Volume-2 Issue-6, January 2014

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Volume-2 Issue-6, January 2014, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

An Efficient Concept-Based Mining Model for Analysis Partitioning Clustering
Parminder Singh

Encryption Quality Evaluation of Robust Chaotic Block Cipher for Digital Imaging
Abdul Hamid M. Ragab1, Osama S. Farag Allah2, Amin Y. Noaman3, Khalid W. Magld4

Optical Characterization of Spray Deposited CoS Thin Films
M A Sattar1, M Mozibur Rahman2, M K R Khan3, M G M Choudhury4

Determination of Radial Movement of Particle in Gas Insulated Substation
N. Swarna Latha1, J. Amarnath2

Nanocomposites in Food Packaging
R. Prabhu1, B. Harish babu2, M. Selvamuthukumar3, N. Poiyyamozhi4

Efficient Programmable Finite Impulse Response Filter using Xilinx MAC FIR Filter for Software Defined Radio
Baha Ali Nasir

Design and Implementation of Programmable Transceivers Based Software Defined Radio using FPGA
Saleim Hachem Farhan

Performance, Analysis and Simulation of Wind Energy Conversion System Connected with Grid
Jay Verma1, Yogesh Tiwari2, Anup Mishra3, Nirbhay Singh4

Digital Watermarking of Text Image
S.D. Apte1, L.Y. Raut2

Precision Motion Control with Variable Speed AC Drives using PLC
Kiran Kumar GR1, Shivakumar LN2, Marulasiddappa HB3

Physics Based Modeling of Intrinsic Material Parameters of III-V Nitride Semiconductors: Elevated Temperature Effects
Suman Kumar Laha1, Moumita Mukherjee2

A Novel Fuzzy Logic Based Sensorless Speed Control of Position Sensorless BLDC Servo Drive
R.Manikandan1, K.R.Priyadharsini2, R.Arulmozhiyal3

Mutation Based Test Case Generation
Anuranjan Misra

Implementation and Performance Comparison of AODV and IAODV on the Basis of Energy, Utilization, and Hop Count in WiMax on NS2
Lovenish Kumar1, Sunita Rani2

Data Privacy in Banking and Insurance Sector: A Case Study Approach
Debaswapna Mishra

Human Biometrics: Moving Towards Thermal Imaging
Nermin K. Negied

Minimum Cost Design of Reinforced Concrete Flat Slab
Kiran S. Patil1, N.G. Gore2, P.J. Salunke3

A Design Prototypic Sarcastic Gadget Technology for Perceptual Disabilities
S.R. Aarthi Avanthiga1, V. Balaji2

Distributed Streaming with Network Diversity
A. Yugandhara Rao1, M.Neeraja2, G. Sruthi Keerthi3, K.Haritha4

Investigation and Implementation of Step-Down Transformerless S S Single Switch AC/DC Converter
Dhirendra Haridas1, R. Dhanalakshmi2

Reactive Power Imbalance Method for Islanding Detection in Micro-Grid Operation
Meysam Shamshiri1, Ahmad Farid Sapar2, Chin Kim Gan3, Revinnath Tengga Daram4, Mohd Ruddin AbGhani5

Improving the Real Time Performance of Sensor Networks for Monitoring the Healthcare System Using Wireless Devices
Manikandan.N1, Sumathy.P2

Neural Network Model for an Event Detection System in Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor
Subhra Rani Patra R. Jehadeesan1, T.V. Santosh2, T.Jayanthi3, S.Rajeswari4, S.A.V. Satyamurty5, M. Sai Baba6

Secure Data Storage in Cloud Service using RC5 Algorithm
Sachindra K. Chavan1, Manoj L. Bangare2

Implementation of Boolean Matrix Approach for Mining Multidimensional Association Rule with Non-Repetitive Predicate
Nilam K.Nakod1, M.B.Vaidya2

Soft – Switched PFC Boost Converter with Integrated Flyback Converter
S.Kamalsakthi1, J.Baskaran2

Design and Simulation of Energy-Efficient 8-Bit Input Buffer for NoC Router
Sanghapal D. Kamble1, M.A.Gaikwad2