Volume-1 Issue-3, August 2012

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Volume-1 Issue-3, August 2012, ISSN: 2277-3878 (Online)
Published By: Blue Eyes Intelligence Engineering and Sciences Publication (BEIESP)

Real-Time Detection of Driver Fatigue using DIP
Suvarna Pathade1, Vinaya Gohokar2

Environmental Impact Analysis Study of Gare Sector- III Coal Block, Mand-Raigarh Coalfield
Iyengar Bhargava K.1, Bodhankar Ninad2, Singh Satyam3

Neural Network Controller for Enhancement of Uninterruptible Power Supply Inverter
Vijaya kumar.S1, D.V.Ashok Kumar2, Ch.Sai Babu3

FEA Based Strength Analysis of Weld Joint for Curved Plates (Overlap) Specially for Designing Pressure Vessel Skirt Support
M. V. Dalvi1, Vinay Patil2, R. S. Bindu3

Systemwide Safety and Reliability for Intelligent Intersections in Hybrid Systems
Ramya.S.Kumar1, N.Kumaresan2

Behavior Prediction Via Social Dimensions Extraction
M.Nagendramma1, K.Subba Reddy2

Study of Wind Power Generation Using Slip Ring Induction Generator
K Y Patil1, D S Chavan2

An IPM-APSO based Hybrid Method for Multiple objective Minimizations using TCPS
M.Balasubba Reddy1, Y.P.Obulesh2, S.Sivanaga Raju3

Route Rating and Centrality in Zone Routing Protocol for MANET
Shwetanshu Maan1, Sunita Tiwari2

XLP: An Integrated Protocol for Efficient and Reliable Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks
Akbar Saleem. Mohammad1, Jitendranath Mungara2

Optimization of Design based on Fillet Radius and Tooth Width to Minimize the Stresses on the Spur Gear with FE Analysis
Y. Sandeep kumar1, R.K. Suresh2, B.Jayachandraiah3

Design and Implementation of Portable Health Monitoring System using PSoC Mixed Signal Array chip
D.J.R.Kiran Kumar1, Nalini Kotnana2

An Efficient Software Quality Models for Safety and Resilience
Namita Malhotra1, Shefali Pruthi2

CFD Analysis for Estimation of Efficiency of Low Pressure Steam Turbine
A. Chenchu Deepa1, B.Jayachandraiah2

Design and Construction of Single Phase Cycloconverter
Rajib Baran Roy1, Md. Ruhul Amin2

Failure Analysis Methods for Reliability Improvement of Electronic Sensors
Swajeeth Pilot. Panchangam1, V. N. A. Naikan2

Discovering a Secure Path in MANET by Avoiding Black/Gray Holes
Sarita Choudhary1, Kriti Sachdeva2

Design and Development of Ball Catching Robotic Arm
Kartik Sharma1, Gianetan Singh Sekhon2

Modified Dynamic Algorithm of Data Clustering Using Fuzzy C Mean Algorithm
Priyanka Sharma1, Anu Aggarwal2

A Compact Microstrip Antenna for X band Application
Barun Mazumdar

Trapping Parallel Port to Operate 220V Appliances
Prateek Sharma1, Kapil Kumar2, Ajay Kumar Singh3

Shape Analysis and Recognition Based on Over segmentation Technique
Shikha Garg1, Gianetan Singh Sekhon2

Reliability Prediction for Low Power Adiabatic Logic Families
Suresh Kumar Pittala1, Swajeeth Pilot. Panchangam2, A. Jhansi Rani3

Performance Analysis and Simulation of AODV, DSR and TORA Routing Protocols in MANETs
Davesh Singh Som1, Dhananjaya Singh2

Object Based Real Time Lossless Video Compression – A REVIEW
Preeti Markan1, Balwinder Singh2

Analyzing the Severity of the Diabetic Retinopathy and Its Preventive Measures by Maintaining Database using Gui In Matlab
Anil Kumar Neelapala1, Mehar Niranjan Pakki2

An Improved Approach of Perturb and Observe Method Over Other Maximum Power Point Tracking Methods
Sonali Surawdhaniwar1, Ritesh Diwan2

Study and Analysis of Image Reconstruction Techniques for Fraud and Tamper Detection in Authenticity Verification
Sonal Sharma1, Preeti Tul2

Canvassing Various Techniques for Removal of Biological Artifact in EEG
Ashish Raj1, Akanksha Deo2, Manoj Kumar Bandil3

Simulation of Various Classifications Results using WEKA
Shilpa Dhanjibhai Serasiya1, Neeraj Chaudhary2

Measuring Synchronization for coupled systems using Visibility Graph Similarity
AyanMitra1, BudhadityaPyne2

Design and Implementation of DSSS-CDMA Transmitter and Receiver for Reconfigurable Links Using FPGA
R. Sarojini1, Ch.Rambabu2

A Comparative Performance Analysis of Load Balancing Algorithms in Distributed System using Qualitative Parameters
Abhijit A. Rajguru1, S.S. Apte2

Image Coding For Aestentically Acceptable Distortion Using Depth Blurring
C.Yaminika1, M.Vijayalaxmi2

Shadow and Nonshadow Detection Using Tricolor Attenuation Model
E.Anil kumar1, P.Srinivasulu2