Volume-9 Issue-3, September 2020

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Volume-9 Issue-3, September 2020, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Projection of Temperature and Precipitation using Multiple Linear Regression and Artificial Neural Network as a Downscaling Methodology for Upper Bhima Basin
Dattatray Kisan Rajmane1, Milind Laxman Waikar2

SBC-Based Diabetic Retinopathy and Diabetic Macular Edema Classification System using Deep Convolutional Neural Network
Anicia Coleen S. Reyes1, Gem Ryan C. Milan2, James Marvin M. Quilaton3, Bryant Exel G. Sigue4, Steven Valentino E. Arellano5, Kenneth C. Karamihan6

Surveillance FPV Drone with Obstacle Avoidance System
Sunay Dharwadkar1, Sarvesh Harmalkar2, Chinmay Nagzarkar3, Vivkanand Tendulkar4

Design and Implementation of an Efficient Rose Leaf Disease Detection using K-Nearest Neighbours
Swetharani K1, Vara Prasad2

Different Types of Attacks on Block Ciphers
Wageda Alsobky1, Hala Saeed2, Ali N.Elwakeil3

Improving the Legal Framework and Social Policy in the Context of a Pandemic
Mukhitdinova Firyuza Abdurashidovna1, Mukhamedov Хaidarali Mеlievich2

Multi-Station Automated Hand Washing System (MSAHWS)
Jolan Baccay Sy1, Marlon Gan Rojo2, Eunelfa Regie Calibara3, Alain Vincent Comendador4, Wubishet Degife5, Assefa Sisay Yimer6

Utilization of Grid Neural Network Model and RT-PCR test to detect the COVID-19 Patients and to avoid the Spreading of SARS-CoV-2
Ajendra Kumar1, Preet Pal Singh2, Dipa Sharma3, Pawan Joshi4

Abstraction, the Big Idea, and it’s Significance in Science and Technology Education
Ajijur Rahman1, Shanowaj Choudury2

FPGA Implementation of Memory Bists using Single Interface
P. Ramakrishna1, T. Vamshika2, M. Swathi3

Network Intrusion Detection using a Deep Learning Approach
V. V. Mandhare1, D. R Pede2, P. S. Vikhe3

5G Evolution: Differences between Basic 4G/LTE with 5G Network
Nurul Syahira Binti Nordin1, Woo Ying Yee2, Md Saeed Hasan Joarder3, Badrul Hisham Bin Ahmad4

Use of Web 2.0 Social Networking Sites for Collaborative Sharing Research Information by the Social Science Research Scholars at Alagappa University, Karaikudi
P. Pitchaipandi1, C. Baskaran2

How India and its Neighbors are doing during Covid-19 Pandemics- A Critical Analysis
Pankaj Agarwal1, Sapna Yadav2, Juhi Chaudhary3

Techniques for Malignant Melanoma Diagnosis: A Systematic Literature Review
Carlos I. Poclin Meza1, Kevin L. Monteza Corrales2, Lenis R. Wong Portillo3

Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques, Features and Obstacles in the Cataract Diagnosis
Isaac Ñuflo1, Franco Mecca2, Lenis Wong3

Displacement Analysis of RC Frames and its Seismic Performance Appraisal
Ahmad Farhad Farahmand1, Bhartesh2, Sayed Shuaib Qammer3

Placement of PV Units Considering Uncertainties of Generation and Load in Distribution Systems
Anshu Parashar1, Anand Kumar Pandey2, Ritesh Kumar Rai3

Maximizing Machine Capacity by Improving Efficiency using Linear Programming Model
P. Sivasankaran1, B. Radjaram2, K. Karthigayan3

Innovative Way to Decrease the Water Consumption of Direct Evaporative Air-Cooler
Jahidul Haque Chaudhuri1, Rohan Deb2, Jhinuk De3

Thermal Performance of Composite Roof Structures with Insulating Layers in Non-Conditioned Buildings for Hot-Dry Climate
Mohan Rawat1, R N Singh2

Techniques for Images Processing, Factors and Results of Colposcopy to Diagnose Cervical Cancer
Alfonso Alexander Ruesta Sedano1, Jeanette Giuliana Gamarra Herrera2, Lenis Rossi Wong Portillo3

Switched-Capacitor based Quadruple Boost 9-Level Inverter Topology with Multicarrier PWM Technique
Mohanapria M K1, Rajambal K2

Enriching E-Commerce Fraud Detection by using Machine Learning
Veena Malik1, S. C. Dharmadhikari2

Q- Learning Algorithm with Network Coding in Multi-Path Transfer Protocol for Wireless Mesh Network
S. Rajeswari1, S. A. Arunmozhi2, Y. Venkataramani3

Cervical Cancer: Machine Learning Techniques for Detection, Risk Factors and Prevention Measures
Elmer Diaz1, Andres Ccopa2, Lenis Wong3

Al-Hadba Minaret in the Last 100 Years
Rasheed Saleem Abed

V/C Digital Controlled DC-DC Converter
R.Sravani1, P.Deepak Reddy2

Smart Warehouse Governance using AI and Raspberry Pi
Ponraj A1, Aswin Kumar M2, Balasubramaniam AS3, Giridhar K4

Implementation of an Automated System in the Measurement of Temperature in Broken Dynamic Equipment
José Luis Hernández Corona1, Ernesto Mendoza Vázquez2, Alejandra Ortiz Castro3, Amador Arroyo López4, Moisés Martínez Aguirre5

Threats and Protection on E-Sim
Alex R Mathew

Evaluation of a Potential Antibacterial, Produced by Streptomyces Cinereoruber Sp. Isolated from Chlika lake
Anjani K. Upadhyay1, Debasmita Chatterjee2, Madhuri Swain3, Lopamudra Ray4

Compression Studies on LoRa Antenna Design for IoT Applications
Nurul Syahira Binti Nordin1, Woo Ying Yee2, Md Saeed Hasan Joarder3, Badrul Hisham Bin Ahmad4

Design of Compact MIMO Antenna for 5G Mobile Terminal
Susamma Mathew1, Garima Saini2, S.S Gill3

Health and Housing for Urban Poor in India Post Covid-19

Development of Low Frequency Small Signal Amplifier using BJT-JFET in Sziklai Pair Topology
Sachchidanand Shukla1, Pratima Soni2, Naresh Kumar Chaudhary3, Geetika Srivastava4

Deep Transform Learning Vision Accuracy Analysis on GPU using Tensor Flow
T. Tritva Jyothi Kiran

Reducing Defects on Cam Shaft by Six Sigma Methodology
Md. K. M. Farooqui1, K. V. L Somasekhar2, D. V. Seshagirirao3, P. Nagavsrinivas4, S. Durga Prasad5

“One Tap Shopping”: Impulsive Fashion and Apparel Buying Behaviour
Roopa KV1, Sanjeev Kumar K.M2

A Machine Learning Approach for Ecg Analysis for Emotions
Rubina Jahangir Khan1, Raj Kulkarni2, Jagannath Jadhav3

IoT Based Underground Drainage Monitoring System
G Chandhini1, B Chithra2, P Kiruthikadevi3, Bhagya Sasi4, V. Kamal Kumar5

Trajectory Based Location Prediction and Enriched Ontological User Profiles for Efficient Website Recommendation
Jenifer Mahilraj

IoT based Patient Health Care for COVID 19 Centre
Shreerang J. More1, Pranav S. Patil2, Jitendra M. More3, Prayag S. Patil4, Satish S. Marathe5

Voice Controlled Fire Fighting Robot
Chaarumathi P1, Divya S.R2, Divyajothi R3, Mehareethaa K.V4, Kamalkumar V5

Fatigue Lifetime Prediction of Laminated Composites, a Review
Aidy Ali1, M. F. Abdullah2, M. K. Faidzi3, Kannan Rassiah4

Implementation of Iterative bilateral filtering for removal of Rician noise in MR images using FPGA
Durga Pathrikar1, V. N. Jirafe2

Trends in Development Private Ownership of land and land Parcels in Uzbekistan: Scientific and Theoretical Analysis
Baratov Mirodilzhon1, Tukhtashev Khikmatilla2

RSSI Filtering Methods Applied to Localization using Bluetooth Low Energy
Aditya Kaduskar1, Omkar Vengurlekar2, Varunraj Shinde3

Predictive Analytics for Students‟ Performance Prediction
Palwinder Kaur Mangat1, Kamaljit Singh Saini2

Water Pollution – Sources, Effects and Control
Aboli V. Chavhan1, Arif Khan2

Enhance Security for Authentication
Ankush S1, Vinayprasad M S2

Analyzing and Solving Stability Problems during the Commissioning of the Steam Turbine
Klodian Gumeni

IoT Based Smart Farming
J.Karpagam1, P.Bavithra2, I.Infranta Merlin3, J.Kousalya4

Theory or Practice? the Search for Value for Money in Engineering Education
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Social Capital in the Context of Fitness for Purpose: Do Engineering Students in Africa Possesses the Right Capital?
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Engineering Education and soft skills in the Era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Engineering for Survival in Rural Africa in the Era of Covid-19
Kehdinga George Fomunyam

Ensembled Machine Learning Model for Aviation Incident Risk Prediction
Anushree H R1, Sowmya B P2

Performance Analysis of a Roundabout and a 3-leg Intersection Under Heterogeneous Traffic
Abdul Awwal1, Aarish Khan2

Cloud Data Privacy Preserving Model for Health Information Systems Based on Multi Factor Authentication
Kenneth Gitonga Ntonja1, Geoffrey Muchiri Muketha2, Gabriel Ndungu Kamau3

Sequential Injection of Carbonated Water: A Possible Process for Coupling CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery and Storage
Abdulrazag Y. Zekri1, Li Yang2, Gamal Alusta3, Mamdouh Ghannam4

Design of 5g Mimo Antenna with Enhanced Isolation
G Ajay Bhaskar Naidu1, Y Avinash Reddy2, CH Naveen Chowdary3

Robust Watermarking Technique for Sharing Family Photos on Social Media using Aadhar Number and DCT
Deepti Varshney1, Mamta Bansal2, Birendra Kumar Sharma3

Robust Watermarking Technique for Sharing Family Photos on Social Media using Aadhar Number and DCT
Deepti Varshney1, Mamta Bansal2, Birendra Kumar Sharma3

Use of Information and Communication Technology and Product Promotion
Pollypriya Buragohain

Theoretical Framework for the Freight Movements Through a Multicommodity Port
P. Oliver jayaprakash1, A K.Gunasekaran2

Rheological Behavior of Ordinary Concrete, SCC with and without Glass and Steel Fibers
Swamy H.C.M1, G. Prince Arul Raj2

Social Assistance and Social Services for Citizens during the Quarantine Period from a Pandemic (On the Example of Uzbekistan and International Experience
Usmanova Muborak Akmalzhanovna1, Burkhanhadzhaeva Khurshida Vahdatovna2

Additive Manufacturing Technology in Orthodontic Devices Develop
W.F.Tang1, S.L.Mak2, C.H.Li3

Computational Simulation – Design & Analysis Functionality of Grid Connected (GC) Photo-Voltaic (PV) System
Preeti Tripathi1, Imran Khan2

Factors Influencing Cost Overrun and Delay with Their Risks in Construction Management
Gowtham Kishor Kumar B1, P. Palson2

Railway Access Control System using Face Recognition
Veena Devi Shastrimath V.1, Ashwini2, Andrea Olivero3, Deepa Bhat4

Design and Implementation of PID, GA and Fuzzy logic Controllers for an Electrical Drive with Various Noise Disturbances
G.Sundari1, J.Shanmugapriyan2

The Multi Stage U-net Design for Brain Tumor Segmentation using Deep Learning Architecture
Putta. Rama Krishna Veni1, C Aruna Bala2

A New Islanding Detection Technique using Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition
Divya Sathya Sree.I1, Pangedaiah.B2

Locating Targets in RFID System in a Sensing Covered Anchor-Free Network
Arpita Dey1, Buddhadeb Sau2

Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Mobile Application with Blood Glucose Simulation
A.Asyraf1, S. Syafiie2, M. Halim Shah Ismail3

Leaf Disease Detection using Labview Imaq Vision
Anusha Nellutla1, Gnana Sai Ganesh Chittajallu2, Shaik Feroz3

Statistical Downscaling of Maximum Temperature in Hoshangabad District of India
Ankit Balvanshi1, H.L. Tiwari2, Mayank Gupta3, Akhilesh Sharma4

An Investigation on the Impact of Industrial Wastes as A Replacement for Sand In Fiber-Reinforced M20 Grade Concrete
Raamesh. ASP1, Balasundaram. N.2, Karthik. V.3

Design Analysis of PV-Wind Energy System with Pumped Hydro Storage using HOMER Pro
Himanshi Koli1, M.P.S. Chawla2

Half Logistic Exponential Extension Distribution with Properties and Applications
Arun Kumar Chaudhary1, Vijay Kumar2

A Consideration on “Sweetness” by 3D CG with Fruits as an Example
Kenji Sakoma1, Makoto Sakamoto2

For Colorization u sing Template Matching Basic R esearch on
Kenji Sakoma1, Makoto Sakamoto2

Developing a New CNN Technique for Arabic Handwritten Digits Recognition
Hamdy Amin Morsy

Intelligent Music Player Based on Emotions
Mahima Chandane1, Ankita Chavan2, Renuka Kamath3, Dipali Madane4, Madhuri Badole5

On Time Document Retrieval using Speech Conversation and Diverse Keyword Clustering During Presentations
Shruti Bhavsar1, Sanjana Khairnar2, Pauravi Nagarkar3, Sonali Raina4, Amol Dumbare5

Helping Hand for Unsighted People-Acousticsight
Abarna M1, Jane Lourde Teresha A2, Devisri R3, Maithreyini M4, V. Kumar Chinnaiyan5

Genderpredictions using Convolution Neural Networks
Kurshid Madina1, Saksham Mansotra2

Characterization, Antibacterial and Anti Inflammatory Activities of Electrospun poly (vinyl (PVA) Containing Aquilaria Malaccencis Leaf Extract (ALEX) Nanofibers
Najihah Mohd Noor1, Yumi Zuhanis Has-Yun Hashim2, Muhammad Shirwan Abdullah Sani3, Wan Wardatul Amani Wan Salim4

Face and Thumb Based Multimodal Bio-Metric Authentication using Harris Feature Extraction and Stenography
Pallavi S Biradar1, Anand Jatti2

Stereo Vision-based Path Finder for Visually Impaired
Shrugal Varde1, M.S.Panse2

Efficiency of Probabilistic Network Model for Assessment in E-Learning System
Rohit B Kaliwal1, Santosh L Deshpande2

Synthesis and Optical Characterization of Carbon Nanofibers
Sk. Faruque Ahmed1, Mohibul Khan2, Nillohit Mukherjee3

Cyanide in salt bath Applied to ASTM A-517 Steel: Effects on Hardness, Wear and Microstructure
Victor Alcántara Alza

Bioinformatics Database Query Performance and Optimization
Edy Budiman1, Andi Tejawati2, Ummul Hairah3

Challenges in Data Quality and Complexity of Managing Data Quality Assessment in Big Data
D.B.Shanmugam1, J.Dhilipan2, A.Vignesh, T.Prabhu3

Public Debt, Current Account Deficit and Economic Growth: A Study on Indian Context
Velmurugan. PS1, Jyoti Ranjan Sahoo2

Image Steganography
Yendluri Lohith Jaya Surya1, Yendluri Priya Yasaswini2, Somepalli Saranya3

Design and Simulation of millimeter wave Mylar based flexible Antenna for 5G wireless Applications
C Ankita1, Supriya A2, Bhagya R3

Rural Health Unit Decision Support System with Mapping
Joan Hazel V. Tiongson1, Marifel Grace C. Kummer2

Robust Formal Watermarking Model Based on the Hyperbolic Geometry for Image Security
Telesphore Tiendrebeogo1, Cheick Yacouba Rachid Coulibaly2, Maliki Badolo3

Seismic Assessment of R.C.C Frame Building using Pushover Analysis
Mohammed Salahuddin1, R G Nauman Khan2, Mohammed Moiz3, Mohammed Tosif Ahmed4

Early Detection of Cardiovascular Disease using Machine learning Techniques an Experimental Study
Najmu Nissa1, Sanjay Jamwal2, Shahid Mohammad3

Composite Wear Actions of Glass Fiber Reinforced Titanates Filled Epoxy Resin
R.Sundaramoorthy1, J.Justin Maria Hillary2, S.R.Raja Balayanan3, K.Kalidas4, R.V.Rangarajan5

Vulca Loc: A Mobile Application for Finding Vulcanizing Shops embedding GPS
Romy Jun A. Sunico1, Elwin S. Argana2, Mark Anthony T. Golo3, Maribel A. Aniňon4

Design of NLP technique fore-customer review
Anjali Dadhich1, Blessy Thankachan2

Utilization of Pet Wastes Aggregate in Building Construction – A Review
Noor Faisal Abas1, Omosebi. Taiwo.O2

Multi Objective Grey Wolf Optimization for Optimal Allocation of Distributed Generators in Distribution Networks
M Laxmidevi Ramanaiah

Heptagonal Shaped UWB Antenna with DGS for Wireless LTE with Enhanced Bandwidth
Deepthi Chamkur V1, C R Byrareddy2

Prediction and Diagnosis of COVID-19 using Machine Learning Algorithms
Heet Savla1, Vruddhi Mehta2, Ramchandra Mangrulkar3

Research Method of Clustering of COVID-19 with Text-mining
Junhwan Moon

Risk Analysis of BYOD in Afghanistan’s Organization
Islahuddin Jalal1, Hashmatullah Rasekh2, Qudrattullah Omerkhel3, Qamaruddin Shamsi4

Implementation of Correlation and Regression Models for Health Insurance Fraud in Covid-19 Environment using Actuarial and Data Science Techniques
Rohan Yashraj Gupta1, Satya Sai Mudigonda2, Pallav Kumar Baruah3, Phani Krishna Kandala4

Comparative Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad-hoc Network Routing Protocols using NS2 Simulator
Amena Begum1, Md. Zahidur Rahman2, Nurunnahar Nancy3, Md. Enamul Haq4

Brain Tumor Detection using Deep Learning
Rutuja Gugale1, Pratiksha Sonar2, Anagha Mandekar3, Sonali Ubale4, Vaishali Latke5

Electrical Pole Climbing Robot for Fault Detection using Wi-Fi
Mayu S.Bankar1, Vidya P. Kodgirwar2

Efficient Cognitive Skill Based Learning System using Augmented Reality
J.R.Arunkumar1, M.Sundar Rajan2, Anusuya Ramasamy3, Bhupesh Kumar Singh4

Assessing the sustainability of General Insurance Business through Real Time Monitoring of KPIs using Recurrent Neural Network
S.R.Pranav Sai1, Ajay Singh Pawar2, Satya Sai Mudigonda3, Phani Krishna Kandala4, Pallav Kumar Baruah5