Volume-4 Issue-1, March 2015

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Volume-4 Issue-1, March 2015, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Structural Changes in Amorphous Poly (Ethylene Terephthalate) Fibers Caused by Combined Heat Mechanical Treatment
Valentin L. Velev1, Anton N. Popov2, Todor N. Dimov3, Hristo Y. Hristov4

Deformation and Phase Behavior of Thermo-Mechanically Modified As-Spun Polyester Fibers
Valentin Velev1, Hristo Hristov2, Anton Popov3, Todor Dimov4

High Temperature Orientation Modification of Undrawn Polyester Filaments. Complex Influence of the Temperature and Tensile Stress
Valentin Velev1, Anton Popov2, Hristo Hristov3, Todor Dimov4

Assessment of Trap Parameters Related with Thermoluminescence Peaks in BGO Single Crystals Doped with Vanadium
N. Uzunov1, H. Hristov2, V. Velev3, N. Arhangelova4, V. Bozadzhiev5, D. Nedeva6, I. Penev7

High Isolation of Single Pole Single Throw Switch using Defected Ground Structure
M. H. Abdul Hadi1, B. H. Ahmad2, Z. Zakaria3, N. A. Shairi4

Case Study: TO Improve The Performance of Bajaj Kawasaki 4-S Auto Vehicle
Chirag A Panchal1, D.C. Gosai2

On the Possibility to Measure Solar Ultraviolet Emission using the Thermo Luminescence of Specific Crystals
H. Hristov1, V. Velev2, N. Arhangelova3, V. Bozadzhiev4, N. Uzunov5

Feasibility Studies of EU+LI Co-Doped GD2O3 as a Thermo Luminescence Detector for UV Emission
Hristo Y. Hristov1, Valentin L. Velev2, Nikolay M. Uzunov3

Calorimetric Studies of Poly(Ethylene Terephthalate) (PET) Fibers. Cold Crystallization Kinetics
V. Velev1, H. Hristov2, A. Popov3, Betchev4

Evaluation of Engine Performance and Exhaust Emission Characteristics of Copper Coated Diesel Engine
D. C. Gosai1, H. J. Nagarsheth2

Comparison of Performance of Different Profiles of Fins using Thermal Analysis
Prabhmeet Singh1, K. K. Jain2, R. K. Dave3, Pooja Tiwari4

Analysis for PH Meter Cover
Vinay M. Murgod1, S. Shivkumar2, Anupama N. Kallol3, Roopa N. Rao4, Sharachandra Kusuga5

Optimization of Drilling Parameters on Delamination Based on Taguchi Method in Drilling of Natural Fiber Reinforced (Agave) Composite
K. S. K. Sasikumar

Water Flow Modules in River Basin
C. Gajendran1, M. Manikanda Ramkumar2

Unified Methodologies- A Necessity for Accurate Assessment in Albania
Elfrida Shehu1, Elda (Maçi) Vorpsi2

Annotating Images from Large Scale Web Community
C. Ranjeeth Kumar1, Prisgal Saha G2, Sameema N3, Shruthy Raj4