Volume-2 Issue-5, November 2013

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Volume-2 Issue-5, November 2013, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Standard Practices of Earn Value Management and It’s Impact on Construction Industry
T .N. Weerasinghe Mohottige

Current Status and Key Issues of Automated Robotic Crane for Various Industrial Applications
Bhushan Shinde

Optimized Liver Tumor Detection and Segmentation using Neural Network
Akanksha Sharma1, Parminder Kaur2

An Efficient Modular Approach of Intrusion Prevention in Wireless Sensor Networks
Varsha Nigam1, Saurabh Jain2

Signal Processing using Wavelet Transform on Sensor Nodes for Low Power Consumption
J. Hema shubraja1, G. Vijayalakshmy2

GPS Aided Inertial Navigation System
Mukesh Kumar Maheshwari1, Shah Najmus Saqib Mahmood2, Md Hussain3, Aurangzeb Rashid Masud4

The Difference between Ieee 802.16 / Wimax and Ieee 802.11 / Wi-Fi Networks For Telemedicine Applications
Firas Shawkat Hamid

Effect of Grating Length on Chromatic Dispersion in Polymer Coated Apodization Grating
Sajal Agarwal1, Vivekanand Mishra2

Record Management Issues under e-Governance
Poonam Kundu1, Parul Bansal2, Kavita Choudhary3

Simulation and Optimization of a Partial Gate All Around Cylindrical Tunnel FET
Kanjalochan Jena1, Brinda Bhowmick2, Srimanta Baishya3

Substrate Integrated Waveguide based RF MEMS Cavity Filter
Garima Pathak

Optimization of Welding Parameters Using Taguchi Method for Submerged Arc Welding On Spiral Pipes
Pradeep Deshmukh1, M. B. Sorte2

A Contribution to the Computer Assisted, Kinematics, Kinetostatics, and Dynamic Analysis of the Inline and Offset types of the Crank-and-Connecting Rod Mechanism
Tonye K. Jack

Simulation and Performance Analysis of AODV, TORA & OLSR Routing Protocols
Harpreet Singh1, Manpreet Kaur2

Development of LabVIEW Based Harmonic Analysis and Mitigation Scheme with Shunt Active Filter for Power Quality Enhancement
Sindhu M. R.1, Manjula G. Nair2, T. N. P. Nambiar3

Land Use Planning for Social Infrastructure in Bangalore Metropolitan Area: Issues and Policies
S. Gopi Prasad1, B. Shankar2

Public Key Cryptography Algorithm using Binary Manipulation and Chinese Remainder Theorem
N. Syed Siraj Ahmed1, R. Selvakumar2, Akshay Taywade3

Detecting and Detaching Reactive Jammers in Wireless Sensor Network
Pvnm Karthik Kumar1, P. Prasanna Murali Krishna2

Review and Analysis of Various Mobile Ad Hoc Network Routing Protocols
Pranshu Sakalley1, J. Ratnaraja Kumar2

Review of Delay and Cost Efficient Methods in Cloud Computing
Ninad Shinde1, J. Ratnaraja Kumar2

Enhancement of Back off Algorithm in CSMA/CA
Vijaya Sagvekar1, Vidya Sagvekar2

Optimization of EDM Characteristics of WC/5ni Composites using Response Surface Methodology
V. Chandrasekaran1, D. Kanagarajan2, R. Karthikeyan3

A Secure Process of Hiding Data in Motion Vector of Compressed Video Based on Artifacts
Sonal Jain1, Brajlata Chourasiya2

Performance Evaluation of Logic Gates Based on Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor
Aparna Anand1, S. R. P. Sinha2

Binary Text-Image Steganography
Manisha Boora1, Monika Gambhir2

Nanotechnology in Fibres and Textiles
Himansu Shekhar Mohapatra1, Arobindo Chatterjee2, Subhankar Maity3

Secure Data Storage in Cloud Service using RC5 Algorithm
Sachindra K. Chavan1, Manoj L. Bangare2

A Study on Strength Characteristics of Expansive Soil-Flyash Mixes at Various Moulding Water Contents
P. V. V. Satyanarayana1, S. Hemanth Kumar2, P. Praveen3, B. V. Suresh Kumar4

Inter-turn Fault Analysis of Synchronous Generator using Finite Element Method (FEM)
B. J. C. Prasad1, B. V. Sanker Ram2