Volume-8 Issue-1S5, June 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-1S5, June 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Vacuum System Assisted Fdm – Characteristic of Heat Transfer using Finite Element Analysis
S.Maidin1, J.H.U.Wong2, A.S. Mohamed3, W.F.A Romlee4, S.Akmal5

Classification of Losses in Overall Equipment Effectiveness Calculation
P.A.Perumal1, S.S.Yoong2, C.C.Tay3

Performance Measure of Industrial Robotics in Lean Enterprise: A Case Study in Semiconductor Industry
P.A.Perumal1, S.Hammam2, C.C.Tay3

Strengthening of Fused Deposition Modeling Printer Bed Adhesion Intensity using ABS Glue
S.Maidin1, J.H.U.Wong2, N.M. Arif3, A.S. Mohamed4

Finite Element Analysis on Vacuum Chamber for Fused Deposition Modeling Applications
S.Maidin1, J.H.U.Wong2, A.S. Mohamed3, W.F.A.Romlee4, S.Sivarao5

Preliminary Investigation on Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Filled Epoxy Composite as Electrically Conductive Adhesive
M.M. Nasaruddin1, S.H.S.M. Fadzullah2, G. Omar3

Graphene Coatings Technology on Tribologyperspective
N. A. Mat Tahir1, M. F. B. Abdollah2, N. Tamaldin3, H. Amiruddin4, M. R. B. Mohamad Zin5

Evaluating the Influence of Sportswear Brand Personality on Generation Y Customer Preference in Malaysia
B. Hardjono1, C. Y. Teng2

The Literature on Technological Diversification Among Companies
M.A.Burhanuddin1, Ronizam Ismail2, Y Ab Wahab3

A Model for Manufacturing Sustainability in Manufacturing Operations
Z. Ebrahim1, N. A. Ahmad2, M. R. Muhamad3

Capacity Adjustment in Semiconductor Fabrication During Peak Periods
M.A.Chik1, A.Z.Md Rejab2, M.Z.Darudin3, Hasbullah Ashaari4, M.R.Muhamad5

Applying Quick Response Manufacturing to Exploit Variability and Reduce Lead Time in the Job Shops
C. S. Bong1, K. E. Chong2

Women Micro and Small Business Sustainability in Malaysia Through Microcredit
Samer Ali Alshami1, Izaidin Majid2, Nurulizwa Rashid3, Hayder Adil4

Development of Biodegradable Plastics for Packaging using Wastes From Oil Palm and Sugar Cane
M.K.Wahid1, M.N.Ahmad2, M.H.Osman3, N.A.Maidin4, M.H.A. Rahman5, H.M.S. Firdaus6, M.A. Kasno7

Airco Wind Turbine Prototype Design and Development
N. A. Maidin1, M. H. ARahman2, M. N. Ahmad3, M. H. Osman4, M. K. Wahid5, M. A. Latiff6, S. H. Mazlan7

Hardness Assessment of Hybrid Composite CFRP and GFRP
A. F. Ab Ghani1, M. Y Yaakob2, M. N. Salim3, J Mahmud4

Simulation on the Charging Performance of Water-Based Hydraulic Hybrid System in Term of System Pressure
S. A. Sabaruddin1, A. A. Yusof2, M. N. A. Saadun3, F. Wasbari4

Simulation of Control for Reduced Dof Lower Limb Exoskeleton Robot using Cad Design
M.R.Sapiee1, M.A.A.Wahit2, M.H.M.Marhaban3, A.J.Ishak4, K. A. M. Annuar5, M.F. Miskon6

Agent-Based Enhancement of Legacy Manufacturing Planning and Control Processes
F. Haniche1, H. Drias2, M. R. Muhamed3, M. Kamalrudin4

Design & Development of Smart Clothes Drying System (Scds)
S.A.Sundi1, M.S. Jumali2, M.R. Yunos3, M.Z. Ahmad4

Mechanical Properties of 3D Printed Surface Under Influence of Chemical Post Processing
A. R. Zolkaply1, M. R. Alkahari2, F. R. Ramli3, F. R. Ramli4, N. S. Hamdan5

The Next Wave of Air-Filled Tires
B. C. Chew1, H. Hafizuddin2, Sivaraos3, S. R. Hamid4, T. J. S.Anand5, K. E.Chong6, I. Rajiani7

Experimental Validation of Cutting Edge Quality for Blanking Process Modelled by Ls-Dyna – Introducing A Novel Burr Free Technology (BFT)
K. H. Boey1, M. R. Muhamad2, Sivaraos3

Understanding Big Data Analytics (BDA) and Business Intelligence (BI) Towards Establishing Organizational Performance Diagnostics Framework
M. Jayakrishnan1, A. K. Mohamad2, M. M. Yusof3

State-of-the-Art in Image Clustering Based on Affinity Propagation
Omar M. Akash1, Sharifah Sakinah Syed Ahmad2, Mohd Sanusi Azmi3, Abd Ulazeez Alkouri4

An Evaluation of Proposed Readability Formula in Malay Language
N. A. M. Hazawawi1, M. H. Zakaria2, S. Hisham3, S. S. Sainawan4

The Influence of Security Control Management and Social Factors in Deterring Security Misbehaviour
H.  A. Hamid1, M. M. Yusof2, N. R. S. Mohd Dali3

The Challenges of Implementing Software Industry in University Academic Environments
D. A. García Arango1, M. V. Silva Domínguez2, S. Sidek3, E. D. Aguirre Mesa4, G. A. Araque González5, C. F. Henao Villa6

Marketing Potential of Halal Food Products
S. H. Supaat1, N. Z. Nizam2

The Challenges and Contribution of Internet of Things (IoT) for Smart Living
N. H. Arjumin1, S. Sidek2, M. A. Hassan2, N. Kudus3, S. Mohamed4, M. A. N. Rajikon5, M. Kamalrudin6

Social Media Usage and Its Impact on Work Productivity at a Malaysian Univerisity
S. Mohamed1, S. Sidek2, S. Z. Izharrudin3, N. Kudus4, M. A. Hassan5, M. A. Noor6

The Planning in Lean Construction Methodology At Colombian Civil Sector
G. A. Araque González1, D. A. García Arango2, E. D. Aguirre Mesa3, C. F. Henao Villa4, C. A. Echeverry Gutiérrez5, S. Sidek6

Service Quality of Self-Checkout Technology in Malaysian Retail Industry
J. W. Siah1, S. F Fam2

An Analysis of Sustainable Manufacturing Practices in Malaysian Smes
N. Hami1, F. M. Yamin2, S. M. Shafie3, M. R. Muhamad4

Radiotherapy Errors and its Verification Approach
Hendrik1, Massila Kamalrudin2, Mohamad Razali3

Sensitive Health Data Transmission in Ambient Intelligent Environment Wban using Life Time Increasing Quality Awarenesspeering Routing
M. Santhalakshmi1, P. Kavitha2

Mucl-Multi-Hop Revolutionary Communication With Localization in Underground Wireless Sensor Networks
P. Rama1, S. Murugan2

An Efficacious E-Portal for Rancher to Buy Seeds and Humus
Raghu Raman D1, Saravanan D2, Nivedha R3

An Incremental Genetic Algorithm Hybrid with Rough set Theory for Efficient Feature Subset Selection
N. Nandhini1, K. Thangadurai2

PIR Sensor Based Motion Detection using Fuzzy Controller
Sreejith Damodaran1, Bhavani Sridharan2

A Decentralized Workload Management System for a Four-Dimensional Hyper Cubic Structure in the Public Cloud
Baskar K 1, Prasanna Venkatesan G K D2

Design and Electric Spring for Power Quality Improvement in Pv-Based Dc Grid
N. Pandiarajan1, G. Emayavaramban2, A. Amudha3, M. Siva Ramkumar4, I R.V. Mohamed Mansoor5, K. Balachander6, S. Divyapriya7, M. Sivaram Krishnan8

Nano – Grid Smart Home With Plug-in Electric Vechicle using a Hybrid Solar-Battery Power Source
V. Jayaprakash1, S. Divyapriya2, A. Amudha3, G. Emayavaramban4, M. Siva Ramkumar5

Mining Query Facets from the Search Results
A. Mahalakshmi1, T. Yawanikha2, D. Bhanu3, V. P. Arul Kumar4, K. M. Murugesan5

Primitive Cells using Gate Diffusion Input Technique: a Low Power Approach
G. R. Mahendra Babu1, S. Bhavani2

Modeling and Control of Micro Grid Based Low Price Residential Home to Grid Power Management System
K. T. Chandrasekaran1, S. Divyapriya2, A. Amudha3, M. Siva Ramkumar4, G. Emayavaramban5

Design and Application of PID-PID Dual Loop Controller for Load Frequency Control
Manjit Bahadur Singh1, Manoj Kumar Debnath2, Shreeram Choudhury3, Sanjeeb Kumar Kar4

Optimal Bidding Strategies in A Restructured Competitive Electric Power Market Adopting LUS-FFA Method
Ramachandra Agrawal1, Sabita Tripathy2, Smita Nayak3, Vipin Gupta4, Manoj Kumar Debnath5

AGC Investigation in Wind-Thermal-Hydro-Diesel Power System with 1 Plus Fractional Order Integral Plus Derivative Controller
Jyoti Ranjan Padhi1, Manoj Kumar Debnath2, Sushobhan Pal3, Sanjeeb Kumar Kar4

Classification of faults in PV integrated Hybrid Power System using Artificial Neural Network
P. R Pattanaik1, S. Pati2, Basanta. K Panigrahi3, S. K Sanyal4, M. A Baig5, S. R Swain6, M. Pati7

Fault Prediction in Transmission Line in Presence of Wind DG Using Wavelet Transform
Anshuman Bhuyan1, Basanta. K Panigrahi2, S. Pati3, S. K Gouda4, P. K Sahoo5, A. Sabat6, A. Dash7

A New Fault Detector based on Modified Varri Method for Power System Relaying Applications
P. R Pattanaik1, S. Pati2, Basanta. K Panigrahi3, S. KSanyal4, Anshuman Bhuyan5

A Novel Approach to Enhance Face Feature Extraction using Pencil Sketches
Anil J.1, L. Padma Suresh2

The Automatic Solar Tracker Chronicles
S. Karthikeyan1, S. R. Raman Balasubramanian2, B. Ramesh3, S. Raghul4, S. Sathish Kumar5

SMC and FOC: Comparative Investigation of Sliding Mode and Field Oriented Control of Induction Motor
Abhilasha Parthan1, L. Padma Suresh2, Anoop Raj3

A Deep Learning Based Automatic Classification Algorithms Used for Pulmonary Veins and Arteries Separation in CT Images
Ambika Sekhar1, L. Padma Suresh2, Jaya Mary Jacob3

Brain MR Images Involving Examining Resemblances Study of Denoising Algorithms
Divya S1, L. Padma Suresh2, Ansamma John3

Denoising Based Nonlinear Image Quality Enhancement on Digital Images
D. Ferlin Deva Shahila1, S. H. Krishnaveni2

Hybrid Cloud – Intra Domain Data Security and to Address the Issues of Interoperability
Suma M. R1, Madhumathy P2

A Green Approach to Sustainable Energy using Quantum Dots
Lekshmi Gangadhar1, P. K Praseetha2

Technological Applications of Internet of Things in Health Monitoring System
Suraj V. Kurde1, R. Suguna2, Jayant Shimpi3, Ashish Mulajkar4, Sarla Chimegawe5

Aerodynamic Analsys on Arrows using CFD
Naveen. Janjanam1, B. Sai Prasanna Kumar2, K. Naveen Sai3, K. Kranthi Kumar4, A. Rahul5

Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Application of Housing Construction Licensing Service Quality
Cuong Phu Pham1, Phong Thanh Nguyen2, Khoa Dang Vo3, Phuong Thanh Phan4, Vy Dang Bich Huynh5, Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen6

Using Fuzzy Analytical Network Process Approach to Develop Job Search Success Model of Engineering Graduates
Phong Thanh Nguyen1, Vy Dang Bich Huynh2, Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To Nguyen3

DC-DC Converter for Renewable Energy Integration
Ch. Santosh Kumar1, S. Tara Kalyani2

Effect of Hot and Cold areas in Accumulative Roll Bonding of Al/ Al2O3 Nanostructure Composites
Rudra Pratap Singh1, Sanjeev Sharma2

Detection, Prevention and Mitigation of Black Hole Attack for MANET
T. Sai Harika1, N. Madhusri2, P.V.V.Varaprasad3

Energy Management of UAV (Quadcopter)
Vivek A1, Ashutosh Kumar2, Vishnu A Krishnan3, Karthik Gopal R4

Experimental Investigation on Mechanical Performance of Coconut Shell Powder Reinforced Hybrid Polymer Composite
Shashikant Kushnoore1, R B V Murali2, P Naveen3, P Ravi Teja4, K Guru Venkata Sai Krishna5

The Effects of Different Length of Pineapple Leaf Fibre (PALF) on Tensile Properties of Random Oriented Composites
A.A. Mazlan1, M.T.H. Sultan2, A.U.M. Shah3

Quantum Chemical Calculations of 3-Methoxybenzonitrile for NLO Applications
N. Y. Sugirtha Suni1, R. Ganapathi Raman2

Correct Personal Iris Recognition at Long Distance by using Dougman’s Rubber Sheet Model
Swati D. Shirke1, C. Rajabhushnam2

Health Monitoring of Air Force Station using Condition Assessment Rebound Hammer, Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Tests and Repair Methodology
G. M. Sheikh1, N. A. Sheikh2, R. Sehgal3

Structural Integrity of ”Gulmarg Gondola Project” using Modern Techniques
G. M. Sheikh1, N. A. Sheikh2, R. Sehgal3

Potential of Structural Health Monitoring and Micro Energy Harvester System for VAWT
A.H. Ariffin1, M.T.H. Sultan2, F. Mustapha3, A.U.M. Shah4, S.N.A. Safri5

Physical Changes Associated with Gamma Irradiation on Composites
S.M.M.Amir1, M.T.H.Sultan2, M. Jawaid3, A.U.M.Shah4, A. Hamdan5, S. Mohd6, K.A.M.Salleh7

Water Absorption Associated with Gamma Irradiation on Kevlar/Oil Palm EFB Hybrid Composites
S.M.M.Amir1, M.T.H.Sultan2, M.Jawaid3, A.U.M.Shah4, A.Hamdan5, S.Mohd6, K.A.M.Salleh7

Physical Performance of Kenaf/jute Mat Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composites
K. Tabrej1, M.T.H. Sultan2, M. Jawaid3

Effects of Fibre Orientation on Mechanical Properties of Glass/Kenaf Hybrid Composites
M.H. Hamidon1, M.T.H. Sultan2, A. Hamdan3, A.U.M. Shah4

Kenaf/Glass Hybrid Composites
M. F. Ismail1, M.T.H.Sultan2, A. Hamdan3, A.U.M.Shah4, M. Jawaid5, S.N.A. Safri6

The Effect of Weight Percentage on the Tensile Properties of Glass/ Kenaf Hybrid Composites
M. F. Ismail1, M. T. H. Sultan2, A. Hamdan3, A. U. M. Shah4, S.N.A. Safri5

Flexural Properties of Kenaf Fibre Hybrid and Non-Hybrid Composite Materials
A. M. R. Azmi1, M. T. H. Sultan2, A.U.M. Shah3, M. Jawaid4, A. F. M. Nor5, K. I. Ismail6

Potential and Characteristics of Oil Palm Trunk as Material in Oriented Strand Board for Structural Application
N.I. Ibrahim1, M.T.H. Sultan2, M. Jawaid3, N. Saba4, S.S. Azry5

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Structural and Manufacturing of Conventional and Humpback Tubercles Leading Edge (TLE) in Aeronautical Applications
Ernnie I. Basri1, M. T. H. Sultan2, Faizal M.3, Adi A. Basri4, Kamarul A. Ahmad5

The Magnitude of Big Data 5vs in Business Macroclimate
S. F. Fam1, N. Ismail2, W. L. Shinyie3