Volume-7 Issue-5C, February 2019

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Volume-7 Issue-5C, February 2019, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication

CSHM Multiplier and Radix-256 Algorithm Using Fir Filter Design
Anusha B1, B. Annapurna2, Arulananth T S3, T. Nagarjuna4

A Study of Dual Fuel Operation on LHR Diesel Engine
Sivakumar Ellappan1, Prabhu Kishore2, P. Suresh3

Institutions – Industry – Society Collaborative Learning Bring Success in Engineering Education in India
Arulananth T S1, Pallavi Goud2, Baskar M3

A Multimodal Bio-Cryptosystem as a Model against Spoofing Attacks
Bhagya P1, Mahesh P K2

Wireless Indoor Positioning Techniques Based on Ultra Wideband (UWB) Technology
B. Venkata Krishnaveni1, K. Suresh Reddy2, P. Ramana Reddy3

Deep Stock Prediction using Visual Interpretation: DeepClue
C. Durga Sruthi1, B. Dilip Kumar Reddy2

Advanced Mechanisims for Detection of Malware Family Attacks in Computer Networks
G. Sunil Santhosh Kumar1, M. Neelakantappa2, K.V. Rameswara Reddy3

A Survey on Traffic Flow Prediction with Deep Learning Algorithms on Big Data
J. Swami Naik1, N. Kasiviswanath2, K. Ishthaq Ahamed3, S. Raghunath Reddy4

Blockchain for IoT Application: Challenges and Issues
M. Padma1, N. KasiViswanath2, T. Swathi3

A Study on Different Phases and Various Recommendation System Techniques
Mallari Vijay Kumar1, P.N.V.S. Pavan Kumar2

Latest Power Management Technologies for Mobile Computing Devices
P. Nagabhushan Reddy1, T. Bhaskara Reddy2

Semi-Automation of Libraries
Sriram Konduru1, Sai Sushmitha Batchu2, Geethika Parvataneni3, Chejarla Venkata Narayana4

Identification of Serious Success Factors to Implement Lean Manufacturing in Indian Middle Scale Industries
S. Gunasekharan1, D. Elangovan2, M. Maheswari3

Analysis and CDNA Microarray Image Segmentation Based on Hough Circle Transform
T. Srinivas Reddy 

Effectiveness of a Dimpled Non-Even Surface For Oscillations Control For Flow Over Fissure: Numerical Analysis
Yogesh Madaria1, Vijay Kanjarla2

An Overview of Data Management in Cloud Computing
K. Yogitha Lakshmi1, S. Dhanalakshmi2, B.G. Obula Reddy3

Apriori-based Frequent Symptomset Association Mining in Medical Databases
R. P. Ram Kumar1, R. Jayakumar2, A. Sankaridevi3

Certain Investigations on Sentimental Analysis Architecture and Tools
R. P. Ramkumar1, Sanjeeva Polepaka2

Study and Analysis of Big Data with MapReduce Framework
K. Rama Krishna Reddy1, B.G. Obula Reddy2

Overview of Managing Data Storage, Resource Models and Security Issues in Cloud Computing Environment
S. Dhanalakshmi1, K. Ramakrishna Reddy2, K. Vijaya Krupa Vatsal3

A New Deterministic Code Allocation Technique for Data Compression in Wireless Sensor Networks
H. Anwer Basha1, S. Arivalagan2, P. Sudhakar3, R.P. Narmadha4

Renormalization in AC Circuits based on Fractal
R. Kamali1, G. Jayalalitha2

Lightweight Algorithms for Low Powered IoT Devices Comparative Analysis
D.M. Sheeba1, R. Varalakshmi2, N. Anbumani3

A Survey on Big Data Applicability in Prediction Using Absence Information for Workforce Management
R. Varalakshmi1, R.S. Dhivya2

An Intangible System to Augment the Prediction of Heart Diseases Using Machine Learning Techniques
Shaik Akbar1, P. Sri Silpa2, Anand Thota3, K. Nageswara Rao4

Hybrid Adaptive Channel Estimation Technique in Time and Frequency Domain for MIMO-OFDM Systems
S.B. Lenin1, N. Tamilarasan2, S. Malarkkan3

Using COCOMO Dataset Effort Estimation for Developing Software
Manohar K. Kodmelwar1, S.D. Joshi2, V. Khanna3

Seithiyalan – An iPhone Application for Cricket Summary Generation in Tamil
S. Thendral1, R. Subhashni2, V. Madhan Karky3

A Blockchain Framework for Insurance Processes in Hospitals
B. Lakshma Reddy1, A. Karthik2, S. Prayla Shyry3

A Survey on Crop Recommendation Using Machine Learning
M.V.R. Vivek1, D.V.V.S.S. Sri Harsha2, P. Sardar Maran3

Microcontroller based Monitoring and Reprocessing System for Waste Water Management
Su.Suganthi1, P. Pavithra2, C. Sri Lakshmi Priya3, T. Thayamma4

Survey on Enhancing Drainage Maintenance System Using IoT
Vamsi1, Manikanta2, T. Anandhi3

Analysis of Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention System against Cyber Attacks
P. Adlene Ebenezer1, Asha Shajee2, Dhruv Patel3, Himangshu Shekhar Saikia4, Rahul Mishra5

A Segmentation Approaches to Detect Autism and Dementia from Brain MRI
B.J. Bipin Nair1, T.R. Pruthvi2

Modern Methodology for the Detection and Removal of Herbicides
G. Thamarai Selvi1, M. Shanmuganathan2, A. Sivabharath3, S. Syed Irfan4

Member Counting in Smart Buildings
B. Deva Naga Sylesh1, B. Varun Kumar2, M. Saravanan3

Impact on Fuse Settings and Size of Photovoltaic Distributed Generation Source Due to Fault Current
B.V. Surya Vardhan1, Mohan Khedkar2, Nitin Kumar Kulkarni3

Fuzzy Soft Bi-partite Graph and its Application in Employee Selection for An Organisation
K. Malathy1, S. Meenakshi2

Braking/Deceleration Mechanism in Hyperloop System Using Sensor Values and Feedback
Himanshu Thakur1, Ankit Rastogi2, Ritik Raj Singh3, Shubham Khanduri4

Vulnerabilities and Security Issues in Cps and IoT for Wire Less Communication
S.P. Maniraj1, R. Pranay Sharma2, M. Venkata Siva Kumar3, B.V. Sai Mohan Krishna4, G. Sree Ram Pavan5

Solving Timetable Scheduling Problems Using Genetic Algorithm
Deeba Kannan1, Kuntal Bajpayee2, Samriddho Roy3

Hardware based Anti-theft System for Smartphones
J. Caroline El Fiorenza1, Dinesh Udayakumar2, Chandrasekar Rajah3, M. Karthikeyan4

IoT based Smart Band for Biometric Authentication Using Blockchain Technology
S.V. Abishek1, G.M. Dhuruva Priyan2, Sridatt More3, A. Suganthan4

The Portrayal of Great Mathematicians in Movies: A Review
M. Ramesh1, S. Sathiyaseelan2, I. Ajit3

Lyrics from Popular Songs and Rhyme to Enhance the ESL Learner’s Proficiency in English Language
Mary Thomas 

Multiple Colours of Gandhi in Post-Colonial Cinema
A. Ajai1, G. Bhuvaneswari2

A Survey on Big Data Management in Health Care Using IoT
M.J. Bharathi1, V.N. Rajavarman2

Advances in Natural Language Processing – A Survey of Current Research Trends, Development Tools and Industry Applications
Krishna Prakash Kalyanathaya1, D. Akila2, P. Rajesh3

Ground Water Data Analysis using Data Mining: A Literature Review
P. Tamilarasi1, D. Akila2

A Reversible Data Hiding Technique Using Histogram Modification and SMVQ for Very Large Payloads
S. Arockiaraj1, S. Sundara Mahalingam2, B.V. Manikandan3, V.P. Gowtham Kumar4

Women’s Decision and Its Consequences Portrayed in Kavery Nambisan’s on Wings of Butterflies’
P. Suresh1, J. Revathy2

Humanistic Aspects Found in A.K.Ramanujan’s Poems
P. Suresh1, R. Prigya2

A Review of Threshold based Segmentation for Skin Cancer with Image Processing
T.D. Srividya1, V. Arulmozhi2

The Struggle of Women, Social Realities and Psychological Approach in Ann Petry’s the Street and the Narrows
P. Suresh1, D. Angeline Jeba2

Traumatised Childhood in Mahesh Dattani’s Play Thirty Days in September
P. Suresh1, Suchismita Bhattacharya2

Song of Innocence to Experience: A Freudian Critique of Dylan Thomas Select Poetry
N. Sumathi1, P. Suresh2

The Dialog on Postmodernism Intertextuality, Parody, the Talk of History and the Issue of Reference
P. Suresh1, S. Suman Rajest2

Narrative Exuberance and Powerless Female Depicted in Alice Munro’s “Runaway”
Geetika Patni1, Keshav Nath2, Ajay Sharma3

Role of Niche Marketing on Search Engine with Reference to Pay Per Click Advertisement
Esther Silvia1, S. Rabiyathul Basariya2

Crime against Women (CAW) Analysis and Prediction in Tamilnadu Police Using Data Mining Techniques
S. Lavanyaa1, D. Akila2

Perception of Motivators-A Study of Public Sector Banks in Bangalore
G.G. Loganathan1, S. Manoharan2, T. Sudhamaheswari3

A Study on Supervised Learning in Medical Image Grading using IoT
A.Vidhyalakshmi1, C. Priya2

Customer Preference for Online Shopping in Coimbatore District
V. Mathan Kumar1, R. Velmurugan2

Detection OFAES Algorithm for Data Security on Credit Card Transaction
C. Sudha1, D. Akila2

Structural Design and Modeling of Keystone Butterfly Valve
S. Gunasekharan1, K. Tarun Raj2

Preparation and Tribological Properties of New Bisimidazolium Ionic Liquids
M.V. Varalakshmi 

Intuitionistic Neutro Soft Rough Sets and Classical Regression Model for Brain Image Segmentation
Prasanthi Boyapati1, N. Nagamalleswara Rao2

A Dynamic Access for Forecasting of User Vitality Positions in Social Networking Services
N. Manoj Kumar1, Pallam Ravi2