Volume-8 Issue-4S3, December 2019

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Volume-8 Issue-4S3, December 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

The Effect of Social Network on Retail Buying Behaviour in Chennai City
P. Aasish Nahar

The Impact of Behavioral Finance on Credit Card Users in Chennai City
N. Jannifer Rani1, Anli Suresh2

Customer Contentment in E-retailing of Millennial Generation in Chennai City
T. S. Bhuvaneswari1, A. Anis Akthar Sulthana Banu2

Upliftment of OTC Medicines Towards Innovative Marketing Strategies
G. Abarna1, R. Shanthi2

Usage of Tax Saving Instruments Among Individual Assesses
Srinidhi P1, Khavi Priya B2

Consumer Satisfaction on Health Drinks With Specific to Horlicks in Vellore City
R. Sugumari

Factors Influencing Customers’ Adoption of Online Banking Services (With Special Reference to NEFT, RTGS, IMPS)
C. B. Pavithra1, A. C. Ranganayaki2

Block Chain Technology in India – Challenges and Opportunities
K. Shruthi1, Tamilarasi. M2

Difference of Watermarking & Steganography
J. Priscilla Sasi1, P. Arul2

Role of Public Sector Bank in Financial Inclusion of Low or Middle Income Group in Chennai
Keerthika. R1, Anli Suresh2

An Examination to Advance / Develop Organization Citizenship Behavior
J. M. Jaffar Sadiq

Challenges Faced by the Employees towards Industrial Relations at V.O.Chidambaranar Port Trust, Thoothukudi
R. Samundeswari

Impact of Workplace Wellness in Influencing Job Satisfaction of IT Employees in Chennai
V. Sathyavathi1, R. Angayarkanni2

Rural Micro Finance and Women’s Empowerment – with Reference to Bangalore Region
Chandrakala M1, H H Ramesha2

Perception towards Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources Management Practices –with Reference to IT Companies in Chennai
P. Barani Kumari1, A. Hemalatha2

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing
Victoria Henry

Perception of Web Users on the Effectiveness of Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization in the Era of Digitalization
S. Manikandan

Digital Marketing – A Strategic Platform for Insurers to Target Prospective Customers
D. Abraham Pradeep1, B. Anbazhagan2

Customers Online Shopping Experience – Comparison Among Amazon, Flipkart & Snapdeal
Devaki Shetty1, Saraswathi Moorthy2

Employee Engagement Strategies in Software Companies in Chennai
Keerthana Y. H1, T. K. Avvai Kothai2

Transfiguration of Saving and Spending Habits of College Students Ascribed to Internet Banking
Sharmila V

Asset Reconstruction in Banking Industry
Mallika S1, Ramya T R2, Shobana T3

Impact of Environmental Issues on Consumer Senses Leading to Ecofriendly Buying Decisions
Hannah Fredrick1, J. Salomi Backia Jothi2

Challenges Faced by Organisations in Providing Employer – Sponsored Child Care Facilities
A. Martina

An Exploration of the Various Dimensions of Organisational Citizenship Behaviour
Minothi J1, J. Arul Suresh2

Cashless Economy in India – Public Attitude and Perception in Chennai
Sree Akshara Mithran1, J. Sulaiman2

The Cashless Economy and its Effects Among the Salaried Employees in Chennai City
S. Dhanalakshmi1, K. Komalavalli2, R. Hemalatha3

Digital India and Cashless Economy: towards $5 Trillion Indian Economy
Gayathri T N

Significance of Retention Strategies in Business Services Sector
Hannah Fredrick1, Joy Christy Hemema2

Customer Satisfaction towards Paytm Mobile Wallet – With Special Reference to Working Women in Chennai City
S. Ramya1, T. K. Avvai Kothai2

Attitude of Staff Working in Primary Health Centres with Special Reference to Thoothukudi District
V. Sangeetha1, K. Chandra2, R. Tiffany3, S. Eswaralakshmi4, E. Shiney Janet5

Emotional Touch Points as a Predictor of Service Quality in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Chennai
Catakam Keshika1, G. Jabarethina2

Consumer Preferences towards FMCG in Rural Areas in Sivagangai District
P. Pandian

Customers Satisfaction towards Housing Finance of Commercial Banks in Chennai City
P. Vimala

Debt Equity Mix & Financial Performance: Evidence from Indian IT Sector
Deepika Upadhyay1, Lisa Bardhan2, Anand Mishra3, Miklesh Prasad Yadav4

EI and WLB Effects in Performance of Women Employees in IT Companies at Chennai
M. Theboral Victoriya1, R. Angayarkanni2

Role of Goods and Services Tax in India’s Economic Development
Gowtham Ramkumar1, S. Chitra2

Influence of Investors’ Preference towards SBI Mutual Fund in Chennai City
M. Rajesh

Purchase Intention of Consumers towards Smart Phones in Thiruvallur District
S. Sangeetha

Present Prominence of the Electronic Wallets in India
C. Thangamani1, J. Srinivasan2

Using Social Media as an E-Commerce Medium: Determinants of Technology Acceptance to Use E-Commerce via Social Media
Kishore Raaj Suresh1, K. Lavanya Latha2

An Economic Analysis of Non-Performing Assets of Banks in India
Sankara Narayanan K

Users’ Experience towards the Use of Mobile Applications
R. Uma

Knowledge Management – a Fostering Tool for Parallel Outlines among Public & Private Sector Banks
V. Kuppulakshmi1, S. Manikandan2, M. Kavitha3

Factual Video Advertisements in Facebook
S. Habeeb Ur Rahaman

Absenteeism of Employees in a BPO Company
S. Sangeetha1, G. Sundharavadivel2

Retention of Employees at a Private Sector Small Bank, Chennai
K. Padmavathi1, S. Geethalakshmi2, G. Sundharavadivel3

Effectiveness of HR Policy in ITES at Chennai
D. K. Hemamalini1, G. Sundharavadivel2

The Role and Perception of Customer on Buying Behaviour Towards Real Estate Industry
C. P. Senthil Kumar1, M. Karthiga Priya2

Determinants of Work Life Balance Among Women in Chennai City
C. P. Senthil Kumar1, H. Krupanandhan2

Relationship Between Brand Engagement and Social Media Marketing
V. R. Neeraja1, M. Nirmala Mohan2

Customer Perception Towards Food Ordering Mobile Applications [FOMA] Services
M. Shanmugavel1, B. Devamaindan2

Impact of Knowledge Management and Organisation Accomplishment – with Reference to College’s in Chennai City
P. Libia1, N. Swarnalatha2, M. Jeevitha Kumari3

Impact of Brand Equity on Television in Chennai City
A. Rajalakshmi

Customer E-Satisfaction Towards E-Retailing Services in Salem City
M. Abirami

Performance Management – an Operative Instrument for Effective Decision Making
M. Kavitha1, T. Punitha2

Social Entrepreneurship in Digital Age for Both Quality Pace for Economic Development
Lavanya V1, S. Chitra2

Personality, (NEURO) Trust and LMX in Information Apportionment
Chhaya Wadhwa1, Ruchi Malik2, J. Satpathy3

The Influence of Instagram Travel Influencers and Travel Motivation on Destination Image and Travel Intention
Khadeeja Bilquees A1, Deepa Ittimani Tholath2

Leadership Role in Making Effective use of Innovation in Industry 4.0
S. Sridhar

The Role of Customer Experience in Brand Royalty and Emotional Intention of Cars in Chennai
N. Jeeva

Employee Retention in Selected Export Companies in Chennai
V. Bhuvaneswari

Job Satisfaction among Women Working in Night Shift in Chennai City
A. Anuradha

Entrepreneurial Training Effectiveness with Special Reference to District Industrial Centre, Thiruvallur
J. Johnson Pandian

Employee Morale in Selected IT Companies in Chennai City
Shobha Edward

Customer Perception Towards Online Shopping in Chennai City
Wilson Paul

Competency Level of Employees at Auto Mobiles Industry Chennai
R. Devi

Customer Satisfaction Towards Internet Banking with Special Reference to North Chennai
K. Lalitha Kameswari

Usage of Digital Payments – Pre and Post Demonetization
G. Maheswari1, Justin Thomas Philip2

Competency Mapping of Employee with Special Reference to Unitech Plasto Components Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
K. B. Praveen1, S. Tamilarasi2

Benefits and Challenges of Online Food Ordering and Delivery Service – with Special Reference to Working Women in Chennai
K. Shyamala1, R. Subhasri2

Influence of Educational Welfare Measures with References to Government and Aided School Students in Chennai
M. Kavitha1, S. Navin Kumar2

Quality of Leadership and its Impact on Productivity of an Organisation (with Special Reference to N. M. Compusys Private Limited)
S. Asaithambi1, V. K. Somasundaram2

Performance Appraisal of Employees in IT Industries in Chennai City
S. Anitha

Entrepreneurial Skill Development in Disadvantaged Group of Entrepreneurs
V. R. Palanivelu1, N. Chandrasekar2

Customers’ Perception Towards Mobile Banking with Reference to Chennai City
R. Purushothaman

Protagonist and Choice of Digitalization of Administration Amenities in Rightful and Viable Change of Country Finances
A. Jayabal

Brand Reputation in Indian Marketing Environment
S. Sujatha

Application of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India (With Reference to Perception of Consumer in Chennai City)
R. M. Duraiarasan1, M. Ramila2

Dissection of Predominant Sectors in NIFTY 50
J. Justin Rayappa1, Caroline Clement2

Major Currency Pairs: Forex Market
Ritu Kothiwal1, Abinaya Rajiyan2

Digitalizing 360 Degree Employee Competency using Banzhaf Power Index and CDF
J. Mahalakshmi1, K. Uma Devi2

Transformational Leadership and Innovative Strategies Influencing Startup Performance
S. Sangeetha1, R. Shanthi2

Customer’s Usage of Cashless Banking Services -with Special Reference to Puducherry (U.T)
S. Thirumal

Customer Service Quality Practice in District Co-Operative Bank – with Reference to Thiruvananthapuram District Cooperative Bank
Sandhya S1, Viji Vijayan2, Hari Sundar Govindaraman3

Relationship of Emotional Intelligence, Workplace Spirituality and Performance
S. Bhavaneswari1, P. Jagadeesan2, P. Balaji3

Consequences on Consumption of Packaged Drinking Water
S. Archana Bai1, T. Vimala2

Social Skills Acquisition Among Engineering and Management Research Scholars
S. Jayalakshmi1, P. Balaji2

The Effect of Practices of Green Human Resource Management Based on Teaching Faculties in Chennai City
R. Bhagyalakshmi1, M. Priyanka2

Influence of Work Life Balance (WLB) on Organisational Performance
A. Shamim Banu1, G. Sundharavadivel2

Determinants of Distributor’s Satisfaction on Multi Level Marketing [MLM] Strategies
O.S. Vedavalli1, M. Venkatramaraju2

Role of Digital Marketing on Buying Behaviour of Youth
K. Bhavani Selvi

Petrol Price: Pre & Post Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India
S. Saravana Kumar1, R. Kiruba Shankari2

Women Entrepreneurship in Global Perspective with Reference to India
Chaitanya Kalidindi1, P Girijasri2

Financial Soundness of Housing Finance Companies: Application of Altman Z- Score Model
B. Ramesh1, P. Suvarchala Devi2

Resource Sharing for Granted & Grant-free Demands in 5G for Non-orthogonal Multiple Access
K. Raghavendra1, N. Sreekanth2, P. Swamy3

Emergency Protection System for Women
S. Srikanth1, G. Harish Kumar2

Vision-Based Security System
Dbk Kamesh1, S. Venkateswarlu2, K.V. Subba Lakshmi3

Secured Data Sharing in Supply Chain of Food Safety using Block Chain
Kanakadurgabella1, Mamatha Sure2

The Belief of World Records Fusion and its Software to Cyber Protection
Geeta Sai Sruthi1, A. Prakash2, P. Padmaja3, D.B.K. Kamesh4

Improving the Performance of the Prediction by Machine Learning Algorithms
M Srinivas Reddy1, Kanaka Durga B2, A Damodar3

Super-Resolution using Anchored Neighborhood Regression
T. Madhulatha1, Gowri2

Does Consumer’s Retail Format Choice Decisions Distinguish among 4Cs of Marketing? Evidence from a Research on Jeans wear Retailing
Sudha Vemaraju1, Anand Bethapudi2

A Absolute Method of Worklife Balance in Public Sector and Private Sector Banks of Hyderabad (Urban) and Hyderabad (Rural) Regions
Ch. V. L. L. Kusuma Kumari1,  S. Suman Babu2

The Impact of Technology in the Field of Accounting in Small and Medium Enterpresis
P. Sridhar1, N. Roopalatha2

A Classical Scheme of AES Algorithm using Cipher Key
Laxmi Palamarthi1, C. Murali Krishna2

Resource Sharing for Granted & Grant-free Demands in 5G for Non-orthogonal Multiple Access
K.Raghavendra1, N.Sreekanth2, P.Swamy3

Privacy Preserving in Data Mining with No Data Loss with a Combinational Scheme
A. Damodar1, C. Rajeev2, M. Srinivas Reddy3

Exploration of System Performance of Quantum Cryptography in Network Security
Velpula Sundara Ratnam

A Scheme to Detect Wormhole attack, Applications and Examination of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network
K. Kumara Swamy1,  P. Manikandan2

Unification of Password Encryption
Aarthi K

SHGs in BIHAR – A Examination of Their Saving Behavior and Saving Products
A. Sreenivas