Volume-3 Issue-6, January 2015

Volume-3 Issue-6, January 2015, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Electronic Trust Readiness Evaluation on B2C E-Commerce Companies
Najafi, Issa

An Analysis on Unsteady Heat and Mass Transfer Flow of Radiative Chemically Reactive Fluid Past an Oscillating Plate Embedded in Porous Media in Presence of Soret Effect
Sanjib Sengupta

A Pico Blaze-Based Embedded System for Monitoring Applications
Kishore Ajay Kumar Ayyala

LVRT Characteristic of Scigwind Turbine System by Incorporating PMSG using Matlab/Simulink
Priya A. Jha1, Ashish G. Patel2

Stirling Engine Powered Fan
Bhanu Prasad D. N1, Yathin Kumar L2, Rakshith M3

LTE Network Coverage Area
Pradnya Kamble1, Dixit Jain2, Mehul Jain3, Vrushab Jain4, Sohil Mehta5

Study of Impact of Spark Timing and Compression Ratio on Performance of SI Engine
Indira Priyadarsini1, M. V. S. Murali Krishna2, E. Nirmala Devi3

Active Vibration Suppression of Laminated Composite Structures Integrated with Magnetorheological Fluid Segments
Zahra Sadat Fattahi Massoom1, Zabihollah Abolghassem2

Statistical Analysis to Investigate the Possible Impact of Climate Change on Water Availability in Letaba River of South Africa
P. K. Sinha1, Rajesh Kumar2

One Click Intent Image Search
Pandav Anand1, Muke Sonal2, Kore Sudarshan3, Sangade Komal4

Strategies Employed by Australian Bricks & Mortar Travel Agents to Compete with Virtual Travel Agents
Kevin Kayani1, Michael Mc Grath2, Povl Larsen3

Foliar Fertilization Influence on Production Components Formation and Grains Quality for Triticosecale Witt.Variety
Ricuţa-Vasilica Dobrinoiu1, Luminiţa Vişan2, Silvana Dănăilă Guidea3, Andrei-Gabriel Ivan4

Genetic Code Expansion using Aminoacylated Orthogonal tRNAs in Conjunction with Aminoacyl Sulfamides
Xiao Liang1, Ravil Khaybullin2, Junjie Fu3, Kevin Goncalves4, Amy Xia5, Xin Qi6