Volume-7 Issue-6S5, April 2019

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Volume-7 Issue-6S5, April 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Application of Fuzzy Multi Ttributes of Decision (Madm) in Supporting Decision to Determine Best Graduate
Arbansyah1, Arbain2, Dedi Rahman Nur3, Dzul Rahman4

Portable Multi-Utility Porter System in Android Applications
K. Suriya Krishnan1, D. Sivakumar2, M. K. Madhumitha3, R. Kaayathiry4, R. Immanuel Ebenezer5

Semiconductor Quantum Dots for Performance Improvement in Solar Cells
Lekshmi Gangadhar1, Akhila Rajan2, P. K Praseetha3

The Utilization of Extract Belimbing Wuluh Leaves (Averrhoa Bilimbi) as Natural Inhibitor Corrosion to Prevent Corrosion on Metal Mild Steel
Richki Agus Satryan1, Kiagus Ahmad Roni2, Heni Juniar3

Web-Based Information System of Baby Data Management of Integrated Service Post (Posyandu)
Novrini Hasti1, Machdalena2, Andri Sahata Sitanggang3

Effects of Yeast’s Weight and Fermentation Time to Percent Yield of Bioethanol from Peatlan
Kiagus Ahmad Roni1, Merisha Hastarina2, Netty Herawati3

Implementation of the Levenshtein Distance Method and Similarities in Checking the Equal Content of the Document Text
Yo Ceng Giap1, Ma’mun Johari2, Pebrianto Indrawan3, Dedih4

The Restorative Effect of Well-Designed Open Space on the Physiological Health of the Obese Adults in Saudi Arabia
Amr Mohamad Alabbasi1, Ismail Said2

Elections and Russian Citizens Residing Overseas: Prospects for Internet Voting
Grigory Olegovich Yarygin1, Aleksandr Alekseevich Korostelev2, Rafis H. Mukhutdinov3, Andino Maseleno4

The Problem of the Organization of Socio-Cultural Environment for Adaptation and Development of a Student-Migrant’s Bilingual Identity in the Conditions of the Russian Higher Education
Larisa Akhunzhanovna Apanasyuk1, Elena Vladimirovna Smirnova2, Rafis H. Mukhutdinov3, Andino Maseleno4

Bases of Formation of Women’s Professional Mentality in Russia
Alla L. Busygina1, Liliya A. Meteleva2, Darya B. Shtrikova3, Rafis H. Mukhutdinov4, Andino Maseleno5

Modeling of Competence as a Tool of Goal Setting for Education in Modern Society
Oleg N. Yarygin1, Aleksandr A. Korostelev2, Linar G. Akhmetov3, Andino Maseleno4

The Genesys and Base Concepts of Competentology
Raven John1, Aleksandr A. Korostelev2, Oleg N. Yarygin3, Rafis H. Mukhutdinov4, Andino Maseleno5

Formulation of the Problem of Mathematical Modeling of Accommodation of Basic Stations of Cellular Communication in Residential Territories for Students of it-Directions of Preparation
Bogdanova Anna Vladimirovna1, Aleksandr Alekseevich Korostelev2, Rafis H. Mukhutdinov3, Indira A. Shakirova4, Andino Maseleno5

Reengineering of Business Processes of the Higher School: its Prerequisites
Bogdanova Anna Vladimirovna1, Aleksandr A. Korostelev2, Olga L. Shepelyuk3, Anna E. Rodionova4, Irina N. Fardeeva5, Andino Maseleno6

Crisis of Higher Education in Russia
Rustem R. Vakhitov1, Anna E. Rodionova2, Elena V. Smirnova3, Rafis H. Mukhutdinov4, Mariya I. Arzhakova5, Andino Maseleno6

Public Anti-Corruption Control as a Mechanism to Counter Corruption in the Russian Federation
Kuznetsov Sergey Vladimirovich1, Magizov Rustem Robertovich2, Radzevanovskaya Yuliya Viktorovna3, Alexey V. Kuznetsov4, MukhametgalievIskandar Gabdulvaliyevich5, Andino Maseleno6

Performance Evaluation and Comparison of Clustering Algorithms used in Educational Data Mining
N. Valarmathy1, S. Krishnaveni2

Application of Backend and Frontend Systems on Go-Baby Application in Bandung City
R. Fenny Syafariani1, Andri Sahata Sitanggang2, Andino Maseleno3

Clustering Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks Based on K-means: Limitations and Recommendations
Ali Abdul-Hussian Hassan1, Wahidah Md Shah2, Ali Mohamed Husien3, Mohammed Saad Talib4, Ali Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed5, Mohd Fairuz Iskandar6

Invitro Cytotoxic and Anti – Cancer Studies of Polyvinyl Alcohol Mediated 5fluorouracil Conjugated Gold Nanoparticles
Akhila Rajan1, Praseetha P. K2, Ariharan V. N3, Gopu Kumar S.T4

Synthesis and Characterization of Graphene Quantum Dots from Nutmeg Seeds and its Biomedical Application
Anooj E. S1, Praseetha P. K2

Empirical Evaluation of Software Testing Techniques
Ankush Raj1, Naresh Kumar2, Tariq Hussain Sheikh3

Emotional Intelligence to Emotional Stability – a Repertoire of Knowledge from the Bhagavad-Gita
N. Gayathri1, K. Meenakshi2

The Study on Impact of Non-Monetary Factors Influencing Stock Market With Reference to Chennai City
M. Senthil Mathi1, S. Ponmuthumari2

Modified Monarch Butterfly Based Feature Selection for Multi Medical Data Classification Using Deep Neural Network
N. Balakumar1, B. Prabadevi2

Future Oil and Gas Students’ Attitude to Healthy Lifestyle and Their Participation in the Implementation of Russian Physical Educational Complex «Ready for Labor and Defense» (Rld) Normatives
Natalia L.Ivanova1, Nikolay Ivanovich Sinyavsky2, Alexey Valerievich Fursov3, Oksana Petrovna Denisova4, Andino Maseleno5

Role of ICT in Effective Sustainable Reporting
Swati Bhatt1, Sharat Sharma2

Cooperation Between the European Union and the Eurasian Union
Natalia P. Nikonova1, Larisa N. Gorina2, Andino Maseleno3

Inter-Regional Relationship Based on Geo-Economics Requirements
Natalie P. Nikonova1, Larisa N. Gorina2, Andino Maseleno3

Systems and Services Pattern Descriptions at Daycare
Fenny Syafariani R1, Andri Sahata Sitanggang2, Eko Yudhi Pramono3, Wahidah Hashim4, Andino Maseleno5

Implementing Artificial Intelligence Agent Within Connect 4 Using Unity3d and Machine Learning Concepts
Nirmal Baby1, Bhargavi Goswami2

Experimenting with Resilience and Scalability of Wifi Mininet on Small to Large SDN Networks
Ankit Kumar1, Bhargavi Goswami2, Peter Augustine3

The Study on Risk Tolerance Level of Individual Investors and Comparing to Various Investment Avenues
S. Ponmuthumari1, M. Senthil Mathi2

Enhanced Versions of PEGASIS Routing Technique for Wsns: a Survey
Abhilasha Jain1, Ashok Kumar Goel2

E-Learning and Students Satisfaction – Case Study MEDIU
Najeeb Abbas Al-Sammarraie1, Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary2, Suhad Ibrahim Kazem3, Seita Almandeel4, Areej Alshamasi5

The Role of Database Management System to Improve E-Banking Processes – Case Study Islamic Banking
Yousef A.Baker El-Ebiary1, Najeeb Abbas Al-Sammarraie2, Mazin Haithem Razuky3, Seita Almandeel4, Areej Alshamasi5

Creating Hi-Detailed Heart 3d Model Based on MRI and Contour Data and It’s Representation in Augmented Reality
S V Strelkov1, A S Klygach2, V M Ivanov3

Methods and Trends in Natural Language Processing Applications in Big Data
Joseph M. De Guia1, Madhavi Devaraj2

Optimal Overhead Energy Efficient Algorithm of Leach Protocol in Wireless Sensor Networks
Muhammad Khurram1, Sellappan Palaniappan2, Syed Imran Ali3

Ostracism in Virtual Environment: A theoretical Perspective
Almaas Sultana1, Vijay Kumar Chechi2

CEBPS : Cluster Based Effective Breast Cancer Prediction System
P. R Anisha1, B. Vijaya Babu2

Psychological Impact of a Brand Mascot in Customer’s Purchase Decision
Deepak Kochhar1, Pavitar Parkash Singh2

An Analysis of Crop Diversification in Rup Nagar District of Punjab
Anand Kumar1, Kuljit Singh2

Farmer’s Perception on the State of Agriculture in an Industrial Area: a Case Study
Rachana G1, Aparna Joshi2

Socio-Economic Dynamics of a slum in an Expanding City: A Study of Gurgaon, Haryana
Pooja Raghav1, Aparna Joshi2

Use of Smartphones for Academic Purposes by Teachers of Panjab University
Jatinder Kumar1, Suman Sumi2, Anjali Verma3, Sharmila Verma4

Political Rights, Citizenship and the Marginalised Refugees: the Case of Tibetans in Nepal
Javeed Ahmad Bhat1, Rajeesh CS2

TAPI Project as a Role Model for Other National Development Projects of Afghanistan
Mohammad Yousaf Saqib

Role of Cloud Service Broker in Qualifying Teaching Skills
Ravi Khurana1, Amandeep Singh2

Block Level Analysis of Regional Disparities in Educational Development in Punjab
Anil Behl1, Ripudaman Singh2

Relocating the Roots of Marxism in the Call of the Wild and the Iron Heels of Jack London
Neetu Sharma1, Shivani Thakur2

Entropy and the Fantastic: Chaos and Disorder in the Crying of Lot 49 of Thomas Pynchon
Yuna Li1, Pingdingshan2, Jit Pal Aggarwal3

Apocalyptic Vision in the Rabbit Tetralogy of John Hoyer Updike: a Postmodern Study
Yang Zhao1, Jit Pal Aggarwal2

Trauma Studies: Trauma in Early Childhood and its Recuperation
Amrik Singh1, Ajoy Batta2

Socialistic Vision of John Steinbeck and Dos Passos: Foucauldian Analysis of the Grapes of Wrath and Manhattan Transfer
Neha Puri1, Aruna Bhat2

Psychological Empowerment of Teachers: Development and Validation of Multi-Dimensional Scale
Kundan Singh1, Sandeep Kaur2

Patriarchy and Cultural Politics in Deepa Mehta’s Fire
Nipun Chaudhary1, Ishfaq Ahmad Tramboo2

Relationship Between Interpersonal Influence and E-wom in Social Networking Sites
Rajesh Verma1, Rahul Sharma2, Lalit Bhalla3, Megha Mehta4

The Crisis of Identity in the Era of Globalisation: a Study of Kiran Desai’s the Inheritance of Loss
Sanjay Prasad Pandey1, Imtiyaz Ahmad Wani2

Photographers’ Attitude towards Impact of Photo Manipulation in Various Photography Genres
Jitendra Sharma1, Rohita Sharma2

Influence of Causal Attribution on Self-Regulated Learning Strategies among Undergraduate Students
Vijay Kumar1, Jyoti Bhalla2

A Gendered Perspective of the Social Institution of Marriage in Colonial Punjab
Kulnaz Kaur

The Impact of Insurgency on Education Sector in Kashmir: Issues and Concerns
Manu Sharma1, Shoaib Mohammad2

An Assessment of Corporate Social Responsibility: Case Study of a Sonalika Motors
Madhu Mehta1, Mudita Raj2, Vipin Solanki3

Role of Perceived Leader Integrity on Teachers’ Organizational Commitment among Teachers of Senior Secondary School in Nigeria
Musa Shu’aibu1, Nimisha Beri2

Innovative Behavioral Techniques to Reduce Stress Among VII Grade Learners
Deepa Sikand Kauts1, Puneet Kapatia2

Relationship Between Perceived Stress and Coping Mechanism an Exploratory Case Study on Hospitality Students
Sanjeev Kumar1, Amrik Singh2, Santosh Ramkrishna Durugkar3

Growth of Islamic Consciousness in Bengal and the British Colonial Policy
Shahid NP1, Rajeesh CS2

High Accuracy and Efficency Prediction of Herms Using Mapreduce Technique
Devaraj K S1, Janaki K2, Harshitha T N3, Gowtham Das V4, Jinka Kavya5

Assessment of Water Quality Variation of River: a Case Study of Beas River, Punjab
Vipin Solanki1, Sarish Khera2

Levels of Work Place Happiness, Organizational Commitment, Work Motivation, and Job Satisfaction Among Secondary School Teachers in Bhutan
Cheki Gyeltshen1, Nimisha Beri2

The Impact of Organizational Justice on Organizational Commitment: a Perception Study on Teachers of Bhutan
Chime Dorji1, Kamalpreet Kaur2

Comic Games of Parody and Grotesque Realism in Albee’s Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?:a Bakhtian Perspective
Ajoy Batta1, Anum Mirza2

Sustainability in Designing of Plastic Arts
Arjun Kumar Singh1, Jasvinder Singh2

Emergence of Absurdism: Theatre and Anti-Theatre in the Post-World War American Drama
Digvijay Pandya1, T. S. Sangha2

Disruption in Proceedings of Indian Parliament: an Exploratory Study
Javeed Ahmad Bhat

Predicting the Risk of Heart Failure with EHR Sequential Data Modeling
Vamsidhar Talasila1, Rajesh Kumar T2, Ch. Pooja Sai3, S. Satya Sai4, Yalanti Ayyappa5

Effect of Psychological Interventions for Improving Self-Confidence of University Students
Manish Kumar Verma1, Pardeep Kumar2,Yashmeen3

Differences in Perception of Clothing Style Among Indian and Foreign Students
Pankaj Singh1, Preeti Singh2, Kiran Verma3

Organisational Commitment and Hardiness Personality in Relation to Occupational Stress of Primary School Teachers
Pardeep Kumar1, Ajoy Batta2, Vijay Kumar3, Parul Sharma4, Gonika Bhatia5, Vivek Bhuchar6

Health Status and Use of Contraception among Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups in Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh, India
P. Durga Rao

Reading Salman Rushdie’s Shalimar the Clown: A Feminist Approach
Sanjay Prasad Pandey1, Gurjasjeet Kaur2

“Factors of Social Networking Towards the Development of Self-Esteem, Social Skills and Learning Behavior Among Adolescents”
Balan Rathakrishnan1, Mohammad Amin Wani2, Sajad Ahmad Bhat3, Azizi Yahaya4, Soon Singh Bikar Singh5, Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin6, Manish Kumar Verma7

Trans-Cultural Anima, Animus, Shadow and Self : Carl Jung as Structuralist-Poststructuralist Continuum
Nipun Chaudhary

Grotesque Sexual Humour in Upamanyu Chatterjee’s Weight Loss
Mandeep Kaur1, Charan Singh2

Inclusive Education: Attitude of Middle Secondary School Students of Bhutan
Harish Mittu1, Sonam Zangmo2

Efficiency Parameter for Coach and Player Influences in Soccer Using Soft Computing Techniques
J. Vijay Fidelis1, E. Karthikeyan2

Design of Fault Diagnostic and Optimization System through Data Analysis from Industrial Perspective
Saraswathi.S1, Deivasigamni.C2

Classification of Imbalanced Class Distribution using Random Forest with Multiple Weight Based Majority Voting for Credit Scoring
Ramila RajaLeximi Pannir Selvam1, Irfan Ahmed Mohammed Saleem2, Ahmed Alenezi3

Optimization of Multiplier Design in FIR Filters
D. Sivakumar1, J.Gurumurthy2, B.Balan3, Thiyakaraj S. V4, Sriram S5, Syed Afeef Ahmed6

Signature Based Key Exchange for Securing Data and User From Web Data Stealing Attacks
Saravanan Arumugam1, Sathya Bama Subramaniam2, Kirubanand V B3

Blockchain Based Emanative Unassailable System: Use Cases and Repercussions
Sagaya Aurelia1, Anbunathan2, SrinivasaRaju V3

Role of Data Mining in Developing a Smart Iot and its Challenges
Nandhini.S1, Jeen Marseline. K.S2, Deepa.B3

Convergence of Wireless Sensor Network and Data Mining for Pest Mangement in Agriculture
Deepa.B1, Jeen Marseline.K.S2, Nandhini.S3

Predicting Outliers and Ranking Web Documents Using Correlation Analysis
Raheemaa Khan1, Mohammed Saleem Irfan Ahmed2, Ahmad Alenezi3

Fruit Disease Prediction Using Machine Learning Over Big Data
M.T Vasumathi1, M. Kamarasan2

An IoT Design to Predict Mechanical Failure in Vehicles and Effective Replacement
S.S. Akilan1, D. Kayathri Devi2

Human Presence Detection in Remote Area(Prohibited Area) Through Remote Sensing
S. Sumathi1, S. Karthik2, J. Alfred Daniel3

High Speed Multiplier Design Using Kogge Stone Adder
R. Arun Sekar1, D. Ganeshkumar2, A. Rajendran3, S. Sasipriya4

Safeguarding Confidentiality for Universally Sequential Combinations in Scattered Repositories
Ch. Chakradhara Rao1, K. Suresh Kumar2

Chaotic Based Lightweight Image Encryption Algorithm for Real-time Application Systems
Aguru Aswani Devi1, Attada Venkata Ramana2

An IoT Based Approach to Minimize Air Pollution
Sandeep Gupta1, Kailash Kumar2, Aditya Tandon3, Phong Thanh Nguyen4, Lalbihari Barik5

Sentimental Analysis using Deep Learning Techniques
Kalaivani A1, Thenmozhi D2

A Joint Encryption/Watermarking for Color Images
Smt. T Geetamma1, J Beatrice Seventline2

Evaluation of Concrete Using Reshaped Waste Tyre Rubber as Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate
M. Harikaran1, N Balasundaram2

Multi-Biometric System for High Security Applications
Mani Surya Sava1, Rakesh Yadav2, Ramakrishna Savirigana3, Nivas Simhadri4, Kathirvelu M5

Preliminary Evaluation of Novel Plant Mediated Green Intention for the Treatment of Biomedical Waste Obtained From Salem City, Tamil Nadu
E.D. Viswanath1, N. Balasundaram2

Online Handwritten Indian Character Recognition and its Extension to Telugu Character Recognition
Srilakshmi Inuganti1, Rajeshwara Rao Ramisetty2

Sentiment Analysis of Face Book Statuses
K. Srividya1, A. Mary Sowjanya2

Graph Based Indexing Techniques for Big Data Analytics: a Systematic Survey
V. Thiruppathy Kesavan1, B. Santhosh Kumar2

Experimental Behaviour of Water Hyacinth Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement on Short Column
N. Balasundaram1, V. Murugesh2

Municipal Solid Waste Management System in Salem District
J. Sankar1, N. Balasundaram2, D. Roopa.3

Structural Strengthening of Composite Beams Made with SCC and Cold Formed Steel Members
S. Sathyan1, R. Sundararajan2, K. Vivek3

Evaluating the Structural Performance of Self Consolidating Concrete Made with Concrete Debris as Aggregate
T.V. Arul Prakash1, M. Natarajan2, N. Balasundaram3, V. Karthik4

A Multi-Layer Sensing as a Service Model Based on Internet of Things for Smart-Healthcare Applications
Ali Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed1, M. A. Burhanuddin2, Adel Abdul-Jabbar Alkhazraji3, Ali Abdul-Hussian Hassan4, Halizah Basiron5

Clustering Based Affinity Propagation in VANETs: Taxonomy and Opportunity of Research
Mohammed Saad Talib1, Aslinda Hassan2, ZuraidaAbal Abas3, Ali Abdul-Hussian Hassan4, MohanadFaeq Ali5, Z.J AL-Araji6

Recognizing Driver Somnolence using Computer Vision
Anitha K1, Nischitha V N2, Prakruthi SP3, Sindhu D K4

Load Balancing Algorithms in Software Defined Network
Mustafa Hasan Al Bowarab1, Nurul Azma Zakaria2, Z. Zainal Abidin3

Distance Learning Students’ Acceptance Towards E-examination in Nigerian Universities
Hasnah Binti Mohamed1, Tahiru Zanna2

Project Based Learning in Flipped Classroom Based on Student’s Cognitive Style
Hasnah Mohamed1, Aminabibi Saidalvi2, Nor Azneza Tashiron3

Chem-A Module Based on Stem Approach in Chemical Bond
Nur Adilah Abdol Samat1, Nor Hasniza Ibrahim2, Johari Surif3, Marlina Ali4, Abdul Halim Abdullah5, Corrienna Abdul Talib6, Muhammad Abdul Hadi Bunyamin7

The Difference in Critical Thinking and Learning Outcome Using Problem Based Learning Asissted with Sasirangan Ethnoscience Student Worksheet
Rilia Iriani1, Indah Kurniasih2

The Effect of Creative Problem Solving Learning Model with Synectics Techniques Toward Student Creative Thinking Ability
Faisal Arif Setiawan1, Sugeng Utaya2, I Komang Astina3

Developing a Physics Module Integrated with the Local Wisdom of Baayun Maulid to Build Wasaka Character
Mustika Wati1, Sri Hartini2, Nanik Lestari3, Syubhan An’nur4, Misbah5

Malaysian Science Stream Students’ Anxiety Towards Chemistry at the Secondary School Level
Nor Fariha Kamaruddin1, Nor Hasniza Ibrahim2, Johari Surif3, Marlina Ali4, Corrienna Abd Talib5, Noru lhuda Ismail6

Developing of Physics Learning Material Based on Floating Market Local Wisdom
Sri Hartini1, Listiana Prahesti2, Dewi Dewantara3, Syubhan Annur4

Thinking Effects of Cooperative Learning Onstudent’s Higher Order
Christina Andin1, Azieyana Aziz2

Level of Emotional Intelligence of Rural Secondary School Students and its Relation with Academic Achievement
Nurul Farhana Zainudin1, Narina A. Samah2, Zakiah Mohamad Ashari3, Azlina Mohd Kosnin4

Identifying Learners ‘Personality in Social Network Site (SNS) Among First-Year Undergraduate Students Based on Online Communication Style
Anis Afi Wadhihah Solahuddin1, Asmahan Abd Razak2, Norah Md Noor3, Baharuddin Aris4

Assessment and Evaluation of Non-Formal STEM Education Programs
Nur Asyikin Zailan1, Muhammad Abd Hadi Bunyamin2, Chuzairy Hanri3, Nor Hasniza Ibrahim4, Sharifah Osman5, Norulhuda Ismail6, NurIzyan Wan Azelee7

Exploratory Sequential Design to Develop and Validate Economics Placement Test for Nigerian Universities
Ado Abdu Bichi1, Rohaya Talib2, Hasnah Mohamed3, Jamila Ahamad4, Nor’Aida Khairuddin5

Framework to Develop Low Carbon Society among School Community
Fatin Aliah Phang1, Jaysuman Puspanathan2, Aerma Nurazalina Musa3, Mohd Munir Baharom4, Nor FarahwahidahAb Rahman5, Mahyuddin Arsat6, Nina Diana Nawi7

Relationship Among Self-Concept, Study Habits and Academic Achievement of Pre-Nce Students in Zamfara State College of Education, Nigeria
Sulaiman Adamu Mayanchi1, Aqeel Khan2, Adibah Binti Abdul Latif3

Difficulties to Master Scientific Literacy Competencies Among Secondary School Students
Lavaniya Chelvan1, Johari Surif2, Nor Hasniza Ibrahim3

Online Technology Affordance and its Social Implication on Technology Education Program
Abubakar Shuaibu Chiroma1, Muhammad Khair bin Noordin2

Children Customary Clothes in Malay Ceremonies of Adat Memijak Tanah; baby’s First Step Ceremony and Adat Bertindik; Ear Piercing Ceremony.
Nor Idayu Ibrahim1, Arba’iyah Ab. Aziz2, Mohamad Kamal Abd. Aziz3, Siti Hazwani Mohd Khalili4, Zalina Mohd Zamri5

Innovation Canvas: A Mind-Mapping Tool Restructuring Business Idea
Jonathan Gultom1, Samuel Anindyo Widhoyoko2

The Effect of Personal Commitment and Personal Investment, Intention to Act on Students’ Citizenship Behaviour (A 2016 Causal Study From Students of East Java)
Stien J. Matakupan1, I Made Putrawan2, Amos Neolaka3

The Effect of Disruption Technology, Opportunities and Challenges of Telecommunication Industry 4.0 in Indonesia
Librita Arifiani1, Librita Arifiani2

The Effects of Transformational Leadership, Learning Organizations and Decision Making on Lecturers’ Professional Commitment
Pinondang Simanjuntak1, Mukhneri Mukhtar2, Mochamad Wahyudi3

The Effect of Individual Modernity, Religiosity, Cohesiveness, and Social Support on Fishermen’s Quality of Life (A 2017 Causal Study from Fisherman of South Sulawesi)
Eka Apriyanti1, Made Putrawan2, Amos Neolaka3

Foremost Factor that Distracts Students ‘Achievement on Academic Goals and their Prevailing Stress Reliever Activities
Anna C. Bocar1, Sonia Shibila Allen2

The Dynamics of Disposition in the Teaching Profession: Exploring Narrative from Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Teachers
Muhd Khaizer Omar1, Muhammad Aiman Arifin2, Roziah Mohd Rasdi3, Mohd Ashraff Mohd Anuar4, Abdullah Mat Rashid5, Mohd Hazwan Mohd Puad6

Rural Youth Entrepreneurship Training Based on Local Potential
Mustofa Kamil1, Dadang Yunus Lutfiansyach2, Cucu Sukmana3

Group Dynamics-Based Youth Empowerment Model in Improving Social Entrepreneurship Competence
Ade Sadikin1, Akhyadi Dadang2, Yunus Lutfiansyach3, Cucu Sukmana4

Andragogical Content Knowledge (Ack) Model in Improving Tutor Competence
Nur Ida, Ihat Hatimah2, Mustofa Kamil3, Oong Komar4

The Cooperative Experiential Learning Model Based on Soft Skill and Hard Skill in Improving Trainees Competence at the Beauty Course Institute in Tasikmalaya City West Java Province, Indonesia
Wiwin Herwina1, Mustofa Kamil2, Ishak Abdulhak3, Ihat Hatimah4

Corporate Frauds in Emerging Markets: Cases Involving Malaysia Companies
Malini Kanjanapathy

Multifaceted Meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Case Study Among Insurance Company, Non-Government Organization and the Government
Sanil S Hishan1, Suresh Ramakrishnan2, Ahmad Jusoh3, Muhammad Imran Qureshi4, Norhalimah Idris5

Corporate Environmental Management: Eco-Efficiency and Economics Benefits among Manufacturers Certified with EMS14001 in Malaysia
Lee Ah Suat1, Ong Tze San2

Key Credit Factors for Public Private Partnership (PPP) Projects Financing in Malaysia
Yati Md Lasa1, Norizan Ahmad2, Roshana Takim3

The Influence of Fiber Length and Concentration on the Thermal Properties of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Intumescent Coating
Muhammad Yasir1, Faiz Ahmad2, Puteri Sri Melor3, Sami Ullah4, Muhammad Ali5

Differences of TVET Teachers’ Perceptions on Competency across Different Types of TVET Institutions in Nigeria
Lai Chee Sern1, Mohammed Adamu Hamisu2, Kahirol Mohd Salleh3, Babayo Yakubu Adamu4

Contestation of Concepts, Legislation and Institutions Governing Indigenous Peoples in Indonesia and its Impact on the Fulfillment of Their Constitutional Rights
Triyanto1, Rima Vien Permata Hartanto2

Batuh Narit Arur Bilit of Pa’ Umor: A Visual Analysis onto a Carved Stone from the Megalithic Monuments of the Kelabit Highlands
Rafee Y. M.1, Awang Arshad A. H.2, Siri H.3, Jussem S.W.4, Bala P.5, Maying D.6, Aman Leong S. N7

Electronic Stick for Visually Impaired People With Buzzer Alert
D. Siva Kumar1, M. Prem Anand2, K. Deepan Raj3, P. Thalapathi Raj4, R. Yashwanth5, S. Yogesh6

Motivation of Language in Literary Text: A Study of Toni Morrison’s Sula
Mohammad Muzhafar Bin Idrus1, Mehdi Abbass Mohsin2

Empirical Reflection on the Implementation Effectiveness of Community Empowerment Program in Mount Merbabu National Park
Dewi Gunawati

Comparison of Cost Effectiveness Analysis (CEA) for Chronic Disease Management Program (Prolanis) Participants and Non Participants (Non Prolanis) on BPJS Kesehatan Diabetes Patients Year 2014 – 2016
Indrianti Wakhyuni1, Dan Aty Herawati2

Development Model of Syari’ah Financial Service Cooperatives with Data Envelopment Analysis Approach and Financial Performance, (the Study on Syari’ah Financial Service Cooperatives in West Sumatera)
Yurniwati1, Tafdil Husni2, Rida Rahim3, Desyetti4

Rock Slope Stability Assessment of Gunung Rapat Limestone Hills, Kinta Valley, Perak, Malaysia
Jihan Rufaidah Mustapha1, Chow Weng Sum2, Abdul Ghani Rafek3

Action Research to Improve Students’ Problem Solving using Multiple Modes of Representation
Nur Shahadah Abdul Rahim1, Fatin Aliah Phang2, Jaysuman Pusppanathan3

Water Reuse Strategy in Leather Tannery Process
Aditya Wahyu Nugraha1, Ono Suparno2, Nastiti S Indrasti3

The Influence of Tax Aggressiveness as an Intervening Variable on the Relationship between Managerial Ownership and Firm Value
Christian Raditya Widyanto1, Ari Budi Kristanto2, Usil Sis Sucahyo3

Adsorption of Anionic Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Surfactant on Local Sand and Kaolinite Surfaces: the Prospect of Alkaline and Salinity
Tengku Amran Tengku Mohd1, Mohd Zaidi Jaafar2, Johor Bahru3

The Impediments of Small Medium Industries in Government’s View in Indonesia
Muslim El Hakim Kurniawan1, Gatot Yudoko2, Mursyid Hasan Basri3

Human Capital and Partnership Affect the Quality of Graduates of Vocational High School through Organizational Culture
Isniar Budiarti1, Erni Tisnawati Sule2, Hilmiana3, Umi Narimawati4

Early Growth of Zingiber Zerumbet (L.) Smith as Affected by Different Organic Fertilizers and Harvesting Times
Nurhidah Munawer1, Rozilawati Shahari2

Elastic Behavior of Connection System with the Addition of Wooden Clamp on Bamboo Truss Structure
Astuti Masdar1, Noviarti2, Bambang Suhendro3, Suprapto Siswosukartor4, Joko Sulistyo5

Analysis of Environmental Factors Which Affect the Development of Ride-Sharing Platform in China Based on ISM Model H
Lin Li1, Meng Chao2

Treatment Chamber with Turbulent Flow for Liquid Food Pasteurization
Rai Naveed Arshad1, Zolkafle.Buntat2, Ali M.Dastgheib3, Mohd Hafizi Ahmad4, Kaleem U. Babar5

Basic Kanji Learning Strategy of Japanese Language Education Program Faculty of Language and Arts Faculty of Manado State University
Sherly Ferro Lensun1, Helena M.L Pandi2

Does Islamic Attributes Matter to All Age Group of Muslim Tourists in Their Preferences of Destination?
Rohani Mohd1, Anizah Zainuddin2, Shereen Noranee3, Marziah Mokhtar4, Badrul Hisham Kamaruddin5

Cost Assessment on the Application of Hollow Fibre Membrane Module in Wastewater Treatment System in Small Scale Textile Industry
Nur Syamimi Jiran1, Zaina Norhallis Zainol2, Muhamad Zameri Mat Saman3, Noordin Mohd Yusof4

Design of Mimo Antenna for Wlan/Wimax Applications
D. Sivakumar1, J. Sri Arunaa2, T N Suresh Babu3

An Empirical Study of Relationships between Islamic Insurances and Economic Growth
Karin Amelia Safitri

Design of a Fully Wireless Indoor Smart Energy Saving and Monitoring System
Li Woon Koay1, Yasir Hashim2

Business Leadership Styles and Workplace Assessment by Example of MENA
Caroline Akhras

Lebanese Real Estate Sales, Analysis and Empirical Evidence between years 2002 and 2016
Mohammad Makki1, Nouhad Mawad2

The Role of the Consumer’s Demographic Factors in Social Consumption
Diala Yassin1, Yehya Skaf2

The MENA Business Context and Indigenous Assessment
Caroline Akhras

The Impact of the Attitude towards CSR on the Intention of Buying Ecological Products
Diala Yassin1, Yehya Skaf2

Design and Implementation of Optimized Area and PDP Multiplier for High Speed Digital Circuit Applications
M. Kathirvelu

Determinants of Willingness to Pay towards Malaysian Organic Food
Siddique Ahmed1, Chamhuri Siwar2, A. S. A. Ferdous Alam3, Basri Abdul Talib4, Norshamliza Chamhuri5, Nor Diana Mohd Idris6

Mongondow Pronoun: the Teaching of Indonesian Local Language in the Context of National Language
Donal Matheos Ratu

A Multidimensional Poverty Analysis: Evidence from Lebanese Data
Ahmad Ashaal1, Ahmed Bakri2

Impact of ISO 22000:2005 on Job Performance Case of AIG and Harkous Chicken Group
Bilal Toufaili1, Ali Halawi2

A Multi-Layer Sensing as a Service Model Based on Internet of Things for Smart-Healthcare Applications
Ali Abdul-Jabbar Mohammed1, M. A. Burhanuddin2, Adel Abdul-Jabbar Alkhazraji3, Ali Abdul-Hussian Hassan4, Halizah Basiron5

Influence of Digital Economy on School Education in India
S. Srivathsani1, S. Vasantha2

The Expanding Role of Online Learning Towards Perception of Engineering Students
Lekha Padmanabhan

Factors Influencing the Intension to Use Food Online Order and Delivery Appvia Platforms-Using Tam(Technology Acceptance Model)
S. Preetha1, S. Iswarya2

Review on Strategies for Bridging the Employability Skill Gapin Higher Education
Yasmeen Bano1, S.Vasantha2

Attitude towards Computers in Education among Prospective Teachers
R. Jeyanthi

Internship for Knowledge Enhancement – An Exploratory Study
Jainab Zareena

Impact of Economic Decisions on Behaviour of Bombay Stock Exchange in India
G. Sankararaman1, S. Suresh2, T C. Thomas3

Impact of Mobile Wallets on Cashless Transaction
P. Sarika1, S. Vasantha2

Resilient Behaviour Among Student Teachers in Colleges of Education in Relation to Mental Health
V. Girija

Perplexity of Export, Employment and Expenditure MSME -Vs- SEZ A Comparative Study on Creation of Employment Opportunities in India
S. Chandrachud1, Padmapriya2

Reciprocated Effect of Human Cause: Linkages of Human Health and Environmental Pollution
S. Chandrachud1, S. Venkatesa Moorthi2

Ascertaining the Mediating Effect of Financial Literacy for Accessing Mobile Banking Services to achieve Financial Inclusion
M. Bhuvana1, S. Vasantha2

A Study on Problems Faced by the women Entrepreneur in Kancheepuran District
T. Charulakshmi1, M.Thaiyalnayaki2

Role of Nudges in Transformation of Risk Into Purchase Intention in Online Shopping of Electronic Products
Binu Christeena1, S. Preetha.2

Review on Mediating Effect of Resilience and Emotional Intelligence between Occupational Stress ond Job Performance
Vinita Kumari1, S. Vasantha2

A Study on Volatility in Stock Market (NSE) based on Select Sectoral Indices During Union Budget Period of India.
G. Sankararaman1, S. Suresh2, TC. Thomas3, Vishnupriya4

Collision of Social Network Sites Among College Students Academic Performance
P. G.Thirumagal1, G. Madhumita2, V. Krishna Priya3

Motivational Factors Influencing Professionals to Enrol for Online Courses
S. Subhashini1, S. Preetha2, C. Sivapriya3

Variable Selection Using Nearest Neighbor Rule in Discriminant Analysis of Dichotomous Data
Kyubark Shim

Study on Laser Welding Monitoring System
Hyeong-Sam Park1, Sang-Hyun Lee2

Design and Development of Logistic Artificial Neural Network for Electronic Commerce
An-Gyoon Jeon1, Sang-Hyun Lee2

Study of Wireless Communication Technology Between Led-Based Vehicles Using Csk Method
Dae-Won Kong1, Sang-Hyun Lee2

Customer Satisfaction for ATM Services: A Comparative Study of Public & Private Sector Banks in Sahibabad
Rakhi Sharma1, Ajit Mittal2, Teena Bagga3

Systematic Development of Theory-Based Physical Activity Program Using Mobile Application
Kyoungsan Seo

Design and Implementation of a Social Robot-based Companion Animal Care Service
Kang-Hee Lee1, Ho-Sun Shin2

A Clinical Evaluation of an Anti-Aging Cosmetics Containing Functional Peptides and an Epidermal Penetrating Peptide
Young Il Kwon1, Hoon Cha2, Su In Park3, Gyu Min An4, Gyu Ri Kim5, Moon Sam Shin6

Clinical Study on Atopic Dermatitis and Skin Itchiness Using Cosmetics Containing Palmitoyl Oligopeptide-1, a Skin Penetrating Peptide and Intercellular Lipids
Hoon Cha1, Young Il Kwon2, Su In Park3, Gyu Min An4, Gyu Ri Kim5, Moon Sam Shin6

Clinical Efficacy and Safety of an Anti-Cellulite Cosmetics Containing High Content of Caffeine Complex and A Transdermal Penetrating Peptide
Young Il Kwon1, Hoon Cha2, Seon Hwa Kim3, Su In Park4, Moon Sam Shin5, Gyu Ri Kim6

Design of UVB-LED Lighting System to Support the office Worker’s Synthesis of Daily Vitamin D
Kyeong-Mi Kim1, Young-Won Kim2, Seung-Taek Oh3, Jae-Hyun Lim4

Development of Smart Tourism app Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons
Cheol Jong Oh1, Eun Kyoung Jwa2, Jeong Woo Jwa3

Smart Tourism Monitoring Device Based on IoT Technologies
Jin Sung Kim1, Hyeon Jun Kang2, Jeong Woo Jwa3

Multi-Stage Rat-race Ring Coupler for Broadband Application
Sun-Kuk Noh1, Tae-Soon Yun2

Evaluation of Bumpy Spot of Stuff Delivery for the Bleed Sonance on the Pulse Variance Understanding System
Jeong-Lae Kim1, Jae-Sil Choi2

Specification of Jagged Spot by the Lipper Sonance of Stuff Delivery on the Spread Variance Knowledge System
Jeong-Lae Kim1, Kyung-seop Kim2

A Research on the Porous Analysis and Air Purification Efficiency for Air Clean Tower in the Outdoor
Jeong-Gi Lee1, Chul-Jun Choi2, Nam-Su Kwak3, In-Pyo Cha4

A Study on Questionnaire for Self-Diagnosis Rheumatoid Arthritis
Eun Soo Choi1, Seo Won Song2, Yeun Su Kim3, Ji Hyung Yoo4, Chunhwa Ihm5, Mi Kyoung Lim6, Dong Hyuk Sheen7, Min Soo Kang8

Priority-Based Blind Rendezvous Scheme for Post-Disaster Scenario Networks
Junhyung Kim

An Integrated Health Care System using IoT
Pavan Kumar Kolluru1, Sri Vijaya Kondapalli2, Meka Sowjanya3

A Study on Convergence Design using Information and Communication Technology
Kim Gok Mi

DDSRC: Algorithm for Improving QOS in VANET
Parimala Garnepudi1, S Siva Nageswararao2, K Lakshminadh3

Effects of Lower Extremity Exercise on the Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis on the Basis of a Meta Analysis
Cheong-Gu Yun1, Chang-Sik An2, Jeong-lae Kim3

A Sensing Data Collection Strategy in Software-Defined Mo-bile-Edge Vehicular Networks
Lionel Nkenyereye1, Jong-Wook Jang2

Pseudo Forces in Yarn Unwinding from Packages
Stanislav Praček

Analysis Algorithm Kohonen and Momentum on the Back Propagation Neural Network
Purwa Hasan Putra1, Muhammad Zarlis2, H Mawengkang3

Analysis of Centroid Value Variations Against the Number of Iterations Using the Clustering K-Means Algorithm
H. Simanjuntak1, M Zarlis2, P H Putra3

An Analysis of Kohonen Algorithm Addition to the Backpropagation Method in Processing of Recognizing Temperature Data
A Hasibuan1, M Zarlis2, H Mawengkang3, P H Putra4

Analysis of Using Binary and Bipolar Data in Knowing the Logic Gate Using Perceptron Method
J Simangunsong1, S Efendi2, P H Putra3

Analysis of Apriori Algorithm in Mining Drug Sales Data at Ridos Hospital
E S Ompusunggu1, S Efendi2, P H Putra3

Adat Court Vs Syar’iyah Court: Study of the Legal Culture of Aceh Communities Completing the Khalwat Cases
Yusrizal1, Mukhlis2, Nanda Amalia3

Some Applications of Engineering Mathematics in Mechanical Engineering
Zahedi Herman Mawengkang1, Marwan Affandi2, Mahrizal Masri3

The Syiah Turmoil in a Sharia Soil: An Anthropological Study of Hidden Syiah Minority Entity in Contemporary Aceh
Al Chaidar Abdurrahman Puteh1, Abidin Nurdin2, T. Nazaruddin3, Alfian Lukman4

The Syiah Stance in a Sharia Land: A Socio-Legal Study of a Latent Syiah Minority Entity in Contemporary Aceh
Elidar Sari1, Teuku Nazaruddin2, Abidin Nurdin3, Al Chaidar Puteh4

Calculating Blood Needs Using Prediction Models for Major Thalasemia Patients At Cut Meutia Hospital
Harvina Sawitri1, Cut Asmaul Husna2

Development of Children Aged 3-5 Years Based on Nutritional Status in Banda Sakti District Lhokseumawe, Aceh
Nur Fardian1, Julia Fitriany2, Puti A. Yuditya3

Mean Arterial Pressure of Preloading and Co loading Intravenous Ringer’s Lactate in Spinal Anaesthesia: Study in Cut Meutia Hospital, Lhokseumawe
Nur Fardian1, Anna Millizia2, Sarah Safira3, Maulina Debbyousha4

The Application of English Specific Purpose (ESP) At Tertiary Level in Aceh
Idaryani Nurdin1, Fidyati2, Dewi Kumala Sari3, Rasyimah4

An Interactive Method for Solving a lass of Stochastic Multi Objective Integer Linear Programming Problem
Suparni1, Herman Mawengkang2

Morphological Diversity of Avocados (Perseaamericana Mill.) in Central Aceh, Indonesia
Ismadi Yunus1, Rd. Selvy Handayani2, Hafifah3, Rahmiyati4

Policy Drugs Prevention Model Based on Local Wisdom in Lhokseumawe
Aiyub1, Rusydi2

Preservation of Local Genius Culture as Efforts to Maintain Nation Existence
Hasbi Ali1, Ratih Candrasari2

Realization of Information and Communication Technology (Ict) Innovation in Several Aceh Districts (Study Lhokseumawe City)
Muhammad Fazil1, Zulham2, Subhani3

Drying Design Model for Dried-Anchovy Using Solar Collector and Solar Cell Panel Position Control
Selamat Meliala1, Saifuddin2, Rosdiana3

Efficiency of Conventional Versus Islamic Commercial Banks in Indonesia 2014-2016 Using Data Envelopment Analysis
Hijri Juliansyah1, Cut Putri Mellita Sari2, Devi Andriyani3, Tarmizi Abbas4, Ilham Sanusi5

Familial Terrorism: An Anthropological Analysis on Familial Suicide Bombings in Surabaya, 13-14 May 2018
Dedy Tabrani

Optimization Model for Group Decisions Based on Consensus in Social Network
Fajriana1, Herman Mawengkang2

Controlling Industrial Processes Using Multivariate Exponential Weighted Moving Average (Mewma)
Evi Ramadhani1, Herman Mawengkang2, Sutarman3, Marwan Ramli4

Green Open Vehicle Routing and Schedulling Problem Considering the Time Spent in Traffic Congestion
Almira1, Herman Mawengkang2, Saib Suwilo3, Tulus4

Optimizing Lot Size of Flexible Job Shop Problems by Considering Expiration Aspect
Yenny Suzana1, Herman Mawengkang2, Marwan Ramli3, Opim Salim Sitompul4

Sample Average Approximation Approach for Solving a Class of Two-Stage Stochastic Integer Programs
Fatma Syarah1, Togi2, Herman Mawengkang3

Developing an Optimization Model for Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows Considering Delivery and Pick-Up Simultasneously
Erwin1, Joni2, Herman Mawengkang3

Dissemination Model of Android Based Village Information Technology for Communities in Bireuen District
Taufiq1, H Mawengkang2, M.Zarlis3, Maryana4, Facrurazi5, Sulhatun6

The Globalization of English as a Threat to Local Minority Languages and its Implication for English Language Teaching
D. Rizki1, K. Kurniawati2, N. Fadhillah3, K. Khalsiah4

Analysis of Cultural Psychology Regarding the Phenomenon of Salaman Kissing the Hands of Lecturers among Indonesian Student
Safuwan1, Syahriandi2, Fakhrurrazi3, Muhammad Ali4

Khauri Kubu (A Unique Culture from Lambiheu Siem, Great Aceh)
Khalsiah1, Nurul Fadhilllah2, Ratri Candrasari3, Kurniawati4, Dini Riski5, Syafira Yunidar6, Yuni Wulandari7, Riyandhi Praza8

Solar Cell Position Control Building Design Using Microcontrollerf Optimizing Power Sunway in the Coffee Drying Application
Saifuddin1, Selamat Meliala2, Rosdiana3, Wahyuddin Albra4, Ikramuddin5

Good Governance of Public Relation Government Strategy in Lhokseumawe City Through the Website Www.Lhokseumawekota.go.id
Harinawati1, Anismar2, A M Husniati3, C. Puspasari4, W Sari5

Customer Service and Customer Retention
Rohit Mohan1, Rai R. S2, Dwarika Prasad Uniyal Teena Bagga3

Questioning the Authority to Settle Bankruptcy Cases of Sharia Financial Institution in Indonesia: in Religious Court or Commercial Court?
Gemala Dewi SH.1, LL.M Azikra2, Yastadzi Sidik SH.3

Impact of Justice Perceptions and Job Satisfaction on Nurses’ Work Motivation: An Evidence at Private Hospitals in West Sumatra Province, Indonesia
Harif Amali Rivai1, Hendra Lukito2

Is Training Necessary?
Yadav L. Ram1, Rai R. S2, Srivastava Sanjay3, Teena Bagga4

Self-Engagement in Avitourism: A Case of Taman Negara Bird Count (TNBC2017) Malaysia
Khatijah Omar1, Muhammad Abi Sofian Abdul Halim2, Hazman Samsudin3, Zaleha Mohamad4, Isma Rosila Ismail5, Siti Nur ‘Atikah Zulkiffli6

Consumer Buying Behaviour in Computer Peripherals Brick & Mortar Stores in India
Manu Nanda1, Radhe Shyam Rai2, Dwarika Prasad Uniyal3, Teena Bagga4

Local Community Partnership in Social Development Program: National Community Case Study in Terengganu
Norhayati Ab Manaf1, Ramle Abdullah2, Khatijah Omar3, Muhammad Abi Sofian Abdul Halim4, Mohamad Hafis Amat Simin5, Sahar Sa’di Hashim6

Science Centre Engagement on Visitor Personal Connection
Nurhaya Baniyamin1, Zaiton Abdul Rahim2

Film Censorship Regulators in Malaysia and Bangladesh
Md. Zahidul Islam

Customer Satisfaction for ATM Services: A Comparative Study of Public & Private Sector Banks in Sahibabad
Rakhi Sharma1, Ajit Mittal2, Teena Bagga3

Human Resources Information System and Impact on Human Resources Planning

Human Essential Parameters Monitoring and Precaution System
V. G. Amrita Deepika1, M. Aravind Srivatsan2, B. Aruthra3, Bindu Babu4

Analysis of Plant Biodiversity Using Transect Method in Eden Park Forest 100
Nurhasnah Manurung1, Masnadi M2, Pandu Prabowo Warsodirej3

Performance of Industrial Revolution-Base Lecturers 4.0
Isworo Pujotomo1, Sasmoko2, A. Bandur3, Nugroho J. Setiadi4

The Effect of Metacognitive Scaffolding Framework towards Students’ Performance
Noriesah Ahmad1, Nurul Farhana Jumaat2, Norazrena Abu Samah3, Zakiah Mohamad Ashari4, Abdul Halim Abdullah5, Dayana Farzeeha Ali6

Estimating Electricity Consumption in the Commercial Sector of Nigeria’s Economy
O Y Usman1, M K Abdullah2, A N Mohammed3

Imposing Penalty for Internet Addiction in Malaysia: Lesson from South Korea
Saslina Kamaruddin1, Nadia Nabila2, Kang En Qie3

Corporate Social and Enviornmental Disclosure Among Malaysian Listed Companies
Sanil S Hishan1, Suresh Ramakrishnan2, YamunahVaicondam3, Muhammad Imran Qureshi4

Non-Performing Loan and Economic Determinants in Asia-Pacific Countries: Evidence from Credit Card Debt
Weini Soh

Implementation of Adaboost & Majority Voting for Credit Card Fraudulent Transaction Detection
T. Kamal Raj1, Hariom Mishra2, Avinash Verma3

Student Self-Regulated Learning in Physics at a Higher Education Institute
Nur Izzaty Abdul Rahim1, Maizatul Nadwa Che Aziz2, Fatin Aliah Phang3, Nor Farahwahidah Abd Rahman4, Jaysuman Pusppanathan5

Functional Properties of Dual Modified White Corn Starch
Rijanti Rahaju Maulani1, Asep Hidayat2, Ujang Dinar Husyari3

Chemical Regeneration of Modified Magnetic-PEI-Cellulose Adsorbent for Removal of Anionic Reactive Black 5 Dyes
Abu Hassan Nordin1, Norzita Ngadi2, Zurina Mohamad3, Mazura Jusoh4, Agus Arsad5

Formulation of Profit Aware Algorithms for VM Provisioning using Finite Queueing Model
N. Neelima1, B. Basaveswar Rao2, K. Gangadhara Rao3, K. Chandan4

Stock Price Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques
Pavan S1, S Usha2, Rakshith S3, Vijay Joshi4, Ravindra Acharya G R5

Tracking of Blood Donor and Organ Donor Application
Bhagya Lakshmi.1, D.N Usha.S2

Blockchain Based Loyalty Platform
Manjunatha M S1, S Usha2, Chaya Bhat C3, Manu R4, Kavya S5

The Effect of Corporate Governance Proxies on Firm’s Financial Performance. an Empirical Analysis from Beirut Stock Exchange
Muhieddine Ramadan1, Farid Abdallah2

Governing Medical Big Data, Protecting Patient Privacy
Bilal Jibai1, Hassan Najdi2

The Influence of Social Media on Lebanese Students’ Buying Decisions
Chukri Akhras

The Performance of Windshield Glass Waste as a Replacing Material for Coarse Aggregate in Concrete
Siti Nur Fateha Mohd Paiz1, Mimi Suliza Muhamad2, Nuramidah Hamidon3, Mohamad Hairi Osman4, Mohd. Hezri Mohd. Lwi @ Mokhtar5

Study of the Amount of the Domestic Energy Consumption at Kolej Kediaman Pelajar UTHM Pagoh by Relating with Carbon Dioxide Emission and Its Implication to the Environment
Nuramidah Hamidon1, Khalid Salleh2, Mariah Awang3, Mimi Suliza Muhamad4

How to Develop Traditional Textiles to Make Them Modern to the Contemporary World Through the Use of Digital Technology
Usaini Aliyu

An Energy Efficient Dynamic Probabilistic Routing Algorithm for Mobile Adhoc Network
Haripriya Nair1, P. Manimegalai2, N. Rajalakshmi3

Adaptive Heart Monitoring System Using IoT
N. Kaleeswari1, R. Arun Chakravarthy2, M. Arun3

Vicissitudes of Security and Privacy (Visp) in Cloud Computing: A Study on Multi-Cloud Data Sharing Issues
P. Kanimozhi1, T. Aruldoss Albert Victoire2

Elegant App to Endorse Indian Merchandise Intended for Monetary Maturity
D. Saravanan1, S. Usharani2, R. Parthiban3, S. G. Sandhya4

Lossy Node Elimination Based on Link Stability Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Network
U. Palani1, D. Saravanan2, R. Parthiban3, S. Usharani4

Experimental Investigation on Properties of Concrete by Replacing Cement with Water Hyacinth Ash
N. Balasundaram1, V. Murugesh2

Security Improvement in Open Cloud Environment Using Arithmetic Algorithm
R. Parthiban1, S. G. Sandhya2, U. Palani3, D. Saravanan4

Improvement of Voltage Stability of Radial 28 Bus System using L-Index Sensitivity Matrix
G Rajendar1, Basavaraja Banakara2

Sheltered and Efficent Statistics Discrimnation for Cluster Based Wireless Antenna Networks
D. Saravanan1, R. Parthiban2, U. Palani3, S. G. Sandhya4

Handover Priority to the Data at Knob Level in Vanet
S. G. Sandhya1, D. Saravanan2, U. Palani3, S. Usharani4

An Experimental Study on Flexural Behaviour of Nano Ggbfs Concrete
V. Johnpaul1, N. Balasundharam2, S. Sanothini. Pragadheesh3, Kameshwaran J4, Satheesh Kumar.M5, M. Balajimanikandan6

Organic Food Acceptance: an Application of Theory of Planned Behavior
Ajay Chandel1, Krishan Gopal2

Impact of Physiography on the Precipitation Pattern – A Case of Sahyadri
Amandeep Singh1, Abhishek Akaram Patil2

Research Attitude Among Afghan University Teachers: the Role of Social Support
Abdul Baseer Safi1, Dinesh Kumar2

Perceived Stress as Predicting and Loneliness as Mediating Factors in Development of Alcohol Abuse Among Young Adults
Hariom Sharma1, Chindu Karoth2, Samreen Naz3

Emotional Competence Among Medical Employees
Samreen Naz1, Hariom Sharma2

Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Quality of Romantic Relationships: Review Research
Amrita Sidhu1, Pretty Bhalla2, Inass Said Salamah Ali3

Review Research on Dissolved Romantic Relationships at Workplace: Process, Factors & Consequences
Amrita Sidhu1, Pretty Bhalla2, Inass Said Salamah Ali3

Validation of Metacognitions Questionnaire in Indian Context
Savita Gupta1, Liyaqat Bashir2

Balance for Better: an Analysis of Women’s Working Conditions
Jose Vattakuzhy1, Vinod CV2

Understanding the Effect of Service Value Network in Transformation of Society
Mithilesh Pandey1, Neelam Nakra2, Rajesh Poonia3

Guru Gobind Singh in Portraiture: Alterations and Adaptations in Originality
Gurdeep Kour1, Rohita Sharma2

Influence of School Climate on Achievement Motivation of Higher Secondary School Students
Harish Mittu1, Lino K Zhimomi2

Successful Political Marketing: A Punjab Voter’s Point of View
Krishan Gopal1, Rajesh Verma2, Ajay Chandel3

Cries of the Blacks: Psychic Anxieties of Pecola and Sethe in Toni Morrison’s Beloved and the Bluest Eye
Sukhvinder Kaur1, Jitpal Aggarwal2

Monitoring System for Industrial Applications
D. Sivakumar1, Deepak. R2, Dhanush.3, Sdhivya Lakshmi.G.4

Treatment of Antisemitism and New World Order in the Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson: an Analytical Study
Nitin Malhotra1, Smita Devi2

Teacher Education Accreditation Practices and Procedures: Comparison of USA, England, Australia and India
Anshu Narad

Piloting Social Transformation: an Innovative Approach in Mass Education
Manavpreet Kaur Arora

Catastrophe of the Lost Sister of Shakespeare
Abhilasha Singh

Organizational Commitment and Work Engagement as a Facilitator for Sustaining Higher Education Professionals
Sunaina Ahuja1, Savita Gupta2

Traffic Lights Analysis and Manipulation for Emergency Vehicles Using Deep Learning Algorithm
S. Sobitha Ahila1, D. Sivakumar2, M. Naveen Nanda3, Nivedita4, Suresh Kumar Nair5, Sruthi Kannan6

An Adaptive Method for Monitoring the Quality of a Structure
D. Sivakumar1, B. Balan2, K. Fathima Naseem3, Dhivya.T4, R. Gayathri5

Stair Climbing Robot Using Star-Wheel Methodology
Balan.B1, D. Sivakumar2, Murali Krishna. K.B3, Niranjan. M Lakshman4, Marthandam. R5

Relationship Among Self-Concept, Study Habits and Academic Achievement of Pre-Nce Students in Zamfara State College of Education, Nigeria
Sulaiman Adamu Mayanchi1, Aqeel Khan2, Adibah Binti Abdul Latif3

Face Recognition Using Haar – Cascade Classifier for Criminal Identification
Senthamizh Selvi. R1, D. Sivakumar2, Sandhya. J. S3, Siva Sowmiya. S4, Ramya. S5, Kanaga Suba Raja.S6

BOT-O- PEDIA – Learning Simplified
S. Sobitha Ahila1, D. Sivakumar2, Ashwin Suganthan3, Arunkumar.M4, Manish Kumar S5

Computerized Growth Analysis of Seeds Using Deep Learning Method
D. Sivakumar1, K. Suriya Krishnaan2, P. Akshaya3, G. V. Anuja4, G. T. Devadharshini.5

Analysis of A Steel Structure With Knee Bracings By Response Spectrum Method
Ambati Supraja1, P. Prasanthi2

An Efficient Classification Performance Analysis on Quality Data Management in Health Care Industries
K. Parish Venkata Kumar

IoT Based Drowsiness Detection System Using Labview
Kalathiripi Rambabu1, Jennifer Shalini2, Shaik Ayesha Anjum3, P. Ramya Ramani4

Economic Empowerment of Women with Reference to Income Sources and Spending Patterns – a Study Conducted in East Godavari District
Ramanuja Naraharisetti

Optimization of Node Deployment in Wsn
M. Srinivas1, P. Durga Prasad Rao2, V. Naga Prudhvi Raj3

A Novel Technique for Localization in WSN
P. Durga Prasad Rao1, M. Srinivas2, V. Naga Prudhvi Raj3

Machine Learning Based Adboost Algorithms
Vijaya Ramineni1, Y. Surekha A.2, Vanamala Kumar3

Analysis of Machine Learning Adaboost Based Classifier
Polagani Rama Devi1, M. Sailaja2, V. Siva Parvathi3

Social Sector Expenditures and Their Impact on Human Development in India: Empirical Evidence During 2001-02 To 2015-16
S. M. Reddy1, V. V. Narsi Reddy2

Equity Crowdfunding in Europe – a New Financial Phenomenon for Gen-Z Entrepreneurs
K. Bhanu Prakash1, P. Siva Reddy2, K. Ravikiran Vasaswi3

Human Capital Talentum Analytics – a Focus Study on Schools of Business (Sobs) in Telangana & Karnataka
K. Bhanu Prakash1, A. Adisesha Reddy2, P. Siva Reddy3

Data Analysis for Real Time Monitoring of Heat Exchangers
Swetha1, Piyush Jain2, Juhi Dadhich3, Hiya Choudhary4

Smart E-Bus Pass System – Step Towards Augmentaion of Technology in Giet Institutions
G. Uma Mahesh Kumar1, Suresh Varma P2

Vlsi Implementation of Image Fusion Using Pca Algorithm With Maximum Selection Rule
Surya Prasada Rao Borra1, Rajesh Kumar Panakala2, P. Rajesh Kumar3

Dynamics of Strong Prey and Weak Predator with Hvrvesting of Prey
G A L Satyavathi1, Paparao. A.V2, K. Sobhan Babu3

Expanded DDOS Attacks Detection Using Snort Rules
U Surya Kameswari1, Suneetha Bulla2, Suresh Babu Chendolu3

Study of Software Maintenance and Maintenance Estimation Guidelines
P. Ashok Reddy1, K. Rajasekhara Rao2, M. Babu Reddy3

Strongly Prime Ternary Semi Groups
Seetha Mani. P1, Sarala.Y2, Jaya Lalitha. G3, Srinivsa Kumar. B4

Characterization of Printed Podal Vivaldi Antennas (8-18 Ghz) on Rt Duroid With Single and Double Cavity
P. Venu Madhav1, M. Siva Ganga Prasad2

IoT Based Smart Room Solutions
S. Mahendra Kumar1, K. Prudhvi Raju2, A. Haritha3

A Distributed Delay Model With a Prey, Predator and Competitor
N V S R C Murty Gamini1, Paparao. A.V.2

Scientific Applications on Cloud Computing for Exploring Potential and Performance
L . Ravi Kumar1, M. Malyadri2

Snoezelen Bubble Tube – A Therapy for the Mentally Challenged People
Mr. Sambasivarao Chindam1, Rama Devi Burri2

Performance Evaluation and Optimization of Manufacturing Assembly Line by Using Discrete Event Simulation
K. Amarnath1, P. Surendernath2, M. Gangadhar3

Robot Path Planning
K. Vijay Kumar1, G. Radha Devi2

Analysis of Context Vector Machine based System for Multimedia Information Retrieval
Rafeeq1, Ravi Kanth.M2, K. Srujan Raju3

Stabilization of Structures in Seismic Areas Subjected to Different Ground Motions
Ramachander Damera1, Ilango Thaniaras2

Analysis of Wireless Sensor Application and Architecture
R. Sushmitha1, B. Naga Jagadeesh2

Multiple Digital beam forming for Active Phased Array RADARs
D. Subbarao1, Tejavath Rama Krishna2

A Critical Evaluation of Islanding and Seamless Reconfiguration Technique for Microgrid System with Fuzzy Logic Controller Based UPQC Scheme
T V V Pavan Kumar1, G Isaac2, K Ramesh Babu3

Improving Performance of Live Migration using Log Table Based Method without Violating Service Level Agreement
G Hemanth Kumar Yadav1, K. Madhavi2

De-Duplication Techniques: A Study
S. Usharani1, K. Dhanalakshmi2, N. Dhanalakshmi3

Voice Assistant Application for a College Website
Deny Nancy1, Sumithra Praveen2, Anushria Sai3, M.Ganga4, R.S. Abisree5

Construction and Validity of Module to Empower Bully Handling of Wardens and Students in Boarding Secondary Schools in Malaysia
Fauziah Binti Mohd Saad1, Asma Perveen.2, Kamarulzaman Bin Kamarudin3, Madya4, Mohammad Aziz Shah Bin Mohamed Arip5, Norazani Binti Ahmad6, Nurul ‘Ain Binti Mohd Daudd7

Computational Analysis and Simulation of Fractional Order PID Controller for Ceramic Infrared Heater
Vineet Shekher1, Pankaj Kumar2, Surya Deo Chaudhary3

A Comparative Study of Speckle Reduction Filters for Ultrasound Images of Poly Cystic Ovary
G. Vasavi1, S. Jyothi2

Enhanced and Adaptive Threshold based Protocol to Handle Energy Consumptions for Ad hoc Networks
J. Suman Kumar Kaundinya1, P. Sanyasi Naidu2

Involvement of Computing to Improve Decision Making in Cricket
Jahangir Kamal1, Manoj Kumar2, Kailash Kumar3, Aditya Tandon4, Phong Thanh Nguyen5

An Approach to Brain Tumor Segmentation and Severity Analysis using Particle Swarm Optimization
Divyanshu Sinha1, Aditya Tandon2, Phong Thanh Nguyen3, S. Rama Sree4

Monitoring your Fleets on the Go with RTDFMS [Real Time Distributed Fleet Monitoring System]
Alok Srivastava1, Aditya Tandon2, Prashant Mani3, Lalbihari Barik4

Chronic Liver Disease Prediction Analysis Based on the Impact of Life Quality Attributes
Sivakumar D1, Manjunath Varchagall2, Ambika L G3, Usha S4

Comparison of Response Spectrum, Time History and Matched Time History Method in Zone V and Zone IV Earthquake Zones of Multi Storied Building as per IS 1893-2016
Anirooth Velamuri1, Y. Rajesh Kumar2