azizah Rajab2, Faizah Mohamad Nor3, Norhiza Ismail4

Problems and Challenges Met by Novice Teachers in Johor
Tan Yoong Yee1, Zainudin Bin Hassan2

Quality of Work Life and Psychological Empowerment among Employees: Malaysian Government-Linked Company
Nurul Isnaini Ahmad Sharani1, Shah Rollah Abdul Wahab2, Umar Haiyat Abdul Kohar3, Nurul Farhana Mohd Noordin4, Wan Mohd Azam Wan Mohd Yunus5

Determining the Dimension of Liveability of Malaysian Affordable Housing
Wilson Rangga Anthony Jiram1, Azizah Ismail2, Fatin Aziz3

Influence of Leader-Member Exchange of Employees’ Affective Commitment in Saudi Arabia Universities
Rajeh Bati Almasradi1, Siti Aisyah Panatik2, Nurul Farhana Noordin3

The Influence of Work Motivation on Turnover Intention among Gen Y Employees
Komalaa Naaidu Parthiban1, Mastura Mahfar2

Developing and Testing the Validity of Career Readiness-Personality (CR-P) Module for University Students
Nik Rafidah Nik Yusoff1, Mastura Mahfar2, Muhammad Sukri Saud3

When Fortune Smiles on the Poor: A Storyof Upward Intragenerational Social Mobilityamong Malay FELDA Settlers
Faizah Mohd Fakhruddin1, Noor ‘AzlanMohd Noor2

Design and Development of VH-iSTEM Learning Strategy on Geometric Thinking: an Experts’ Evaluation
Hassan Muhammad Nasiru1, Abdul Halim Abdullah2, Ismail Norulhuda3

Scientific Argumentation Practice and Verbal Interaction in Chemistry Classroom Among 10th Grade Students
Chuzairy Hanri1, Mohd Shafie Rosli2, Muhammad Abdul Hadi Bunyamin3, Norulhuda Ismail4, Nor Hasniza Ibrahim5

Multimodal Representational Meanings of ISIS’s Victims on Facebook
Hamid Tarad Lafta1, Hanita Hassan2, Farah Abdul Jabbar Al Manaseer3

Proud to be a Malaysian!-Malaysian Identity in YouTube Comments
T.S. Liew1, Hanita Hassan2

Implementation of Inquiry Method Among of History Teachers in Secondary School
Siva Sankar R. Mahalingam1, Ahmad Johari Sihes2, Sivasangary Raveendran3

Comprehensive Bibliometric Analysis of Published Research in Cyber Physical System from 2009 to 2018
Abba Adam1, Norhayati B. Zakuan2, Hamed Gholami3, Muhammad S. Irfan4, Denis K. Amoako5

Trends in Industry 4.0 Research: A Bibliometric Analysis of Publications in Internet of Thing Component
Abba Adam1, Norhayati B. Zakuan2, Hamed Gholami3, Ado Abdu Bichi4, Salisu Alh. Uba5

Age Differences on the Intention to Save in a Voluntary Retirement Fund
Radduan Yusof1, Mohamad Fazli Sabri2

History of Psychology in Islamic Republic of Iran
Mahdi Anbari1, Diana – Lea Baranovich2, Muhammad Azahar Zailaini3

Research Literacy Level of Education Postgraduate Research Students using Rasch Measurement Model
Ibnatul Jalilah Yusof1, Adibah Abdul Latif2, Nor Aisyah Che Derasid3, Md Daud Md Jani4

Hibah Amanah: an Analysis of Education Method to Enhance the Participation of Tabung Haji Johor Bahru Depositors
Asma Nurul ‘Aqilah Mahpuz1, Nur Razan Izzati Mohd Roslan2, Mohd Fauzi Abu@Hussin3, Norazizah Ali4, Siti Norlina Muhamad5, Ezani Yaakub6

The Development of Tourism Industry and its Impact to Dali Erhai Lake Region
Wei YANG1, Sukanya Aimimtham2, Chuanchen BI3

Pro-poor Tourism: a New Tourism Policy in China for Poverty Alleviation
Wei YANG1, Sukanya Aimimtham2, Chuanchen BI3

Graduate Employability in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: A future research Agenda
Mohammed H Alwethainani1, Zuraina Dato Mansor2

Corporate Social Responsibility on Shareholder Value with Leverage as Moderating Variable
Asim Ali Chaudhry1, Suresh A/L Ramakrishnan2, Ayesha Sharif3

Popular Culture: the Influence and Implications on the Malay Traditional Clothing in Malaysia
Muhammad Hisyam Zakaria1, Asliza Aris2, Norwani Md Nawawi3

The Learning Styles of Electrical Technology Students in Malaysia’s Northern Zone
Mazlili Suhaini1, Adnan Ahmad2

Three-Dimensional Brand Loyalty and Virtual Customer Relationships on Social Media-Based Brand Community
Ayesha Sharif1, Zuraidah Binti Sulaiman2

Characterization of Lectin from Colpomenia Sinuosa and Effect of Physico Chemical Parameters on Haemagglutination Activity
Malini. M. M1, Jansi. M2, Sini Margret. M3, Anooj. E. S4, Lekshmi Gangadhar5

Identification of Brain Tumour in Histopathological Images using Neural Networks
P V V S Srinivas1, Ch U V Subhash2, B Haswanth3, Ch Lolesh4

Magnetohydrodynamic Flow Through Ducts with Different Cross Section
M. Prasanna Jeyanthi1, S. Ganesh2

Management of Customer Services in Indian Banks using GAP Model
Suhas D1, H N Ramesh2

Challenges and Strategies in Tackling the Issues of Structural Unemployment in Saudi Arabia: a Vision 2030
Mohammed H Alwethainani1, Zuraina Dato Mansor2

The Influence of Industrial Revolution 4.0 on the Competence of STIE Pembangunan Tanjungpinang Students
Tubel Agusven1, Helen Tan Sui Hong2, Satriadi3

Using Theory of Planned Behaviour to Understand Students’ Perception in Gap Year
Yip Foon Yee

Impact Human Capital Development on Poverty Alleviation and Social Inequality in Riau of Island, Indonesia
Nurmala Mustika Dewi1, Rahmayandi Mulda2

Teachers’ Perception of Values Education Implementation in School
Norliza Mohamad1, Ahmad Johari Sihes2, Normila Mohd Bohari3, Siti Nur Hadis A Rahman4

The Effect of Self-Efficacy on Employee’s Organizational Commitment in a Private Chemical Industry
Kuganesh M Chendrasekaran1, Umar Haiyat Abdul Kohar2, Shah Rollah Abdul Wahab3, Mohammad Saipol Mohd Sukor4, Nurul Farhana Mohd Noordin5, Wan Mohd Azam Wan Mohd Yunus.6

Government Intervention in Malaysian Housing Market
Normi Abdul Asis1, Wilson Rangga Anthony Jiram2, Ahmad Ariffian Bujang3

Generic Skills of Final Year University Students in Preparation towards Industrial Revolution 4.0
Kamarul Md Shah1, Jaharudin Padli2, Aqeel Khan3, Rozita Jayus4

Perspectives of using Interactive Slides in ESL Classroom among Primary School English Language Teachers in Pasir Gudang
Tan Hon Kian1, Tharani A/P Paramasivam2, Kokilavathi A/P Paramesvaranm3, Selvakumari A/P Sandrasakeren4, Aminabibi Saidalvi5

The Need for Integrating Entrepreneurial Education and Training in Nigerian Technical Colleges
Abubakar Ibrahim Muhammad1, Yusri Bin Kamin2, Nur Husna Binti Abd. Wahid3

Auditor Independence Threats and Factors Affecting Independence
Gana Kafiya Wakil1, Mohd Norfian Alifiah2, Alhaji Ali Tijjani3

Formulating a Modern Instructional Model to Help Improve the Persuasive Writing of Students
Farous Izwan Abdul Aziz1, Seriaznita Mat Said2

Workaholism in Students: when Overachieving Becomes a Clinical Concern
Raymond Shoup1, Diana-Lea Baranovich2

Enhancing Self-Reliant of Students in Technical and Vocational Skills Through Work-based Learning for 4 th Industrial Revolution
Shirka Kassam Jwasshaka1, Nor Fadila Mohd. Amin2

Examination of Antigout Activity of Apiumgraveolens in Three Different Solvent Extract
C. Carlin Prema Kumari1, A. Mohamed Sadiq2, U. Kanagavalli3, Kalaimagal4

Consumer Dissonance and its Influence on Consumer Loyalty in Quick Service Restaurants in Chennai City
R. Ravimohan1, R. Nandagopal2

Efficacy of Nifty Index Options through BSM Model
K. Prabhakar Raj Kumar1, D. Suba Lakshmi2

Total and Cototal Domination Number of Some Zero Divisor Graph
S. Shipiya Raj Shree1, V. Maheswari2, R. Rajeswari3

Grievances Redressal Mechanism of University’s Students in India- Policy and Law
Manish Rohatgi1, Meenu Gupta2

A Robust Technique of Face Recognition Algorithm for Automated Attendance Management System
Sekar. R1, A. Sravani2, P. Divya3, S K. Mujeeb4

Adoption of Advanced Technologies are the Driving Force in Re-Shaping the Technology Based Startup Eco System
Syed Zakir Hussain1, N.H.Mullick2

Intelligent Energy Management System using IoT
Saswati Kumari Behera1, Suganya S2, S. Priya Darsini3

Concept of Dāna through the Specturm of the Garuḍapurāṇa and its Impact on the Present Day Society
Jumli Nath

Gas Monitoring System for Safer Industries using Internet of Things (IoT)
P. Raga Sai Akhila1, G. P .N. S. Mahesh2, V. Rajesh3, S. Arunmetha4

An Enhanced Unsupervised Fuzzy Expectation Maximization Clustering for Deduplication of Records in Big data
P. Selvi1, D. Shanmuga Priyaa2

The Influence of Inclined Magnetic Field and Heat Transfer on the MHD Convective Flow in a Vertical Channel Filled Partly with Porous Medium
P. T. Hemamalini1, M. Shanthi2