Volume-7 Issue-5S, January 2019

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Volume-7 Issue-5S, January 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Farewell to Orator-Listener Mode of Teaching and Welcome to the Role as Language Engineers
S. Sreejana

Faith and Emotional Intelligence
Tissaa Tony. C

Impact of Inflation of the Household Spending Power
A. Sulekha1, R. Francina Pracila Mary2, Tharmalingam3

Awareness and Perception of Health Issues Among Rural Women
V. Selvam1, D. Ashok2, P. Pratheepkanth3

English Mass Media: the World-Wide Knowledge Bank for Learners
S. Sreejana

Rediscovering the Past and Technology as in James Blish’s “Surface Tension”
V. Suganthi

Memorable Ecotourism Experiences in Taman Negara, Pahang
Thanam Subramaniam1, Zaiton Samdin2, Sridar Ramachandran3, Puvaneswaran Kunasekaran4

Exploring the Status of Community Capacity Building towards Urban Poverty Alleviation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mahaganapathy Dass1, Sarjit S Gill2, Puvaneswaran Kunasekaran3

Local Community’s Participation and Empowerment Level Towards Sustainable Heritage Tourism in Taiping, Malaysia
Mustafa Abd Aziz1, Shazali Johari2, Puvaneswaran Kunasekaran3

A Study on the Relationship between an Individual’s Personality and Tax Compliance
Kavitha Arunasalam

Dynamic Relationship Between Trade Balance and Macroeconomic Elements: Empirical Evidence From Emerging Economies in Malaysia
Vikneswaran Manual1, Wai San2

Factors Affecting Customers’ Perception Toward Service Quality of Grab
DK Nur’ Najmah1, PG Haji Menudin2, Nooraneda Mutalip Laidey3

Understanding the Role of Memorable Tourism Experiences in Loyalty at Giant Panda Conservation Centre, Zoo Negara Malaysia
Poh Yee Thoo1, Shazali Johari2, Mohd Hafizal Ismail3, Lai Ling Yee4

The Relationship Between Service Quality and Memorable Tourism Experience at Giant Panda Conservation Centre in Zoo Negara Malaysia
Poh Yee Thoo1, Shazali Johari2, Mohd Hafizal Ismail3, Lai Ling Lee4, Muhammad Luqman Hasan5

Motivational Factors of Women to Become Social Entrepreneurs in Lundu District, Sarawak
Lai Ling Yee1, Shazali Bin Johari2, Diana Emang3, Poh Yee Thoo4, Muhammad5, Luqman Hasan6

The Volatility of the Malaysian Ringgit; Analyzing Its Impact on Economic Growth
Trishal Ashvin Kaur1, Vikneswaran Manual2, Meera Eeswaran3

Academic Timetable Optimization For Asia Pacific University, Malaysia using Graph Coloring Algorithm
Sireesha Prathi Gadapa1, M. M. Mohamed Ubaidullah2, Rajasegeran Ramasamy3, Raja Rajeswari Ponnusamy4

The Effects of Selected Macro & Micro Economic Variables on Firm Performance for Listed Firms in the ‘Industrial Products’ Sector in Malaysia
Mohammad Ashfaq Ruhomaun1, Mitra Saeedi2, Navaz Nagavhi3

Evaluation of Service Quality Dimensions towards Customer’s Satisfaction of Ride-Hailing Services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Chia Kar Man1, Rohizan Ahmad2, Tee Poh Kiong3, Tajuddin A. Rashid4

A Study on Factors that Influence the Cultural Adjustment Faced by the African and China Students in Higher Learning Institutions in Klang Valley
SobanaManivannan1, Lua Sharmini Satanam2

A Study of Factors Influencing Personal Financial Planning among Young Working Adults in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
David Lee1, Dhamayanthi Arumugam2, Nooradhanawati Binti Arifin3

The Strength of Social Capital of Three Local Communities at Gunung Pueh National Park, Lundu, Sarawak
Muhammad Luqman Hasan1, Thoo Poh Yee2, Yee Lai Ling3, Shazali Johari4, Diana Emang5

The Challenges in Adopting and Implementing Integrated Reporting in Public Listed Companies in Malaysia
Suresh Balasingam1, Dhamayanthi Arumugam2, Kong Ai Hui3

Auditors Acceptance of Dysfunctional Behaviour in Kazakhstan
Suresh Balasingam1, Dhamayanthi Arumugam2, Alus Sanatova3

The Impact of Market Risk and Fair Value Measurement on the Financial Performance of Public Corporates in Malaysia
Abdul Aziz Noor Ali Khan1, Dhamayanthi Arumugam2, Kahyahthri Suppiah3

The Study about Risk Assessment on Cloud Computing Security among Small and Medium – Sized Enterprises (SMES) in Malaysia
Lim Jia Hui1, Dhamayanthi Arumugam2, Suresh Balasingam3

Examining the Effect of Transactional and Transformational Leadership Styles on Employee Satisfaction in Conglomerate Companies
Thilageswary Arumugam1, Amira Rahman2, Mazuwin Maideen3, Shamini Arumugam4

An International Study on the Risk of Cyber Terrorism
Suhannia Ponnusamy1, Geetha A. Rubasundram2

Fraud Risk Assessment: A Tale of the Possible Corporate Executive Fraud and the Perceived Cyber-Security
Geetha A Rubasundram

Lee-Carter Mortality Forecasting: Application to Mauritian Population
Woodun Dhandevi1, Ho Ming Kang2, Raja Rajeswary Ponnusamy3

Internet Governance: Present Situation of Bangladesh and Malaysia
Md. Zahidul Islam1, Rabeya Anzum2

The Factors Affecting Malaysian Investment Risk Tolerance for Retirement Plans
Chng Leh Queen1, Hafinaz Hasniyanti Hassan2

The Impact of Economic Outlook on the Stock Market of the Service Sector in Malaysia
Yong Xian Jeat1, Hafinaz Hasniyanti Hassan2

Awareness of Unit Trust among Young Professionals in Malaysian Private Sector
Yap Li Xian1, Hafinaz Hasniyanti Hassan2

The Impact of Dividend Policy on the Volatility of Share Price of Manufacturing Companies in Malaysia
Bhagmal Harsha Neelanjana1, Hafinaz Hasniyanti Hassan2

The Relationship between Bank’s Credit Risk, Liquidity, and Capital Adequacy towards its Profitability in Indonesia
Rifqah Amaliah S1, Hafinaz Hasniyanti Hassan2

Determinants of Bond Yield
Choy Veng Yieand1, Ng Hui Chen2

A Comparison of Classification Models for Life Insurance Lapse Risk
Lim Jin Xong1, Ho Ming Kang2

Forecasting Prices of Fish and Vegetable using Web Scraped Price Micro Data
Mazliana Mustapa1, Raja Rajeswari Ponnusamy2, Ho Ming Kang3

Application of Sign Language in Designing Restaurant’s Menu for Deaf People
Saud Al Zadjali1, Sumaira Muhammad Hayat Khan2

Cosmetic Advertisements: A Study on Self-Esteem and Buying Behaviour of Young Women in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Vam Lock Kwan1, Rahilah Ahmad2, Rohizan Ahmad3

The Influence of Work-Life Balance, Perceived Flexibility and Maternity Benefits Towards the Retention of Working Mothers in Kuala Lumpur
Joanne Sequerah1, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh2

Growth Opportunity, Supportive Management, Meaningful Work and Turnover Intention among Generation Y Employees: A quantitative Study in the Public Sector in Astana, Kazakhstan
Ainur Shaimerdenova1, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh2, Subaashnii Suppramaniam3

Customer Loyalty and its Determinants: A study on Foreign Banks in Malaysia
Tejash Roy Chunnoo1, Ng Hui Chen2

Influence of Psychological Contract, Organisational Justice and Organisational Commitment Among Dispatched Employees’ Turnover Intention: Evidence from Chinese MNCs
Anusuiya Subramaniam1, Li Sha2

Study on Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction in Mobile Telecommunication Industry in Malaysia
Nurdaulet Nurysh1, Navaz Naghavi2, Benjamin Chan Yin Fah3

An Employability Assessment of Fresh Business Graduates in Kuala Lumpur from the Perspective of Employers
Subaashnii Suppramaniam1, Patrick Han Kok Siew2, Gainedenova Ainara3

Factors Influencing Parents Decision in Selecting Private Schools in Chittagong City, Bangladesh
Subaashnii Suppramaniam1, Janitha Kularajasingam2, Nusrath Sharmin3

Predicting Students’ Final Grade in Mathematics Module using Multiple Linear Regression
Hazlina Darman1, Sarah Musa2, Rajasegeran Ramasamy3, Raja Rajeswari4

Impact of the Corporate Governance on the Financial Statement Fraud: A Study Focused on Companies in Tanzania
Ally Faraj Abri1, Dhamayanthi Arumugam2, Suresh Balasingam3

The Performance of Response Surface Methodology Based on the OLS and MM-Estimators for Second-Order Regression Model
Raja Rajeswari Ponnusamy

Factors Influencing Sustainable Community based Tourism (CBT) among the Indigenous People of Lambir, Sarawak
Ripin Lamat1, Shazali Johari2, Puvaneswaran Kunasekaran3

Bidayuh Community’s Social Capital Development towards Sustainable Indigenous Tourism in Sarawak, Malaysia
Shazali Johari1, Puvaneswaran Kunasekaran2

The Nexus between Emotional Intelligence and Communication Apprehension amongst Millennial in Malaysia
Shideh Ziaee Boroujeni1, Mudiarasan Kuppusamy2

The Role of Employee Knowledge and Behavior towards Sustainable Development: An Investigative Study Based on Readymade Garments Industry of Chittagong, Bangladesh
Ariful Islam1, Mazuwin Binti Haja Maideen2, Abdul Rashid Bin Abdullah3

The Impact of Leadership Styles, Perception towards Gender and Working Experience on Employees’ Job Satisfaction in the Higher Education Institute
Darshini Veerasundar1, Mazuwin Binti Haja Maideen2

A Study on Factors Inluencing the Adoption of a Crowdsourcing Mobile Application among Generation Y and Z in Maldives
Mohamed Munawwar Ali1, Mazuwin Binti Haja Maideen2

Impact of Job Burnout, Job Security and Organizational Commitment on Turnover Intention among Credit Counseling and Debt Management Agency Employees in Kuala Lumpur
Nila Chandran Rajandran1, Anusuiya Subramaniam2, Mazuwin Binti Haja Maideen3

An Explanatory Study on Job Motivation, Socioeconomic Status and Networking towards Women Career Advancement in Malaysia
Pooja Beesoon1, Huey Wern Wong2, Sueraya Binti Mohamad Alwie3

Centennials and Millennials’ Social Content Marketing Behaviour: A Predictive Analytics Approach
Raheem Mafas1, Mudiarasan Kuppusamy2

A Study on Imputation Methods for Vehicle Traffic Data
S. Narmadha1, V. Vijayakumar2

“A Comparative Study on the Impact of Skin Care Products on the Self-Esteem of Women Users and Non-Users in Coimbatore City”
A. Mohanapriya1, M. Padmavathi2, A. Prasathkumar3

Impact of Corporate Action on Share Prices of Indian Stock Market– An Empirical Investigation
Y. Arulsulochana1, M. Padmavathi2, R. Saravanan3

Buying Behavior of Meat Consumption Relates to Food Safety from North and South Part of the Coimbatore City
R. Arun1, R. Bhuvaneswari2

Roles and Challenges of Hr in Healthcare
P. Jakulin Divya Mary1, K.N. Priya2

A Study on Corporate Valuation with Special Reference to Select Nbfcs Listed in Nse.
N. Manicka Mahesh1, K. Nagarajan2

Consumer Preference and Brand Awareness towards Cosmetic Product in Calicut City, Kerala
Athulya V1, M. Ramya2

Employee’s View on Job Satisfaction: A Study on Garments Industry in Bangalore
Ravi V

Envisioning Radical Change in Post-Emotional Society with Reference to Dattani’s Seven Steps around the Fire
Hema. R

Image Splicing Detection based on Surf with Ripplet Transform-ii
A. Jeyalakshmi1, D. Ramya Chitra2

Joyce’s Wizardry of Twinning – A 21st Century Appraisal on His Virtuosic Quality
M. Senguttuvan1, Laxmi Dhar Dwivedi2

A Few Separation Axioms on Nano Topological Spaces
P. Sathishmohan1, V. Rajendran2, C. Vignesh Kumar3, P.K. Dhanasekaran4

Nano Pre-Regular and Strongly Nano Pre-Regular Spaces.
P. Sathishmohan1, V. Rajendran2, P. K. Dhanasekaran3, C. Vignesh Kumar4

Coefficient Inequlity for New Subclass of Sakaguchi Type Function Related to Sigmoid Functions
P. Mini1, B. Srutha Keerthi2

Community Empowerment through the Mykasih Entrepreneurship Program towards Urban Poverty Alleviation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mahaganapathy Dass1, Sarjit S Gill2, Puvaneswaran Kunasekaran3

The Dark Web and Digital Currencies: A Potent Money Laundering and Terrorism Opportunity
Geetha A Rubasundram

The Perceived Effective Leadership Style and Employee Performance in a Non-Profit Making Organization. A Quantitative Study in Amman, Jordan
Nadia Abdul Kareem A. Almarakshi1, Jugindar Singh Kartar Singh2, Janitha Kularajasingam3

Properties of Hypergeometric Functions for Functions Certain Subclasses of Sakaguchi Type Functions
N. P. Damodaran1, B. Srutha Keerthi2

The Concept of Morality in Hemingway’s Novel ‘the Sun Also Rises’
Jerald Robinson. J1, J. Jainy Osben2, A. G. Sujithra3

A Study to Evaluate Ethical Climate as an Antecedent for Deviant Behaviour in Workplace With Reference to Hospitals in Health Sector in Tamil Nadu
P. Thamaraiselvi1, D. Visagamoorthi2

A Study on College Students’ Level of Awareness Towards Business Planning Process with Special Reference to Coimbatore
N. Latha1, P. Vijeyakumar2

An Empirical Examination of the Indicators Influencing Malaysian Listed Manufacturing Companies’ Share Price Escalation
Chew Jing Jiet1, Vikneswaran Manual2

Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis of a Garment Finishing Unit
Muthukumar K1, Subrata Das2