Volume-1 Issue-6, January 2013

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Volume-1 Issue-6, January 2013, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Performance Optimization of Logic Circuits based on Hybrid CMOS and CNFET Design
Shimaa I. Sayed1, M.M.Abutaleb2, Zaki B. Nossair3

Advance NOC Router with LOW Latancy & Low Power Consumption by Wormhole Switching
Rajesh Nema1, Teena Raikwar2, Prerna Suryavanshi3

Dissimilar Metal Welding of AISI 4130 Steel To 18% NI Mararing Steel
D. Dhanapal1, S. Venkateswarlu2, B. Jayachandraiah3

A Study on Different Techniques for Security of an Image
Parameshachari B D1, K M Sunjiv Soyjaudah2, Chaitanyakumar M V3

Investigation on Advanced Encryption Standard Techniques Using SMART Copyback for Data
Rajashekarappa1, K M Sunjiv Soyjaudah2

Design and Performance analysis of Constantgm Low-Power Rail-to-Rail Operational Amplifier
Anand Kumar Singh1, Abdul Manan2

Computation of the Optimal Value of Operating Parameters in a Reactor – Heat Exchanger System by Differential Evolution Techniques
Gopalakrishnan.B1, P.K.Bhaba2

Simulation of Carbon Nano Tube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET) for Reconfigurable Logic Gate Design
Harish Kumar Pal1, Anand Kumar Singh2, Prerna Sharma3

Design and Comparative analysis of a Metamaterial included Slotted Patch Antenna with a Metamaterial Cover over Patch
Surabhi Dwivedi1, Vivekanand Mishra2, Y.P.Kosta3

Design and Fabrication of Convergent Wind Mill
K.Maharaja1, S.N.Vijayan2, S.Sendhil Kumar3

Runoff Estimation for Darewadi Watershed using RS and GIS
Arun W. Dhawale

A Critical Review on Photovoltaic Base Maximum Power Generation System
Puneet Kumar Chaudhary1, Ranjan Maheshwari2

Problems in Mobile Agent System Security
Arihant Khicha

Simulation of Coherent PSK Circuit for Wireless Data Communication with Zero Bit Error Rate
P.Nallathai1, N.Nithiyanandam2

Web Application Testing: A Survey
Geetha J K1, Monika M2

Experimental Investigation on LHR Extended Expansion DI Diesel Engine Emission Controlling Injection Timing
A.Siva Kumar1, K.Vijaya Kumar Reddy2, E.Ramjee3

Transformer Winding Insulation Measurement Using Phase Difference Technique
Prabir Ranjan Kasari1, Prashanta Saha2, Abanishwar Chakrabarti3, Bikram Das4

Cloud Business Intelligence – Is What Business Need Today
Yuvraj Singh Gurjar1, Vijay Singh Rathore2

Improving Tree Seed Germination by Electrostatic Field
Zhi-bin Gui1, Antonio Piras2, Li-min Qiao3

Simulation and Modeling Analysis in Manufacturing Process
R.Uday Kumar

Low Power MAC Unit for DSP Processor
Avisek Sen1, Partha Mitra2, Debarshi Datta3

Real Time Implementation of Fractional Order Controller (PI λ ) in an Air Flow Temperature System
K.Vaithiyanathan1, P.K.Bhaba2

Segmentation of Ultrasound Images Using Closest Neighbour Approach
Neha Rani1, Tejinder Thind2

Color Transformation of Images for the Color Blind Viewers using Bacteria Foraging Optimization Technique
Deeksha Garg1, Richa Sharma2

Performance Evaluation of WLAN Channel Utilization of TXOP-HCCA for Real-time Applications
Erna Sri Sugesti1, Purnomo Sidi Priambodo2, Kalamullah Ramli3, Bagio Budiardjo4

Recognition of the Tonal Words of BODO Language
Utpal Bhattacharjee

Studies on Permeability of Self-Healing Built-In Bacteria Concrete
Srinivasa Reddy V1, Jyothi Kumar K S2, Seshagiri Rao M V3, Sasikala Ch4

A Survey on Polarization Reconfigurable Patch Antennas
Uma Shankar Modani1, Anubhav Kanwaria2

FPGA Based Cost Efficient Fir Filter Using Factored CSD Technique
Kanu Priya1, Rajesh Mehra2

Thermodynamic Modelling for Performance Analysis of Compression Ignition Engine Fuelled With Biodiesel and its Blends With Diesel
Sanjay Patil

Design and Analysis of High Performance Double Edge Triggered D-Flip Flop
Ravi.T1, Irudaya Praveen.D2, Kannan.V3

Isolation, Spectral Characterization, Thermal Efficiency and Microbial Evaluation Studies on Indian Rubber (Hevea Brasiliensis) Seed Oil
Sundaram Arvind Narayan1, Sutha Shobana2, Anand Sundaram3, Jeyaprakash Dharmaraja4

Area Efficient Interpolator Using Half-Band Symmetric Structure
Rajesh Mehra1, Shaily Verma2

Analyzing Data Collection Strategies Using Mobile Sink
Aparna A. Kamble1, Vivek S. Deshpande2

Arithmetic and Logic Unit Designing Using Reversible Logic Gate
Divyansh Mathur1, Arti Saxena2, Abneesh Saxena3

Comparative Study between Wireless Regional Area Network (IEEE Standard 802.22) and WiMAX and Coverage Planning of a Wireless Regional Area Network Using Cognitive Radio Technology
Santa Rahman1, Nahid Hossain2, Nizam Sayeed3, M.L. Palash4

Artificial Neural Network, Decision Tree and Statistical Techniques Applied for Designing and Developing E-mail Classifier
H.S. Hota1, Akhilesh Kumar Shrivas2, S.K. Singhai3